Skyrim Dawnguard ENDING (Final 2 BOSS Battles Walkthrough Part 4)

Skyrim Dawnguard ENDING (Final 2 Bosses - Walkthrough Part 4)
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    Stream STARTS 9:21- Thanks for all your support on this walkthrough guys, really enjoy streaming for you all!

  • Swag God

    Spent my whole day sick in bed watching parts 1-5. Thanks eso for keeping me entertained all day!

  • HCHS63rdWilsonZombie

    "Then I've contributed to your kind's extinction."Seriously, Bethesda? Two Snow Elf brothers could... reproduce?!

  • Slowpoke Gamer

    If you want to cure Serana you can't bring up the topic of curing herself until the questline is over.

  • Will Beeson

    Eso Logic: "Wow, this is really useful and is worth 3000 gold!" Leaves it --- "I'm now going to pick up random shit to make money because I'm broke!"

  • xeztan

    -Literally walks into a cathedral full of frozen corpses.“This place is beautiful.”

  • CaffinatedSkeleton

    I wish the sun and blood arrows had a more unique skin.

  • Survivalist Gaming

    <Kills all of the non-essential Dawngaurd> "Where did everyone go?" X-D

  • Enmphity

    "The vampire... is controlling th - We don't know that yet. Whoops."congrats eso

  • Derpy Para

    Ooooohh bird nest! dies

  • softkittyking


  • Luxuzz

    Can you please make fallout 4 videos

  • JackKook73

    I used vampire grip and threw him over the ledge lol. Instantly killed him. No loot but REALLY funny. I am glad I am not the only one to find this out.

  • Henry May

    I legit just became a werewolf and killed all the vampires

  • Jeffrey Lessard

    So can we get one from the vampire side of things

  • Flip

    Hey Eso can you do a high king mod play though if so that will be awesome and I love your vids I also love the accent Thanks

  • ???

    So much for stopping the prophecy Serana

  • catgamer232

    ESO do Dragonborn quest next please... :D

  • Sophies World

    I know that u wanted more of a challenge but like that’s kinda dumb that you wouldn’t just do the first save and you could’ve just takin the bow off his dead corpse I think that would be better than fighting him all over again NOT using Aureils bow it makes the fight even harder than when I defeated him it makes it easier PS: I always watch ur theories and I think they are something to always think about I keep telling my brothers and all my friends about your theories and they watch nearly all of them even ones I haven’t told them about thank you for bringing me joy and something to check out on my game thanks again keep doing what you do best.

  • Jeremy Bollinger

    were is the vampire lord walkthrough

  • Red Arrow

    I know what it is it's Sky Oblivion

  • Lynx Pika-Network

    WTF The Intro is so long!!

  • Dannie Tuggle

    Can the bow be upgraded

  • Onkel Johannes

    Can you make a video for the PC graphic mods

  • Charlie Lyes

    One of my first videos that I watched of you most deffo the best

  • Marvin Ebreo

    How could the dawngaurds control trolls?

  • Queazy Ear

    Dawnguard IS the best questline i have ever played!!!!

  • jonnis 2003 gr

    you can be vampire lord if you aks serana to turn you in to a vampire?

  • thatguy45 c

    live stream fallout please

  • Wu tang reGect163

    I'd keep serana a vampire because then I could use blood arrows

  • mokokawi

    what world map are you using here?....I like it

  • Wu tang reGect163

    Eso > every other elder scrolls youtuber

  • Oso

    Hey dude, What mods do you use? All the landscapes look beautiful, They are very impressive and I think that others also want to know. Very good video ;D.

  • Nickle pickle


  • Li Lion

    ESO, you did a guide to Zahkrosis' Mask. Can you do a guide for Ahzidal's Mask and Dukaan's Mask?

  • Preetam Ghatak

    hello, what mod do you use for PC, so that the charecters look better than usual?i am new to this mods, so if possible a link for a guide could be helpful

  • Rip Rudolph Robert

    Eso do u play on console or pc

  • Ed Parachini

    You don't have to wait, I did all of mine in groups of twenty and the last group of eight for a total of sixty-eight arrows.

  • Swords & Spells

    i dare everyone to make a khajitt character named mister fister and only us your fists throughout the game.

  • phatbassanchor

    I don't ever give Auriel's bow away to Harkon (or anyone) but I don't use it either. Tried it, hated it, went back to my primary bow. I hear so much hoopla about Auriel's bow yet my Dragonbone bow bests it in every way. Last play through I used dual enchantments of Firey Soul Trap and Fire. Dropped Harkon with a single dragonbone arrow! Enchanted Serana a new dragon dagger with Harkon's black soul. I already have the best bow, Dragonbone. I recently installed the Unlimited Enchantments mod so I remade my dragon bow adding shock and drain health to the existing combo. It's around 1200 damage per shot before sneak modifiers now. Insane! Ready to try it out on Karstaag now! Get Wrecked!!!!FYI: If you use this mod you can go ape shit with armor enchants as they need not be recharged but I never put more than 4 enchants on a weapon as each enchant added reduces total overall charges. I tried adding more but it was just ridiculous.

  • Maddie Haag

    I never let Harkon take the bow.

  • phatbassanchor

    While Serana can benefit from standard health potions those blood potions are her favorite. You drank her dinner you beast! At least you didn't Summon Duhrnaviir in the dining hall :) ROFLMAO :)

  • Mike Hills

    Yes you can loot his armor if you shout or throw him off the ledge. I did it.

  • David Powell

    You have used the bow throughout Dawnguard, what's wrong with using a sword or pair of daggers

  • Jordan Laws

    You don’t have to wait 24 hours for the arrows just keep click the option and he makes as many as you have lol

  • Somebody who is nameless

    ........... vampires are immune to poison remember?

  • ahuula6886

    Next time USE A SWORD DUME ASS

  • Lion Boi

    Where is my crossbow? looks at the end section

  • phatbassanchor

    10:40 I recently saw a video that showed what they used to create that "crown." It's merely a resized soul gem holder... same as all the others seen throughout Skyrim. It was simply arranged neatly with the skull... gems laid gently on top and presto... instant "crown." Easter Egg? Maybe.... Number of shits given after finding the truth of it's creation... ZERO!!!

  • MrRaziel25

    you should have actually summon ohdaviing because he actually helps you

  • Dragontiton 2002

    #dragonborn dlc walkthrough 😁

  • Glenn Schultz

    Can i just go there and kill the guy

  • Amber Zickefoose

    hehehe... OP-ness... heh

  • Roman Vegera

    I just FusRodid him over the balcony.

  • Atanas Atanas

    eso fix Ancient Falmer Armor UPGRADE link

  • Matthew M

    Can you do the ancient technology quests for the Dawnguard

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