Skyrim Dawnguard ENDING (Final 2 BOSS Battles Walkthrough Part 4)

Skyrim Dawnguard ENDING (Final 2 Bosses - Walkthrough Part 4)
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  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    Stream STARTS 9:21- Thanks for all your support on this walkthrough guys, really enjoy streaming for you all!

  • Swag God

    Spent my whole day sick in bed watching parts 1-5. Thanks eso for keeping me entertained all day!

  • xeztan

    -Literally walks into a cathedral full of frozen corpses.“This place is beautiful.”

  • Slowpoke Gamer

    If you want to cure Serana you can't bring up the topic of curing herself until the questline is over.

  • CaffinatedSkeleton

    I wish the sun and blood arrows had a more unique skin.

  • Survivalist Gaming

    <Kills all of the non-essential Dawngaurd> "Where did everyone go?" X-D

  • Enmphity

    "The vampire... is controlling th - We don't know that yet. Whoops."congrats eso

  • Flip

    Hey Eso can you do a high king mod play though if so that will be awesome and I love your vids I also love the accent Thanks

  • ???

    So much for stopping the prophecy Serana

  • Henry May

    I legit just became a werewolf and killed all the vampires

  • Derpy Para

    Ooooohh bird nest! dies

  • Charlie Lyes

    One of my first videos that I watched of you most deffo the best

  • Queazy Ear

    Dawnguard IS the best questline i have ever played!!!!

  • Lynx Pika-Network

    WTF The Intro is so long!!

  • catgamer232

    ESO do Dragonborn quest next please... :D

  • Dedede163

    I'd keep serana a vampire because then I could use blood arrows

  • JackKook73

    I used vampire grip and threw him over the ledge lol. Instantly killed him. No loot but REALLY funny. I am glad I am not the only one to find this out.

  • Dedede163

    Eso > every other elder scrolls youtuber

  • Onkel Johannes

    Can you make a video for the PC graphic mods

  • Droop Gamer7

    Can you make this build your playing at

  • Red Arrow

    I know what it is it's Sky Oblivion

  • Marvin Ebreo

    How could the dawngaurds control trolls?

  • jonnis 2003 gr

    you can be vampire lord if you aks serana to turn you in to a vampire?

  • Ariel Boysen

    "We've made the boss fight a hell of a lot harder because-"Kills Harkon in 1 minute without using any potions

  • Jacob Spain

    "They just couldn't handle my OP-enis", ESO- 2017

  • phatbassanchor

    While Serana can benefit from standard health potions those blood potions are her favorite. You drank her dinner you beast! At least you didn't Summon Duhrnaviir in the dining hall :) ROFLMAO :)

  • Dannie Tuggle

    Can the bow be upgraded

  • Jack 7724

    Man I need dragonborn live streams for my sanity

  • Rapid Gamer110

    Anyone notice the dragon music is playing in harkons fight

  • Oso

    Hey dude, What mods do you use? All the landscapes look beautiful, They are very impressive and I think that others also want to know. Very good video ;D.

  • Kiki Wolf

    why always using arrow.??you have sword..why dont you use that weapon??

  • Gage Bartel

    Can you do a dragon born dlc walkthrough!!!

  • Atanas Atanas

    eso fix Ancient Falmer Armor UPGRADE link

  • mokokawi

    what world map are you using here?....I like it

  • Muhd Syafiq Fauzi

    if you have high level sneak , you can 1 hit harkon

  • Paul the 2 marek Sørensen

    The dawn guard and the champion mission are my favorite ones in skyrim

  • KeatonDaSloth

    I've been binge watching ur streams bc I'm about to get skyrim special edition in a couple of days

  • Miles Y

    When you can pacify Harken:)

  • Unknown was here

    can't believe it has 5! I just started skyrim, already did the Companions...

  • Thanos Thrylos

    Damnit i didht know that if i accept harkons gift it would make enemies with the dawnguard, oooff

  • redriise

    just the best part is keeping Serrana as a follower for rest of Skyrim.

  • Pipsta

    Where's the notification squad At?

  • Preetam Ghatak

    hello, what mod do you use for PC, so that the charecters look better than usual?i am new to this mods, so if possible a link for a guide could be helpful

  • Simply Drug Addict

    Legendary or gay. Its up to you

  • Ugandan Knuckles

    Are you from Sussex or the north west like Preston or Blackpool

  • DaRealCStew XD

    This is part 5 not 4 lol and its been a year and never fixed it

  • Vizzy Jay

    I'm not going to watch his dragonborn playthroughs because i need to do the whole dlc

  • Nick KB

    I'm enjoying so much this streams,you are taking me back in me young days

  • Richard Messer

    ESO you make the best Skyrim videos

  • Mike Hills

    Yes you can loot his armor if you shout or throw him off the ledge. I did it.

  • Vaughn Klein

    DANG!!! Harkon is ripped when he's in vampire lord form!!

  • Gab riel

    Ariuels bow has a sneak attack of 363 damage at your level.

  • syleriw

    what mods does he use in this video? serana is loocking goooood:Dalso, awesome video!

  • Vizzy Jay

    Everytime i freaking miss his streams lol

  • Roman Vegera

    I just FusRodid him over the balcony.

  • Gab riel

    I have found that the Ancient Falmer Aromour is a mix of Elven and Ebony aromour.

  • Brody Wood

    The rarest paragon with a value of 700

  • CrystalShadow 35

    Do an auri-el champion vampire and dawngaurd sides

  • Ed Parachini

    You don't have to wait, I did all of mine in groups of twenty and the last group of eight for a total of sixty-eight arrows.

  • Jonathan Gee

    when are you streaming the civil war questline

  • David Powell

    You have used the bow throughout Dawnguard, what's wrong with using a sword or pair of daggers

  • nikey films

    I subscribed I loved this video make more videos like this Maby a walk through for a video like this

  • The Only Zaners

    Whooh just finished binge watching this play through and can't wait for the next!

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