How Skyrim Should Have Ended

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Machinima's Skyrim HISHE comes home to HISHEdotcom. Watch it again or for the first time. Either way, thank you for watching.

The dragons have returned and only by harnessing the beast's own power can the realm be saved. Sounds easy, right? There are many ways Skyrim could have ended. Here is one uncontrolled possibility.

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Guest Animation provided by Brian Andersen

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  • Connor Tyler

    Oh God, the Companions are perfect.

  • Enable Chaos

    I get your joke with the Companions.

  • Virtually Hidden


  • Star Fur

    no wonder we have a silent protagonist

  • Rowan Hodges

    You know what I hate? The fact that the dragons aren't even close to being the toughest mob in Skyrim.

  • Laser Network

    Dragonborn: alright just got to sell some old gear*accidentally steals Apple" Everyone in the city : you never should have come here!!

  • X xXx_FortniteGod_xXx X

    Fun fact: the other greybeards apart from arngeir actually have this problem; that's why they can only say 'dovakiin' as a greeting. Even then the ground shakes.

  • David Inserlastnamehere

    I used to play Skyrim like you, then my girlfriend took a hammer to the disk

  • Laura Moore

    I could get behind having Alduin as my ally.Make him go after Delphine for making me kill Paarthurnax.

  • Folkbark2

    I wish I could join alduin, if it wasn't for him, I would be beheaded in helgen.

  • Daniel Knapp

    😦 I'm confused. Are you saying that skyrim ends?

  • Domovoy pls

    Lmao, good reference to how the shouts are mostly useless against dragons xD

  • Mr. Robot

    what about that shout cooldown

  • Server

    why is everyone mispronouncing Alduin....

  • alsenar2

    That "I love Gandalf" T-shirt scene was hilarious! :D

  • Darkstar Darin

    Fun Fact: Little Timmy never actually fell down a well.

  • Big Homie

    "I like this world. I don't want it to end" -Dovakhiin, fourth era

  • Wesley Currier

    the chicken is more important than anything else in this game. god forbid you hit one

  • Xander Hollabaugh

    This keeps happening until the dragonborn uses wirlwind sprint and goes out the roof

  • Kronos

    Everybody's flooding this place again since the 'Special Edition' released.

  • Nazael Rahl

    Those werewolf references :D

  • The Masters Mad Face

    I hate when you use a shout in public and then you get a complaint from the greybeards. Even after you defeat alduin you still get this message sent to you.

  • Outcast Network halo clan 312

    see if I had a choice I would've joined alduin

  • Zanar Naryon

    I'd be the worst dragonborn ever. I'd team up With Alduin as soon as I could

  • Birchcen Gaming

    so this is why you don't talk in Skyrim

  • vc180191

    And thus another silent protagonist was born XD

  • Doom Guy

    I bet if we got a choice to befriend alduin a lot of us would do it like me

  • 彩子

    OMG the team Jacob shirt on Alea..😂 werewolves

  • Andrew Thomas

    I Love Gandalf to, thumbs up if you agree!!!

  • Demon Hunter 64

    I killed alduin in the sprit realm with one hit from meruthns razor 😐

  • Kameron Hartman

    :0 wait skyrim ends??!!?!!?

  • DrawerOfTheFallen

    If I had that shout cooldown....... Jeeeez XDI would overload myself and then fast-travel like a dovah <3 (Wuuld na kest :D)

  • Eric Ward

    It's funny because the Companions are werewolves.

  • Stan Cipher

    I like how you implemented the fact that shouting and dragons breathing fire is communication between dragons.

  • Miraak Dova

    This would've made my life so much easier, without that wannabe dragon born wanting to kill me for no reason what so ever...

  • Hezar5166

    They dont even say that "arrow to the knee" line that often, how did it become a thing. Why am i asking this now? We may never know

  • Fantasy Is_Justice

    Achievement unlocked: True Ending located

  • Supa S

    I love that part with the companions. That part where Farkas (Vilkas?) threw the stick to his brother was hilarious, seeing how they're werewolves and all.

  • Nicro Looes

    Alduin is not a light brown he's a dark black with red eyes. Still good video tho.

  • Kesseleth

    Suddenly I really wish there was an option to ally with Alduin.

  • arbiter11171

    October 28... Prepare to have all the memes remastered in glorious HD!

  • Sharpe Tutor

    They should do a part 2

  • Darth Buick

    I really wish you could side with Alduin

  • HeliRy

    Team Jacobbwahahahahaha

  • JRYN.

    And that was the start of silent protagonists...

  • deathblade

    that is one ugly alduin

  • Xaid the Nobody

    How defended are all these places in Skyrim if they've hired guards with knee injuries?

  • sebastian dunleavy

    Honestly not very funny

  • Elder Rusty

    this would be a nice mod, or a twist ending XD like, you dont just fight alduin. you can talk to em too, even become friends with the guy and convice him not to kill us all XD

  • Felicia Capps

    little Timmy's trapped in a well

  • greedobob

    How about the fact that you end up as Dragonborn, Arch Mage, Leader of Companions etc, yet no-one outside each storyline has heard about it.

  • nadav fridlander

    I used to be like him. Then I took an arrow in the knee

  • hooe y

    How fallout should have ended

  • Metallic Spider

    See...the joke is...That Skyrim never ends

  • Yenastuundepaspris55

    How Skyrim should have ended ? ''You'' as the new King of Skyrim, sitting on a throne made from the bones of a hundred dead dragons, and surrounded by the skulls of the thousands of enemies you killed.Next step ? The world !

  • MapleLeaf

    i used to be a knee like you....but i took an adventure in the arrow.......i crai evertim

  • Josuto Rudupra

    i never covered my mouth when blowing people in the city with my thu'um XD

  • Jerico Joaquin

    i wanna be pals with Alduin too :V, but they make me kill paarthurnax

  • T. Saber Sero

    when the dragonborn was shouting all over dragonsreach, I think that would be a good place for independence day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMRIEL! LOL!!!!!!

  • PeskyRex

    LOL dat ending ! Thank gosh I only waited to watch this after completing the game yesterday on my 360

  • Blitz Striker

    I never understood why they acted like dogs, now after beating those quest lines, it all makes sense.

  • A Weirdo On the Internet

    So that's why you're character doesn't actually talk in the game

  • Vermill Ion

    I tried to ally with Alduin, but then i took an arrow in the knee

  • Jakub Strazan

    whats the name of the music before he enters the "church"

  • Don Vlk Samotar

    this end i could chose everytime :D

  • WolfPresident

    Would have loved the option to team up with Alduin and the dragons to rule Tamriel


    i love skyrim as much as fable ^^ the best thing about fable guysis going into a place that has no guards going to the mayor and you can legally change your name to "nobhead" (i am not joking XD) turn safety off so you can kill civilians and have fun. :D i garentee everytime you walk past a person they will say "hello nobhead" its just so funny to have an excuse to be evil ^^ just like in skyrim when the guards say the sweetroll line i just fus ro da them. and if the mention the arrow thing i go somewhere equip my bow and give them a literal one hit kill arrow to the knee :P

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