TALKING ANIMALS IN SKYRIM? More messing with console commands!

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Matt and Steve show you, amongst other things, how to change the race (setrace) of NPCs in Skyrim!

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  • Generic British Guy

    You should make Ulfric an Imperial... just for the irony :P

  • Hiett123

    6:24 the falmor kid said mama dosnt think i look girlish enough

  • VicariousReality7

    The dremora design seem a bit too similar to dunmer in my opinionDidnt they look cooler in oblivion? i cant remember


    imagine turning Alduin into a chicken when your about to fight

  • Viral Virus

    5:23 she didnt hit puberty shes just a lord of the rings fan 

  • Aaron Barber

    Wtf this video is the best

  • Princess_Molestia

    for dorthe at 4:40 setrace skeleton, kill, setscale 0.7 +Sterile Studios Gaming 

  • Quantum Hero39

    you don't know to change reces completly yet, Boy!

  • JimpixHD


  • Carly Jane

    It's not pronounced "kuh - jit," it's pronounced "kuh - jeet."

  • Helena

    Sorry but, how much did you guys even play Skyrim, like a couple days? You aren't sure if bears exist in Skyrim and you don't know what a draugr is? Wut..

  • TraceguyRune

    When setting to argonian, do a disabled and enabled

  • iamthehype1

    Always remember cultural diversity

  • 1frogy1

    If you type setrace alduin alduin is the final boss dragon don't do setrace alduin on an npc or you game well crash

  • Viz0r

    Welp Faendal will have no chance with Camilla now XD

  • evan mallardi

    shoud have turned someone into a Draugr death overlord 

  • bethany blankinship

    dat khajiit head ..... lol pewdiepie

  • TheDiamond Ninja

    Not once have you turned a person into a Khajiit. That's a shame I was hoping cats.

  • 1frogy1

    Well you can do It on you self

  • Ashley Friend

    I wonder what the jarl would look like as a werewolf

  • Mohamed Almualla

    player.setrace dragon ti 100% but attack only with shouts

  • Hkvprime X

    floating heads great idea to add to a "horror or just plain weirding you out mod" type ROLFAMAO!

  • Dustin Olson

    What about a dragonpriest.

  • Buzz Brewster

    Now there's floating heads. Great

  • Shadow666hero

    Floating cat head? Seems khajit

  • Blobbert Mcblob

    I'm going to have to do this now =3

  • KingofNothing 420

    You should turn someone into a goat. Or a skeever.

  • Rhonda Brueggert

    Set a dragon to nord or something else

  • Colin Hardin

    Have you tried giving inanimate objects a race

  • clockwork Murph

    after you did tc you have to go into third person`


    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL 50 more LOLs

  • EvilWhoosh

    Do you actually know that the SETSCALE command only is available between 0.01(or below) to 10?? 

  • Groundhog

    ITS A FLYING KITTY HEAD!! Obey it or die.

  • Kaelan Dean

    3:30 "but the wilds here are... serviceable"

  • evillilace

    omg lol at 6:26 Dorthe haha

  • Alex Backus

    Heimskr looks like spokk from star trek

  • sandwichofshadows

    change your horse into something. see if you can still ride it

  • Chase Y

    Do a dwemer or a snow elf gaint next

  • SonicundMario

    I think he has an alternate universe where he is doing stuff like that with us


    Imagine if this is what God does when he gets bored "I'm bored I guess I'll play The Elder Scrolls X Universe"

  • mckeyifyable

    I have been missing out on these console antics!

  • OtakuBerry

    Dude... Dude... I have just watched a few of your mixing characters, And i just barely started watching this one... You sir... Got a new sub. :)

  • Azides

    OH MY GOD THIS IS HILARIOUS!!! Turn Braith into a mud tab and give her the line "Please be my friend"

  • The Frog.

    I turned aludin into a chicken :D

  • Joshua tidrick

    Can you make people and animals smaller??

  • Mountain Drew

    the instant you set the scale to 20 i subscribed

  • tillie obermeyer

    See If you make a kid a wolf if you can kill it

  • Lunar_Visage


  • Erisu

    Make the town full of dragons (make all of the NPCs dragons)

  • Kelbinox

    if i turn sombody into a draugr i can't speak to him anymore

  • Aaron

    5:12 Dorthe is not bleeding out Woah too much information!

  • Chris Barrett

    what if you change a real dragons race to something else

  • Firehearted

    The world has gone mad I tell you

  • Lilith Le Fay

    Wait, Nazeem has a wife? Poor soul :(

  • BlockBrainGames

    tratry turning them into a fish or deadrea

  • TheDoodle Centipede

    U should make a vampire lord

  • groms

    single most entertaining thing in the game, nazeem running away from his wife while she's under a fury spell.

  • CLoki99

    turn a dragon into a nord

  • Anton Engstrom

    if this works maybe it works to make a nord a chicken

  • Slender Man

    0turn pieople ilto ogies

  • SkeleTrash

    yeah, but you cant fly...

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