Skyrim: Cars Have Finally Arrived! – 5 Immersive Elder Scrolls 5 Mods You May Have Missed #2

Skyrim is a game with perhaps the most impressive modding community in history. The Elder Scrolls 5 hosts a talented plethora of brilliant content creators, constantly developing new mods and content to keep Skyrim feeling fresh many years after it released. So today we’ll be honoring that community and taking a look at some of its most impressive and recent creations as we dive into five more immersive mods you may have missed for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

Guards Armor Replacer -

Dwarven Motorcycle and Other Items (Xbox One Compatible) -

The Timelost Dwemmer -

Skyrim Radar Mod -

Archery Gameplay Overhaul -
  • _

    Maybe that radar mod can help you actually find the slaughterfish outside the abandoned shack that’s stops you from fast travelling


    They see me rollin'They hatin' Patrolin' trying to catch me slayin Alduin

  • Incognito

    "Yeah, I don't like X thing in vanilla Skyrim, it doesn't feel immersive, y'know, good thing we have mods" Drives off in totally immersive dwarven supercar while wearing realistic armored bikini

  • Jacek Fordymacki

    Hey Nate, can we actually see your mod list & order?Maybe 500k subscribers special?

  • jentzi23

    Hold on.. IF the bike is actually a horse.. Will it fight a dragon???

  • bdyd08

    "Cars Have Finally Arrived! – 5 Immersive Elder Scrolls 5 Mods" guess i had a stroke... oh well

  • Dr. NEON

    I thought April fools was yesterday

  • Cap'n Spadge

    >Sees Mod for vehicles.>No footage of you popping a wheelie on the bike.0/10 no wheelies.But props to throwing yourself off a waterfall in a car.

  • Black Is Back

    3:22 Why would you want such a thing to follow you?

  • Lucien

    Need for speed: Dragonborn edition

  • Bob Grau

    "Victim of a ripple in the space-time continuum" I want that on my gravestone.Or birth certificate.

  • Paint07

    Buses have arived! Now, you can get a version of the carriage that may be late or just not show up!

  • Christian Ryder

    "Underrated mods that will glaze your sweetroll"

  • clericbeasty

    I swear, 70% of the time spent is on modding; on top of the 1000+ hours actually lollygagging in Skyrim

  • Rays K

    Now someone need to make a fighter jet mod so we can have a super duper totally "immersive" epic dogfight with a dragon.

  • Bruce Jordison

    Yes very immersive, motorcycles driving around a medieval city

  • Paradoxical Outcome

    *Immersive Elder Scrolls**Cars*I haven't watched the video yet, but those two words don't look like they belong on the same video title. Unless it's some Dwemer shenanigans.

  • Bi$harp

    Can you give us your personal mod list by any chance? I'd love to just grab all the cool stuff you have.

  • ColonelNegative

    After Breath of the Wild I figured a modder would add a bike to Skyrim.

  • Morag Tong assassin

    Moders went from trying to turn Skyrim into dark souls to trying to turn it into Zelda breath of the wild

  • Rogelio Vela "Roger"

    I can see why they call you, "The Dragonborn" Born to ride :Dplays SteppenWolf - Born To Be Wild

  • GrandChallenge

    this deep elf mod better be compatible with ordinator or it'll get lost in time and space

  • Son Gohan

    With Skyrim, many times I wouldn't discover a problem until a mod is released to address it.

  • Seaspartan118

    Also, the deep elf can also be justified the same way as the dwarf you can meet in Morrowind

  • Al Snow

    Lol its like ghost rider and elder scrolls had a baby imagine having one of those daedra skull masks shooting flames off the bike 😂

  • Unexpected Meme

    So time lost dwemmer basically transforms you in Dio. And you can do ZA WARUDO! TIME STOP! MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAAAA!!!!

  • Juha Autio

    15 dislikes from......i dont know, fortnite players?(Edit: thanks for the likes)

  • PGE The Elder Scrolls Türkiye

    You are the biggest proof that skyrims community is still active, even much more than many of new released games.

  • Lilt

    "cArS iN sKyRiM!"**5 ImMeRSiVe MoDs**

  • Sam Rayburn

    The word "immersive" has lost 100% of its meaning to skyrim content creators

  • jon hillman

    every time you pronounce automaton as "automation" i die a little inside.

  • Javier Charlier

    Free mods: heart, soul, and creativity put into creating a useful and fun modCreation club: here’s a paper clip and two strings, only $7.99.

  • GreatGabriel11

    Imperials are redStormcloaks are blueBetter be a skyrim video FridayI'm counting on you Natewink

  • Dovahkiin

    I wish stalker has this modding quality and quantity

  • Hitori Suzushii

    April Fools' Day was yesterday Nate.

  • ssfbob456

    The Dragonborn, wearing a leather jacket and Raybands, pulled up to Lydia on his Dwarven motorcycle "Get on loser, we're gonna slay dragons!"

  • Frank Vendetta

    *steals motorcycle**dismount motorcycle**motorcycle walks back to the farm where i stole it*

  • Our lord and saviour Waluigi

    Immersive? Cars?HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • WarriorBoltz

    Nobody:Skyrim SE mods: This operation could not be completed

  • Rebelzize

    Thats not how “immersive” works buddy

  • Felicia B

    I have the Timelost Dwemer mod(granted it isn’t active cause I’m also using the Ancient Falmer mod). ^_^. You should try the Ancient Falmer mod as well. Made by the same mod author. It’s awesome imho. 💙💕💙

  • Zhiar Gardi

    Title says immersive mods... sees motorcyclePress x to doubt

  • cgy2144

    If he tried he could've made the "motorcycle" look lore friendly, since dwarven spheres also move using spinning motion.

  • Channel07

    The fact that the hold guard armor in vanilla is the same as standard issue Stormcloak armor aside from the color baffles me too.

  • Jǫrmungandr

    Title says "immersive mods"EpicNate: Showcases a car modROFL

  • Dragon HearthX

    MUM. More under-looked mods. That way we could do a lot of your mom jokesOr, more overlooked mods.

  • Paul Zhenggang Wang

    Hi, I really love your taste on mods especially after watching your "civil war mods" video! You should definitely make more of them.

  • Jake C00k

    Says amazing in sound, says underrated on screen, says immersive in title, me: 😤

  • gleddified

    Drink everytime Nate says "plethora"

  • Mathew Schau

    Immersive cars...immersiveCars

  • brooke guy

    this title seems kinda oxymoronic

  • Zam138

    So, GAR, eh?......Since they all have the Arrow In The Knee lines, does that mean they’re GAR for Archers?

  • TheDeathMonkey

    I feel so sorry for grandma Shirley but at least she gets immortalalised in elder scrolls 6

  • Dumple Fump

    “Full on custom modeled robotic dragons” Giant epic dragon“And horses”Two spheres with legs

  • Attak Zak

    Why isn’t the Guard Replacer on Xbox? That’s beautiful!

  • Eddie Peraza

    "This level of technology doesn't seen appropriate for the time""Uh, the drewmer did it!"

  • Helafiñwë

    is Timelost Dwemer perks compatible with Ordinator Perk Overhaul

  • RA Zone

    How does your skyrim look so good? (Graphically)

  • Zigmoph9

    Timewarp, aka "The World"

  • 323starlight

    sees the title, then the video. you sure this isn’t a late April fools joke?

  • Andrew Adelheart

    6:50 finaly a jojo refrence

  • Arcane Defender

    I love mod recommendations... please do more of these!!!

  • aqui1ifer

    Yet another mod you may still have missed; is “Heavy Legion” by NordwarUA as well; which give the Imperial Legion the same sort of treatment that the Guards & Stormcloaks got in G.A.R.

  • Zhunter5000


  • My jokes aren't funny

    Whenever I see that frost with the drawn bow I hear Hanzo's ultimate in my head.And I've never played OW.

  • Hanki

    Immersive mods!Dwarven motorcycleWell, there was a horse motorcycle in BOTW so... it works for me

  • Mr. VOID-OUT

    Baitey title, but I'm totally slapping on that guard armor set. Cheers you cheeky bastid.

  • spacedlogan e

    I think you should do a lot more of this series because it is very helpful

  • ItsJesusMan TM

    Aren't the Dwarves supposed to be beautiful or at least not terrifying?

  • Boston Rogers

    So tired of you doing that "voice"

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