Making The Daedric Sword From The Game Skyrim (Aluminum Casting)

Making The Daedric Sword From The Game Skyrim
Hey guys today i made the deadric Sword i like it, hope you do to :)

Creality CR-10S:
Creality CR-10:
Ender 2:




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Though crafted from ebony, Daedric weapons have a much more fearsome aesthetic true to their inhuman origins, featuring jagged, saw-like blades, glowing red filigree, and an overall design that blends rough organic curves with smooth, artificial edges.

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This video is for entertainment purpose only. If you try to do this yourself at home, please be aware that you use personal protection gear. If you are not experienced with melting metals please do not attempt this on your own.

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  • Kobexx0g

    That's not the ideal way to test the sharpness of a blade ! 😂💀

  • Rocky jet Daguyen

    Imagine goin to battle during the medieval era and your opponent drew a badass sword like that.Lmfao

  • Ghillie Airsoft85

    I want one.... make that 2.

  • محبين الميراكلس

    صراحه حبيت السيف جدا العربي يحط ﻻيك

  • S G

    Lmao dude, this guy spent the whole video making a badass sword just to hit a glass vase at the end??

  • Una Persona Común

    In the real life is too easy because you don't need to level up.

  • Jamie Johnson

    The Greybeards tought you well. I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • Whiterun Guard

    By the gods... what kind of weaponry is that!?

  • Hosen

    Clearly his smithing skill is at 100. he has the Daedric armor/weapon skill unlocked as well.

  • Des Anderson

    Now enchant it with the fortify enchanting exploit potion and do massive damage. You could probably cut through an entire house or car with it then. 😂 Awesome work!

  • Sx-_EvoTiaL-_

    875 damage250% critical chance75% magic powerWeight 2.5 lbs

  • Bence Weszelovszky-Balogh


  • breezy0037

    I'd like to see someone forge that from Damascus steel.

  • ChikiPaw

    7:57 so that's why gundam has those stick things

  • the heckler

    Rage Comic be likeE[sarcasm aside woahg really cool]

  • Aidan Verdon

    How much will you make them cost 🤔Edit: I saw that mc sword 😅

  • Jo Di

    I want to show the world how sharp my blade is..smashes some plates

  • Nostalgic Boi

    Damage 500+ Crit 110% Attack Speed 50%

  • Steve From London

    Great work can you recycle any of the sand I know not the burnt sandRegardsSteve UK LONDON

  • Grim Reaper

    A year ago when you posted this video it inspired me to start casting. A year later I have a set up and am casting my first daedric dagger today but i have a serious question for you, how do you glue the parts together to reuse them? Or are you just doing a one time glue and then its done

  • Gage Mandl

    you make it look so easy! you're awesome and i love watching your videos keep up the good work!

  • Shud jr

    Smithing increased to level 100

  • Francisco De La Cruz

    Amigo no rompas las basijas de tu señora te ba a chanclear

  • Jordan Raphael

    Gg sword are mythical sword builder!!!

  • Jordan Lee

    im not hatingbut tbhid rather see him slicing a plastic bottle to see how sharp it isi meaneven a hammer can break vases and plates

  • Tom Tom Gaming

    Holy shit this was amazing the whole time I was just completely amazed at the whole process of making the sword and the details and how it turned out in the end just holy shit dude you are incredible! You just got a new subscriber and you deserve many many more! Great work man!

  • xFireBot

    honey, where are my vases?

  • shadowreptile001

    How much would one of these cost, I collect swords and I'm impressed with your designs

  • aldt 123

    got a question:what kind of dirt is that?

  • john cavalier

    Could you do a assassins creed hidden blade or the sword of Eden or both that would be awesome

  • Nopik Gamers

    bro ,can u make Skull-9 in Counter Strike Online??

  • Zyntia Van Goth

    WTHeck.. 10 pounds/ 4,5 kg ~40$ for a jar of dirt 🤪 BTT really good work. ;)

  • Ray

    That's a cool blade (think heat sink)

  • jojo M.

    XD your not just a smith your an artist to you deserve a sub

  • Celso Hiroshi

    Nice Bob dude.I have a question for you. How can i calculate the correrct volume of a piece to forge?

  • The Number1

    Yooo that's amazing, try make an elven sword, u only need smithing Level 40 and u already got smithing 100

  • Game pro

    У тебя руки из правильного места растут

  • RamblingFish42 XxX

    Do aluminium casting RPV(Rocket Proppeled Vodka)

  • pepe trump

    🤔 can someone explain the steps? I was for a second like: salt... Hm... Cinnamon.. bro this man Bout to cook the sword!!! (Yes I know that's not salt and cinnamon lol)

  • E JuN D

    Smithing increased to level 100😘😘

  • Henrique IV

    Forja nível 10! Nível 100 tem que forjar de vdd!! Passar meses fazendo kkkkkkk e no final ter o peso para apenas um daedra segurar com eficiência!!

  • jakub tolman

    Hi AlumiTube,very nice video. When I wanted to do a sword, could you also make me a 3D product in the printer?And what you put into 2 forms white powder, what is it?

  • Gage sequeira

    Man you got it easy I had to summon a dedra kill it by ripping its heart out sacrifice the heart to a God then bang on ebony then enfuse the dadra soul with the ebony you just had make a cast wow

  • The Nocturnal Beast

    Ur artefacts are of no practical use but only a showpiece as those swords you make are very brittle and would easily snap.. but still great job. Nice

  • Broly Firmly Disagrees!

    No Daedra Heart?!Something suspicious is going on🤔

  • Springtrap

    can you also make the Full Moon Sword from the game Metin2?


    I also made it but of copper.. and i gave the shape in cement now i can make many more

  • Sarah rocha

    Alumine i New subscriber! Nice sword!

  • Jezreel Ric Lacia

    You should have just left the sound of you compacting sand, without music cause it sounds satisfying. Cool video tho

  • Cloud Gaming,Challenges and more.

    His skills are....Arts and craftsEdit:OMG THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HAD A HEART IN MEH COMMENT


    Forgeing skill has upgraded to level 100Btw its awsome i want one😁😁🐺

  • writx12

    9:57 hey! My platter...

  • Jordan Mason

    You spelt Aluminium wrong in the description. Apart from that, great video.

  • Kiro Pietropaolo

    Que genial, el tercer jarrón me gustó 😄, a ver si alguna vez haces una guadaña. ¡Eso sería genial!

  • captainfresh1976

    AlumiTube please your vid are to kool for music in the background i just want here you work bro you are the man

  • Alysha Mair

    I can't believe he actually did that l have the daedric sord in skyrim to guys🙊you would probably think 🤨

  • SpeedyGaming360

    your the best youtuber ever, and this is the first vid ive seen from you xD

  • Katakuri Sama

    Soooo cool man good job😎

  • Stigmatized Gaming

    Bro I literally appreciate your hardworking I hope your channel will grow bigger and I just subbed

  • Srinivas Cinu

    if u can cut your hand not the glass pots Alum Tub

  • writx12

    At 1:53 I actually blew on my screen to get rid of the sawdust

  • Franky The King

    Forge volendrung please?!! (Skyrim)

  • Serpent Satori

    eorlund gray-mane no longer has the best steel...

  • Panda Dragon

    This is the type of stuff I like to watch I subbed keep up with the good vids

  • Caiden Reinhart

    Wow perfect timing on that cast nice job 👌

  • Mostafa Aa

    what are the articles that l developed please reply 😙

  • Thomas Atkinson

    Nice vid, but why are u using it to smash ceramic pots? Use it to cut something.So much mess and sharp shit all over the floors after that. Just buy a pumpkin or something.

  • dethmaul

    The fast motion tamping sound was hilarious. I love fast motion sound.

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