Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Creating our Vampire Queen Let's Play a Vampire Lord Ep1

This is the first part of my second series in the Dawnguard DLC. This character will be going the vampire route. Her specializations atm will be Conjuration, Abjuration, Sneak, and Onehanded with most likely a touch of enchanting.

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  • Grognak The Breathclaw

    the lady stone is really useful as a daywalking vamp, or in beast form. many people still haven't figured this out yet, but that shit allow's you to regen stats those abilities rob you of.

  • Cody Connor

    You know I don't understand why so many people hate the way the Elves look in Skyrim. I mean come on people they're Elves what did you expect, humans with pointy ears?

  • Happlehopper

    dies multiple times at the entrance of Bleak Falls Barrow Wai is this part so difficult now?! Wait... checks difficulty Oh... it's still on Legendary.. DAMMIT

  • Dead Samurai

    The best bound weapon is the bow. Especially if you obtain it at a low level. Most enemies will die from just two arrows, it's really fun to use as well. It does however cost a lot of magicka, I think about 200 or something..? But if you get the "Adept Conjuration" perk the Bound Bow will cost half the magicka, since it's an adept spell. You can find a spell book for the Bound Bow at Fort Amol near the volcanic swaps North of Riften, so don't bother buying it. The spell book is in Fort Amol Prison, on the far left corner of the room, inside a bucket and under a lantern (Pretty well hidden, aye?). Oh, and you'll find mages at the fort not bandits. Not to mention that the Bound Bow-- no wait, ANY bound weapon (I totally agree) looks fucking badass!If you haven't given bound weapons a try (particularly the bow) then I bloody well recommend it! ^-^

  • J Syl

    OMG the first few mins of this vid i was dying you got yourself a new sub bud

  • gamester512

    I miss this game so much.  I can't believe I actually traded it in. ^_^'  I think I'm gonna try to either ask for the Legendary Edition for Christmas (because I never bought any of the DLC, so the LE will give me access to all 3 DLCs), or wait until after Christmas (when I will probably have some spending money) and buy it myself.

  • Conscious OUT

    U can add poison and damage potions to bound weapons. O.o

  • Randoom Guuy

    Great vid man, keep up the good work!

  • John Grosso

    5:56 is the very reason why im subbing Jesus christ I laughed retardedly hard

  • John Morgan

    You should use a mod called Better Vampires & my gt SCOUSE WARR1OR you can still add me even if your on the 360 looking forward to watching all of your vampire Queen videos

  • John Morgan

    Do u have a XB1 if you do you can add me GT is SCOUSE WARR1OR I love any Skyrim videos with Vampires in them I play on the XB1 Skyrim Special Edition

  • Wastag

    Is it just me or do the bound weapons look like they’re modelled on Daedric weapons??? Also, I used that Orcish bow and practised blacksmithing on it for like half of the game until I got Daedric weapons - the Dwemner warhammer is another great find like that...

  • Chris

    I had to sub once I started hearing you rage on the vanilla character appearances. Check out The Ningheim Race if you're looking for a better looking female

  • Nick Brown

    For all you summoners or conjuration users heres a tip. Finish the winterhold collage quest to open the forge. Use the forge to make the thrall line of spells to gain a PERMINENT frost/flame/storm anaroc or undead

  • jarod0980

    I'm gonna play a Mage character now! I play a warrior with daedric armor so I'm gonna change

  • Amaru Davis

    well i have a Lvl 70 High Elf Vampire Queen now on Dragonborn questline now

  • Cardboardhotbox

    Youre dropping the wrong items, look at value/weight ratio, skyui can show you, and is way better in general in terms of inventory management

  • FraserMartin96

    That is exactly the same thing I do every time I make a new save! Which is quite often because I love this game and play it all the time.... And I have commitment issues....

  • Gavin Doxey

    Since I had the same problem with the controller like when you were picking up the swords, I changed my controls a little bit, and I made "activate" lb instead of a so that I can pick things up while I still look around (being able to keep my thumb on the right analog stick). It made things so much faster and easier.

  • Beebe Fitness

    What difficulty are you playing on

  • jessica chesney

    alteration allows you to have armor without having armor.............pffftttt

  • fumyrimge

    the bound weapon dose not turn daidra it banishes them so that they basicly die

  • jessica chesney

    0:42"a lot of the weaknesses the vampire comes with are based around.......well lets see she not too ugly"........totally your self-interruption.

  • elias johansen

    Hey on skyrim you type coc qasmoke and in the place you get everything :D

  • Michael Relaford

    Two things, 1 you shouldn't have bought Clairvoyance since that's always in embershard mine's. 2 you should get necromage perk since it'll boost enchantment effects on your character.

  • TimnJ

    i am watching all your videos in skyrim about vampire queen and you are mad funny

  • Evelyn Preston


  • m h

    Why do people buy Clairvoyance when you can find it in Embershard mine?

  • Bandana Gamers

    Bound weapons are equal to deadric weapons damage wise.

  • Emily White

    I just love how sarcastic you arr

  • Patrick Y

    Fear spells r good for bandits I know because they r low levels

  • Linkforlife199

    Bound Weapons are weightless Daedric quality.

  • Darkzero7647

    At the end there is a hidden chest in the waterfall

  • Nathan Belleau

    you playing on novice??

  • Jeremiah Downey

    You missed 2 chests in there.

  • StarTreksFollower98

    YES! A fellow Trekkie in this LP!! YAY!

  • Carlos Jones

    you shouldve did sneak to 100 if you crouch and hit Ralof( or the other guy) in thr back (i reccomend doing it with the bear cause then he follows you crouched just knife his back until he moves in a corner) level up sneak to 100 then

  • faded robin

    For a crossbow! At fort dawnguard LOOT EVERYTHING then go and be a vamp.

  • Breno

    Did the updates back at the time raise your alteration when being hit with a cloak spell active? As far as I know (could be wrong), that never happened.

  • OnlySlyLegend

    Hey can anyone tell me please how to get the bound sword right off the bat? like him

  • Torkavian Tales

    Big fluffy assets. Someone's living their fantasy as the lesbian vampire trope.

  • SaySoSalem

    What would happen to me: I'd pickpocket everyone, and on the last person I'd be found out and then I'd flee the town xD

  • Kazar

    My player went vampire lord and killed faendal so I can't do that quest

  • King Fox

    I have absolutely no idea why you put "vampire" in your title......................

  • dovahkiin dragonborn

    I always do that And now I have got 88,000 septums and I am level 556

  • Frisky E

    I like girls and all but why do men play as girls in video games all the time?

  • saefyre

    The fact that you didn't customize your character drives me freakin' bonkers. lol

  • YungOni

    i have been looking for a playthrough like this for ages. thank you dude you earned a sub :D

  • Elektrinate anti-Monroe DJstar

    my fav weapon in the entire game, is Bound Ebony Battleaxe of Soul Snaresor The Ebony Greatsword of Major Lightning or Enchanted with shock damage.

  • Soulburst 26

    Idk if u still check this but what's your brothers channel called?

  • Judah Warmthorn

    Three chest just in that boss room thin one after drop wall

  • mark corey II

    where did he find the bound sword

  • Austin Short

    this is one of my favorite series

  • Mikayla Rayn

    when r u going to make the next video

  • Chris Nanney

    Can you have multiple different people at once or only one at a time?

  • Wanda Davids

    I have a level 50 battle mage or just a light mage clothes wich is better to play as 

  • Isaiah Alston

    I deleted my dawnguard by accident you thing you could share your xbox account so I could download it back again for free because the profile I hacked so I was forced to delete it

  • High Level Gaming

    Im not sure what you mean. The combination is always Bear, butterfly, owl. it doesn't change.

  • deezebee2

    Auriels Bow is basically an elven bow with an enchantment, so it's not even considered a "tier" but an unique weapon.

  • Justine Kessler

    I'm a dark elf vampire lord too lol she is awesome

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