Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Creating our Vampire Queen Let's Play a Vampire Lord Ep1

This is the first part of my second series in the Dawnguard DLC. This character will be going the vampire route. Her specializations atm will be Conjuration, Abjuration, Sneak, and Onehanded with most likely a touch of enchanting.

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  • Happlehopper

    dies multiple times at the entrance of Bleak Falls Barrow Wai is this part so difficult now?! Wait... checks difficulty Oh... it's still on Legendary.. DAMMIT

  • Red Drift

    the lady stone is really useful as a daywalking vamp, or in beast form. many people still haven't figured this out yet, but that shit allow's you to regen stats those abilities rob you of.

  • Dead Samurai

    The best bound weapon is the bow. Especially if you obtain it at a low level. Most enemies will die from just two arrows, it's really fun to use as well. It does however cost a lot of magicka, I think about 200 or something..? But if you get the "Adept Conjuration" perk the Bound Bow will cost half the magicka, since it's an adept spell. You can find a spell book for the Bound Bow at Fort Amol near the volcanic swaps North of Riften, so don't bother buying it. The spell book is in Fort Amol Prison, on the far left corner of the room, inside a bucket and under a lantern (Pretty well hidden, aye?). Oh, and you'll find mages at the fort not bandits. Not to mention that the Bound Bow-- no wait, ANY bound weapon (I totally agree) looks fucking badass!If you haven't given bound weapons a try (particularly the bow) then I bloody well recommend it! ^-^

  • J Syl

    OMG the first few mins of this vid i was dying you got yourself a new sub bud

  • John Grosso

    5:56 is the very reason why im subbing Jesus christ I laughed retardedly hard

  • Conscious OUT

    U can add poison and damage potions to bound weapons. O.o

  • Randoom Guuy

    Great vid man, keep up the good work!

  • High Level Gaming

    Im not sure what you mean. The combination is always Bear, butterfly, owl. it doesn't change.

  • deezebee2

    Auriels Bow is basically an elven bow with an enchantment, so it's not even considered a "tier" but an unique weapon.

  • Justine Kessler

    I'm a dark elf vampire lord too lol she is awesome

  • changelingchild1

    You forgot Auriels Bow

  • BadassBrainiact


  • Daeton Graves

    You could wear the light armor royal vampire robes

  • Sam Cosco

    I killed Feandal in Vampire Lord form because there was a big group of people and he was up there and I was using Blood Magic and he died, I loved him! :(

  • Callum Harding

    there was a chest behind the word wall

  • Cody Connor

    You know I don't understand why so many people hate the way the Elves look in Skyrim. I mean come on people they're Elves what did you expect, humans with pointy ears?

  • Triocha

    It's been a year since first ep

  • noah dunn

    they should make a spell called bound sheild!

  • linkstril

    Power attack with your left sword it can only be a sword and on the left

  • vandaliagamerepair

    Did he say Black Balls Barrow.....?

  • MrGGMM123

    How did you stab i cant do it

  • Danny Jimenez

    you can only hotkey two things on the xbox but can favorite any amount

  • Danny Jimenez

    when in the menu push the Y button to favorite when out of the menu push the Dpad up to see you favorite items then push and hold the Dpad left or right to hotkey it

  • zachary reid

    where did he get bound swords

  • Dead Pixel

    Favorite it then in the favorite menu hold left or right on the d-pad. then ingame press one or the other to use it

  • Gamerz on the Rize

    how do you hotkey on xbox

  • Heiße Henry

    wow Faendal gives you 20 gold from working at the mill and has 860 gold that you take anyway

  • O

    Your characters hands are so ...clean.

  • Ramy Samie

    howd you get bound sword and flame atronach so fast

  • MrBommel100

    Orcish bow isn't good

  • Venters Gaming

    to see damage of a bound weapon have a normal weapon inventory itll say + or - and that is your damage

  • C-man20

    Always with the LOTR refrences x)

  • Megapithecanthrope

    It makes them last longer, moron...

  • Jacob Estrada

    you missed the chest behind the word wall

  • bosstherapy

    I know you said you don't plan on playing rest spec...but being a vamp without taking a necromage perk is should always take necromage perk so get your skills high enough to take it before you pick any other perk. it will make every thing you do from then on be more powerful

  • TheDonsketch

    There's a perk that allows your spells to last longer if you dual cast them.

  • TheOnlyNinja513

    Stop dual casting the swords you only get one!!!! Jesus!!

  • TheOnlyNinja513

    Darth Vader dual wields???

  • Viktor Boyanov are EPIC.And so is your build.Conjuration <3 .Subscribed :)

  • Jagedtooth

    bound wepons last 120 seconds

  • xavierfr

    wait how did you get the bound weapon spell

  • Seth Funk

    wow awful spelling I meant fury

  • Seth Funk

    I figured it out its in fort amol, and I can still cast it with conjuration level 30-40 something, so I fell fine.

  • Fluffy2253

    it's an adept spell. soooo around level 50 conju.

  • Seth Funk

    Furys pretty funny if the guy doesnt see u and there is others around

  • Seth Funk

    Does anyone know where to get bound bow

  • 6puter

    i love you pyro no homo

  • Chris Morrow

    Pyro I always checked my bound weapon damage by going to the weapon menu highliting a weapon and seeing how the damage increased/decreased if i equiped that weapon.

  • The Lone Outlaw

    Also if you have problems with low mana, remake the character ass a high elf, it gives you 20-25 all magic skills and 50 extra magicka just to start off while also having the power to rapidly gain magicka in a bad situation.

  • The Lone Outlaw

    Love the vids dude ur my fav commentary man, and here's a tip for low lvls: If you dual cast and wield the swords, swing them at something or nothing and you should be able to train conjuration slightly, thus weasring out the swords so you have to recast them... increasing ur lvl even more. Like this so others may see.

  • Nathaniel Sodowsky

    I've never laughed at a comment as much as I did this one

  • bionicle712

    Notice at 11:08 he says loot everything and take iron ores even. Yet he doesn't take the 70 septim skill book. Not a hater but annoying.

  • RoachesDelight

    If you search up hidden skyrim chest there are multiple chest that belong to merchants usually under the map of major cities or places containing leveled loot so if you went to all of them you could get over 100k in gold in about an hour, although being a member of the thieves guild would be useful cause most items will be considered stolen so you'll need access to a fence in order to sell your stolen goods, to reset the chest talk to the owner of the chest ask what's for sale & wait 48hrs

  • Dove M

    go to dawnstar and when you enter the town part turn right and by the mine entrence there should be some rocks and trees just look around there and you should be able to open a secret chest oh and you can only do this if the caravan is there and if you wait 24 hours i believe you can go back and loot it again

  • ReaperofSinXIII

    imagine killing a bunch of frostbite spiders and using the ritual stone to rise all of them and just go crazy in a town 8 legged freaks all over again lol

  • Terr Bear

    Awesome! Thanks for the heads up, looking forward to that in the monk playthrough :D time to raid your paladin vids :3

  • randomearthworm159

    isnt it level 10 for the dawngaurd stuff? then again im not too sure, its still not out for ps3

  • Michael Gregory

    Try to save your level ups as they refill your Health, Magicka and Stamina bars. This helps at a low level as you can dual cast a powerful spell draining your magic, Level up and then straight away cast your bound weapons. It's good to go into a boss fight with a level up waiting as if you're in need of health etc then you can get an insta refill.

  • TDKPyrostasis

    My paladin was a WW and went on some pretty insane killing sprees with a maxed out WW tree. My monk is also a WW (you'll see eventually) and is working on filling the tree as well.

  • Terr Bear

    Were you planning on (or have you?) making a werewolf based playthrough? They apparently are able to reach respectable damage with the dawnguard perk tree, though I'm still not sure how they'd fair on master. Pure curiosity :)

  • TDKPyrostasis

    yep thats usually why I dont bother with customizing.

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