Skyrim: Top 5 Liars You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game with hundreds, perhaps thousands of characters for the Dragonborn to meet. Many of the NPCs in The Elder Scrolls 5 are kind, honest folk, however a number of the men and mer inhabiting this frozen promise are hiding some big secrets or are not entirely who they say. So today we’ll be taking a look at my picks for the top 5 liars you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Rebelzize

    They are all Maiq arent they?


    The worst liar in the game is the Dragonborn himself. Every time a guard stops him and says "hey I know you" he says "you must be mistaken" and EVERY TIME the guard sees right through the lie!! Hands down the absolute worst liar. 0/10 at lying.

  • TheEpicNate315

    I'm hiring a spell checker

  • Dagoth Turd

    You forgot about Todd Howard

  • Zypherdose

    The biggest liar is the Dragonborn saying "It won't happen again" after shouting.

  • Kyle Hare

    while nate was making the title.. HE WAS MURDERED TO DEATH

  • Wayne

    Mercer Frey - whose entire story about the former head of the Thieves Guild being murdered by Karliah, which is a complete lie.

  • Matt Lewis

    Braith lying saying she wanna fight but always runs when I quicksave in the middle of whiterun

  • Xathal

    insert title mistake jokeinsert murdered to death commentprofit

  • lukas:_:WaveY

    to kill someone < to end someone's life <to take someone's life force <to brutally stop your victims important body functions that keep him alive << to murder someone to death

  • Camp Master Noob

    Dragons were never gone. They were just invisible, and very very quiet.

  • ArturoPladeado

    "M'aiq thinks that he should have been in the first videos of top 5 lairs, M'aiq is disappointed."

  • Nathan Guerrette

    Skyrim: Top 5 Liars You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrimcrolls 5 Skyrim you may hav

  • I have a plan, Arthur, I just need money

    takes huge sip of skooma “SKY burp RIM...CROLLS”Edit: oh you can change the title to try and save yourself all you want Nate, but the comments are still here.

  • Stephanie Barnett

    How about that bandit beside that one bridge who pretends to be an injured traveler and leads you into an ambush? Ass move

  • Trex Enigma

    Hey OYFUM, it's Nate here, and welcome back to Brodule. Skyrim is a massive place, but is it... IMMERSIVE???

  • Ace Clover

    Looks like someone was drunk when creating the title.

  • 私の顔にペニスを撃ってください

    Man, I love Skyrimscrolls, it has so many secretscrolls, they all make me excitedscrolls

  • Mr Qwhat

    Isn't Helgi an NPC in Skyrim? She was that ghost of a child in Morthal

  • StrayBerserker

    Black-Briar Mead in a chamber pot under his bed might just mean he equates it to piss.

  • River Last Name

    You say 5 liars I might have missed, I say 5 people I may have murdered to death

  • Acciprovus

    What about the random encounter of a guy in Breezehome claiming the home to himself. Tell Proventus Avenicci about it and you can follow him to Breezehome where he kicks the guy out.

  • MythicalMeowz

    "Skyrimcrolls" has to be the new highlight of my day

  • Keegan Stormblade

    Top 5 Liars you may have murdered to death in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrimcrolls 5 Skyrim you may hav

  • Vladimir Pudding

    Helgi is not Anise's sister. If you'd analyze the letter, it says "My sister will be here soon." Therefore, if they are indeed siblings, then she should have said: "Our sister" instead. Also, it would be nice to make a theory video on that "Helgi" person in the letter. There's a lot of theory on who this person is as the Helgi that we met in Morthal was only a little girl (and also dead) and therefore can't be the person being addressed in the letter. Personally, I think she's referring to Sven's mother (Hilde) and the name Helgi was put there by mistake.

  • Gleb Kamenskiy

    Helgi is not Anise's sister, letter is clear on that matter: "My sister will be here soon" referring to Moira. Not "our sister", not "my other sister". So Helgi is just some girl Anise wants to teach.

  • Nasir Wright

    The video starts at 0:00

  • danté

    Skyrim: Top 5 Liars You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrimcrolls 5 Skyrim you may hav Skyrim: Top 5 Liars You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrimcrolls 5 Skyrim you may hav Skyrim: Top 5 Liars You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrimcrolls 5 Skyrim you may hav Skyrim: Top 5 Liars You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrimcrolls 5 Skyrim you may hav 11/10 -IGN

  • The Funny Dovakhiin

    Nazeems wife: cries have you seen Nazeeem?Me: im sorry but he was MURDERED TO DEATH!!

  • Despacito Spider

    Top five chairs in Skyrim (episode 579)

  • Chaos Chaos!

    99.9% of comments "You drunk while making that title Nate!?"

  • TheSaltyPug

    Slight issue with your title mate lol but that’s fine

  • Lucien

    Nate say ooga booga already

  • Nickster

    2020 and you will still be here making top 5 skyrim.

  • Jessica Thorne

    Rorik from Rorikstead. There is no way the town was settled by him "after the war" unless he and Jouane were immortal as Rorikstead is mentioned in books that place the town being over 4,000 years old.

  • DDLC Protagonist

    Hey nate!It's guys here,We're doing fine.

  • Mr- ScarySketchy

    Nate.. Doing some day drinking, are we?

  • ramensquid

    I had Moira send bounty hunters after me for killing Anise; the visual of a hagraven going out and hiring thugs to beat up the Dragonborn is really funny to me.

  • Zaramaja

    Actually, Helgi IS mentioned in the game.Helgi is the ghost daughter that helps you in the quest "Laid to Rest" in Morthal. She's the one who tells you the truth about who set the fire and what is going on in the city.The wiki mentions a theory that they wanted to turn Helgi because they knew about her magical powers, and that she would be a powerful weapon on their side.Just thought I'd mention! :)

  • Pedro Chiriboga

    Helgi is the name of the ghost girl in the quest "laid to rest" dont know if its the same helgi of the letter, but it is at least to much coincidence

  • SubscribeTo PewDiePie

    Hmm. Nate said Anise lives southwest of Riften, but she lives near Riverwood. 🤔

  • David Shade

    I do have on glitch you can cover, unless you have, but there's a random dead dragon that follows me when i fast travel, and i know its the same one cause i can use it like a mobile chest

  • Victor Prado

    I think behind Anuriel that guy will kill someone to death on 8:13

  • Jan Krajnc

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I didnt get the notification! ) :

  • Ricky Spanish

    The other sister is in Riverwood, she's the one yelling about seeing the dragon, I'm surprised you missed that.

  • Elliott Barth

    Guard: You'll never escape Cidna Mine alive!A secret backdoor escape route: *exists

  • The real main man Pieguyfrommars

    Um is something wrong with the title?

  • Aidan Hancock

    First!To have 0 likes and comments!

  • Marcus Villarosa

    What about the weapon shop keepers who said they sell "The Best" weapons and arms.And hot food type shop keepers saying everything to suit your needs..... EVERYTHING

  • manga

    is your next video going to be like "Top 5 Brown Shoe Wearing NPC's You May Have Missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim" ?

  • Cody Martin

    Anise is south of Whiterun. Helgi is the name of the little girl who died in the Morthal quest, "Laid to Rest."

  • animewizard1988

    "Maybe we'll do a part 2" knowing Nate, we're gonna do a part 300

  • KatelynNeko

    I laughed out loud at how you pronounced "Coven" and "Compilation" XD Oh my god...

  • Andrew Hanna

    You forgot ulfric stormcloak

  • Duco van der Woude

    That bottle of blackbriar mead is clearly just to piss in.

  • M'aiq The Liar

    M'aiq is the best Liar in all of Nirn

  • NButler1993

    The title reminds me of The American Dodgeball Association Of America from Dodgeball .

  • The Bright Eclipse

    Isn't Helgi the girl from the burnt house whom you meet as a ghost?

  • Acerthorn

    Your title is looping, Nate. You might want to fix that.

  • Invisible

    i'd like to see a video "every way possible to kill Maven" someday i don't care if she's essential or not she deserves to die! and to go to the soul carine!

  • xxoofergang xx

    Anyone else looking for comments about maiq? Just me? Ok

  • The Majestic Junk

    You know Nate I wonder, is there any hidden facts about... US???

  • TheONLYGalaxy48

    I remember that first guy. I never saw him going but I saw him going out and was confused when he was like "I uh, I can explain..." I was like "Explain what?" Then he started attacking me and I was so confused

  • Mason Bramblett

    I kinda want to see top 10 things you didn't know the Thalmor were behind, or top Thalmor Spies.

  • Mine Wolf

    The best liar are the guards. I was talking to them and they said that they was honored to meet the harbinger then I talked to them again they said I fetch mead for the companions. Those useless (5$-2/@

  • Sophie Maximoff

    What moods do you use to make your people look so cool?!

  • Uncle Fester

    Was wondering if you were gonna put Anise on here, crooked old hag!

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