10 Things You Didn't Know About Skyrim Girls

10 factoids about females in Skyrim that you probably didn't know.

I wanted to make a video with about 10 or so unknown interesting facts about Skyrim that I felt like most people wouldn't know about, and after a couple of days of struggling with the concept and how to present it; I decided it would be funny to make a little Buzzfeed style video :D So the theme was girls in Skyrim.

I might be making more in the future like this for different themes, maybe facts about the dark brotherhood or end bosses. Things like that. I feel it is super interesting and these types of videos don't really take that long to do so that's a plus.

The logic that I used to decide whether or not a fact belonged in this video was based on whether the fact was news to me or not. If there was something that I didn't know, then I considered it good for the list. So in every single number there was something that I thought was hella cool or interesting.


#10 - I had no clue about Aela and Skjor and their supposed relationship. And the fact that she never wanted to become non-lycan was always interesting. The fact that it would make sense for her to die a Lycan to be in the afterlive with Skjor is just one of those things that makes the story so much more alive.

#9 - The druggy connection with the khajiits was funny to me, and i didn't know the caravan would show on a wedding.

#8 & #7 - NPCs that never made it into the game are always interesting cause there's usually stories attached to them.

#6 I LOVE Sapphire. I wish you could know her name, but i had no idea she used to be part of the brotherhood.

#5 Rikke is such an underplayed character in the game, she's SO important in the background of the civil war. She deserved this.

#4 Most of this was unknown to me, the stories, hroki, and how rare the tavern clothes actually were.

#3 I had never seen those shackles before. At least i don't think I had. This is likely the one people already knew the most.

#2 I had NO clue you could fix her vampirism. It seems to be a very complicated process. Also the thing about the Temple and why she doesn't want to marry you was hella interesting.

#1 Those hidden guard dialogues for when Elisif dies are so creppy! I wonder how much unused content there was.
  • CountessAnnebelle Lee

    well Astrid was almost raped by her own uncle......

  • Nathan Baker

    Be glad all you needed to become a vampire lord is a bite on the neck and a tutorial, lol. Getting it the hard way (giggity) would make the House of Horrors sidequest a bit awkward.

  • Bmores Assassin

    Sapphires real name is sapphire, there is a book about her in the game. At least based on what I found playing through the game. Her uncle is delvin. Her father is glover Mallory.

  • that guy at the hamburger store

    What shocked me most was when I killed Ulfric and I heard Rikke mutter something like "Talos guide you."

  • PoppinBubbles

    Yeah, in my game Aela's "secret" relationship wasn't so subtle. The were standing at opposite ends of the dining hall loudly talking about how they should be more discreet. Everyone heard.

  • Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster

    One wife isn't enough! Sister wives mod please

  • Dylan Otto

    Fuck I'm never marrying Aela again XD

  • Virgo Heart

    In all my time playing Skyrim/Oblivion, I've never seen the Marry feature. Only hear about it a lot on the internet.

  • Hitler

    Why cant khajiit be in a group in skyrim? xd what will they do lol

  • QUAK Beatz

    I ended up being gay with Benor.... How was I supposed to know he was a he?

  • Ser Arthur dayne

    How can you get married, Maros temple is the place but how?

  • Sodium Chloride

    I married Mjoll the Lioness, and now Aerin is always around Hjerim, telling me about how worried Mjoll is because the city gets to her. Everytime I try to kill him, Mjoll becomes very dissapointed in me. I should've just married Aela or Ysolda.

  • Deni Boy

    How to malke Elisif killable

  • herogod00

    Dragonborn DLC can confirm the last name of Sapphire, if you help the blacksmith in Ravenrock if your in the thieves guild

  • Crazydude99

    aela likes that hot kinky werewolf sex

  • QUAK Beatz

    Did anyone else notice that in Helga's Bunkhouse there are shackles above the bed..... S&M

  • Princess Fox

    Which side of the war are you on? Comment below😊

  • Aazan Ahmed

    The bit about Aela is bullshit

  • shakuforever

    It's not an anagram for the author of the book, it's a pseudonym, not even close dude

  • Mytoast Isdone

    When the video started playing I went "GASP!" .. a video that actually begins as soon as you press play? ... instantly got my thumbs up!

  • Naberius CZ

    what mod you use Alea huntress looks better ....

  • SomekidWhoMakesMemes ose

    fuck aela i married that bitch and now she does this

  • EzioIlMentore

    So basically, Aela gonna ride you in bed... while thinking of Skjor, and not you.

  • Rozen Maiden

    very interesting details. thx dude

  • Jose Ssegovia

    Random general? didn't Tulius(sp?) say he was the emperor go to guy for problematic situations? he has to be really good at his job if he is the first one called to take care of problems normal generals could not fix.

  • Koltyn Cox

    I have a girl person and I'm married to a girl...

  • the destroyer54321

    the guards of riften killed sapphire I looted her and there were 4 sapphires

  • Shadow77999

    2:48 lol she dissapeared

  • K


  • AcuTime

    in the first 10 second i discovered my wife is cheating on me. Thanx

  • Lunar Kamaitachi

    I found the tavern clothes in an random chest.

  • Mad Lordnes


  • shaatnez

    Can you please indicate what the first background music is? Thanks.

  • niels nielsen

    Thank you for not make an obnoxious several minute long intro.

  • jotera 2004

    i killed my "ex"wife só i could marry serana ... this hurts

  • Mettaton EX

    That's so Ravencrone

  • The Mysterious Stranger

    Dude, what is with the the way you pronounce words? Is English your first language? Because it doesn't sound like an accent.

  • nicky Rodriguez

    went right to awesome 😂

  • Xiphos

    I won't let my beloved Huntress die!!! Fuck you Skjor, you fuck!!

  • Gabriel B. V.

    Wait. Sapphire story isn´t explained in the DragonBorn DLC? You can even get her a letter from her father if i am not mistaken

  • Durnehviir

    Okay. Would you call Grelod a girl or a monsterous she-devil?

  • David Schaub

    I killed Aela by being a werewolf, so she could be with her lover.

  • Joe Nesvick

    My male Nord character killed Alva and took her tavern clothes. As a male character, they look different on him. At least a mod for Ysolda dresses her in the getup, my male character married her. Anyone who marries Ysolda should do so after A Night To Remember

  • lily jones

    i really wish i could marry serana i love her

  • Jason Chacon

    whats that girl name from river wood trader store

  • Midnight Phantom

    I play skyrim and my character is a girl. How do I get a husband?

  • We all can get along Confirmed

    did he just say molag bla raped her 5:51

  • rhiley mcmahon

    You said companions wrong

  • Adam Ingram

    Wow it's sad that the last one is never going to be truly seen. It sounds like some quality content

  • the b0mb

    number 11there all ugly as fuck

  • Gors Dream

    I've never been into that corner room at the Orphanage and I've clocked 1600hrs+ of playtime and 700hrs+ of creation kit work, but then again I've never made it past lvl 4 or met the greybeards.

  • Zenna Crous

    ohh the last one supports the theory that the dragonborn is a mortal incarnation of Shor

  • João Ribeiro

    If Saphire's last name is Mallory then it's a fair assumption that she's related to Delvin Mallory who also does business with the Dark Brotherhood.

  • Lumber jack

    I wish you could have sex in skyrim and fuck your wife

  • DaniTheHero

    To be fair there aren't any actual waifu materials in Skyrim. Ysolda seemed to be the only "normal" option ( Soft feminine voice and personality , good character model , and pleasant default clothes) until you find out she's a drug leader and you go :(

  • jourdan roedel

    bro.... love your channel. Bamf in my eyes. But that damn royalty free music belongs on an apple commercial hahaha.(jokes man)

  • Shadow Wraith

    It's pronounced hircine(her-seen)

  • K

    i like the way this video didnt waste my time like a mojo

  • Key

    Serana is pure vampire since birth tho

  • Lickety-split

    how can i have sex with one of them?

  • Death Knight

    Lol the caption butchered alot of names on of them being: Mauhalakh=man who lack Ulfric=old freak storm clock

  • We all can get along Confirmed

    the dragon born is a diedric prince one of the other prices said so when you do a mission that diedric prince tells you that ur a prince as well

  • hein de paauw

    Hi! Just found this video and found it very entertaining. I would like to point some things out that I noticed.One. The #1 item of your list, killing Elisif etc. The reason for that dialogue existing is because of a scrapped quest that comes from Boethiah, where you would be made to kill Elisif in her name or something.Two. #6 the Aela loving Skjor and all. I found it to be incredibly speculative. Nothing supports that theory besides fandom. I had only heard about it once, but found it very amusing, but it was not something hidden that could be found out like #9 for example, where very specific dialogue choices could let the player cure Serana.Three. More of a question realy. But I would like to know how you came to the conclusion that Rikke was the one to originally be the counterpart to Ulfric as opposed to Tulius. Besides them knowing each other from the war. The reason being that only this point is something I had not heard before.Besides that, I want to thank you for a very fun clip and I will be sure to look at some of your other stuff.

  • Vinny Curry

    I thought sapphire's father was the smith in raven Rock in the dragonborn dlc? And after you do stuff for him he gives you a letter to give to her? Unless I'm mistaken idk

  • XxX_D4nksw4G_XxX

    You missed a huge part of sapphires story, but I can see why. Her parents were murdered when she was a child by bandits, and she was "passed from bandit to bandit" for 2 weeks...

  • Mr. Moth

    i am a true blooded stormcloak

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