The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough - Part 2 Serena's Home

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough Part 2
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Dawnguard is the first DLC made available for skyrim, the story line of Dawnguard revolves around a prophecy from one of the elder scrolls that tells of the permanent obfuscation of the sun. The player is given the choice as to whether they fulfill the prophecy or stop it entirely dependent on how they follow the quest-line.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC is available on Xbox 360, PS3 & PC platforms.

Gameplay & Live Commentary by IFreeMz

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  • Crafty The Creeper

    The blue skeleton is one that serena brought buck from the dead look at what it is called

  • Yaxion

    Dude why are you so noob.

  • cobe harris

    What you had to fight a dragon priest i had to fight 4 draugr death lords

  • GaMeBoY2901

    I really enjoyed this episode and just the whole series in general

  • Sara D'Marie

    you know vampires can revive bad guys right u were killing them

  • aknightwing

    He lieterally went right past where the crossbow is

  • Devon Moore

    My mouth is felling dry lalalalalal

  • The porkin8tor

    how the heck did he get 7 nightingale boots

  • Magma Fang

    how do u not become a vampire

  • uni cat443

    Dude hey yaxion id like to see you try and play!

  • uday kishore

    is this a expansion fron skyrim elder srolls

  • uday kishore

    is this a continuaion of skyrim the elder scrolls 5?

  • Jasmine Petrosky

    You can make staffs from brooms if your Conjuration is at least 90 and you finish the quest the Conjuration guy at the College of Winterhold gives you to summon an unbound dremora. There's is a secret Deadric forge under the College in the midden, all you need is the sigle stone to activate it and to know the ingredients to put in the offer box. I know there's walkthroughs on YouTube for it tho.😊😊

  • Skyman_Playz 15

    Shops open at 8 AM and close at 8 PM on Skyrim

  • Faceless_ghost890 _

    i wish u could play skyrim with friends like online

  • Boppin Legit

    +IFreeMz how did u get ur smithing 100

  • Creators!

    Once I get her out she tells me  shit and then I say follow me and I don't get a quest marker and don't know where to go. help?

  • GaMeBoY2901

    I was able to take over Fort Dawnguard when I was a vampire Lord you should try it

  • Cab Nis

    Dam if I wanted to see some one go through there inventory I would of Google that

  • Circus Doll

    "Cant make staffs" …or can you? ;)

  • Dämonischer Böser Wal [Demonic Vicious Whale]

    New dragon on the DLC River Dragons

  • PixelBot

    I am playing this DLC with STEEL armor cause meh last game broke..SCREW XBOX 360's!

  • Ender TitanX

    (This isn't a fact)Spoilers for those who havn't played the dlc if you chose dawnguard and you become a vampire i was standing on the stairs near the soul cairn and she was on he platform when she tried to bite me she just looked at me in the eyes and i became a vampire she was right it was painless LOL :)

  • Crafty The Creeper

    You can tell the guy that sings to take a break if you make a request

  • Epic Bombers

    Guys i cant open the door to get in

  • 1warrgodd

    why do u keep grabbing the crappy arowes

  • The Burninator

    I have no DLC but I still can do this quest in skyrim, what happened???????

  • luuk groot

    Lawl i have more carring capacy:p

  • ben_ Destiny

    There's a mod for deidric crossbow

  • Dronning10

    you ay u dont need* any more gold but its Always fun to have ;) i currently use breezehome as a treasure house haha. woud show it if i knew how u put upp videos :P

  • BlueTiger411

    Stop attacking friendlys!🌚🌚🌚

  • JackieDeLegs

    to make them you need to join the dawnguards side of the war

  • GodGamer101

    When I try to bring her home she the watch man doesn't let us in is it because ima werewolf please help

  • Shannon Cunningham

    Getting ready to get it too for my pc :D

  • TheJoyStickGamer

    I know it's a bit late but I really enjoy your skyrim videos and I watch them because they are entertaining and also because I'm getting it for Christmas with all dlc haven't been able to get it till Christmas 2013 so yeah hope it's good and have a merry Christmas

  • dennis4399

    I spend my saturdays gaming xd

  • kong sorsinxay

    I heard you say the game was to EASY on both video now. If that was the case, y don't you play throught the game without using crafting armors and weapons and have your difficulty setting on LEGENDARY.

  • Dova Aki Anessa

    I Hate/Love Skyrim Videos.. I Can't Play Skyrim Right Now, Sucks Monkey Ballz :(

  • Dova Aki Anessa

    most of us "cheat" anyway lolz

  • Dova Aki Anessa

    Then Don't Watch It Jeez, You Got Time To Complain, You Got Time To Fuck Off =3

  • Hugo Boss

    He said he made this saved game and he said he did everything legit but he cheated liar

  • J Oconnor

    Kay's Shut the FUCK UP you BITCH

  • Helel ben Shahaar

    Btw, all hail Alex Mercer.

  • Helel ben Shahaar

    Not good walkthrough. In fact, worst I ever saw. Mainstream Daedric armor, waisting of precious bolts, killing your allies, making us watch you walking for half an hour cause fast travel is cheating, misspelling SERANA'S name... Hating dis.

  • Bware9407

    either way man. that's a long time.

  • Bware9407

    Some said it was 200 years.

  • Christoffer Stenman

    How can that possible be funny... you slay everything without one singel problem.

  • darkmasterchief227

    Y u kill Serenas skeleton???!!

  • jmaro127

    00:12 I don't know why I find it funny when he says "don't turn into a 10 year old" haha

  • Alex Mercer

    your nothing but a waste of time

  • Alex Mercer

    good for you but not me it's bad

  • Alex Mercer

    damn it... if you make a video like this be sure you are ready we came here to watch the quest of dawnguard not to watch you smithing or buying screw that. this part 2 of yours suck. your slow. i came here to watch the quest not smithing crafting or whatever you do scum. grow up you idiot

  • Teresa Adams

    Good video! Please don't think I'm weird, but your voice..... Is SUPER hot!

  • Bware9407

    In the time of The Elder Scrolls Games, how long was the time of the Gates of Oblivion crisis to the time of the crisis of dragons in skyrim? Was it like a long time perhaps or what? Can anyone tell me??? :)

  • João Sequeira

    somedy knows if there is a mages guild in this game, like oblivion ??

  • SillyShockman

    If the money you had while you were unloading weighted .01 per coon it would weigh 1917 pounds and then .23

  • Velociraptors of Skyrim

    Actually, once you become a Vampire it removes the Werewolf blood.

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