The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough - Part 2 Serena's Home

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough Part 2
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Dawnguard is the first DLC made available for skyrim, the story line of Dawnguard revolves around a prophecy from one of the elder scrolls that tells of the permanent obfuscation of the sun. The player is given the choice as to whether they fulfill the prophecy or stop it entirely dependent on how they follow the quest-line.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC is available on Xbox 360, PS3 & PC platforms.

Gameplay & Live Commentary by IFreeMz

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  • Crafty The Creeper

    The blue skeleton is one that serena brought buck from the dead look at what it is called

  • Yaxion

    Dude why are you so noob.

  • Cab Nis

    Dam if I wanted to see some one go through there inventory I would of Google that

  • JackieDeLegs

    to make them you need to join the dawnguards side of the war

  • GaMeBoY2901

    I really enjoyed this episode and just the whole series in general

  • Sara D'Marie

    you know vampires can revive bad guys right u were killing them

  • BlueTiger411

    Stop attacking friendlys!🌚🌚🌚

  • aknightwing

    He lieterally went right past where the crossbow is

  • MasterWar164

    Lol anyone notice that skeleton he killed was Serena's at 2:45

  • Velociraptors of Skyrim

    Actually, once you become a Vampire it removes the Werewolf blood.

  • DarkLordLink


  • The Burninator

    I have no DLC but I still can do this quest in skyrim, what happened???????

  • darkmasterchief227

    Y u kill Serenas skeleton???!!

  • Smiling Jack

    So... I just got this, and i was already a regular vampire, and then i became a vampire lord, and then i decided that i didnt want to deal with feeding anymore, so i curedmy vampirism, and then i went back to the castle and they all hated me because i had apparently cured my vampire lordy-ness as well, so i became a vampire lord again, and it made me a regular vampire as well, so i just wasted 30+ minutes accomplishing nothing. What did you guys do today on Skyrim?

  • Brett Henning

    You can make staffs you need to go to this area and you need some stuff to make the staffs

  • iceman22m

    Thanks Freemz! lovn this DLC

  • mitchellc83

    When does he figure out there are dragon weapons you can craft?

  • hansel4150

    That seems too hard. I think the current recipe is fine. Daedra hearts are rare enough.

  • Brian Briggs

    i wachtede it fram by fram and you are right. good eye sir

  • cobe harris

    What you had to fight a dragon priest i had to fight 4 draugr death lords

  • SillyShockman

    If the money you had while you were unloading weighted .01 per coon it would weigh 1917 pounds and then .23

  • uni cat443

    Dude hey yaxion id like to see you try and play!

  • Torva Wulf

    my fav house is in solitude

  • Torva Wulf

    you can only make crossbows in dawnguard once u rescue the crossbow maker

  • AlmightyShotgun

    AWSOME ARROW MAKING !!!!! im going to get this right now!

  • Skyman_Playz 15

    Shops open at 8 AM and close at 8 PM on Skyrim

  • jmaro127

    00:12 I don't know why I find it funny when he says "don't turn into a 10 year old" haha

  • luuk groot

    Lawl i have more carring capacy:p

  • GaMeBoY2901

    I was able to take over Fort Dawnguard when I was a vampire Lord you should try it

  • Austin Kizer

    i love how he didnt notice u can now make arrows and he skipped dragon so he doesnt know there are dragon bone weapons

  • AmazingHDGamer

    i watch it on sunday im now on the comedown of E's =,=

  • EmperorDavyanXXI

    ifreemz you should buy your own house

  • NotusingmyrealnameonYoutube

    Great videos man, this makes me want to play skyrim. Which I haven't in awhile keep up the good work

  • Jai 9099

    Your a good commentator. Your vids are good dude.

  • Abel Dorris

    Are you going to upload more today.

  • Abel Dorris

    Will you show Dragonbone wepons at a forge PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Alejandro Cardenas

    can u show the dragonbone weapons in a video plz

  • Shannon Cunningham

    Getting ready to get it too for my pc :D

  • sven

    because theyre AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  • Haso Yeghiyan

    i don't won't to be a vampire werewolves a re better

  • HKGnation

    there are dragon bone wepons you can create freemz

  • SoVRaGe

    Why does everyone join the vampires?

  • MAZZZZI1234inHD


  • Fighto13795

    Yes you cant be a werewolf. If you want to be both you must be a vampirelord first

  • Patrick Winters

    deadric arrow lol sexy motherf*****s lol hahahahha

  • xXDeathTacoXx

    2:45 Sit down!!! Pwned!

  • Abel Dorris

    One month later I think

  • HKGnation

    vampire lord can fly and switch diminsions turn into bats and lots of other powers dawnguard crossbow u chose

  • KMaw43201

    why would you love a character in a game?

  • awesompieguy1

    U can make a dwarven crossbow

  • MadCat1408

    Did you notice that he had stolen an APPLE!

  • MattyFkinG

    is it me or is this dude using mods? ive nvr heard ov the bone jaw necklace, or the shelbug helmet. wtf

  • Woody_98

    Why won't any buddy do the vampire hunter walkthrough

  • Voxel

    thums up if u spend u'r saturdays watching vids all day

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