Skyrim - How To Spawn In Any Item (Including Mods)

In this Skyrim tutorial I show you how to spawn in any item, including items that are from mods.

The sword is featured in this episode of 3 Skyrim Mods:

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  • Pure Metro

    player.additem graphics card upgrade

  • Supreme Leader Rick

    player.additem subscriber 1

  • Thisbro707

    My thing says scripts not saved

  • David Fellner

    Thanks for posting this. I just started playing this game again and have been having trouble remembering which mods I used to run and how to work them into the game. This helps a lot

  • N3WBSS

    What do I do if it says: 0-all 1-functions 2-settings 3-globals 4-other forms? Somebody please help. D;

  • Tiddler -

    This will realy help when i want to just play without having to do quests! thanks! (but i will have to wait till xmas to get skyrim pc lol)

  • Xerrai

    Thank you so much. This was very helpful. I've been trying to duplicate daedric artifacts for my house mods.

  • Osato Yamada

    Thanksi was trying find an item id for stalhrim sword from the dlc and it worked.+1 subs

  • Bridget Fahy

    Thanks you are a life saver I was trying to add sir jestos patchwork cloak from legacy of the dragon born but it wasn’t letting me go back to the sac tor place thx and I have subscribed

  • Mingi Yang

    0-all 1-functions 2-settings 3-globals 4-other forms i tried them all but still fail

  • Lovemypuppy

    all it does when i put help "(item i want to put in)" filters: all-0 1-functions 2-settings 3-globals and 4-other forms.i dont understand what i did wrong

  • el maguito

    how do i do the "" on the script thing? plz help :(

  • Noel Tobing

    try typing help (item you want) 4it work's on my game

  • Witherleader

    Thanks, I have been stuck trying to figure this out for ages!

  • Mathias Krogh-Christensen

    Omg thank you this will really help me

  • Ridge Erickson

    Thanks for this video. I've always wanted to know how to spawn in weapons/armor.

  • Tom Ramage

    Thank youuuuuuu! my hero! subsriiiiibed!!!!

  • jc cloud

    This doesnt work for containers. You have to do something like placeatme then the number

  • Markchill2

    Thank you so much know i can fix my modpack

  • David Campuzano

    I was seriously thinking he was going to teach us how to spawn in any item Console or PC

  • TatsuyaDragon

    thanks you made it easy to follow because i was confused before :)

  • NirdBird 390

    I lost Chillrend on the normal version of Skyrim (with DLCS but no mods). I have no house, and I have no idea where it went. I really want it back (I play on Xbox 360)

  • Joey C

    Thanks dude now I can start a holy crusade with my Templar mod thx bro

  • Pete P1ays

    thanks for the help nice job on the vid!

  • Blue Wolf

    OMG THANKS DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Natalia Miatović

    Thank you so much!!! Subscribed.

  • TheSaneGame


  • Lord snuffaluffagus

    or it could be player.placeatme

  • Eric Alluvium

    Thanks this really help

  • TheSaintslive

    What if I want to spawn all weapons, since I have 800 mods and don't remember them since I added them a year ago

  • Kadyn Ryan Davis

    thanks bro i needid help! thunbs up

  • CaptainDeathPL

    I cant spawn executioner good could you help me

  • FritZero

    thank you that helped alot =D

  • Chr0nos

    Thank you my good man. Just downloaded a mod that needs inkwells to craft it. INKWELLS!?

  • VICTor NGUyeN

    Is it the same if u spawn a spell and do u have to add a quantity for the spell I'd?

  • David Purser

    Why does his inventory look so different to the default is it q mod? Or a setting?

  • Zaakieze

    When i do it it types squares wtf???

  • Logan Schindler

    Thank you so much good video!!!

  • Julie Gauci

    Nice Vid Thx Could You Make Mod Reviews ?

  • Don't Subscribe

    I need the gulum confession letter, but it will work?

  • TMan

    thanks, my blades armor just randomly disappeared and i really wanted it back so this helps

  • AttackOnGamer

    how do you get that menu invintory it looks diffrent from mine

  • Alex Condron

    Does this work on special edition?

  • Exquisite MEME

    This is sooooooooo damn usefull

  • that one asian dude

    I spawned a wooden sword ;-;

  • Kha Ho

    does it work on steam?

  • Cian Hine

    what do you do when it only says filters o-all etc how to fix please

  • Elijah Mossey

    I'm gonna get so much stuff...😂👌😂😒

  • macca1

    If you really want a weapon or armour you can type coc qasmoke that takes you to room with every item in the game in it

  • WorthlessDeadEnd

    How do I spawn stalhrim?

  • zoot

    Bruh you saved my build lol. I'm new to Skyrim and needed this soooo bad. BTW I'm more of a fallout fan that's why.

  • Jotaro Kujo

    How come I only see zeros in the commands

  • Greg Riba

    anyone know the code for a lockpick

  • Dark Riot

    doesnt work with mods :(

  • Preserve

    Nice job. Straight to the point. No messing around🙂

  • Adam Naim

    Does this work for mac

  • EvacTouch

    okayuses hrlpit didnt work

  • Emilio Hidalgo

    Can this spawn in items from any mods?

  • Alien

    it says missing parameter please help

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