Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do - The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets (Part 11)

Skyrim is an rpg with an abundance of quests, characters and activities to do. However seven years after The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim’s initial release, some of us may final be feeling a bit bored with the land that is Skyrim. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more things you (probably) didn’t know you could do in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

    This is random, but I just realized something. Nate has aaallll of these bethesda videos and yet his most popular is a minecraft video where he pranks a small child. And it's amazing to see how far he's comeEdit: Damn I guess the streak broke. It was fun while it lasted.

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    You are the daedric prince of things you probably didn't know.

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    Apologies to the 360p club!

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    Hey Nate, I actually have an answer to the Jagged Crown glitch. You’re actually quite right, just like the battles for Markarth, Winterhold, Falkreath, etc., you were originally going to be able to betray the current faction for the opposite one, and in the case with Hadvar and Ralof, you were originally going to be able to give them the crown to get them through the ranks faster, and make them follower comparable. This all, of course, was cut.

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    “Hey guys it’s Nate here”Wakes up from coffin

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    Of all the size-related adjectives you could have used, you chose "not small". C'mon Nate, we all know you can do better than this.

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    I have no doubt somewhere in the back offices of Bethesda Game Studios. A developer working on Elder Scrolls 6 is trying to add an NPC Librarian called Nate into the game.Ask him about some rumor, and he'll reply "Did you hear about that travelling merchant beside the city gates? Murdered to Death.. and yet the City Guards didn't see a thing"

  • Acerthorn

    Hey, I've got something for you to include in your next episode:When doing the Thieves Guild quest "A Chance Arrangement," you are tasked with planting a ring on Brand-Shei so he can be framed for the ring's theft. He will then be taken to Riften Jail, where he will spend the rest of the game, and you will forever lose access to him as a merchant.However, the ring isn't actually a quest item, and you can simply drop it on the ground and tell Brynjolf that you lost the ring. Brand-Shei won't get arrested, and you won't get your 100 gold reward for completing the quest, but Brynjolf will still invite you to join the Thieves Guild full time.Here is a video of mine where I demonstrate that game mechanic: is actually beneficial, because in addition to the fact that Brand-Shei was innocent, he is also a general goods merchant in Riften and therefore can be pretty valuable when you're trying to unload a buttload of loot from a late-game dungeon romp. But he can only buy your loot if he's not in jail. So keeping him out of jail is certainly beneficial.In fact, that's not the only way to "fail" the quest and keep Brand-Shei out of jail! You can also get arrested (you don't even have to get caught planting the ring on Brand-Shei; you can get arrested for literally anything), or you can fast-travel away from Riften and come back at a later time, and the quest will still fail, allowing you to progress through the Thieves Guild questline without getting Brand-Shei arrested.Try that out! I look forward to seeing it featured in Part 12!

  • Cyynric

    The reason the hawks show in the map is because they're not actually NPC creatures, but are technically a mesh. The local map renders from the meshes nearby, which is why they pop up.

  • Matthew Sly

    I'm going to say the same thing I have in the last 9 (or 10) Skyrim videos: PLEASE SHOW US YOUR LOAD ORDER!!! Your game looks so DANG AMAZING!!

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    4:10 When you try to eat something really sour

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    Ah Nate the 17th Daedric Prince of Trivia and Getting Murdered to Death.

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    elder scrolls 6 better release soon so nate can somehow find out facts about it... oh and also so we can play it but mainly the first one

  • Benboy955

    If you do the civil war questline with the imperials and kill ulfric, you will find him lost in sovngarde (not sure if a lot of people know this)

  • Chris Norman

    I've noticed, Vex is always annoyed with Delvin. Her name is literally the meaning of being extremely annoyed

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    Other races make fun of little Bosmers but when they has setscale 5 EVERYONE IS AFRAID

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    So far, 2 Thalmor didn't like the video. Means you're doing something right, Nate! Keep up the phenomenal work! ^___^

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    Your game looks cleaaan not too different from vanilla but enough to make a difference, could you share your enb+mods?

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    “Skyrim is a tiny game, with absolutely nothing to do”

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    All the dislikes came from Thalmor Agents

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    Epic Nate, ive always wondered cause you never say; is skyrim a big game? how many years has skyrim been out now? is there more to find? just setting up your next vid :p


    Murder those adjectives to death

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    *And they don't stop comingAnd they keep on coming... *

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    the first time i played skyrim in ps3, i just escaped from helgen, i decided to climb up the mountain, the first thing i found was a wisp mother, that went so bad, and the worst was i didnt saved since i began playing, almost as bad as when i met the first giant in skyrim

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    every time Nate does that half-hearted laugh while talking a puppy is born

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    Hey Guys, Guys here... wait.

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    Naaaaaaate! You're awesome!

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    shade in the background waving at the screen of 7:01 had me fucking laughing.

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    Your skyrim looks so good do you have a mod list somewhere?

  • William Trinh

    I don’t know if this has been covered but it negates the carry weight problem. If you are over burdened, go into third person, equip a dagger, go for a forward power attack but sheathe your weapon before the lower arc of the swing.Your momentum launches you forward a huge distance if done right

  • Sam Riedeman

    While setscale is humorous, a more useful console command is player.forceav speedmult where 100 is default. Put yourself to 150 and it's a noticeable change while not being too crazy

  • Master K

    This was a good one. I didn't know I could catch elenwen & tulius on the roads, bethesda should've given them some unique dialogue for that encounter cause how you gonna order my execution 5mins ago then act the same way when I catch you on the roads. As for elenwen since she essential I'll do my usual dagger slash & run if I catch her lol

  • Masinary

    The hawk glitch happens becaues the hawks arent actually a creature, they are a part of the map. If you look when you kill them, 1. They have extremely wierd hitboxes, and 2. when you hit the hawks with an arrow or spell, you can see it dissapear and spawn in the actual hawk body.

  • Lora Elstad

    Hi 👋 Nate! I honestly didn’t know that you could keep the Jagged Crown 👑 like that. Darn. I think I may have already turned it in this playthrough, as I joined the Imperials pretty quick this time and did the first battle at Whiterun. I never realized you could run into Tullius or Elenwen on the road like that, either. Would’ve been interesting if they had more relevant dialogue relating to what just happened at Helgen, if you catch up to them, in transit like that. I believe I had heard about seeing birds 🦅 in flight on the local map, but, now, thanks to you, next time I swallow a dragon soul, I’ll be sure to open the map 🗺 to see what it looks like.

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    nate, i'm absolutely begging, PLEASE open the next video with "hewwo". ill cry

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    Idea: Don't showcase everything you'll show us in the video so you won't spoil the surprise. Because the first second of the video and I already know there's a giant model bug or something.(Great video tho)

  • Joe Nesvick

    I’m always finding new stuff in Skyrim. I’ve played the Mass Effect Trilogy multiple times, yet Xbox says I’ve played Skyrim more. Well eventually I’ll get it on PC, since I bet Beyond Skyrim Everything won’t fit on Xbox

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    I get notification for 5 things I didn't know about Skyrim, I open youtube and boot up pc, while watching I load my save and plan if I can replicate the information of the video, always fun.

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    Supposed to be going to sleep for school but instead im watching one of Nate's video 😀

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    Yikes, that Eagle texture..

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    ALMOST HEAVEN WEST VIRGINIA (gosh I'm such a virgin)

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    Part 50 did you know you can attack by pressing left click

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    Skyrim has the same amount cool and fun secrets as much as bugs

  • Brenda DeZeeuw

    in my sisters game what at her manor and there was a hawk flying above her house so she tried to shoot it down, and see did, but a when she killed it, a hawk fell, but the one she shot was still in the air, so she hit it about 50 times and the game made a protective bubble around the hawk, blood squirted when you hit the bubble and is stuck in the bubble, but from that day forward there was a hawk with arrows sticking out of it like a porcupine, ever since, has this ever happened to you?

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    I spit out my water when I saw a close up of that hawk

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    This version of skyrim looks so different then mine

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    I have your intro memorized now lol

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    the close up of that hawk XD

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    Hey guys, it's Nate here! (I know... I'm very original...)

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    Its rumoured that as soon as Nate runs out of hidden things for Skyrim, Elder Scrolls 6 will be released

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    There goes my 'Dragonborn Antman' playthrough :P

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    I don’t get it are wispmothers only in special edition?

  • Dravenlei Jdin

    You know what would be cool if someone made armor or robes or something out of wisp wrappings that would give the player unique abilities. Man I wish I knew how to create mods :(

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    I wish Skyrim had a new game +

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    Can you tell your Gameplay mods? Not graphical, only gameplay mods.

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    Double edged iron war axe???

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    Do a Witcher related video or marcy long will be the only npc in fallout 76

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