Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough Part 1

Let's Play Skyrim Dawnguard. Full Playthrough on the Xbox 360 with Commentary and gameplay coverage from Rydar.

Beginning of my walkthrough can be found here:

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  • briana jones

    how did you get the dawnguard quest ro start if that makes sense

  • SnitDawg187

    Most recent comment yay

  • maskedassface

    Why is Whiterun under Stormcloak soldiers?

  • choochoo2468

    I used to live in New Jersey too!

  • betup47

    Love your walkthroughs!!!!!!  just downloaded Dragonborn and planning on this one too.

  • PaRa XL

    don't get yr hopes up, it doesn't look great!

  • t798377851

    Use it on someone and talk to them, you'll have the option to feed. It is considered a crime, so careful.

  • Helen Cunningham

    u know vampire vampire seduction how do u feed off someone whill they standing up with vampire seduction coz i dont know how u do it

  • Void TheDarkness

    I already have Hearthfire. Thinking about getting Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC too.

  • CheeseyGreg


  • kiryu13

    im looking for a pc disk but im confident it will be out before my 22 year on earth will het a ps3 copy for younger brother

  • Yayacton

    Do u not know what hose that was

  • james ainsley

    why cant ps3 have dawnguard yet... (siff) i just want dawnguard already......

  • OsamaBinLooney

    after 10 minutes i had to just stop watching and go thumbs down...i need a lets's play with someone that is more competent...

  • Gamernut

    i have a xbox and why does it look better for you then on mine cause my hands in my xbox has poor texture my ps3 on the other hand has awesome texture but no dlc sad face so my xbox got that covered

  • Cavaar

    lol a tiny skeever jumps out 10:34

  • Ronan Esmena

    funny how you started playing on my birthday June 26

  • ImGayStayBack

    werwoof, neegromancer, diss aint fire x 10,im dragon born x 13.

  • Dwayne Morrison

    scary ass but good vid

  • bigmacupyouranus

    then there's MAC... MAC just sucks

  • V3ntu5

    finally a good walkthrough

  • President Platov

    12:40 by the way,, dawnguard is free to download

  • Dono Killian

    does it cost money to get

  • the mugen

    funny how you use clairvoyance instead of just looking at the quest marker at the top of the screen. good vid though.

  • Vice Jurišić

    Finally a smart guy :) On every video guys are arguing about which is better!

  • cococris01

    I tried to wait for them to come but they won't i never got the quest what level do you have to be

  • cococris01

    I tried to wait for them to come but they won't i never got the quest

  • NitroTheOne

    lol he is really funny and he has all the damn games im going to rob him

  • Nixxanator

    5:12...."Heard they're reforming Dawngaurd. Vampire hunters or somthing, in the old fort near Riften. Might consider joining up myself." *facepalm*

  • DannyTjoe

    if you play on PC it loads really fast

  • Kiyoko504

    Anyone else get the speed stick add too funny

  • tamhlam

    The Nords are not natives of Skyrim. The snow elves, now known as falmers were natives. The Dwemers were also in Skyrim but in underground.

  • AirsoftMan2221

    Do you have to pay for DawnGaurd?

  • thegamer5594

    new recruits hmmm.....fuck you

  • Terra Slone

    i loaded it into it hahahahahahaha you got scared i like your sword

  • Bruno Ribas

    this year maybe probably in november on PSN Store for 15 bucks or 30

  • Rly1996

    when is it coming out on the ps3

  • willy wonka og

    what gloves are they

  • Spectacular Podcast

    Skyrim didn't fall to Nords, they are natives of Skyrim.

  • Vassala

    there is another way to become a werewolf there is the ring of hercine witvh u can only tern into a werewolf without being a werewolf if u have the ring on

  • Vassala

    um werewolves are better than vampire lords a bit be cause the do more damage with there claws and the vampire lords run out of magicka eventuality

  • KaylaAnnWill

    Rydar: Get it right Agmaer Actually Agmaer does have it correct. That sword is enchanted with fire in it, thats what he meant by having the fire undercontrol

  • TheAyleidKing

    is their anyway of getting dlc's without having psn

  • Trey Hosley


  • A cabbage

    Can I start if I killed the vigilant hall people before this dlc... by the way I killed em as a werewolf, not a vampire.

  • dksword88

    skyrim is a way of life

  • dksword88

    skyrim is a way of life

  • rouge1025

    When does it come out for ps3 and vampire or werewolf, which is better?

  • Shiikanoyoko

    I'm a real man, I don't get help with my directions in Skyrim ( even from Claravoyance). If there's a wall or cliff.... use the great-O laws of physics in skyrim to climb over that wall. 50 foot tall obstacle? No sweat!

  • rei kercova

    evryone that see skyrim downguard are ps3 players

  • Ty Propst

    the guard in white run tells u where to go lol

  • Nolith the Drood

    your vids are awesome

  • Avi Kooijman

    @TheSokkaboy24 It's called Dawnbreaker, a daedric artifact, the quest can br started near solitude at the statue of one of those daedric gods.

  • Chelsea Davis

    i wiped out the hall of the vigilant months ago....with my bare hands

  • Ida

    i wanna win that >:D

  • A Name

    How do you not know how far Riften is from Whiterun... or even that the marker is PAST whiterun, not in it.

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