Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough Part 1

Let's Play Skyrim Dawnguard. Full Playthrough on the Xbox 360 with Commentary and gameplay coverage from Rydar.

Beginning of my walkthrough can be found here:

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  • Hip Hop

    Thats cause you need a life

  • Gabz

    New Recruits Fuck you 18:38

  • FancyTaco

    hoihsdhghlwkjfhqsydhflksdhgcksadnuyfslfvgwsyh this is my chance

  • Noctis -

    If anyone wants to see Dawnguard playthough in full 1080p HD it's on my channel. No commentary, wasted travel/looting time, or no skilled disasters. Just pure dawnguard quest line from the start and how to become a Vampire Lord. Thank you very much.

  • legionfaller18

    I don't like skyrim but you are getting me interested to play it so keep up the good work

  • wolverine

    Who is that follower that is wearing Brotherhood outfit ?

  • Skinny Newb

    Guard:new recruits hmmm Ryder: Fuck you :D:D:D

  • Ragd0ll

    That's Dawnbreaker, it's a sword you get for completing a quest for a Daedric Prince... Meridia I think.

  • Ragd0ll

    Yeah Fort Dawnguard had better be huge... with 1600 MS points everything should be huge.

  • Living Dead Paradox

    5:13 DID YOU NOT HEAR THAT? You have to hear a rumor, ask a hold guard, or an orc will come up to you and speak to you about joining dawnguard.

  • jamakika

    Oh shit this loading screens

  • James Rivers

    Can't find the dlc

  • here_lies_squidward's_hopes_and_dreams

    So how do u join the vampires?

  • Donger

    You can give away dlc. This is possible.

  • Michael C

    keep up the good work rydar!

  • Verrückt

    False. Microsoft made an exclusive deal with Bethesda, as they did with Activision for the Call of Duty series.

  • Space Andy

    The DLC seems to add some pretty interesting things. Better than I expected and great video Rydar I really like your Skyrim and Spiderman walkthroughs

  • Mercifell


  • xundercovergomez

    Can yall add me on Xbox? I guess we can share ideas or whatever on Skyrim. JaboiNuck

  • The Polaris Airship

    Everything you do in this video annoys me.

  • Jordan Springer

    because they're fun to use? i never saw van helsing use a regular bow...

  • Isthtpie

    "New recruits? hmm..." "Fuck you."

  • ThermalPredator X

    no they have more than pc and ps3 how does ps3 have loads of stuff its xbox who whore everything first

  • ThermalPredator X

    you need a capture card

  • Helen Cunningham

    u know vampire vampire seduction how do u feed off someone whill they standing up with vampire seduction coz i dont know how u do it

  • foxdevill 115

    this looks freaken awesome but do u have to give up being a werewolve

  • XxTheBurritoXx

    awesome you earn a sub

  • AlchemistOfNirnroot

    we have : uncharted, god of war, twisted metal, infamous, killzone, heavy rain, the last of us,beyond two souls, little big planet, motorstorm, gran turismo, etc etc. plus blu-ray, better graphics, better reliability etc so what do you mean and we get bf3 dlc first.

  • Reg

    "Just like old times huh?, you're not Lydia so it's not like old times." Lol

  • Murakami

    Microsoft threw a wad of cash at Bethesda and they took the bait.. ignoring the PC fanbase that keeps their games alive and well through mods and player content

  • Murakami

    Why would be jealous that Microsoft bribed Bethesda to release it on that giant paperweight first?

  • Cameron Rosenthal

    at 5:12 a stormcloak courier told you about the dawngaurd, thats how you start the guest

  • Chase Meadows

    the skeever too stronk

  • Harry Foley

    how do u record your videos bro?

  • Selina Kyle

    Oh, Oh My God :3 This Is Hot :3 x

  • Clanwalk3r

    I sold skyrim last week cause it got boring, THEN DLC COMES OUT!!!

  • Taizen001

    "New recruits? Hmm~" "Fuck you." lol xD

  • Abraham Castro

    awsome dlc and commentary

  • NitroTheOne

    lol he is really funny and he has all the damn games im going to rob him

  • HWHAProb

    5:12 He literally runs past the guard talking about Dawnguard while looking for how to find the quest for Dawnguard

  • MrMike8308

    I love this add on new dragonbone weapons and we can make arrows now way to go bethesda #1 add on hours of more great content thank you and can we please make other crossbows to such as daedric,ebony, dragonbone,etc. with they own bolts =)

  • Harambe

    I really like this walkthrough. Good Job! :)

  • KindaMoist

    Microsoft is just greedy for money at this point, but I can't complain because I got an xbox XD

  • Chelsea B.

    @rydar u kno wen the people in skyrim say "dont set anything on fire" even though u dont have out ur fire, they're talkin about ur sword...whenever u hit someone with it they get set on fire so thats wat they mean, jus lettin u kno

  • TheToxicTeam13

    love you rydar for all the giveaways you do and how awesome you are to still do it, keep it up man

  • Cutlery Addiction

    lmfao nothing funnier than a scared black man in the middle of the woods.

  • Fantym

    whats up with the dawn in every elder scrolls game? mythic dawn dawn breaker the path of dawn dawnguard etc.

  • Canadian Agent

    i accidently saved over my player file where i just completed dawnguard and i was so pumped to try the bow :(. that was my highest level character and had a solid 50 hours spent on it. fuck.

  • KingGeedorah72

    So is Dawnguard any good?

  • venom4400

    I'd like to watch you do a vampire hunter as well. It would be interesting to see both perspectives.

  • VideoJones

    That's why xbox costs for the online. So they get things early or just for xbox.

  • natesdevices

    he said fuss ra doh. jesus

  • Helms472388

    when is it coming out for ps3?

  • kickassmage

    my Lidia died in the 2nd doungen i did, the archer guy from riverwood is better for 1st companion

  • Nixxanator

    5:12...."Heard they're reforming Dawngaurd. Vampire hunters or somthing, in the old fort near Riften. Might consider joining up myself." *facepalm*

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