2 Hours of Celtic Music by Adrian von Ziegler

Track list and more:

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Track list:

0:00 -- Prophecy
5:34 -- Song of Brotherhood
8:07 -- Land of the Free
12:30 -- Legend
16:17 -- A Celtic Lore
19:36 -- Gaelic Earth
21:43 -- Cliffs of Moher
24:40 -- Fear no Darkness
27:44 -- Crann Na Beatha
31:47 -- Ode to the Fallen
36:26 -- Wolf Blood
39:31 -- Myth
41:54 -- Breath of the Forest
44:54 -- Welcome Home
48:32 -- Evocation
51:20 -- Kingdom of Bards
55:47 -- Circle of Life
59:17 -- Fairy Forest
1:01:52 -- Where I Belong
1:06:01 -- Spirits of the Wild
1:08:36 -- Ride
1:12:10 -- Beautiful Dreams
1:15:46 -- Dance with the Trees
1:19:00 -- Rune Magic
1:21:50 -- A Celtic Tale
1:25:24 -- Child of the Highlands
1:27:38 -- For the King
1:31:07 -- Wild Flower
1:34:19 -- Callirus
1:36:40 -- Dreamtide
1:42:12 -- Spring Charm

Everyone is free to use my music if credits are given. Exceptions are if you want to use my music in something with commercial purpose because you can get into trouble with GEMA if there is no written permission from me, it already happened several times and people even got sued by GEMA without even my knowledge. So that's why you MUST request a written permission from me if your project is commercial, for your own safety. But as far as YouTube goes you can use my music for free even if you monetize your videos, just give credits and you can use any song you want. =)

© All music composed by Adrian von Ziegler.

The video artwork was made by Carina aka Aelathen:
  • RAPALJE Celtic Folk Music

    Nice music Adrian von Ziegler, like it!

  • PinkWolf

    My favorite song is at 24:53

  • Shashank Shekhar

    You know what people do while listening to such beautiful music..Read comments XDDD

  • Ruhi Çalışkan

    while i am listening your music i feel as if i was in the war. GJ bro👏👏👏

  • Hope For the Planet

    I am amazed at how many dislikes there are! It is very theatrical , but still good.

  • Jeffrey Rivera

    my Celtic brothers from ireland to portugal and spain! it is fact that today the spanish and Portuguese carry the celtic gene, even after the 800 dreadful years of muslim rule and the roman occupation! we still have celtic dna and blood! even in northern Spain they speak the celtic language.

  • Anti-Profanity

    Who is better: Adrian von Ziegler or Peter Gundry?

  • Hannah Guidry

    19:38 Sounds like an Irish ice cream truck.

  • Benjamin Josué

    I made a song for you Adrian, because you are that awesome! A comment isn't good enough, you deserve a song! It's called "Celtic Music - Friend From Afar" (just click on my thumbnail since I can't post links here; hope you like it)

  • Talon Christiansen

    The song "Legend" and among others are used in a music mod I have for Skyrim. Pretty neat.

  • SoulSlayer78

    I have a celtic music mod for skyrim with most of these songs fits so well

  • morteza edalati

    how people can dislike this?????

  • Felipe M Lucas

    I always hear it to play medieval games like RPG

  • Vexurath

    with this music im able to go on an 80 kill streak in Overwatch as zenyata

  • Julia Mosley

    Perhaps we could collaborate one day ☺🌙✨...

  • Al H

    I hope Conor walks out to this music.

  • DragonStar 55

    I already downloaded this music as a mod for Skyrim.

  • Panamajerky

    This is a mod in Skyrim now. ITS PRETTY DAMN GOOD.

  • Zeira Jeschri

    How I wish teenagers like me would listen to these kind of songs instead of the music nowadays.. the music now adays were okay but it cannot be compared to this one. This one gives that feeling of being simple and free. It makes all worries disappear espicially being tired.. if youll listen to this generation's music, yeah it is catchy but the meaning of songs?? its not good. So thank you for creating this wonderful song!! may God be always with you. Musoc isant just tone and beong catchy, its all about the meaning and the purpose of creating it. I wanted to be a musician and roam around the world.. singing my own songs to those who need a helping hand and a shoulder..and this song will be my guide to achieve that dream.!! Someday I will definitely do that!! thank you.. and Im sorry if this comment was too long. May all who always listen to this song be guided with hope and simplicity :)

  • This guy

    I'm here after watching the most recent Doctor who episode.

  • yuli barel

    gives me a httyd vibes

  • Mikie Kay

    This music really helped me finish my online classes because it motivated me while relaxing me.

  • kurumi desu

    when i'm listening to this I want to go to the past when it was the time of vikings and all and dance around a big fire with celtic music

  • MysteriesOfTheKingdom

    The first track begins with a sense of a long journey of seeking truth and victory in finding the light. Well composed Sir.

  • Val .Hightension

    love these tracks. They're so inspirational. When i need utter concentration in studies, i make sure i have this flowing in the background like some stuffs flowing in. Thanks so much for this wonderful combo

  • Jedi Mind

    the prophecy is such a masterpiece, i doubt it if even Adrian can out do it

  • Rellyks

    I've been writing a book for a couple years now, and i can say that your music was one of the things that helped me the most. The inspiration that i feel while listening to your music is superb. I just wanna say thank you, and that i expect your work to be recognized for everyone who truly loves music. Thank you, Adrian.

  • Niebieski Wieloryb

    Oh my God... I'm in love

  • Joao Alves

    "Wellcome home" has a lot of Hobbiton, Fellowship of the Ring in it. Nice :) Your music is great. congratulations!

  • Aboubecrine Cheikh

    wow that sound it very nice

  • Caroline Kuo

    Oh ... It's so lovely. Thank you

  • subhodip sinha

    Adrian, i am from India, and i am a great devotee of your music. Nordic culture have many similarities with Aryan Culture in India. Keep it up.

  • Michael M

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  • Jesse Pinkman

    love u nordic Europe <3

  • Julie Nakazi

    i cherish you for making such beautiful and haunting music <3

  • Ned Stark

    it works good af when playing skyrim

  • Mr.Dr.Kaiser

    It took less than thirty seconds for me to start wanting to go punch something in the face. Why is celtic/nordic music so hype?

  • Thunder Hawk X

    Great music to meditate and cast the runes thank you so much for this stay awesome

  • A Totally Ordinary Aubergine

    the beginning of cliffs of mother sounds like the unforgiven by metallica

  • niedja delmondes


  • tima mazurik

    Music is very beautiful. When Im sleeping , my dreams are so beautiful so i dont want to wake up)))) Thank you very much.

  • Vosloff

    This music collection is so epic, J.R.R Tolkien rose from the dead to compile another series based on Middle Earth.

  • Angeliki Tziala

    i love this music! its so good for studying and it keeps you motivated! its spreading ! Thank you for this beautiful music !

  • Glansheim

    Inspirational music as always. Greetings from Sweden / Glansheimhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6TfKZVJcjc&t=11s

  • SinisterEternity

    I've always been wondering, because I do greatly enjoy these tracks, yet am curious to know- what is the flute used in the "Land of the free" track? 8:07 If someone knows (and yes I do know these are recorded on Keyboard), I would be grateful for a pointer ;v;

  • mehmet kireçoğlu

    thank you superb list ♪♫〽

  • HercULAS

    what is this type/genre of music called? i always say celtic music but people get confused.

  • Some Random Person

    Dammit I came here from a Christopher Tin album. This shit is even better, it all links together very nicely, you have my respect :)

  • Sally Yotz

    I think someone tried to post their own music under my name. It wasn't me. Don't want you to think I would do something like that.

  • Nick B

    You could easily write the music for the next Witcher game! if there is going to be another one. Your music is so fuckin wonderful. And put these ads on, you MUST get money for these works of art.

  • KarolinaMalwina

    When I listen to this, I always feel myself at home, no matter where I am. It grounds me. Best wishes for your future!

  • French Horn

    I'm only like 6% Irish by this was enough to make me feel like a pure blood leprechaun.

  • Leanna Johnson

    I really love the very first song. It sort of speaks to me. I listen to this video when im studying and it really helps me concentrate. I am also a musician and would love to play some of these pieces of beautiful music. <3

  • NaDine C'h

    i remember when this had only 4 million views ...this music is my old bestfriend ..can't stop loving it ♥

  • CC 1010

    XD I've listened to this almost 500 times, bruh, you're helping me get through college

  • Olivier Nayrolles

    I'm French and my family is from Brittany. Your musical choices are wonderful and touch my deep identity. They are also strong and sensitive.

  • Paola Abril

    thismusic is so me... I have such a huge interest for mystic stuff, fantasy, celtic culture , I think that's from another world! I feel so good listening to this! is so relaxxing stress release help! love it! (also love those names of the songs1 it makes me imagine stories abut the songs, so as I am an illustrator it helps me with my creativity...also when I animate is the best thing to have on background diffferent than my favourite music, because it helps me to focus as I am not singing all along hahah.. love each song!

  • Willhelm Kirkpatricka

    Glory given to Scotland!!I truly feel proud of my heritage! ☺️❤️

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