Skyrim: How To MARRY ANYBODY in Skyrim

This video is a guide on how to marry virtually anybody in Skyrim using one of two methods that are shown in this instructional video.

The code for the "forcing marriage" is: addfac 19809 1

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  • Tyler Winston

    "To a place called riften" lmao

  • You In 10 years

    Disappointed.. I play on ps3 and i did the entire thieves guild quest line and became guild master just so i could marry either Vex or Sapphire and I wasn't able to...

  • Slender Man/Douglas Mitchell

    I wouldn't trust this guy. He's clearly hacking. One does not simply have Dragon Bone armor, and never have visited Riften.

  • haplop


  • NaturaI Aura

    Marry Anyone in skyrim... alright if you going to give your video a title like that perhaps you should mention that it's only for the pc... Also I wasn't searching how to get married, I was checking how to marry anybody I wanted to. Heck in the begging of the video you mentioned that this is for pc, xbox360, and ps3 although you didn't mention that 9/10th of the video was dedicated on how to marry someone, which I already knew, and the last bit I also new and figured you ment all consoles as you mentioned in the beginning of the video.

  • Daniel Caine

    You should have "Forced Married" someone who cannot already be married. Camilla Valerius was not a good example at all, as she's the easiest one in the game TO marry. If you want to impress people, marry Gelka of Riften or Brynjolf of Riften. Sapphire of Riften. Carlotta of Whiterun. You know... People that are NOT listed for marriage.

  • Acidragon

    Umm I think Maramel is dead in my game.

  • Adrian Hildebrandt

    (Xbox 360) How can you marry the Jarl of Whiterun?

  • Eon Geun

    you can marry the camilla from the riverwood trader without using cheats

  • BobbyIsFunnyGuy

    Wait so If You Could marry Anybody you Could marry a dragon....and this didnt heko

  • HeWhoHates

    Could you be a girl and marry a girl

  • Dumb Bitch Karen

    i married a Dude In Skyrim and Killed Him :D

  • skull24

    Does this work on Serana?

  • Granma Phil

    Lol you should have done the force marriage on Camellia's brother. :D

  • Zee A

    I wanted to marry Brynjolf ;-;

  • Banana_Horse

    it wont let me marry anyone! accept girls and I am a girl on skyrim

  • firebird x

    You can't marry everyone with an amulet

  • MoonHero

    so i have a porn mod and an attractive wives mod (bijin wives)time to get some fun in skyrim!

  • info62

    Will Sibbi Black Briar be able to leave his jailcell to make it to our forced wedding?

  • Crow Kid

    yay I just married lydia XD

  • Itchybell games

    You dark elf loving milk drinker

  • Lizzo Maker

    You can't marry anybody. And jenessa is a darkelf.


    Don't say Xbox if it isn't true

  • Mike Chladek

    I do sincerely hope you know the word "matrimony" at this point in life... face palm

  • Aro Plane

    The code isn't working for me

  • Lankey Bastard

    Love this "no bullshit" type of video. Just what we need to do what you say you're going to tell us. My hat is off you, good man, thank you very much for this helpful and insightful video.

  • Butters Stotch

    i wanna marry vex from the theives guild

  • vloging with will nutin


  • WISC Productions

    Nooooo I only have skyrim on ps3 so this doesn't work XDKms ;-;

  • Michael Gray

    My wife isn't showing up at all! I don't know what to do!!

  • Blaze

    lol he said console edition why you always lying?! 😂😭😭😭

  • Snoopie Rey

    Ohdearohdear!! Imma gonna headbop skyrim now and marry Gwilin the cute optimistic bosmer

  • Luka Milenovic

    if that code doesnt works try this codes, first type this setrelationshiprank player 4 and than this addtofaction 19809 1 but first click on person whan you are in consoleworks almost on everyone

  • Abe Bakker

    You are a vampire in this game, arent you?

  • Adele Roncato

    You already know that troublesome moment when your friend (who’s been a loser for a lifetime, I’ve gotta tell you) gets a beautiful girl to fall in love with him in a couple of weeks?! Yeah, that happened. I am aware I ought to think well done, having said that I wish it was me. He revealed that he ran the Cupid Love System (Google it). I want to hide inside a cave at this point...

  • Keli

    when i arrive at the wedding Maramal does not talk and nothing happens. What should i do?

  • momomomo89

    wont work with vivienne onis?

  • Ginger Snape

    I hacked the console and married Erandur.

  • Fadedgogeta

    Shut up! I am beautiful!

  • Extinction Qs

    creepy picture ,the killer?

  • GameplayDKGamers

    Not a glitch Dude he is just Homo :D

  • slepyoneshot

    you have dragonbone armor but you haven't been to riften... did you use the coc quasmoke room?

  • Banana Banana

    well need some cash press your (` key) below your esc and on top of your tab and (type (play.additem 0000000f 20000) then 20000 is gold so if u wan more jus type how many gold u wan you are welcome

  • Supergamingstreet

    The Jarl Of Riften Attended My Wedding...

  • Bunny Fun

    Cool i married camilia valerius! She was good i want janessa.

  • mOnK27640

    Instructions unclear killed wife

  • welshteg

    Does this work on Vex?

  • TheAuzGaming

    i tried to force marry aela but it wouldnt work

  • MrJas1128

    Nevermind guys. She died :(

  • Alexander Nielsen

    If you can marry anyone with this I'll try hooking up with Alduin or a Horker.

  • MrJas1128

    I want to marry Lydia but its not giving me the option to :(

  • Kevin Zhang

    if you make her your follower after the companions quests, you can

  • jeron kok

    i married a man AWESOME!

  • Angel Of Heaven

    i talked to the guy you buy it from but he did not say give me 200 gold and he gives it to you.

  • Gabriel Bababet

    1st of all its MAR ARRRR A okay 2nd of all shes a dark elf..... -.-

  • Halfdrummer

    You dumbass not everyone has pc with cheats

  • Mitchel Rothwell

    Damn! I'm on xbox and I can't marry saadia

  • Ivan Valchev

    why the forcing marriage doesnt work on Hroki in Markarth i do it the same way you do

  • La Cid

    through a mod on the nexus

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