Is Fultheim A SECRET Blade? - Elder Scrolls Detective


Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen to The Elder Scrolls Detective Series!

In this video we investigate the rather curious character Fultheim. A man who can be found drinking away a life time of bad memories in the Nightgate Inn. Seemingly a man of no interest at first. A deeper investigation of the matter reveals... Cutting edge evidence.

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  • Shirley Curry

    That all makes sense to me! I accept your story. I will look at things differently, and maybe react differently, next time I play through there. :)

  • Oliver Holm

    Those two combat lines aren't unique to Fultheim. Other characters with the same voice actor and age say the same things.

  • Meh Just something

    Maybe he was a blade, Part-theim

  • Pedro Gomes

    He took a part-time job because he couldn't handle being a Fultheim blade.

  • Schnatten

    "Troll Slaying.""Okay, he wants to reply to YouTube comments."Omg😂

  • Schwarzer Tee

    Okay, this is a kinda far stretched theory but: I think you, the player, plays a dragonborn!

  • MrDUneven

    You meet both Fulthimes during Dark Brotherhood questline. They wanted player to make this connection.

  • darklord4878

    There actually are 2 other characters who share a name: Hroki and Hroki. One Hroki is a male whiterun guard that was killed by a dragon (during the quest Dragon Rising). The guard you discover says, "Get back! It's still here somewhere! Hroki and Tor just got grabbed when they tried to make a run for it." There's also a Hroki is Markarth, who works at the inn

  • Atho

    Hadring: clearly says FultheimCamel: horrendously butchers his name not 5 seconds laterWhy are YouTubers like this?

  • jetlagsyndrome

    "Troll slaying. He wants to reply to Youtube comments." LMAO! That caught me off-guard. Nice one.

  • TheOldBearTime

    Maybe he's actually Acilius Bolar, who was the only known suvivor of the siege of cloud ruler temple. He was pursued by the Thalmor, however, and as such, to prevent the Thalmor from desecrating the shrine in Bloated man's grotto, went to "face his death with honour". Or as he so claims in his note. Maybe he never did, chickened out, or just out mached all his opponents, then got tired of the killing and desided to hideout in the inn till his death.

  • E W

    Fultheim is supreme leader snoke

  • Oh Lionheart

    Impossible. This would require him taking time off to hide, and as we all know, being a Blade is a....Fultheim job.

  • Not Important

    Well, one other time I've noticed 2 of the same names is when you first fight a dragon at the watchtower. The guard says "No, get back, it's still here somewhere. Hroki and Tor just got grabbed when they tried to make a run for it." and there's a girl named Hroki in Markarth. Hah, maybe the dragon dropped her off there.

  • jackhappens

    Are there any other characters that react to certain armor sets? I didn't know that was a thing.

  • iHeroShot

    If you kill Astrid she says good job inplying the contract was on her head.

  • Mighty Mitochondria

    I bet he left the blades because he couldn't work Fultheim.

  • Arthur Daniyelyan

    I have a malice for the Thalmlor as much as the next guy... but I absolutely hate the Blades of Skyrim. I suppose the decimation caused by the Aldmeri Dominion has turned them sour and bitter; and I can't blame them for that. However the Blades are meant to serve to Dragonborn, if I'm not mistaken. And they outright kick you out of the temple YOU cleared and found for them when you refuse to kill Paarthurax, who essentially will be the greatest mentor to the Dovahkiin. That's the thanks we get. A cold shoulder when they can't get their way. Stupid faction. The true Blades died back in Cyrodiil.


    i got curious about fullthaim when i first played the game 5 yrs ago. i knew that he was 100% a blade because of the books the sword and the comments he makes. and when i saw a build video a long time ago it was called the thalmor assassin or something. and i was wearing full thalmor armour and attacked me and i came to school and showed my friends a video on my phone i made on the iphone 3 and my friends thought i was Sherlock but i never knew about the guy from the Dark brotherhood quest line or never conspiracised why his name was fulltheim the fearless. nut i thought you came up with the best explination for it! loved the video and please continue this series!!!!

  • HeadHunter 549

    Seeing how the Thalmor destroyed the Night-Mother's old crypt i doubt that they would hire the Dark Brohterhood or that they would be on good terms enough for the Thalmor to hire the Dark Brotherhood or for the Dark Brotherhood to go anywhere near the Thalmor at all seeing how few members of the group are left.

  • Nicholas Epsilon

    You can say, Fultheim is a "full time" patron of that inn.

  • Peter Walker

    I've heard of the theory... but this goes so deep and makes perfect sense. I think you got it spot on

  • Camelworks

    I dunno what that weird glitch is at the start, but regardless I hope you enjoy this thorough investigation of Fultheim!Be sure to leave your TES Detective ideas down below :) Also if you are feeling kind, share this with a friend!

  • Nemo

    What happens if you come with delphine?

  • Sajjad Aly

    very nice series... Skyrim has lots and lots of well-planned stories, plot, outcomes, interconnected plots, deep lore full of well-thought imagination... its mind boggling to come up with such intense plots out of nothing... wish I had a chance to meet the original writers...

  • Matthias Schuermann

    Most inns actually have weapons under the counter.

  • Newbs of the Internet

    My best guess is that the Thalmor ordered a dark brotherhood contract on Fultheim, the Blade, but ended up getting Fultheim the Fearless.Edit: nvm, he already said

  • Pistol Bobcat

    Maybe the innkeeper and Fultheim are both veterans of the great war.

  • \Xx_DatMLGMemeBoi_xX /

    I wish Bethesda added the ability to reunite the survivors of the blades

  • Nathan Sarkady

    so what happens if you walk in with the blades armor?

  • Jovahkiin

    The Thalmor are hunting Blades full time

  • A Tea Daze

    You bring up a lot of good and interesting points in these videos. However, I think you read too much into people's sleep/wake cycles. 99% of the time it's just a bug. A lot of NPCs don't sleep because their scripting is screwed up.

  • Chris Sitler

    I love listening to your lore videos, I work late nights and usually busy. You're very descriptive when describing the scenery that I can imagine it in my mind as I'm going about my busy work. Thank you so much for your hard work on your videos!

  • Raven Rayn

    I've just gotten to the 7 minute mark, and I couldn't disagree more that Fultheim was in the great war. If you look at the books about beasts, it's apparent that he's familiarizing himself with potential danger in the area, suggesting that he's immigrated. The books about the war and politics have a similar implication; he's familiarizing himself with the history of politics of Skyrim, he's not from Skyrim. He's certainly a bit paranoid, so he must think there's reason to believe that he could be followed. At this point, I think it's fair to suggest that he could have spent his history in a guild from another nation, perhaps the dark brotherhood, morag tong, or even a deadric cult.Okay, nevermind. The sword is a pretty dead giveaway that he's a blade.Fultheim the Fearless could also be someone that Fultheim payed a hefty sum to impersonate him. I'd assume that a blade would have wealth sufficient to pay someone to pretend to be them, or could possibly have skill in illusion magic that is competent enough to make them believe that they are attached to the identity.The fact that he attacks those who he thinks are Thalmor is basically the nail in the coffin.This was a fun video. As you can probably tell, it got my mind going as you were moving along. You've definitely earned a sub.

  • Tenpenny

    Assassinating The Emperor (with the Dark Brotherhood) and the political effect it has back in cyrodiil and Amaund Motierre's involvement with it all

  • All Nine Livez

    Did Fultheim ever go to Solstheim part time? or full time?

  • John Rundhaug

    Thanks Camel. Like always you did good. It all makes sense and is basically cannon lore. Love your content.

  • Old Beardo

    Really interesting video, please keep up this series!

  • Wockenchocken

    so was Fultheim a Fultheim-blade or only partheim?

  • WafflingMean44

    Hm. So if this other Fultheim was killed, then does that mean the Brotherhood would have contacted the Thalmor with news of his death? Would the Thalmor have believed it? Are they off Fultheim's trail now? Or was using the Brotherhood just another measure to create a net Fultheim couldn't escape from and they'll keep searching anyway?. Perhaps the Night Mother would have been able to clarify whether the right target was dead, but at this time Cicero hadn't brought her to the sanctuary and the Listener hadn't appeared. So maybe the brotherhood thinks they've got him? Although if they were aware he was a blade, then they would surely know this isn't the guy after they interrogated him. But would they have still tried to cash out on their contract? Astrid didn't really have much care for tradition.

  • greeky 42

    some say if you say camel works 3 times in the mirror with the lights off he will aper behind you. he will whisper in your ear rumors about eso 6.

  • Phillip James

    awesome detective work camel!!!!

  • Khagan

    You are stretching too much and putting too much bs. This video could be 10 minutes and could have only the most certain clues in it.

  • Benny

    thank you for informing me and my thalmor spies on where the last of the blades are

  • DogeAhoy

    I don't think the dagger is for protecting himself. Fultheim has a sword for that. I think he is contemplating suicide.

  • tdmc1234

    I thought the Thalmor tried to destroy the Dark Brotherhood . So why would they contact a faction, they thought was destroyed ?

  • Can't catch me

    The two things 17:36 are just the common responses that the race Old_Nord gives.

  • BrunixTp

    Never thought Full-Time was this strong...

  • Ted Melchior

    night gate indark brotherhood locationtheives guild locationdawnguard location.......why is this inn so special?

  • Axel Södervall

    Fultheim the sleepless

  • Thor's Hammer

    How about that innkeeper in falkreath?


    15:25 when sex goes wrong

  • Jim Brandon

    21 min long. If this was 4min i would have watched.

  • oh yeah yeah

    How about: is Rorikstead a secret town of daedric worshippers

  • TheNN

    Maybe Fultheim is not just afraid of the Thalmor, BUT any other remaining Blades? Now this is speculation, but what if he was a pawn for the Thalmor before/during/after the Great War when they were hunting for the Blades? It's very possible that at some point he either A. Joined them willingly or B. Was captured and tortured like how Ulfric was. Either way, he was made to believe that whatever help and information he gave was a big deal in taking down the Blades, and so feels immense amounts of guilt over it and fear that any remaining Blades alive might hunt him down as well.Now I don't believe he has any reaction if you come in wearing full Blades armor as he does if you wear Thalmor stuff, but even so, it's still possible in my opinion he feels a great deal of guilt and sadness over whatever happened due to his action or inaction.

  • Jayden Nitschke

    Mabey you should get delphine to follow your to him and see what happens

  • That Filthy Weeaboo

    Another weird Fultheim glitch: If you enter the Nightgate inn while wearing Thalmor clothing (Hooded robes, gloves and boots) Fultheim WILL attack you.

  • Daniel Berthellemy

    Did you approached him with Blade armor ?

  • Baroka Obama

    Fultheim looks like the plant apraiseler

  • C Vi

    maybe you're supposed to kill everyone in that shack cause everyone has contracts on their heads. maybe fulthiem has a contract on his head because fulthiem placed the contract on fulthiems head

  • Superlazerninja12

    12:14 they are not the only characters with the same name, there's Karita, the bard from Dawnstar's inn and Karita, a pilgrim on the path up to High Hrothgar.

  • SnD God

    Hroki from Markarth and a mentioned Whiterun guard both shared the name, but the Whiterun guard was killed off before the player could actually meet him by the Dragon at the start of the game.

  • Chris Patry

    Does anything happen when you wear full blades gear in front of him?

  • Jessica

    What if I entered the inn with the blades armor???

  • Darth Revan

    Not really a secret blade, but a former blade. What memories do you think he's drinking away?

  • Wiwerse Windemer

    have you tried coming in to the inn wearing blades armor

  • Caleb F

    Don't be too hard on the guy. Fultheim is only Fearless Part-Time.

  • Matthew Brady

    I love your videos man!

  • Erik Espe

    If you wear full Thalmor armor, Fulthiem will attack on sight. He believes that he is being hunted by the Thalmor, hence the inn keeper also has the war hammer behind the counter. Give it a try!

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