Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do - The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets (Part 12)

Skyrim is a game that offers the player quite a lot to do. In the Elder Scrolls 5 you can slay dragons, read books and everything in between. However, six years later many players may finally beginning to feel like they’ve experienced all Skyrim has to offer, but that’s not the case. Today we’ll be taking a look at five more things you (probably) didn’t know you could do in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • The Next Hokage

    Legend says there are still 5 more things we didn't know about Skyrim.

  • BlizzardHD

    Starting to think Bethesda have some sort of deal with you...

  • Olgierd Boratyński



    Yo Nate! I was browsing this one website called "pornhub", I believe. And I looked up skyrim and let me tell you, there is a lot in this game I didn't know you could do. O.o

  • Arvind Raghavan

    it's almost 117 years since Skyrim came out and 5more things you probably didn't know you can do in Skyrim

  • Random Tiger00

    I love skyrim so much i wish i could forget everything ive done to play it and be amazed again

  • Honest M'aiq

    "Decapitated to death"NEW QUOTE !!!

  • Honest M'aiq

    "Here we take yet another ten tiny- whoops wrong series."I got a feeling that part 38 is coming up soon...

  • Liam Morales

    Ah yes. I'll never forget the time I was almost decapitated to death

  • Jan Krajnc

    So. Murdered to death i guess?

  • Ardainian Soldier

    If you wanna keep things fresh, introduce yourself as Nathaniel with 5 nuggets of information regarding skyrims fair lands

  • Daegon Kaizer

    -i've heard they're reforming da dawngaard...-"what do they do?"...dunno, probably murdering vampires to death.


    So what will happen if you put the ring in someone elses inventory? For example, Brynjolf's :P

  • La Levesque


  • dragonson04

    Found a race-specific one rather recently. It also seems very rare (as it has only happened to me once), as a Khajiit, approach a guard with your claws up (unarmed combat), the guard could say "Keep those claws sheathed, Khajiit!". Most of the time, you'll get the "A guard might get nervous..." line. I only heard this once from a guard at Riften's dock (the one near the staircase that leads into the city near the Scorched Hammer). I realize this isn't a "Thing you didn't know you could do", but this would fit into a "Tiny Details"

  • Alpha Deathclaw

    My spidey-sense was tingeling and BAM a new video from Nate!!! Coincidence??? I think not!

  • iiAmFrosty

    I once died to death from being killed.Kinda sad I tell ya.

  • Aubrie Cottle

    I've actually done the thing with Muri on accident, but if you do kill Alain before meeting her, you can't get the bonus for killing Nilsine Shatter-Shield

  • InjuKyoshi666

    @TheEpicNate315 Sooo I have an interesting little fact for a future know the witch outside of Riverwood? Anise? Well...if you steal anything from her cabin (such as the note in her basement, among other things), the little radiant encounter with hired thugs may trigger. However...the individual who actually hires the thugs apparently the Hagraven Moira. That's right, the same Moira that spawns in during Sanguine's Daedric Quest. I can't 100% confirm it IS her, but since she's the only Moira I know of in Skyrim...make of this what you will lol And considering Anise speaks of a sister in the note...maybe Anise and Moira are indeed sisters? Iunno, I just found this interesting.

  • Unlimited Bits Gaming

    The Elder Scrolls have foretold that Nate will never run out of details and things to tell you about Skyrim.

  • Axel Indergård

    It's actually possible to fail to plant the ring on Brand-Shei, which means he won't get arrested, and you'll still be allowed into the thieves guild!

  • Amy Carter

    How many people know about completing Forsworn Conspiracy just by handing the Reach over to the Stormcloaks at High Hrothgar? I've not seen anyone cover this...NO ONE.

  • Minecraft Nationalism

    Big: colossal, considerable, enormous, fat, full, gigantic, hefty, huge, immense, massive, sizable, substantial, tremendous, vast, etc.

  • Aao Toxic

    Skyrim players: 7 years in the game Me: just started playing Skyrim

  • Zunk

    There's actually another method of getting out of Helgen while your hands are bound, if you go near the gate then it is possible for Alduin to Fus Roh Dah you under it, as there is a small space in between the gate and the ground

  • Night Raptor

    you should start a video by yelling "BARK!"

  • Joe Nesvick

    Seems the unofficial patch lets Brand-Shei out of jail earlier than expected

  • Gorgo Borgo

    Nate, You can play the game without becoming Dragon Born (call it a glitch call it a bug) let me explain: when you arrive at Whiterun to speak to the Jarl which will give you the first quest, afterwards just go have fun and explore without doing the first quest , and now step 2:play as you like without completing the quest and after a long long time when you arrive back at the jarl , you skip killing the dragon at the tower and he gives you the reward for completing the mission , bbbbutttt as you havn't killed the dragon and the mission has been completed , you never get announced as dragon born , and therefore never get dragons to spawn and fight.Which effectively ends up in you not being able to become dragon born through the rest of your playthrough. (dragon bone is still possible through dungeon dragons and locations of them :D) (if you go to the Jarl too early you might fail at glitching the game. (I went there at lvl 18 and it glitched so now I can never be dragon born but I still have dragon bones)You will still consume shouts from word walls and others :D but no dragon souls.

  • Zaifir

    I knew the littering one very well. I used to drop my trash under the bridge in whiterun. And i am a relentless horder, meaning i had tons of baskets, cattles and plates. It was so much, that fus ro dah'ing it crashed my pc(which is fairly stable normaly).

  • Leto85

    I just keep the ring of Bran-Shay after leaving the area and returning. Quest 'complete', Thieves Guild joined, and I have another trinket for my item collection.

  • Canis Arcani

    Dont know if this has been covered or not, but if you've just arrived in riften, and see the scene where Saphire is shaking down Shadr for the first time on that character, then you can attack and kill Saphire right then and there and the guards wont react.Just found this out and thought it was strange.

  • Elaisyun Elderan

    Have you ever noticed that there is only children from the race of men? I mean, there is no Khajiit or Argonian children

  • Eryk Nolan

    Muiri’s disappointment considering Alaine’s death prior to her contacting the Dark Brotherhood is basically the game locking out Muiri’s optional objective to assassinate Nilsine Shatter-Shield, the last living daughter of the Shatter-Shields and the one who ostracized Muiri the worst. Doing so would’ve earned a larger reward and I believe Muiri’s love.So basically, you killed Muiri’s mood prematurely. Nice going.

  • Dian Slabbert

    Not sure if it'll be anything of value but north east of The Chill near the end of the map by the glacier, there is usually a snow bear and a snow sabre cat that are friendly towards each other. (Not sure if its my game being weird)And in the Falmer cave in the Rift (forgot the name) there is a tiny humanoid ribcage in the ground in one of the Falmer tents

  • Casey Wolfe

    There are many things about the Thieves Guild as a faction that have bothered me: the fact Bryn won't talk to you after it's all over with, the fact you can't marry anyone from the Guild, the fact you can't help Rune learn about his past (come on Bethesda! I wanted to help the sweet, little thief solve the mystery of his past! I even went on shipwreck hunts to try triggering things!), and, of course, it always bothered me I could never get Brand-Shei out of jail. That said, I know what method I'm doing the next time...

  • _River I don’t know what to put for a Last Name_

    0:00 my headphones were on full volume and that actually scared the shit out of me😂

  • LordAnestis

    After 7 years people still discover new things in Skyrim,this is why it’s a great game.

  • AgentPinkify

    wow, I've never been this early to anything, amazing

  • Gillieon ._.

    Spoilers ahead btwDid ya know, in the quest "The Forsworn Conspiracy" before Eltrys dies, you can actually bring the information you find out about the Forsworn to him before he dies and he'll actually pay you for it, like he promised you before he was killed

  • ovrkilzr-gaming and more

    whos playing skyrim while watching this? (i am !) congrats on 240k subs u deserve it!

  • The Third Crusader

    Ahhh, you did me a frighten!

  • Wolf Warrior

    Or you know, just get cought, its not like if it even mattered if youre good at pickpocketing or even at stealth, or that if you ever wanted to join the thieves guild, Bry just doesent care, If he see's the f-ing Thane of all holds of Skyrim strolling the streets wearing full plate armour carrying a warhammer, he's first thought isnt "oh shit it the right hand of every Jarl in Skyrim who kills criminals on sight" he'll just try recruit him to be a thief.

  • Syzygy

    Your the reason I can't stop playing Skyrim

  • John Smith

    Funny... You are initiated into the Brotherhood by stealing a kill(Grelod) from them, and yet if you kill another of their targets(Alain) they won't bat an eye. You could argue you kill Alain before the contract is formed, but come on, where's the fun in that? By that logic you could also say DB never intended to kill Grelod anyway, since Aventus can't exactly pay enough for it to be worth and no matter how many days pass in game, Grelod won't be killed by an assassin and the game will wait for the player to kill her.I also like the idea that the whole 'Grelod' thing is just a scheme by the Dark Brotherhood. They don't kill her on purpose to scout for potential members.

  • Chompy Said

    I was pretty sure Skyrim videos were beating a dead horse, but here lately after so many years it is getting to be more fun watching/talking about the game than playing it...totally had to ride a hawk at least once though.Brand-Shei: Die he will, since a thief, vampire attack, dragon attack and ebony warrior going crazy if accidentally hit by a guard or npc can all occur simultaneously. Riften is the most annoying and dangerous town in the game, whereas Markarth is the safest.Muiri: You're not considered her friend going that route. No marriage, or ebony blade charge.

  • Ballin Balgruuf

    I have something for you Nate, after the greybeards teach you all of the fus ro dah shouts and before learning the clear skies shout, if you try to shout at the wall of wind blocking the way to parthuurnax, it will stagger and deal ice damage to you and your follower.

  • Niko H

    If you kill Grelod the kind before getting the contract you also get unique dialogue from Aventus Aretino

  • Max Podufalov

    Hey, what's that ENB (or mod?) ? Thx

  • Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor

    *drops the ring in front of his his face*"I lost the ring"

  • Corrupted Archangel

    I actually remember getting that dialog about the imperial soldier right after the game came out in 2011. I wanted to be a legion loyalist so I played as an imperial but when Aldiun attacked Helgan Hadvar must have just de-spawned due to a glitch at the time. It was my first playthrough so I just followed Relof straight to the fort without him ever stopping. I ended up using Voice of the Emperor when the guards attacked since I didn't want to kill any legionaries.

  • Aexoduz

    What's your modlist?please, do tell

  • Keith Copeland

    Finally, part 378, the end of top ten tiny details you make have missed in Skyrim.JK we still got another few thousand to go.

  • Snigelhasten

    Any chance of a new "TES 5: Top Graphics/Visual Mods"? or a video of how to mod skyrim to look like your does, or a video that shows all/some your mods. Please i would love this! :)

  • Matthew Glover

    I love these vids so freaking much good job man❤️

  • James Budd

    You fail the quest but still get into the theives guild???, whatever!!!

  • Frank West

    But you can just wait for brynjolf to finish his speech or get arrested

  • Dahkittydoonsta

    10/10 Fresh Intro. Nice job lad!

  • Techhunter Talon

    With the first thing: You can get into the Thieves Guild almost no matter what. If you fail to plant the ring then Brynjolf will still let you into the guild. He acts much the same as Nate describes if you 'lose' the ring. I should know as I did fail to plant the ring in my playthrough and just rolled with the punch on that one (though was momentarily sad to lose the other stuff I got from Madesi's stall) instead of reloading the save when I saw the quest update.I try not to reload saves if things go in a way that I didn't want it to go. That is, unless, I'm certain death would follow quickly afterward.

  • TopHatRaven

    2:45 Yes! I can finally complete Brand-Shei’s questWhile joining the guild

  • Garcha Mayne

    [Murdered/Decapitated/Burnt/Frozen/Fell Over/Died] To Death

  • O.F. HeadOne

    great vid...didn't none of that.most definitely checking them out.

  • Trippy Logic

    LOL so much effort going to steal Madesi's ring just to drop it? Just walk away without doing anything at all ;)

  • I’m NotCrazy

    If you want to keep your intros fresh try grinding up ice wraith teeth

  • SaucyRossy

    If ES:6 is bad Bethesda should kill themselves

  • Shreyash Piya

    I love it how Nate keeps getting funnier. Keep it up bro, your content keeps improving.

  • Tom Riddle

    Love the intro(:You’re awesome bro.

  • Josh Nicholson

    I love Skyrim, I remember playing it for the first time, ahh the nostalgia. Soak it in guys.

  • i couldnt think of a username

    I'm going to finally get the witcher 3 I'm not late just fashionable

  • Agioborg

    Hey Nate it’s guys here. I really don’t like writing normally but I’ll make an exception for you one of my favorite content creators.

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