Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do - The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a game with no shortage of things for players to do. However, in a game as big as Skyrim, there's bound to be a few activities and decisions that evaded some of us. So in today's installment of Elder Scrolls 5 Secrets, we'll be taking a look at 5 Things you may not have known you can do in Skyrim.

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  • moses neri

    Here's something you haven't done Been to the cloud district

  • Pointless Sneezes

    My sister and I watched as a butterfly pushed our horse

  • ArgentDeer

    I killed Gissur almost immediately upon spotting him. Every playthrough too. No wonder I missed out something as cool as that!

  • Aeonian Argos

    The robe thing almost works for Argonians if you have high speech, but the Thalmor will ultimately realize something is wrong when they see your tail, in which case, they will exclaim "Is that a tail?!" or something like that.

  • Josiah Van Vliet

    It will strike terror in the hearts of my enemies as they watch me ride my torchbug into battle!!

  • Voxdalian

    I actually didn't know like 3 of these, which is rather surprising.Btw, I have one fact for the "10 more things you didn't know": the "Execution Hood" (worn by the 3 victims of Astrid in the pre-Dark Brotherhood quest) is labelled as a "dwarven helmet", which is why followers will choose to wear it over a lot of other helmets even though it has an armour rating of 0. NPCs recognise the Execution Hood as a dwarven helmet and therefore think it is has good stats.

  • Zylice Liddell

    The Thalmor robe trick reminds me of a Hitman scenario. 👌


    3:25 The Elder Scrolls V: Hitman Edition

  • MoonlitVibe

    Why did he tell us to "Be sad, everyone" at the end? Bit mean. 7:04Yeah I'm joking.

  • Phoenix CB

    Those bugs caused some real... BUGS.

  • middoe

    See that mountain? You can climb it.

  • Michael Hice

    Gissur, the man so unremarkable he makes the perfect spy.... well played Bethesda, well played.

  • Revan The Dragon

    I love murdering things to death

  • deadasfak

    I knew about the Thalmor robe thing in diplomatic immunity, but dang the rest were new to me. I have 1200+ hours in the game and I watch all these youtube videos about it and still.

  • lychelang kim

    I seriously need your mods in graphics and characters. Your video is amazing.

  • Nathan Lobono

    See, it's the little details like this that I miss. Bethesda would always pepper in some really unique content and details. But it seems like less and less of that creative spark is being applied today. Here's to a return to glory.

  • BTelysian

    Who tf is gissur 💀I've never known of him and that part of the quest till this day damn. Lmao i have always just wiped the embassy with no thought I figured you just had to.

  • Evil toaster of pure EVIL

    Still didn't see anyone mention "Farengar recognizing you as a collegue" gimmick if you have good enchantement skill when Balgruf tells you to follow him to his court mage :(

  • Hands of stone7

    In diplomatic immunity i was afraid to give up all my gear so i dropped weapons right by the gate and grabbed them when i started the quest

  • Logan Swetnam

    If you're another race with the robes, you can still blend but you'll he busted quickly

  • adamndirtyape

    Ahh, the Ragged Flagon. Usually I leave Dirge dead and floating in the cistern when he threatens my character once too often. Did you know that if you kill him stealthily enough, you can do it without getting kicked out of the Thieves Guild. Dirge joins Nazzem in Whiterun and various guards who snark about someone stealing my sweetroll on the list of people who should have thought better of sassing the Dragonborn.

  • Maxim Friesen

    Psh, as if someone would wear these Thalmor Robes...I myself butcher every elf every time I'm at that quest!

  • Mike, from Texas

    "Collusion" mechanics.😂😂😂

  • stevie bops

    "collusion mechanics"proof read the script my dudes.

  • Chrystian Valentyne

    I didn't know about Gissur because I had actually always killed him. I always played Diplomatic Immunity with the intention of wiping it off the map.

  • Furisin

    3:20 I never knew this because I've never played anything besides Argonian or Khajiit, and when I did it was only Imperial for the coins and that was only ever like, 4 - 8 timescompare that to the fact that I've had about 100 characters and you realize I'm absolute furry trash

  • Master of Light Power

    I am a hard core Skyrim player and I did not even know any of these! You’ve done a good damn job dud! You have earned my respect.

  • MakesYouSick

    Holy crap. I have literally ALWAYS killed Gissur, so I had no idea that Ragged Flagon event was a thing.

  • Z. S. N.

    I just wanted to tell you, your cinematography is incredible.

  • Mike S

    Every playthrough that Gissur guy always charges at me and attacks with the rest of the thalmor there, I think the only people who ever get that encounter with him at the flagon are the ones who used a robe to fool the thalmor otherwise theres no way he survives

  • eaglet snupper

    Sounds like the game's got bugs

  • Dethmasque

    Ooooh, I always kill Gissur on sight. Never knew he came back later.

  • Xoltan

    2:30 Did you just say it's "hard to get on these commies' backs"? I didn't know the bugs of Skyrim were so engaged in radical politics.

  • Spoons 98

    I killed Gissur but I only did so because I was spotted. I never knew that he had something interesting about him

  • Quimerax

    Holy shit awesome video. I always wonder...what Skin mod you use for males? They're gorgeous 😮

  • Shinra Arano

    YOOO! The thing with that Gissur guy? I always kill him with an arrow! #SneakArcher I've never known about this Ragged Flagon thing! Wow...

  • emily deblasio

    Make it to the cloud district often?Oh, what am I saying? Of course you don't.

  • Melvin

    haha, I never knew Gissur comes to the Ratway in that quest. I've always killed him before that :D

  • Mordecai Peter

    hello im new to your channel. I subscribed because you have a great voice hahaha rofl (not gay tho) and also your content is good. Keep up the good work and remember me when you're at 2M++ Subs :D

  • Woody

    Wow i modded Skyrim but this looks insaen, does someone know the mods ?

  • Lou Dedede

    I yelled one time then my son asked what dragon shout was tht

  • Yeti Franc

    That Gissur Thing I Always Done The Diplomatic Immunity Just by Running In so he did Noticed me So i killed him i never Knew That He will Show up in Ragged Flagon

  • Akuma Masurao

    2:17 - Yes, those "bugs" are quite powerful and prominent in Skyrim...

  • Roe Torres

    What textures and mods do you use with the guard's armors look pretty good

  • OutOfSight OutOfMind

    LMAO @ the bug thing.I did know about the robes and Gilmer or whatever his name is.

  • Nico

    Ive always killed Giser outright during the embassy quest. “Death to all traitors.” And all that. Never knew he showed up later to toss a spanner in the works.

  • Kara:ken A:kwe'ks

    Ralof: Jarl Ulfric would like to speak to you Dragonborn.Galmar: oooooooooooooo someone's in trouble.

  • Ethan ?????

    That ending screen with the chicken was perfect

  • Abby Isaac

    Is Esbern a former Blade of Marmora maybe? Don't get it? Voltron Legendary Defender reference? No? Okay.

  • [G]555

    Ø555ØDragonborn can ride butterfly???Wow.

  • General Tullius

    I didn't know gissur would come after me, I always killed him.

  • Tim Stienen

    1000hours = 41 days... you made it!

  • James Corrigan

    The giant chicken trying to move somehow fitted perfectly with the music

  • Mac Mere

    What graphical overhaul mod(s) do you use?

  • Prodigy

    5:47 "Imperial male, believed to go by 'Imperial' (may be an alias)."Name sounds pretty solid to me.

  • ang Sern

    I wonder what happens when you need to forfeit all your items at the thalmor embassy and you had 10 talos amulets with you.

  • Gabrielle gohrt

    I just finished the dragonborn main quest where i defeated alduin as a nord women....but now I really Want to try the high elf thing in the embassy 😅Also I always hear that spy guy in the embassy but I never realized it was the same guy I kill in the Ratway 😅

  • I Hate Ads

    In the thalmor embassy quest, you don't need to be a high elf. You can also wear elven armor and trick the same guy in the video. Loved the video too btw 👌

  • Samantha D'Esposito

    The Thalmor robe can also be used with Dark Elves/Dunmer FYI.

  • Bordasfuck What you doing

    This was the first Skyrim video I have seen were I knew nothing on the list, 👍🏻

  • Alvaro Cardenas

    I just started the game again. I´m the only one who feels very inclined to side with the Stormclocks? Is the stroyline written in such mode in order for us to prefer always stormclocks?

  • TheJaguar1983

    I don't remember a fight in the Ragged Flagon. I probably killed him unwittingly.

  • Turtles

    "if you're the right race with the right robes"Just like in real life

  • David Stojilkovic

    Is there a mod list for the graphics mods you are using?

  • Soo Kim

    I didnt know about that nord spy for the thalmor because i always go on a blood rampage in the embassy so I always end up killing him

  • Dashiell DiSanto

    What did he just call that torchbug? A commie? I can´t figure it out.

  • Foxtrot Mulder

    I always killed Gissur. I'm not the best sneaker.

  • Mike ™

    I had no idea about any of these, especially the Thalmor trick, great video indeed, worthy info.

  • Shadow Zaron

    Didn't realize how beautiful the pc version is.. I'm on ps3 and thought it was amazing but pc blows it away

  • Christopher Taylor

    Running away from the whiterun invasion allows you to avoid that really uncomfortable confrontation with the Jarl, who's really cool and the best of them in the game

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