Skyrim - 5 More Hardest Decisions

"How to Win Friends and Influence People to Touch Sacrificial Altars They Have No Business Touching" - by Dale Carnegus.

Here I list "5 More Hardest Decisions" in Skyrim. This is a prequel, of sorts, to my Top 5 Hardest Decisions in Skyrim video. A previous log of intense controversy and emotions. These will, no doubt, be tough and difficult choices that you must ponder greatly. Although, a certain path could lead you to the top quest rewards available, or maybe tiny details you missed and would have never known otherwise!

I love this series, though. A lot. There are also fun Skyrim secrets out there, which usually lead to weird fan theories. Or perhaps into rare and secret encounters. But regardless, enjoy.

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  • Graenolf

    Heh, I had a lot of fun with this one : ) Have a good weekend guys <

  • Oyfum Guardian

    Hardest choice: choosing how to kill nazeem

  • Brodini Got Magic

    "Empire loves there damn list.""Captain, he's not on the list. Forget the list, he goes to the block."

  • Snipper Riffle Gamer

    The one about the dog? Yeah, I started crying at the part where the dog is nudging your legs. I can't imagine ever hurting a dog...(Proceeds to butcher 12 wolves)

  • ShadowFlame

    the answer to 2 is simple. choose faendal because you can make him teach you archery, trade items with him and then take all of your money back

  • Image 13137

    Dude, I'm not killing a dog.

  • Mehrtzziaa Bicocoingigin

    "You may be a 9 in Riverwood, but you are like a 5 on Solitude"

  • Dappershmellow

    No. 2 is easy, get the Masque, Barbas is a good boy, happy ending.Didn’t even think twice, I ain’t killing him, Barbas is the GOODEST of boys!

  • cybercatz_art

    "yeah sven you may be 9 in riverwood, but you're 5 in solitude"LOL! That was the best part to hear about Sven

  • BehindTheScenes

    I talked to both Sven and Faendal so they KNEW I knew they liked her, and then to spite them, I married Camilla!

  • Catherine Chevalier

    The first time I played I was like 8 and I chose Ralof because I liked the color blue.

  • Cathal

    For Boethiah I killed some random mage in Riften I payed 500 Gold :P

  • Faith Sizemore

    Miss me with that Stormcloak racism lolAlso, Will not kill doggo.

  • BattleCat

    I killed Torvar for Boethia. The thing is, he came back a few weeks later. Now it's really awkward whenever I go to Jorvaskr. "Oh, hey, Torvar... Yeah I'm really sorry about sacrifing you to that demon. It's just, she gave me some cool armor for doing it. You understand, right?"Torvar stabs me in the gut

  • TrophPlayz

    Easy, Faendal because of the archery training exploit

  • Sunquad

    5: I ended up following hadvar but joining the regrets4: I wish there was a way to tell Camila the whole truth how both sven and Faendal on how they went cutthroat though3: I just sided with the nords, its there house in the first place after all, and I don't like bandits, well savage bandits 2: spare barbas...and ask for the helmet1: I sacrificed the executioner of solitude, my own reasons

  • Miliina

    What I do:I help Feandel with Carlotta and then I kill him in the Boethia quest :D

  • Epic Pizza Pets


  • LoLCTHSKateer

    That moment when you realize that the number one choice could be easily avoided by simply killing EVERYONE PRESENT AT THE CAMP. They're a bunch of murderer that are willing to sacrifice people just to earn power to themselves... not like us who... kill... dogs... for a war axe we'll never use... and vigilant of standarr for a mace we'll also never use... and killing innocent girl, for a ring that let you cook potion that you'll never use...

  • Green Cheese 101

    Elder scrolls 6: The rise of gaspucci

  • Lawrence Of Vocelli’s

    I had a Woodsman character at one time, one of my favorite characters I’ve ever made in Skyrim. He was a strong Nord, with red hair and beard, lived out in the forests of the Rift with a massive battleaxe to cut down monsters and trees. Oh man, I had fun with him. To this day, I still haven’t decided whether or not to side with the Imperials or the Stormcloaks with him.All that aside, I remember doing that Clavicus Vile quest, and when the time came, in a fit of dark, envious greed, Redwood struck down Barbas for the Rueful Axe. He took it home to his cabin and hung it on the wall. But as he drifted off to sleep, the green glow of the axe began to bother him. It was bright in the darkness of his cabin, made him look sickly and demonic. When morning came, he took it with him into the woods to practice with. The axe was sharp and hefty, and when he swung it, the air hummed with the cut. But, it didn’t sit right in his hands. It was almost too perfect, and he could swear the magic of the blades made his hands tingle and he could feel the fur and leather of the axe handle trying to wrap around his hands.He passed the day, chopping trees and selling the wood to his friend at the nearby mill. He went back home, and again hung the axe on the wall as he went to bed. The glow didn’t affect him as badly as it had the night before. But his dreams were full of howling and barking, of dogs and wolves in the distance, and Redwood awoke with a start. It was still night. The blue glow of the moon met the green of the Rueful Axe, and the sickly feeling Redwood got when he looked at the blade had changed; he felt ashamed. He had cut down a friend for a blade he wasn’t even fit to wield. And so, to atone for his friend Barbas, and to rid the world of the evil of the axe, Redwood took it off the wall, went outside, and threw it into the river, where the axe would be carried out to sea by the currents.The Nord returned home, and replaced his old axe to its rightful place over his bed. That night, he slept soundly. And the howling never entered his dreams again.

  • Christian Gilmore

    hehehe "Caus damn this chick is hawt" HAHAHHAHAH

  • Scizor can

    I actually didn’t know you could go with someone other than Hadvar in the beginning

  • massaweed420

    I always go with Ralof, since Imperial heavy armor sells for a decent amount and gets you some gold right away. And then I join the legion.

  • Waffles

    One Hell of A Love Triangle, Gaspucci, Hadvar, Ralof. I would Totally see That Movie

  • Mees K

    First time i played skyrim and didnt know i could choose between ralof and hadvar 😂 and i blindly followed hadvar

  • Nícholas Eras Fonseca

    Protect yourself or deal some damage? now thats hard

  • Cherrybomb Zen

    No. 1 I sacrificed Vilkas and he Spawned back lol so I still have him

  • CrimsonNerd

    I didn’t even know that you could side with the Nords instead of the Rieklings!

  • Spicy Cakes

    Boi the first one I killed everybody who was a stormcloack and I AM A STORMCLOACK

  • Reed Hahn

    The Faendall and Sven thing was easy. I killed Faendall because I’m racist towards any elves. 🤰🏿

  • Miss Meow

    Choose Sven for the Camilla, sacrafice Sven for Boethia, Marry Camilla

  • Dante Atkins

    You can save barbas and get both rewards with a trick using slow time

  • Kelleren

    Lol. I sided with the Reiklings because I was like, 'They're clearly in the wrong but the anthropoligical value here is too enormous.' Yeah.

  • Gabrielle Alyssa Rivera

    In the Sven and Faendal case, I just picked Faendal just because of the sole reason that he teaches archery. So... Camilla, sorry for your marriage of negligence.

  • xXPandaMiniXx

    Sven or Faendal? Neither. YOU marry her

  • Shana Haruno

    2:27faendal all the way just for the amazing follower/pretty much free bow lessons

  • SoMe GuY bRo

    Go with ralof because you can still do the civil war and the heavy imperial armor is better than stormcloak armor

  • Blade Writer

    Blade Writer“Would you so kindly.......” said the charming Riekling chieftain.

  • Squidly

    Skyrims hardest decision: choosing what race you’re going to be


    so... i'm taking the cheek flaps - lmao <3

  • PJ Kitten

    Harvard be like: Pick me I save you from that dragonAnd Graenolf is like: my favourite colour is blue

  • Julian Eder

    hmm who should i follow and which soldiers should i kill the ones that untied me and showed me a way out or the ones that tried to chop my head off 2 minutes ago

  • Alê

    The Sven and Faendal quest was never a difficult decision to me. Being able to level up archery for free is always better.

  • James Bond

    Every time I open one of your videos I expect to hear some drawn out poem and I’ve just started referring to you as “the rhyme guy”

  • Ordinarily Oddlyexe

    not to mention the rueful axe has a terrible enchantment and does as much damage as a glass battleaxe, but i digress.also, with the boethiah quest, Lydia. Everytime.

  • Unarmed Chicken

    If u killed barbus u have no soul

  • Female Gaming Champion

    I accidentally chose the Imperial xD I didn’t know what was going on and then i went with the imperial dude ;-; I would’ve chosen the Stormcloak dude tbh

  • FratBoy101

    Dude Sven is useless, just help faendal.

  • GAMER TC21

    never killed that dog just because i always have an op character by then

  • B00gie Man

    “my favorite color is blue” he knows

  • Grace Chatfield

    I sacrificed Uthgerd and I haven't stopped feeling bad about it 😭 But Jenassa is my main girl now

  • Caroline Payne

    Or just take camilla from both the guys and have them come to the wedding

  • Billy Granzow

    Don’t kill Barbas. Rueful Axe isn’t that great

  • Lunestia Crescent

    Imperial, faendal, reiklings, barbus, mercenary.These were actually all very easy decisions, lol!

  • V1perGaming

    okay...okay everybody shut up...what👏graphics👏mod👏does👏he👏use

  • Promo Tiger Aj

    When u said to sacrifice Jenassa i was like NOOOOOOOOJenassa is my favourite follower

  • Jennifer Hopkins

    "Stop kidding yourself you may be a 9 in Riverwood but your a 5 in Solitude" Me: ohhhhhhhhhh snap

  • Travis Negrete

    I always marry Camila after returning the claw and rubbing it in their faces

  • Ahkunlaat

    I did Faendal because he's a Bosmer and I'm a Cat Boi so we're actually a symbol of peace between Valenwood and Elsweyr.

  • Sexy McDeepVoice

    Your joke makes me suicidal

  • BlueLight

    When I first played skyrim I didn't notice Ralof, so I just went with Hadvar :D

  • andreasm1

    DOHVAKIN! Great work. Tell me, how do you make a movie like this? C'mon, share the secret.

  • Not Amused

    Cosnach was my choice too. Quality pick.

  • Micheal Chythlook

    imperialelfunknown recline(?)fallow doesnt actually count as followermask save doggomercenary with unique armor

  • Liam Richardson

    For Boeathia it was easy. I sacrificed Sven because he ran away when a dragon attacked us.

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