The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dawnguard - Official Trailer

Watch the official trailer for Dawnguard, the first game add-on for Skyrim. Dawnguard will be available for download for 1600 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE this summer.
  • Roxwell The XIIIth

    Not as good as dragonborn, but it introduces the only companion that I like following me around. Plus that forgotten vale is incredible.

  • TheLoneLoony

    I can't decide whether to become a vampire or join the Dawnguard.Somebody tell me which one is better.

  • Cola Nuka

    who is watching in 28 october 2016?

  • LewisJones395

    Not long now til skyrim remastered everyone

  • Tanzanight

    Wait can you make the sun go away?

  • Caydon Davis

    How to start a war Dawn guard dislike Vampires like Now go

  • gabriel augusto

    Elders scrolls 6 Need a female dwemer follower(the returno of dwemers)! Exemple: javick mass effect 3(the return of protheans). This Will Super cool, really amazing 😀

  • Evie Green

    Everyone, what side are you on for the Dawnguard dlc? I'm one the Vampire side.

  • Zxylo 5

    Bethesda knows how to make a memorable trailler

  • Omnik TWR

    Honestly, I love joining the dawnguard, because you can still go to the soul cairn, even if you have to become a vampire, just cure it with falion after exploring the cairn and getting the scroll, and Isran will never know, then you can become a vampire after finishing the dawnguard questline, while still having the ability to make crossbows, etc

  • GameTitan74

    Tyranny of the Sun shall end?Yeah it will in 5 Billion Years.

  • A- Da Face

    Everyone fucking knows the hearthfire DLC was more intense than this

  • Emmanuel Araújo

    Werewolves >>>>>>> Vampires

  • Vasiliy Kilesso

    1:15 so scray dragonborn.1:15 очень страшный довакин

  • paulius puodziunas

    Choosing the Vamp Side is Pointless since you can Become a Vamp Lord with the DG if you klet Serana Turn u into a Vamp

  • Blitzkrieg

    1:13 so fucking badass!

  • stefan reger

    for the ones watching in 2016 one word : EPIC

  • MadHatter

    Aw I can't wait until this game is finally released

  • my video

    I used to be a dawnguard like you,till i took a bite to the neck.

  • MinecraftPro15

    Can an immortal being read the Elder Scrolls without consequences?

  • Scarecrow

    Epic dlc trailer the boom Xbox commercial

  • 360 NOSCOPED Bruh

    Fucking hate Vampires... glad I'm on Dawnguard's side XD

  • Betadine Mr.

    the Forgotten Vale!!!!!!

  • Wolfy 80

    When I get this for my xbone, it's gonna be a damn long time, before I play FO4 again.

  • Hunter Caldwell

    killing vampires where do I sign up? anyone gets this? 😏

  • Aran Sora

    Heard they're reforming the Dawnguard!

  • gods laws on man peace

    the elder scrolls will be MINE!!!

  • Tonopah

    When I first saw this when it came out I was like "omg I'm so going dawnguard!" But really I only do the vampire campaign.

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi

    So are they trying to say that the Dragonborn became a Vampire Lord?

  • [D]arth

    I dunno, I'd rather be Van Helsing than bloodsucker.

  • ChakaWhat

    I remember watching this and getting so excited when I was younger.

  • Pete Madrona

    So, it's canon for the Dovahkiin to turn into a vampire lord?

  • Eterna1Ice

    The theme from 0:05 to 0:40 sounds like an influence for a theme in trailer of Scorn.

  • MeepyShiz

    Rest in peace Whiterun merchants :(

  • Butter Knife

    hey here comes our only hope to destroy alduin! A DRAGONBORN! ...........oh nevermind he joined the vampires

  • Sabre Cat

    The way how they integrated the Snow Elves and the Forgotten Vale was just awesome...

  • XeNoN

    After few years still one of the best DLC's, Dragonborn is better but best DLC Bethesda ever made imo is Bloodmoon for Morrowind.I wish they could accually remake it / make new Bloodmoon for next TES game or even Skyrim.Also playing Dawnguard questline again with SSE the reason is only this: Forgotten Vale :).

  • Lunatic_52

    0:56 Is that Karstaag? I though he was from Dragonborn.

  • Cactus Breath

    I accidentally became a vampire lord even though I wanted to side with the dawnguard

  • Possum


  • John Mayer

    The voice of serana is the same for Nadine Ross from Uncharted 4... voices are diff af... that's pretty co from the voice actress...

  • Theyakate

    I wish they can make another dlc, since the elder scroll online is pay to play.

  • Ruvik

    I've had skyrim since it's 2011 release and the legendary edition plus the free special edition upgrade from steam and I've yet to touch any of the dlc

  • Tom Hepp

    Which is it best to be vampires or dawn guard?

  • T3KKANッ

    Bethesda make a new dlc for skyrim PLEASE!!! A lot of people still playing the same skyrim all this years, the special edition you made is the same thing of skyrim. This game is getting boring, make a new dlc thinking in the people who love skyrim please !!

  • Eric Kanns

    i love this because this is the Only chance Dovahkiin gets to REALLY be the bad guy for once. i mean DB and Thieves guild don't count, because they're all about business

  • Mr. Hotdog Shirt Guy

    🎶Cause IIIIIIIII found a waaaaaaay to steal the sun from the skyyyyyy🎶

  • Samurai KamiRyu

    SPOILERSThis DLC is awesome, however I didn't like the fact that no matter what faction you choose, you end up killing Harkon. If you choose Vampires, you shouldn't kill him.

  • Exdo Rme

    fucking kinec -_- nobody love you

  • m kzed

    in this dlc were more content than in the whole fallout 4 vanilla game


    Bring "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" for PS4

  • Scott Kois

    The line and the terrine of the sun shall end it should if been and the terrine of the sun shall die

  • Zero god

    who is watching in 6 december 2016 ?P.S Кто Русский ?

  • Dimple Loamsdown

    What is the horse at 1:03

  • Terra Leonhardt

    Dawnguard story:Vampire Lords killed: 1Vampires killed: 20Falmers and Chaurus' killed: 3634692348023486954680Vampire story:Vampire Lords killed: 1Dawnguard hunters killed: 20 (excluding urban attacks where town guards killed most of them)Falmers and Chaurus' killed: 3634692348023486954680

  • The Dinosaur Creator CENA!!

    Vampires for Da win! We no like Dawnguard.

  • MrPeterGoldman

    "Heard they're reform the Dawnguard, vampire hunters or something, in the old fort near Riften. Might consider joining up myself." :D

  • The Leopard Gecko of Tamriel

    Join Da Vampyass!!!!! Bleuhhhhh!!!!!!!

  • Itz Roy

    Guys, guys, guys...elder scrolls 6 argonia

  • Scott Kois

    Dovahkiin is the most coolest character even better than vilkas

  • Pet Master

    I have dawnguar it´s great

  • Your Friendly Neighbor

    I think I prefer this DLC to Dragonborn. :)

  • Cornflakes And Milk ?"You cant solve the Vampire crisis before you solve the Dragon CRISIS! ...Get shit all messed up."

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