The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dawnguard - Official Trailer

Watch the official trailer for Dawnguard, the first game add-on for Skyrim. Dawnguard will be available for download for 1600 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE this summer.
  • Cola Nuka

    who is watching in 28 october 2016?

  • Roxas The Nobody

    Not as good as dragonborn, but it introduces the only companion that I like following me around. Plus that forgotten vale is incredible.

  • Evie Green

    Everyone, what side are you on for the Dawnguard dlc? I'm one the Vampire side.

  • TheLoneLoony

    I can't decide whether to become a vampire or join the Dawnguard.Somebody tell me which one is better.

  • LewisJones395

    Not long now til skyrim remastered everyone

  • Hunter Caldwell

    killing vampires where do I sign up? anyone gets this? 😏

  • MinecraftPro15

    Can an immortal being read the Elder Scrolls without consequences?

  • A- Da face

    Everyone fucking knows the hearthfire DLC was more intense than this

  • 360 NOSCOPED Bruh

    Fucking hate Vampires... glad I'm on Dawnguard's side XD

  • Vasiliy Kilesso

    1:15 so scray dragonborn.1:15 очень страшный довакин

  • Blitzkrieg

    1:13 so fucking badass!

  • stefan reger

    for the ones watching in 2016 one word : EPIC

  • MadHatter

    Aw I can't wait until this game is finally released

  • Mmmm

    Epic dlc trailer the boom Xbox commercial

  • Wolfy 80

    When I get this for my xbone, it's gonna be a damn long time, before I play FO4 again.

  • Betadine Mr.

    the Forgotten Vale!!!!!!

  • Emmanuel Araújo

    Werewolves >>>>>>> Vampires

  • Insensible Maverick

    So are they trying to say that the Dragonborn became a Vampire Lord?

  • gods laws on man peace

    the elder scrolls will be MINE!!!

  • my video

    I used to be a dawnguard like you,till i took a bite to the neck.

  • Demon Fang Fan

    When I first saw this when it came out I was like "omg I'm so going dawnguard!" But really I only do the vampire campaign.

  • ChakaWhat

    I remember watching this and getting so excited when I was younger.

  • Eterna1Ice

    The theme from 0:05 to 0:40 sounds like an influence for a theme in trailer of Scorn.

  • MeepyShiz

    Rest in peace Whiterun merchants :(

  • Pete Madrona

    So, it's canon for the Dovahkiin to turn into a vampire lord?

  • XeNoN

    After few years still one of the best DLC's, Dragonborn is better but best DLC Bethesda ever made imo is Bloodmoon for Morrowind.I wish they could accually remake it / make new Bloodmoon for next TES game or even Skyrim.Also playing Dawnguard questline again with SSE the reason is only this: Forgotten Vale :).

  • Cactus Breath

    I accidentally became a vampire lord even though I wanted to side with the dawnguard

  • Lunatic_52

    0:56 Is that Karstaag? I though he was from Dragonborn.

  • John Mayer

    The voice of serana is the same for Nadine Ross from Uncharted 4... voices are diff af... that's pretty co from the voice actress...

  • Ruvik

    I've had skyrim since it's 2011 release and the legendary edition plus the free special edition upgrade from steam and I've yet to touch any of the dlc

  • Aran Sora

    Heard they're reforming the Dawnguard!

  • Theyakate

    I wish they can make another dlc, since the elder scroll online is pay to play.

  • T3KKANッ

    Bethesda make a new dlc for skyrim PLEASE!!! A lot of people still playing the same skyrim all this years, the special edition you made is the same thing of skyrim. This game is getting boring, make a new dlc thinking in the people who love skyrim please !!

  • Samurai KamiRyu

    SPOILERSThis DLC is awesome, however I didn't like the fact that no matter what faction you choose, you end up killing Harkon. If you choose Vampires, you shouldn't kill him.

  • Possum


  • Tom Hepp

    Which is it best to be vampires or dawn guard?

  • Mack Covert

    Annnnnnnnd it's ruined by the 'BETTER WITH KINECT WITH XBONE 380'....

  • Eric Kanns

    i love this because this is the Only chance Dovahkiin gets to REALLY be the bad guy for once. i mean DB and Thieves guild don't count, because they're all about business

  • Mr. Hotdog Shirt Guy

    🎶Cause IIIIIIIII found a waaaaaaay to steal the sun from the skyyyyyy🎶

  • Vincent Dufault

    fucking kinec -_- nobody love you

  • m kzed

    in this dlc were more content than in the whole fallout 4 vanilla game

  • Scott Kois

    The line and the terrine of the sun shall end it should if been and the terrine of the sun shall die

  • Parkyrust 105

    who is watching in 6 december 2016 ?P.S Кто Русский ?

  • Sabre Cat

    The way how they integrated the Snow Elves and the Forgotten Vale was just awesome...

  • The Leopard Gecko of Tamriel

    Join Da Vampyass!!!!! Bleuhhhhh!!!!!!!

  • MrPeterGoldman

    "Heard they're reform the Dawnguard, vampire hunters or something, in the old fort near Riften. Might consider joining up myself." :D

  • The Dinosaur Creator CENA!!

    Vampires for Da win! We no like Dawnguard.

  • Dimple Loamsdown

    What is the horse at 1:03

  • Pet Master

    I have dawnguar it´s great


    Bring "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" for PS4

  • Scott Kois

    Dovahkiin is the most coolest character even better than vilkas

  • Your Friendly Neighbor

    I think I prefer this DLC to Dragonborn. :)

  • Gauranga roy

    Guys, guys, guys...elder scrolls 6 argonia

  • The Fox

    why you destroyed on xbox 360???? I can't download now

  • Tiny Roman

    The DLC for the Edgeheads

  • JurrasicRaptor1218 7292

    I played this its really awesome good job bethesda

  • ShatteringHopeVocalCovers

    Better with Kinect on Xbox 360.....what?

  • James Burns


  • fawaz last

    Epic this game is fucking epic

  • ImpossibleChris

    This is one of the best DLCs in the Elder Scrolls but I really hated the random vampire attacks. I exited Dragonsreach and they spawned all the way on the other side of the city. By the time I got there, they killed Adrianne, Belethor, and Severio Pelagia, three of my favorite Whiterun characters. They also raided Riften, killing Madesi and Grelka, which are my favorite Riften characters. They also spawned in Solitude during Roggvir's execution and killed almost the whole crowd. That's really the only flaw of Dawnguard, but it's an amazing DLC with an amazing story, characters, and weapons.

  • Harri Lahtinen

    the vampires get the main roll in the trailer. the dawnguard gets the title

  • Daanonamas

    I got the chills when he said "or are you them, The Dawnguard"

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