The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dawnguard - Official Trailer

Watch the official trailer for Dawnguard, the first game add-on for Skyrim. Dawnguard will be available for download for 1600 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE this summer.
  • Aran Sora

    Heard they're reforming the Dawnguard!

  • Terra Leonhardt

    Dawnguard story:Vampire Lords killed: 1Vampires killed: 20Falmers and Chaurus' killed: 3634692348023486954680Vampire story:Vampire Lords killed: 1Dawnguard hunters killed: 20 (excluding urban attacks where town guards killed most of them)Falmers and Chaurus' killed: 3634692348023486954680

  • Sabr3cat

    The way how they integrated the Snow Elves and the Forgotten Vale was just awesome...

  • ShatteringHopeVocalCovers

    Better with Kinect on Xbox 360.....what?

  • stefan reger

    for the ones watching in 2016 one word : EPICor what ever year lol

  • Skirmixstudios

    My favorite skyrim dlc! :D

  • Revanite67

    Not long now til skyrim remastered everyone

  • David virgillio

    00:15 i seek your daugther

  • TheMassawassa1

    Serana alone is enough to buy this dlc xD


    Bring "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" for PS4

  • Emmanuel Araújo

    Werewolves >>>>>>> Vampires

  • Broseh pheres

    Who what should I be? Edward or Jacob? This is pretty hard, you guys decide

  • ImpossibleChris

    This is one of the best DLCs in the Elder Scrolls but I really hated the random vampire attacks. I exited Dragonsreach and they spawned all the way on the other side of the city. By the time I got there, they killed Adrianne, Belethor, and Severio Pelagia, three of my favorite Whiterun characters. They also raided Riften, killing Madesi and Grelka, which are my favorite Riften characters. They also spawned in Solitude during Roggvir's execution and killed almost the whole crowd. That's really the only flaw of Dawnguard, but it's an amazing DLC with an amazing story, characters, and weapons.

  • Mej Vanderfield

    I love you Skyrim. I just do

  • MrPeterGoldman

    "Heard they're reform the Dawnguard, vampire hunters or something, in the old fort near Riften. Might consider joining up myself." :D

  • J. Rossi

    I've really got a love/hate thing with Dawnguard.  It's got a great questline/story, very well written and planned out.  I like the thought of being able to make my own arrows  versus buying them from fletchers. Its a great   way to bring up your smithing skill as well. The 'dark side' of Dawnguard comes with the "arbitrary" level 10 start (although you can begin it sooner) and the frequency of  random vampire attacks. Fewer things are more disheartening than the thought of a whole town being eventually wiped out by vampire attacks,  and usually by the time you hear somebody yelling "help me" it's too late to do much for them. I remember walking into Solitude for the first time on one playthrough and something like five or six people were already dead. 

  • MadHatter

    Aw I can't wait until this game is finally released

  • Aqil

    I love this DLC and the Questline, really I do. BUT MAN FUCK FALMER, CREEPY AS FCK,

  • ChakaWhat

    I remember watching this and getting so excited when I was younger.

  • Mike Hunt

    This would have been an awesome DLC if it wasn't for all the damn Vampire attacks killing off vital NPC's. (Specifically merchants). Also Serana bitching all the time. Ugh.

  • MultiYoshiman


  • Bostonzo B

    pls elder scrolls VI :(

  • Hallowfication

    werewolf or vampire, you decide

  • Matthew Jensen

    So lord harking plan is to keep the sun dark witch will kill all the plant life killing all the animals killing all the humans and eventually killing all the vampires? Not to mention the sun doesn't even harm them it just makes them weaker

  • Daanonamas

    I got the chills when he said "or are you them, The Dawnguard"

  • TheLoneLoony

    I can't decide whether to become a vampire or join the Dawnguard.Somebody tell me which one is better.

  • Josh Wilkins

    why are the elder scrolls so awesomebest games ever

  • Sniping's a good job mate

    The Xbox part at the end just kills it. Skyrim will always be better on PC.

  • Betadine Mr.

    the Forgotten Vale!!!!!!

  • Harri Lahtinen

    the vampires get the main roll in the trailer. the dawnguard gets the title

  • Wolfy 80

    When I get this for my xbone, it's gonna be a damn long time, before I play FO4 again.

  • Cole Kenneth

    Bioshock's Elizabeth is stolen from Serana

  • Scott Kois

    Dovahkiin is the most coolest character even better than vilkas

  • Hunter Caldwell

    killing vampires where do I sign up? anyone gets this? 😏

  • m kzed

    in this dlc were more content than in the whole fallout 4 vanilla game

  • Your Friendly Neighbor

    I think I prefer this DLC to Dragonborn. :)

  • Pete Madrona

    So, it's canon for the Dovahkiin to turn into a vampire lord?

  • Roxas the Nobody

    Not as good as dragonborn, but it introduces the only companion that I like following me around. Plus that forgotten vale is incredible.

  • Ren

    I just got the Special Edition of Skyrim with my new computer so I am re-watching all the trailers to get myself excited for it again before playing! Can not wait to experience it like new.

  • Ca Chow

    So fricking pumped and excited to get skyrim legendary edition for Xmas 2014!!!!

  • christian plays

    Vampire or werewolf hmm pretty hard decision

  • guitarboyomama1234

    The graphics for the trailer look horrible!

  • T3KKANッ

    Bethesda make a new dlc for skyrim PLEASE!!! A lot of people still playing the same skyrim all this years, the special edition you made is the same thing of skyrim. This game is getting boring, make a new dlc thinking in the people who love skyrim please !!

  • Possum


  • Mr. Hotdog Shirt Guy

    🎶Cause IIIIIIIII found a waaaaaaay to steal the sun from the skyyyyyy🎶

  • Eric Kanns

    i love this because this is the Only chance Dovahkiin gets to REALLY be the bad guy for once. i mean DB and Thieves guild don't count, because they're all about business

  • HeyWoWImDyingHere

    OMFG! The available ever!

  • Northern D&D

    this trailer takes me back to a week prior to its release, talking to a buddy in gym, speculating about elder scrolls six, and my suggestion of crossbows at that point

  • Springfield

    get it only for serena, ohh yeah oh yes

  • kunen pls


  • fawaz last

    Epic this game is fucking epic

  • Dimple Loamsdown

    What is the horse at 1:03

  • marc muldoon

    Whiterun better not get destroyed it's my fav place my house is there and all my stuff. Should I download this DLC or not?!?

  • The Dinosaur Creator CENA!!

    Vampires for Da win! We no like Dawnguard.

  • Akuma Shogun

    SPOILERSThis DLC is awesome, however I didn't like the fact that no matter what faction you choose, you end up killing Harkon. If you choose Vampires, you shouldn't kill him.

  • Manky Ape

    so does anyone know the music that's playing

  • Captain Shirt Mask

    If you're a mage, join up with the Vampires. if you're a warrior, join up with the Dawnguard.

  • EvilMcSheep

    Oh shit! The old comments! Niiiiice!

  • my video

    I used to be a dawnguard like you,till i took a bite to the neck.

  • A E O N I A N

    I like the sun...That's why I joined dawnguard!

  • Jgpgames

    Not sure which dlc I like best... Probably this cause I can then perform my dark brotherhood assassinations with a crossbow!

  • TinglesLatexFetish


  • Sean Chavarria

    This dlc is great and all..... But for PS3 users..... I don't even have to remind you, do I ?

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