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Join The leaderboard as we dive into the development, gameplay strategies, and fascinating trivia in 107 Skyrim Facts YOU Should Know! The fifth installment in the Elder Scrolls Series by Bethesda, Skyrim raised the bar for open world with a lovable cast of NPCs, customizable characters, and skill trees for days. It’s no wonder the game retains its immense popularity.


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Researched by: David Jenkins
Written by: David Jenkins
Hosted by: Jacob Atkinson
Edited by: David Jenkins

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  • AngryTrout

    Fact 54 Bethesda challenged their fans to name their baby Dovahkiihn if it's born on the release dateIf the baby was born on said day and named Dovahkiihn Bethesda promised to give the family every future game and skyrim of course

  • Allan Survo

    How do you describe an older person skimming through youtube comments?The elder scrolls.

  • Maxwell Power

    Need Something?Yes?Hmmm...?Do You Need Something?

  • Phobos

    Skyrim is genuinely the best game I've ever played.

  • LesserSphinx

    You know what doesn't exist? A gamer that hasn't played skyrim. If you haven't played skyrim then you should really rethink your life

  • Elleicarjay Ramilo

    I once got insta-killed by a literal arrow in the knee

  • max oberle

    I am quite the thief myself, but instead of being a good thief, i just kill whoever has a problem with me taking stuff.

  • ToothpikcOriginal

    The increase in voice actors still didn't stop from every npc from having the same voice :P

  • Donny Spofford

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I farted at the following times. 03:44, 06:52, 09:26, 10:30, 12:15, 17:38, 19:15, 21:24, 23:47, 25:56, 26:00. I want to apologize for this unacceptable behavior and hope that y'all will forgive me.

  • skyrimdragon

    Whilst the Falmer and Dwemer are the two prominent non-playable races featured/mentioned in Skyrim, there are actually more non-playable than playable races in the Elder Scrolls universe.Men: Al-gemha, Al-hared, Horwalli, Keptu, Kothringi, Men-of-ge, Men-of-ket, Nedes, Orma, Reachmen, YerpestMer: Aldmer (First Ones), Ayleids (Heartland High Elves/Wild Elves), Chimer (Changed Folk), Dwemer (Dwarves/Deep Elves), Falmer (Snow Elves), Maormer (Sea Elves/Tropical Elves), Sinistral Mer (Left-Handed Elves), Beastfolk: Dreugh, Giant, Goblin-ken - Goblin, Ogre, Riekling, Imga, Lamia, Lilmothiit (Fox Folk - basically fox versions of Khajiit), Minotaur (Men-Bull, Bull-Men), Nymph, SloadAkaviri: Akaviri (Men of Akavir), Dragons (Dov), Ka Po' Tun, Kamal, Tang Mo, TsaesciEt'Ada: Aedra, Daedra - Aureal (Golden Saints), Mazken (Dark Seducers), Dremora (Kyn), Herne, Nocturnals, Spiderkith, Xivilai, XivikynOther: Hist, Ehlnofey

  • ShadionicZX

    The Elder Scrolls V is the 5th game in the series 👏👏 thx i didn't know that

  • Raji Bboy

    damnit betheda! how the hell you gona outbeat yourself for elder scrolls six!? (we dont talk about eso)

  • Vohxus

    I live in constant fear that Elder Scrolls 6 will be bad.

  • Wolf tK

    Guard: let me guess…someone stole your sweet rollMe: yeah his name is butch and he lives in valt 111(I think) good luck finding him

  • Ophistyche

    did someone say my name?

  • AzurasLr

    I'm sure this has been said a million times but the dragons in skyrim technically aren't dragons they're wyverns

  • Riley Babb

    Who is watching this after Bethesda E3 2018?

  • Xgail fsdf

    literally the only reason i want the switch is because skyrim is going to be on it

  • Big sweaty boi Cyka

    let me guess someone stole your sweetroll

  • Ethan Ratcliffe

    Fun fact there are 9 voice actors in total

  • Nathaniel Arndt

    Now you have to 107 facts about Oblivion. It's pretty much guaranteed.

  • ItzSilentStorm

    i love that people are still making videos about Skyrim. Its been almost 6 years but people talk about it like its only been a few months since the game came out. The longevity of Skyrim has been absurd. This is why I am not overly bothered by the fact that its going to take so long for TES6 to come out. I want it as much as anybody, but ive developed more patience to wait for it because of how long Skyrim managed to remain fresh and exciting

  • jackieanathan h

    The "headless horseman" is acutely Ragnar the red. He is a guy in bard song.

  • Scarthen

    I died when their was a Thomas the tank engine as a dragon

  • Gabe Ratcliffe

    skyrim is hands down my favorite game ever, but I almost don't want an Elder Scrolls VI because it almost seems impossible for Bethesda to he create the same game

  • sulsty

    If there were 70 voice actors then why does everyone almost have the same voice as each other

  • oluwafemi lawal

    who still plays skyrim in 2017-like

  • Big Smoke

    The only weakness about Skyrim for me was the lack of a Class System and permanent star signs. I liked Oblivion better in that aspect.

  • Mysterion

    I love how the backstories for the characters get more epic if you start at Morrowind.Morrowind: You get off a ship, sign some papers, and get released into the condescending country of Morrowind.Oblivion: The emperor breaks you out of jail due to the secret passage in your cell.Skyrim: The dragon that wants to destroy the world gives you (the one who’s meant to kill said dragon) an ex machina and saves your ass just before the headsman kills you.

  • Seeker 227

    #38 8:57 Are we forgetting about the appearance of Akatosh in Oblivion, at the end of the Oblivion crisis?

  • Peewee Herman

    What kind of elf grows vegetables A Falmer get it

  • Skepp DaVinci

    over 70 voice actors? ive been playing skyrim all week and hear the same 5 male and 5 female voices over and over and over. lies.

  • The Lone Spooner

    Bethesda actually made Home Alone for the NES... I don't know why people don't do their research before making the bold clam that the Switch is their 1st time being on a Nintendo console.

  • XxCossack

    I didn't know that about the ashes of the dragon on the map, WOW!!!

  • Cheesus Crust

    I killed Karstaag on Legendary at level 79 with no mods or exploits. Do I get a cookie?

  • Hampus Galenborg

    DUDE! "he knew the cities in the game woulf fell like standard fantacy towns" its not "fantacy insperd"! its Scandinavian/viking insperd, so is all of skyrim. just an ordinary backyard. dude, dont claim Fact like that. and yes im butthurt and triggerd!

  • Luke Ryan Nathan

    Who still plays Skyrim, after all these years? I know I do

  • GameTitan74

    Oh the good days of Skyrim…It will always be the Memory of Memories...I used to play Skyrim like you, but then my TV took a crack to the face by a controller

  • Falling Hourglass

    There isn't a single dragon in this game. But there are tons of wyverns!


    most of this arn't even skyrim facts

  • Bakubread

    Elder Scrolls fans in a nutshell:"The game I played first is the best one. The games after it are too simplified for normies, and the ones before it are way too dated and unplayable."

  • Pineapple dude

    8:19 In Daggerfall you actually start as an agent for Emperor Uriel Septim VII. Not a prisoner.

  • Jake Huffman

    BEOWULF WAS USED TO WRITE THE THEME?!!!! So, they used a NORSE myth, that INVENTED THE DRAGON as material to write a language FOR DRAGONS?!!! Wow. It's shocking how much research they put into it... So... why do the Iron hemets still have horns on them?!

  • Vihreä poika 9

    Or maybe im the dragonborn

  • Kyle Mann

    skyrim is my favorite game

  • Jerico Joaquin

    2017: Still no ES62023: Still no ES62026: ES6 Confirmed!2027: ES6 in development2030: ES6 release

  • Duke Cowden

    I think they have actually just started development? It's going to take like 5 years to finish it though lmao

  • jsnplays

    Hey you scrolling down the comments section. Should I buy the original Skyrim or the special edition? Also leave the reason why :)

  • DoughBoy Jimmy

    3:22 why is bob Ross there

  • GameOver365

    it's more like 107 facts about Todd Howard

  • The Wandering Dovahkiin

    The headless horsemen is ragnar the red who got his head chopped off he will lead you to Rorikstead where he lived

  • Pexploding

    TES 6 might end up like half life 3 or it might fall under hype.

  • YourBoiSatan

    Now we wait for TES6. I can't wait :)

  • Chatter Box

    Here after E3 2018...i'm really looking forward to 'Skyrim: Very Special Edition'. I mean, 'The Elder Scrolls VI' is neat and all, but we all need more 'Skyrim' ports. Definitely.

  • WebberzOnline

    Heh. Bob Ross on the development board.

  • SomeOne Else

    Am i the only one that likes the FP mode in skyrim more than the TP?

  • Scott C

    Todd Howard really needs to see this video and do some deep soul searching. Skyrim is everything that Fallout 76 isn't.

  • Rick Sanchez

    3:23 “concept art” I see that pic of Bob Ross

  • Asher The Thief

    Why the hell do you have osex as a mod?!? XD

  • PVPBEAST1992

    I was so annoyed when ever he called them dragons because they are more like wyverns than dragons

  • Carl Edward Sagan

    3:20 Bob Ross playable race confirmed!

  • swiftarrow117

    "Maybe he is the dragonborn and he just doesen't know it yet". Guards say that so its a good reference. Like if you found this.(or don't)

  • Kamakaze D

    70 voice actors? Yet they all sound like about 10 save for the 10 or so primary core NPCs

  • projectfear22

    All I want for Elder Scrolls and Fallout is to get more NPCs and Monsters outside of towns. Exploration is nothing if you don't have anything engaging...

  • Hurricane 1070

    As soon as u said the most powerful mages I picked up my controller

  • Japantsu

    Do you prefer playing in third or first person? Me personally, 1st. I'll sometimes switch to third if I know I'm about to be surrounded by enemies

  • Blackkatze

    hopefully they play through the "Enderal" mod before releasing the next Scrolls... i mean Skyrim is awesome. But some epic story is missing.


    An american school uses skyrim to teach students about scandinavian culture rascism has taken a step upwards and im offended

  • AJ G

    Whatever school is letting Norse History students learn from playing Skyrim has got to be a lot of bull. Norsemen are already fantasized enough to the point of losing the past and making it up as we go.

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