Skyrim Special Edition - Worth It? - Exclusive Footage


Welcome ladies & gentlemen to the Skyrim Special Edition!

I was lucky enough to be sent a promotional copy of the up coming Skyrim Special Edition! In this video I primarily explain and showcase the new graphical improvements. This is massive step up from the original game! New textures, god rays, volumetric lighting, atmospherics, depth of field. The list goes on, but best to let the footage do the talking!

    Shoulda remastered Morrowind. Now that is some shit i'd pay money for.

  • Josh Martling

    "I envy you, you know? To climb the 7000 steps again..."

  • Vanpyro Gaming

    For those playing Skyrim for the first time, it's such a good feelinh. I envy you.

  • Ryan Rennie

    "Watch as I open and close this door"....

  • MrBoriqua2000

    A waste of money. I've played skyrim in every way possible. Why would i spend $60 on the same game with no new content? No thanks. They should have added a new area or something. I'll keep my money

  • The_Dinohunter basically the game is nice to people who have modded it to hell and want a free copy to play 'vanilla'... ok

  • MerserX

    Great for PC. ripoff for console users (if they are previous owners of skyrim)Only good part out of this new edition are1. decent shadows2. retextures of everything (I know there are a billion texture mods, but they don't retexture everything)3. 64 bit

  • SamahLama

    Most ENB's look better.

  • Chivas6

    A lot of this reads like a promotional piece...

  • winj3r

    This video seems more like an free ad for Bethesda, than anything else.

  • Jonas King

    Is this a parody of what Bethesda wants from "reviewers" and "taste-makers?" Just gushing from your widdle teats so you can get free copies of games, Bethesda gets praise, and we can get completely worthless review? I apologize. I said "worthless," this actually had me cracking up. I hope this is a joke.

  • sintetsu2

    He's speaking pretty clearly, considering he's got the devs dicks in his mouth

  • Lead1121

    Skyrim atmosphere and music make me feel weird on the inside. Sad yet nostalgic and happy. I'm confused with emotions

  • Pixel Jester

    1:55 did this fool just say he felt less immersed standing in a forest in real life compared to in a game

  • Mateus Abrantes

    But let's make the important questions here: Can horses still climb mountains in 90 degrees?

  • Falconbox

    The Witcher 3 is still so much better.

  • Doctor Pazuzu

    "We'll find water in a different form, of course...snow."Guys help, I'm dying.

  • Gnuk

    It will be nice to get my free copy when it comes to Steam tomorrow..

  • SharkByte

    Even though mods make this shit even better... I do appreciate that it will require less mods now that it is naturally improved

  • Uncle Funkle

    I don't know if this is a joke or not but holy shit.Perfectly describes just how blissfully pathetic most of the Bethesda fanbase is in general.

  • ImABeaner

    PC gamers are like the vegans of gamers, they constantly remind you that PC is better and that you should switch.

  • ¡Gñ!

    This is satire, right?

  • Gabriel Klopp

    So, Bethesda installed the realistic lighting mod?

  • Go BigBLUEforLIFE

    I never finished the main storyline for skyrim so I'm definitely going to be getting the remastered version

  • gilesrbin

    Man, listening to this review made me think that you would love to suck the game off.

  • DoodAfro

    "Watch as I open and close this door." --Camelworks (Skyrim Special Edition)THROWS MONEY AT SCREEN

  • Prior of the Ori

    Title: "Worth it?" It's free for me so yes! xD

  • Zombitious

    "You're paying for the atmosphere." - Bethesda.

  • Kyle Jaynes

    1:40 So basically I might as well just drop acid and go on a hike, and save myself 60$. Got it.

  • Skel Neldory

    I can't wait to fix another shitty bethesda game with mods. At least this one is free. What is the point honestly? Like they make "almost 2k" resolution textures but modders already made 4k.

  • not you

    Look at all the happy little trees. This is your world, and you can do with it what you like.

  • Ethan Snyder

    Guys, this is not an advertisement, he would be legally obligated to state otherwise. He was sent a promotional copy, so yeah, there may a little bias that comes with that reward. But Camel really loves this game, he wouldn't have made so many videos if he didn't. So yes, you can expect a primarily positive response to the changes. However, judging by the footage it is merited. The lighting is a complete overhaul, it looks great and is a noticeable change. I mean these are ENB lighting and perspective effects, this apparent to me as someone who mods Skyrim. This negativity is unwarranted. PC users are getting the game for free, what's bad about that? Console users have to pay $60.00 but think of the costs that Bethesda has recoup for putting this game on the Sony and Microsoft platforms, not to mention physical production and distribution. Don't be negative for the sake of being negative, it's a bad look.

  • Braňo Ivanko

    So, should i buy this game on Ps4 or On pc?

  • skadooba

    Oh man - there's nothing like Skyrim. <3

  • Mark Lawson

    Jesus Christ. This video is exactly why Bethesda are withholding review copies. What a joke.

  • The Italian Emperor

    Gee real life graphics are shit god needs to update his PC

  • SevereMatrex

    Ever heard of mods buddy? Or at least... PC? Youre making it seem this stuff has never been seen before

  • Nick Newman

    I envy the first time Skyrim players, i wish i could forget all the story and play it like new again.

  • Anthony Mohler

    "I have felt more immersed in Skyrim's forest than in forests in real life". My suggestion is that you go outside a bit more. Thanks for the content though!

  • Frank Lovell

    honestly I wouldn't care if it looked any different,I just want to play it on the xb1.

  • mike vangeel

    problem is i played whit so many graphic mods on my pc, it doesnt actually look better than my modded vanilla skyrim ...

  • reszombie game design

    no full price for a 5 year old game is not worth it

  • Lothric Knight Sword

    For anyone that hasn't bought Skyrim yet, don't

  • Nils Lorand

    I'll get it for free so i dont care if its worth it or not

  • Mytru Mara

    Don't you get it free on PC if you own Skyrim and all it's DLC? like the Bioshock remasters.

  • Ivan With The Vans

    When no one realizes that they got fooled by Camel and this is old Skyrim footage from old gen lmao

  • Dustin Blankx

    Looks amazing, but gotta ask how are the load times?

  • LearnedAndVile

    Is this parody?I legit cannot tell.

  • Don't Bother

    TBH I'm only getting it to play on the new consules, the graphics are that different in my opinion. They are better but not "phenomenal."

  • Liam Johnson

    This looks better than the official video of gameplay released by Bethesda

  • NOSfusion

    I think it looks good. They took their best selling game and remastered it. What's wrong with that?

  • Nexcyus

    Never played the original, so is it worth it for me to get it?

  • GhostCrisp86

    So i was getting this on the ps4,but after reading some comments ill just get it on the pc or what do you guys think?

  • The Fool

    immersive you say? looks like MXRs got some new fap material.

  • Tribal x Redklr

    OK, I can get how PC Gamers are going to condemn every aspect of the remaster of Skyrim. But you have to understand that this special edition wasn't made for your demographic that is why they made it free for Pc players. I feel overwhelmed that instead of just making this game backwards compatible for the xbox, they remake it and put mod support on it. For someone not willing to invest in a pc and is strictly a console player, this is truly a wet dream.

  • Potato IsMyGender

    Meh, still looks better with mods + ENB. Remastered is still a HUGE improvement to vanilla though."Remastered is on par with moderate-heavily modded versions"YEAH RIGHT LMAO have you even seen a heavily modded skyrim? Blows Remastered out of the water. Remastered doesn't compare.

  • Strelok

    Imagine Fallout 3 Special Edition!

  • TemplaShadow

    OMG, I need this game (again!)

  • Jason Olea

    First played Skyrim on the 360, erection lasted longer than 4 hours so had to go to the hospital. Then built a PC and played it at 1080p, 4 hour erection and another visit. Upgraded my graphics card and monitor to play at 1440p, yet another hospital visit. Skyrim remastered and I get it for free? I've already called my doctor so she can be prepared for me, fuckin Bethesda.

  • Trenton Shields

    Now when do we get a new Oblivion >.>

  • stan3136

    Anyone who makes a comment only saying their "modded pc version already looks better" is mental in my book. My modded game looks better too but if you can't understand the reason this is an upgrade then that's unfortunate but don't downplay this remaster and spread your ignorance, please, it's very negative and unnecessary.

  • Dave Mackie

    looks like they used a Yellow filter to me ! Thats` fine as long as the loading screens ie: going through doors, into caves etc ; has been improved.Well ,like other Skyrim fans ,hoping for a nice experience.and, one would think after a 5-6 years they would have a new Skyrim ,with " no glitches " ++ good load times being quicker, with NEW Quests ,more fun .Yup,guess I`m dreaming .Hmm, who to pick this playthrough.

  • Johan

    I hope I can finally play the game at 144 hz without the water glitching out.

  • Duane E

    I'm stoked that I get this for free. I have 285 hours on the steam legendary edition. I played more hours on console. I run 60+ mods on it though. ENB + Realistic Lighting Overhaul makes it gorgeous, Climates of Tamriel, Sounds of Skyrim, Kill Moves, SkyUI all of these I hope will be available to the new edition.Can't wait till Friday!

  • Sorcus

    Anyone else, when they got past Helgen to the Guardian Stones, not go down to Riverwood and instead of following the path, you went the opposite way? So, down the hill, to kill the guy sleeping by the river then cross the huge lake? I remember doing that because I didn't want to follow the path to Riverwood and I ended up getting lost - the memories from playing on an Xbox 360

  • Jerk berk 305dade

    anyone knows if they'll be patching the glitches? like walking through the mountain wall with a bowl by the companions guild, so I can access the blacksmiths hidden chest? I love the game but I'm tryna get that 100 smithing off the bat

  • Jacob Parker

    You should have mentioned the plethora of bugs, such as the water traveling in the wrong distance, or two separate distances on the same bit of river, as well as the horrible bug where everything fly's around over 60fps, oh and the fact wolves don't attack, they just stare at you

  • SnowyParker

    Something about foggy mornings in medieval forests really stuns me, this captured it perfectly

  • para mediccine

    3:58 is that new edition? im 0% impressed if that picture is

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