Skyrim - Vampire guide: how to become one and what you get

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  • Red Cube

    0:41 to find a vampire you need to find a vampire. gee thanks

  • Syndi Cat

    Lol companion of the night

  • LightCube

    To find a vampire.... U basically need to find one... WTF HAHAHAH😂

  • MagicalCrystal _

    Omg I was wondering why people said I look sick/pale, I was so confused 😂. But then a few days later it said I'm a vampire and I was like... GIRL OMG 😂👌

  • Mightye Mite

    Best role playing game I ever played

  • Sir Swagger 420

    This was posted one day after Skyrim's release.

  • Lizardking 420

    I think I'll just stay as a werewolf :)

  • tyrus thomas

    Kinda ironic that a vampire used fire magic lol. still a good video though

  • Conor Langford

    Best Guide to Vampirism I've seen so far! Though I'm still confused as to why the more hungry you get, the stronger you get. Still, you made it clear that this was the case and it helped me a lot! ^^

  • A 60s kid

    I didn't know I had this and I kept getting attacked and I almost deleted my character but then I saw that I had vampire blood and it all made sense hahaha and I was pretty far in the game so I was pretty pissed off thinking I would have to start from scratch. Now I like that I have to feed my thirst and only go out at night makes it a bit more exiting. good job bethesda!

  • Alex V4

    The vampire CAN BE a very op character. The boosts can prove invaluable if you can make enchantments to negate the down sides (fire resist preferably up to 130%, and stamina regen. Boost magic and health accordingly to your build.)The biggest advantage if being a vampire is it's huge boost to stealth, frost and poison resist, and the vampire form. Ultimately if you play a stealth character then being a vampire is a must since you already move and fight by night anyway so you shouldn't find the day penalties that bad. Also... Ariel's bow with blood cursed arrows... that is all.

  • Western Spy

    Think I'll stay human :)

  • Derek The Rubbish

    I've never liked being a vampire one bit. However I have been werewolf every time I create a character. Soooo I think a change will be fun, also being a vampire isn't easy, which makes the game more challenging for you. As a gamer, I welcome that.

  • ACdavid55

    can u be a level 4 vampire and wear a mask without anybody knowing your one?

  • Ben M

    so I got attacked randomly by a vampire in dawnstar. now I'm stuck confused I'm hoping the video gets more into it a little later in

  • SabrinaXoxo1993

    for those of you guys who don't know ill break down the benefits and weaknesses of being a vampire and a wherewolf. to me I think being a vampire is better heres whylets start off with the wherewolf..where wolf get a natural resistince to disease by 100 percent.doesn't change your character looks in human form (still the same person).successful against attacking people but not everyone ( depending on your difficulty).holding the striking button will launch targets awaywherewolf rested bonus when sleeping ( skills WONT improve 10% faster ).not to powerful against dragons or other creatures.doesn't give you many powers or active effects compared to vampiresVampire BENEFITS....your illusion spells cast by a vampire are 25% more powerful (Champion of the night active effect).you get nightstalkers footsteps active effect where vampires are 25% harder to detect when get a 100% natural resistance to disease and can get up to a 100% percent resistance to frost depending on when you feed as it will go back to 25 when you get a 10% resistance to magic if sleeping in a coffin for 8 hours.allowed a resting bonus where skills will improve 10% get the power to use vampires servant as you can reanimate a dead body to fight for you for 60 secs every 24 get the power to use vampires seduction where creatures and people up to level 10 wont fight for 30 secondsyou get the power to use vampires sight where you will have improved night vision for 60 can use vampiric drain under your destruction absorbing 5 points of health per second as most from the target.AND last but not least you get the power of embraced of shadows where your character is invisible for 180 secondsVAMPIRE WEAKNESSES. you get a weakness to fire starting from 25 to 100 as you grow from hunger.your eyes change your character looks have a weakness to sunlight where health, magic, stamina wont recover and can be reduced to 60 points max in the sunlight depending on if you don't feed where it will be 15 points as you jus feed starting you off.and the worst out of all people will attack the shit outa you al, over skyrim and can fuck up certain quest if you don't save and reloadbut idk both of them have there benefits ill let you guys decide   ..

  • Iona Peters

    To find a vampire, you have to find a vampire. Gee thanks

  • Ohh iRemixx

    Can someone tell me how I can prevent people attack me

  • Jason Bacon

    is it possible to become a vampire lord in elder scrolls edition

  • DaGamingMesican

    While Werewolf are strong Vampires are Badass

  • Cellfactor100

    very nice video mate :) thank you for your deep analysis explanation :) Ningheim master race!

  • NuggsMcMuggs

    Am I the only one annoyed when YouTubers NEVER sheath their weapons? How hard is it to press X?!

  • Starved Beasts

    it's CHAMPION of the night.


    vampire lord for the win

  • Jim mij

    Recently found when I was in Morthal that the wizard there could cure me of being a vampire although you have to get some quests done for him to cure you.

  • fordfocusonme

    :55 - "Right by zee mountain and zee lake.."

  • Chloe Tyrannosaurus

    So if I do my character and become a vampire I resist frost 75% by the way nord you don't want random vampire the stronger the vampire the better and stronger you become

  • Chloe Tyrannosaurus

    I will from people who attack my town or enemy like bandits

  • Disaster Martin

    Funny im just become ramdom a vampire

  • Added Gamer

    I don't know what happened but I have gone through multiple different playthroughs as a vampire never once got attacked as a level 4 vampire

  • Victor Mendoza

    To be a werewolf join companions

  • Pro T In

    Would u rather to be a vampire or a werewolf? Im were wolf

  • Lio INDEX

    I heard that when you reach a certain vampire level ( stage 4 i think )  the NPC's will try to kill you :( i dont want to be attacked and i want to be a vampire at the same time xD So there is a mod or a command consol or another way to not be attacked while ur a vampire at stage 4 or even a vampire lord ?? PS : i know that i can cure my vampirism but as i said i want to be a vampire BUT without being attacked by the NPC's

  • Tonya Patterson

    one day after skyrims release O,0

  • Juraj Ševeček

    Ok Im a vampire and i dont want it ... what I need to do ???

  • Damn Weebs

    How do I un-become a vampire? Is that even possible? I never wanted to become one in the first place!

  • Neo Fallujah

    Which is better? werewolf or vampire?

  • Qualified Idiots

    So, pardon the pun but it sounds like Vampires Suck in this game. Werewolfs at least can turn it off and on and can feed on anything they kill. I want to be a 'good' Vampire. I'd rather kill a bunch of baddies and feed from them than have to sneak around houses and feed on the my neighboursOr better yet, lets say dead blood is poisonous. Make it if you get an enemy into the red, and they're like, "I surrender" make it that this is your chance to feed from them. So you need to be cautious not to overdo the damage you do. Or make it that lower level enemies have the feeding oping available with less damage inflicted. If' I'm a level 50 Vampire, and some frail begger is trying to fight me off, I should be able to slap him into next week and take his blood.Also, feeding makes your powers weaker? Say what you want about Twilight, but at least they know that Vampires get stronger with more human blood they drink.

  • Abdelkader Bennaoum

    I ate the vampire dust like a noob LOL

  • aalkeD

    and whats the positive thing?

  • Syndi Cat

    It's pronounced sangweri

  • Young Sniper Squad

    this is all liyes you can be a full vampire and dow mission and people will not atke you sow stop telling liyes to people I don't think you played the game before because the only way to get attacked in the game is buy attacking some won sow stop posting video's

  • Yona_E

    How can I return back 2 my "normal" character? please say its possible...

  • Ayden808killer

    this isn't working I'm a argonian

  • Caleb Malcolmson

    can u get it on your laptop

  • Bennie Venter

    Im a orc with one blind eye now my eyes are going crazy

  • Thooomas' pigeons

    You will find vampires in the deadric quest for clavicus vile in falkreath from a dog

  • Raven Randall

    So you all know... If you do the Dawnguard DLC and turn down Harkon's opening offer, you can complete the quest and then ask his daughter to turn you later. (She can be found with the Dawnguard in the main entrance of the fort if you sided with them which is the only way for it to go if you turned down her father's offer) Vampire Lord comes with more stuff than the normal vampire anyway. Keep in mind however that if you take that route the Dawnguard will no longer have much of anything to do with you.

  • Ivan nation

    This was a really helpful video thank you so much !!!

  • Bardia Aghasafari

    How we can be normal man again?

  • Nikolay Nikolov

    i taka ima edin nachin da stanesh vampir triabva da vlezete v bitka sys vampir i da vi izpie polovinata kryf i triabva da imate poushan koiato lekuva vampirizma i kogato vi izpishe che kryfta zapochva da vri vednaga ia vzemate tazi otvara i ostavate zavinagi vampir i nikoi niama da vi napada vsichki shte vi paziat dori i ohranata na vsichki kralstva samo che za ps ne stava a samo za ps3 stava tova za vampira moga i giganti da sajiviavam i mamuti i kakvoto si iskam kysmet v tyrseneto az sega sym na 62 nivo na kompa a na ps3 43

  • DoreanGrace

    looks at his game, and this game, looks at time stamp Have they really made it that easy to get into towns as a Stage 4? I've been roaming all over Skyrim, talking to every NPC as though I've not even become one. O-o; how many kids cried over being mauled for Bethesda to bring down the prejudiced slaughtering?

  • Speed Force JC

    Dont they have speed :c

  • big blu space boi

    24 ? Hmmmm I swear I saw 25

  • Erano Dizon

    So thats why i was bitten by a vampire then after a day I goto the jarl to do something like quest and stuff and he said to me that like are you sick? i hope its not thingy I forgot then when the morning come up left in my screen it said youre feeling thirtsy like that

  • SuperTN A

    What I really hate about vampires in Skyrim is there is they cannot get faster like in Oblivion.

  • TOXIC-MIST 3469

    there is another cure which is speaking to Falion in morthal or u can become a werewolf there is a quest u can do to become a vampire which getting the Dawn guard dlc

  • Whiterun Guard

    Let me guess... someone stole your sweetroll.

  • Mayhem Max

    One day I was playing Skyrim and it randomly said I became a vampire I was like ‘oh....well this is new’

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