Skyrim - Vampire guide: how to become one and what you get

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  • Red Cube

    0:41 to find a vampire you need to find a vampire. gee thanks

  • LightCube

    To find a vampire.... U basically need to find one... WTF HAHAHAH😂

  • Sir Swagger 420

    This was posted one day after Skyrim's release.

  • Mightye Mite

    Best role playing game I ever played

  • tyrus thomas

    Kinda ironic that a vampire used fire magic lol. still a good video though

  • Syndi Cat

    Lol companion of the night

  • MagicalCrystal _

    Omg I was wondering why people said I look sick/pale, I was so confused 😂. But then a few days later it said I'm a vampire and I was like... GIRL OMG 😂👌

  • Conor Langford

    Best Guide to Vampirism I've seen so far! Though I'm still confused as to why the more hungry you get, the stronger you get. Still, you made it clear that this was the case and it helped me a lot! ^^

  • A 60s kid

    I didn't know I had this and I kept getting attacked and I almost deleted my character but then I saw that I had vampire blood and it all made sense hahaha and I was pretty far in the game so I was pretty pissed off thinking I would have to start from scratch. Now I like that I have to feed my thirst and only go out at night makes it a bit more exiting. good job bethesda!

  • Lizardking 65

    I think I'll just stay as a werewolf :)

  • Derek The Rubbish

    I've never liked being a vampire one bit. However I have been werewolf every time I create a character. Soooo I think a change will be fun, also being a vampire isn't easy, which makes the game more challenging for you. As a gamer, I welcome that.

  • Alex V4

    The vampire CAN BE a very op character. The boosts can prove invaluable if you can make enchantments to negate the down sides (fire resist preferably up to 130%, and stamina regen. Boost magic and health accordingly to your build.)The biggest advantage if being a vampire is it's huge boost to stealth, frost and poison resist, and the vampire form. Ultimately if you play a stealth character then being a vampire is a must since you already move and fight by night anyway so you shouldn't find the day penalties that bad. Also... Ariel's bow with blood cursed arrows... that is all.


    vampire lord for the win

  • Starved Beasts

    it's CHAMPION of the night.

  • Syndi Cat

    It's pronounced sangweri

  • Western Spy

    Think I'll stay human :)

  • Black Wolf

    Its good to be Vampire because new powers,way how looks and you are stronger, BUT for everyone else to say can cure anytime yourself (Speak to Falion in Morthal.) or by cheat 2.solution for feeding is simply, i got married and i feed on my wife when i want cannot be drink bloodBe Vampire and have a fun humans are boring :)

  • DaGamingMesican

    While Werewolf are strong Vampires are Badass

  • fordfocusonme

    :55 - "Right by zee mountain and zee lake.."

  • Storm of the night

    I will from people who attack my town or enemy like bandits

  • Jim mij

    Recently found when I was in Morthal that the wizard there could cure me of being a vampire although you have to get some quests done for him to cure you.

  • Qualified Idiots

    So, pardon the pun but it sounds like Vampires Suck in this game. Werewolfs at least can turn it off and on and can feed on anything they kill. I want to be a 'good' Vampire. I'd rather kill a bunch of baddies and feed from them than have to sneak around houses and feed on the my neighboursOr better yet, lets say dead blood is poisonous. Make it if you get an enemy into the red, and they're like, "I surrender" make it that this is your chance to feed from them. So you need to be cautious not to overdo the damage you do. Or make it that lower level enemies have the feeding oping available with less damage inflicted. If' I'm a level 50 Vampire, and some frail begger is trying to fight me off, I should be able to slap him into next week and take his blood.Also, feeding makes your powers weaker? Say what you want about Twilight, but at least they know that Vampires get stronger with more human blood they drink.

  • Poppy Dogg

    I don't know what happened but I have gone through multiple different playthroughs as a vampire never once got attacked as a level 4 vampire

  • Disaster Martin

    Funny im just become ramdom a vampire

  • aalkeD

    and whats the positive thing?

  • Infernon

    this isn't working I'm a argonian

  • slickboi 76

    While watching this the animation hit me and i almost crapoed myself

  • William Doyle

    Dude!This video earned 1 Mill Views!Thanks!?!I subbed and liked mann

  • Frank Valiquette

    When your a vampire how do u get no vampire like not be vampire

  • jack the gaminganaconda

    i have skyrim and people were asking if were feeling so well even tho I wasin't a vampire what does that mean 

  • Daku Otonashi

    Can I be a Werewolf and a Vampire at the same time?

  • Elad Landoy

    "To find a vampire, you basically have to find one" :D 0:42

  • tris murray

    invisible not invinsible

  • tris murray

    fuck off you 5 year old

  • The Flaming Pybro

    Don't liseten to the way he says things its CHAMPION not companion and not invincible invisible

  • MacReady

    Take a fucking sledgehammer to your kneecaps you little piece of shit.

  • Marko Koivikko

    its better to be werewolf :D

  • GingerBreadMan1178

    ......I've been drinking blood thinking I can lvl up as a vampire... no wonder I don't lvl up T_T

  • Amy faye

    IF you hate the npc hating you part download the better vamp mod lol it lets you choose if you're hated or not.

  • Amy faye

    There is a mod that lets you do that. Skyrim Nexus Better Vampires 6-31

  • Amy faye

    If you're on the pc there is a mod to change it so npcs never hate you or hunt you.

  • Amy faye

    Yes played on my female vampire for 75 hours so far and still not bored.

  • Amy faye

    I think skyrims bugged with that i have dawnguard and the npcs do attack me on sight so i downloaded a mod to fix that lol

  • Amy faye

    Get Dawnguard DLC you become a vampire in it then u get a quest to cure it when dawnguard finishes. Serana the follower you get from dawnguard can also turn you into a vampire whenever you want by asking her.

  • Amy faye

    I used a vampire mod off skyrim nexus it lets u choose whether you're hated by npcs at any stage or not and lets you chose a bunch of other options and gives you new skills and new feeding abilities

  • Bailey Wiseman

    argh its so hard for me to get vampirism cuz im an argonian

  • Alex Derks

    i like you i like green to

  • Kwstas Tswnis

    How i can dissactive vampire skills ...sun make my blood boil and stamina Health and Magick don't rechange.!

  • Brittany Smith

    His accent >>> ❤

  • Spiced Beef

    if you play skyrim on xbox360 wen you wait rigth after you pressed a press the xbox button then it goes mutch faster

  • Magdolna Fabók

    HOw the hell i turned into vampir ?

  • UltraCheeseburger

    "To find a vampire, you basically have to find one." Lol

  • jack watson

    That was fangtastically helpful

  • Stavros Merodoulakis

    i am werewoolf i must cure this to be a vampire???

  • Sha-Nkosi Sanders

    Someone said dlcs aren't for consoles dlcs were actually made for dlcs

  • Ganja Claus

    FYI: There was a commercial for condoms on your clip - So Im wondering: Do vampires use condoms? o.O

  • ThePebblechan

    I know that... but I don't think the Xbox 360 offers that anymore...

  • CytypeHD

    Thanks helped a lot ;)

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