Will A Roman Helmet Stop an Arrow???

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  • Alfredo Baños

    You have the best intros ever!!!

  • Chrome Builder

    10:44 my people need me

  • Zing Nova

    Imagine threatening to kill somebody with a pistol and screaming: "PISTOL, PISTOL!"

  • Goat Simul8r

    "AND THE INSIDE IS COMPLETELY DRY"That's what Phil Swift said

  • Noxious Toxic


  • Fun2Mud

    The intros .... God i love them!!

  • young gucci Canela

    I speak Spanish and you are the first American to pronounce it right good job

  • Ion Dina

    10:46 "good luck buddy" god himself intervenes so you dont mess up a perfectly good army helmet

  • Krayzie Killah

    Got the best intros on YT!!! HANDS-DOWN!!

  • 【Volarious】

    I honestly want a pair of Irish setter boots. Honestly I REALLY want them. What a great sponsor!!


    matt: the romans caused the great depression and Y2Kme: yup of course

  • The Real Doctor Who

    I knew it, pumpkins do grow in trees

  • DonkeyFilms

    I too remember when the Romans sunk the Titanic

  • Andre Spaz

    Lol, imagine his wife walks in on him doing one of his intros..Hunny, its not what it looks like!!

  • Shiloh Store

    4:58 to 5:01 was that a Yeti yelling?

  • Elisha Hersh

    You should do a stretch arm strong video lol.

  • Stebe Vanon

    The romans started the great depression and Y2K, got it

  • kovots

    Those boots use the same kind of tech as they do in snowboard boots just without the stiff back. BOA binding is a great idea on all-purpose boots.

  • JameOne

    In literally every video: „So I just got this..“

  • bruce wootten

    I love that pistol gonna get me one o' them. Love those boots too.

  • MR.SLITHERS slithers

    1:19 A man always loves his wepons 😂😂

  • Treeezplz

    lmaooooo 10:55 looked and sounded like a solid nut shot bahahah had me deadd

  • Roger Steven

    The thing is the shoes cost $200 and I don't have that much

  • WolFiemx

    No animals were hurt during the making of this videos

  • Jason Robinson

    Do any of you notice he says punkin instead of pumpkin

  • Adrian Carlos

    10:15 This Man Kniws His History Too Well (/._.)/

  • CPS Productions

    Hey Matt you probably won't read this but if you do I've got a gun to request for you to get. It's a 22.cal long rifle savage arms model 64 and it's semi auto. If you do get this gun please make a video with a shoutout to Colton Salisbury

  • headface123

    What? No .50 BMG on that Roman helmet? How dare you.

  • Gyrophone 632

    slaps top of helmetThis can fit so many bolts

  • jptheking op

    Bro😂😂 honestly in love the way u speak Spanish he r a quick learner

  • The Boy Benji

    God I love your intros

  • Jjj Hhhbhb

    Matt if you miss one of those Spanish lessons you know who's coming for you 🦉

  • AirTheFallen

    I usually don't care very much about sponsored products....but I have to admit, those cable-laced boots look pretty useful tbh

  • mikeymooman1

    The Romans started Y2K... oh my gosh... IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW

  • sticky20002004

    We're seeing you indoors

  • George George

    Which one is harderComing up with an idea for a video or making those intros

  • Jesse Austin

    Any chance you will make a video about the 300 weatherby magnum?

  • Pizza God

    This channel is the living symbol of thats a lotta damage

  • johny k

    At the intro i turned up the volume to hear the words but when he brought the AR-15 i got so scared of the sudden music😅😅

  • Harry Kuheim

    The Romans caused Global Warming!

  • Mark Hillmah

    Ima try ur daughter🤣🤣🤣

  • Samuel Peterson

    And the inside is completely dry!! -Phil Swift. Feat - demolition ranch

  • Overpricedfridge

    tree pumpkins and delusional hallucinations r a threat to my meth lab i should invest

  • Felix Garcia

    😂😂🤣🤟🏻🤟🏻 that's funny to wash knowing spanish this and the Accountant have been my favorite intros

  • Matyu Thm

    Make more videos focusing on Humvees.

  • dova bucks

    The Roman's didn't cause y2k

  • GunsVS

    You people are sick! Hunting such beautiful pumpkins for sport. You make me sick.

  • renardo vanhorne

    I could of sworn I heard "Ammo try your daughter"😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jhonny Walter

    Those are practically snowbording boots😏

  • Treeezplz

    does he daily that hummer/?? lol

  • Rebel DOF MC

    I am Italian you mother guner. By the way the Roman empire fell at 475 BC

  • Admiral Snapper

    when Demolition Ranch goes JoergSprave style...

  • Clark Tia

    8:28dudes that loves guns: Heck Yeah!vegans: (calls peta)

  • Ethan RM

    Nice try for his first time speaking portuguese

  • LPyourplay

    "I hate the Romans"PVBLIVS CORNELIVS SCIPIO AFRICANVS would like to know your location.

  • Eamon Brophy

    This intro was my favourite one so far

  • David Blalock

    I won't shop at Dicks, because they very much are.

  • Your Daddy

    Hey Matt, u should make some limited time DEMOLITIA gun slings

  • Gabriel Akins

    Thanks for telling me about Roman empire! I was needing that for a class project! Dont worry I'll cite your vid

  • Khan Asad

    4:21 "We uhh loaded up i am not worried"....drops

  • Francisco Espinoza

    your channel is perfect bad puns,dirty jokes,humvees,and guns what more could a guy ask for

  • Legendary Jacket

    For a second i though it was Portuguese in the beggining, then i noticed it was spanish.

  • Overpricedfridge

    make a vid of you jumping the hummeer

  • Josh Shepherd

    i think it would cool if you a bow with your wife

  • Kason Olson

    As Mere(I srsly hav no idea how to spell her name) is watching the intro with hatred and jealousy in her eyes

  • John Doe

    Can the Ravines be used in non-ravine environments?

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