Will A Roman Helmet Stop an Arrow???

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  • AirTheFallen

    I usually don't care very much about sponsored products....but I have to admit, those cable-laced boots look pretty useful tbh

  • The Atlas Joker

    He said “I’m a traitor” In Spanish u stead of “sub machine gun” lol

  • MFO Fire Knight

    The romans in the 1900’s Imma keep it real with you chief my mans be shit at history

  • yellow Jacket

    1:15 rip head phone users

  • pew pew Crasher

    I’m just here for the cringy intros

  • Zing Nova

    Imagine threatening to kill somebody with a pistol and screaming: "PISTOL, PISTOL!"

  • Toxic Bro


  • young gucci Canela

    I speak Spanish and you are the first American to pronounce it right good job

  • Chrome Builder

    10:44 my people need me

  • TacticoolVoda

    Aaaaaaaaaaaggggghhh I had headphones on!

  • Shiloh Store

    4:58 to 5:01 was that a Yeti yelling?

  • Ion Dina

    10:46 "good luck buddy" god himself intervenes so you dont mess up a perfectly good army helmet

  • MR.SLITHERS slithers

    1:19 A man always loves his wepons 😂😂

  • 【Volarious】

    I honestly want a pair of Irish setter boots. Honestly I REALLY want them. What a great sponsor!!

  • Mab 45678

    The US helmets used during the Vietnam war were steel. Those helmets weren't used until later on.

  • The Real Doctor Who

    I knew it, pumpkins do grow in trees

  • Jason Robinson

    Do any of you notice he says punkin instead of pumpkin

  • Inferno X300

    Your intros are literally the best 😂😂😂

  • Flamingo

    You should test if a helmet can stop a nut shot

  • Aaron Makuski

    Anyone else hear someone yelling

  • eddie

    haahah the first two shots on the military helmet were so funny for some reason. the first arrow randomly flies up and matt just exclaims "WOAH!" (which was also my exact reaction) and then the second one straight to the balls ahahha

  • Kason Olson

    As Mere(I srsly hav no idea how to spell her name) is watching the intro with hatred and jealousy in her eyes

  • Da Raptor


  • CPS Productions

    Hey Matt you probably won't read this but if you do I've got a gun to request for you to get. It's a 22.cal long rifle savage arms model 64 and it's semi auto. If you do get this gun please make a video with a shoutout to Colton Salisbury

  • Antagonist Zhizni

    По английски не понимаю, но очень интересно

  • mikeymooman1

    The Romans started Y2K... oh my gosh... IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW


    I like this kind of video Please continue with this stuff im watching you from ARGENTINA 😊

  • Mr Octopus

    The thing is the shoes cost $200 and I don't have that much

  • Fun2Mud

    The intros .... God i love them!!

  • Rebel DOF MC

    I am Italian you mother guner. By the way the Roman empire fell at 475 BC

  • The Boy Benji

    God I love your intros

  • Khan Asad

    4:21 "We uhh loaded up i am not worried"....drops

  • Jesse Austin

    Any chance you will make a video about the 300 weatherby magnum?

  • JID01

    ...bent the tip and shattered my shaft....been there done that. PAINFUL!

  • Adrian Carlos

    10:15 This Man Kniws His History Too Well (/._.)/

  • johny k

    At the intro i turned up the volume to hear the words but when he brought the AR-15 i got so scared of the sudden music😅😅

  • John Bush

    4:05 and 6:45 BTW !!!! am i right 🤣 . like if u agree lol 🤣 !

  • Jose Trujillo

    LMAO best freaking intro so far!!! Hellyeah DemoRanch!

  • Andre Spaz

    Lol, imagine his wife walks in on him doing one of his intros..Hunny, its not what it looks like!!

  • Bean Shoe

    You should be a history teacher!

  • Jason Robinson

    You know if that were an actual gunfight with the pumpkin you could not just be like “wait I missed let me reshoot real quick” that is not how it works.

  • chara joann

    me gusta su pronunsiacion xD hablar mejor español que yo xD

  • Darksun Copper

    Matt you should do a video where Mare does the whole video from start to finish even funny intro and Matt make a cameo i think it would be funny leave a like if you want to see this happen everyone .

  • Blade Scott

    Didn’t one of the fun names sound like imma try ya Doughter

  • Nice Guy

    The video starts at 3:49

  • Mutated

    8:15 God I can smell your breathe from here chill out my man.

  • Jayden Mo

    I got shot in the "JUNK"! HAHAHA

  • Mike Handley

    How much are those beautiful boots

  • Pizza God

    This channel is the living symbol of thats a lotta damage

  • Eamon Brophy

    This intro was my favourite one so far

  • Zm_ranger

    The video starts at 9:45. You're welcome

  • Francisco Espinoza

    your channel is perfect bad puns,dirty jokes,humvees,and guns what more could a guy ask for

  • James Wright

    Romans were gone in 250 ce thats a long time ago lamo

  • TheWanderingStar

    Dude, you nearly became a Fletcher's corn dog!

  • House of Horrors.

    The roman helmet part is at 10:23 ,folks....

  • Twisted Trails TJO

    I know you don’t hunt but it would be awesome if u did a squirrel hunt with it

  • Tech Turtle

    I shift shafts if u know what I mean

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