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Skyrim is a vast land rich in stories, people and place. Indeed, The Elder Scrolls 5 certainly has much to do, explore and learn. However, in a place as big and deep as Skyrim, there are bound to be a few unexplained happenings or strange occurrences that leave us scratching our heads. These instances are some of the most fascinating and intriguing parts of Elder Scrolls Lore. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more spooky mysteries you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Not a Dog

    The Most Unsettling Mystery: When Will Nate Run Out of Tiny Details.

  • FUS RO DAH! Daily

    Skyrim's top Unsettling Mystery: What was Haelga and her secret lover going to do with that Trout?

  • Justin Y.

    The most unsettling mystery is where the NPCs go when a giant hits then with a club

  • bdyd08

    "Skyrim is a land of many things" - perfect, Nate, you can use this from now on

  • Honest M'aiq

    Is Nazeem actually worth killing ?Yes.

  • SaneManiac 741

    Olaf in the thumbnail looks like he's asking "Are you not entertained!?!".

  • Big Biscuit

    Hey Nate, guys here, and as we all know game is a huge skyrim

  • Demon Slayer

    The skeletons beneath the lake with the word of power, they could have been food for Voslaarum and Naaslaarum. They're the dragons guarding the word wall that pop up when you get close

  • TheEpicNate315

    Tfw you hold off on publishing a video for an extra fifteen minutes just to give it more time to process and it still comes out in 360p...


    One mystery I need to figure out, is how I still enjoy playing this game all the time even after 8 years.

  • Not a Dog

    The sleeping tree is the seed that fell from the floating city Umbra made. It is essentially a daedric Hist tree. Camelworks has a video on it.

  • Paddy the Daddy

    Stalhrim is Lorkhans crystallised ball sweat.

  • Illuminati is Real

    One of the most unsettling mystery of how on earth the horses of skyrim can seemingly defy gravitiy.One day horses.... one day i will unravel your secret...

  • Kelly Collins

    an almost 20 minute video? the Divines have blessed us on this day

  • Alex Kwiatek

    But are liars excluded from Sovngard? Both were brave and died in true nord way

  • Moth

    What's so crazy about a floating island in a game with curved swords? Curved. Swords.

  • Pathfinder Savant

    Its because Sovengard doesn't really discriminate based on ethics/morals. If you accomplished something, were a Nord, and didn't swear your soul to a Daedra, then your memory is preserved there.

  • imdontai's right eye

    Take a shot for every video Nate has used ‘plethora’ in the intro

  • boonski

    I'm a little surprised when you were talking about Hist Trees you didn't mention that there was one in Cyrodiil 200 years before TES5 that was brought from Black Marsh. Your character actually takes some of the sap and has to destroy the tree itself both during the Fighter's Guild Questline.Also I've noticed something in the past few videos... No more "Murdered to death"?

  • Damien Robbie

    hi Nate, absolutely ADORE your skyrim videos, thank you so much

  • Replicator Fifth

    Omg JUST realized the voice actor for Ancano also voiced Motierre o.o

  • Mr. Lord Cat

    did the guard actually get an arrow in the knee?

  • Connor Kenway

    The biggest mystery is the quest that you did for Hermeous Mora to get all these knowledge.

  • Headless Jim

    Actually the lake has two dragons hiding under the ice... Big fight and stuff... it's just something you may have missed... In elder scrolls 5: Skyrim😉

  • Benjamin Cooper

    My only mystery is:I just ate 96 cheese wheels, how am I not CHUBBY!!!

  • bdyd08

    you've been watching too much VSauce lately... or have you?

  • Ruth Nield

    If Sovngarde is anything like Valhalla, then the quality of your life doesn't matter, merely the manner of how you died. I'm inclined to believe that Olaf managed to die 'valiantly' enough to deserve crossing the Whalebone Bridge. After all, a mythical hero had to be GREAT, not GOOD. Compare Heracles or Achilles to a modern superhero like Clark Kent.

  • Augusto Pereira Lago Júnior

    ...isnt there dragons that pop up from the bottom of the ice-covered lake near the word wall? Couldnt that be the reason for so many skeletons? Maybe they drag their victims underwater for some reason?

  • MartynPolska

    Hey NateCan you share with us your mod list for skyrim?

  • jū1ïān

    If Nate pins this I will murder myself to deathEdit:ok thx Nate first time being hearted keep up the good work👍👍👍❤❤❤

  • Drew Forchic

    Another mystery... Why does Olaf One Eye have two eyes?

  • Subbot

    Will the Dragonborn be the most powerful draugr someday?

  • Ali Palooza

    These videos are great! Being a busy mom has left Skyrim to collect dust. Keep up the good work!

  • Darth Skarr

    I... Am amazed...An Elder Scrolls YouTuber who actually spoke of Umbrella when mentioning the tree... :D

  • April Wood

    Thanks to you "murdered to death" is in my regular vocabulary lol. Love your stuff keep up the good work!

  • Subbot

    Unsettling mystery: Why do players let Nazeem live?

  • FTWson

    Those remains found at the bottom of that lake is very reminiscent of Roopkund AKA 'Skeleton Lake' in the Himalayas.

  • Dellakoroth Ranjith

    Draugrs were nords who were cursed for serving the dragons(possibly).So if olaf turned into a draugr he probably bribed numinex

  • Lieutenant Rod

    You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people!

  • Not a Dog

    TES6: Emperor Motierre’s War.Blame the killing on the Elves and and join with the Redguard to kick the shite out of the Thalmor.

  • Samiul Haq

    The bard lied parthunnax personally knew numinex

  • Mr. No No 65

    Was I the only one to run around looking for deathbrand screaming pirate stuff

  • Max Hart

    It’s 8017 and Nate is about to upload his final video: Ten more tiny details you may still have missed in the Elder scrolls IV: Skyrim.

  • I Deniz

    BRO FIRSTTT, btw make your ideal ES6 in a video pls

  • Patrik

    You could say that second mystery was ...Bare boned

  • medievaljedi

    You make me love Skyrim 3 times more than before I started watching your channel

  • msoulforged

    Top mystery: who the hell sneaks through dreughrs, zombie dragon priests, spiders, ash spawns and lights the torches in dungeons ??

  • Claire Hinson

    When I first found Stalhrim, I thought that that's where frost salts came from since they look vaguely similar. I was like definitely wrong, but I thought it was cool back then

  • Levi Curtis

    The skeletons in the lake were most likely unwitting victims of the twin dragons

  • Crescendo

    I don’t think that you need to be a good person to go to Sovngarde, you can be an ass and still be honorable. I mean, you can meet Ulfric Stormcloak there.

  • Kim

    Thank you, I always questioned about Amaund. Thank you !!!Need more....pancakes.. :0

  • Not Ben

    The Final Detail Uploaded To This ChannelThe word "Skyrim" at the start of the game is actually a reference to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The game you just started a play through of.

  • mayfly4000

    "The sleeping tree was grown from a spore that fell off a floating island". That's ridiculous, TREES DON'T GROW FROM SPORES!!!!

  • netatsake

    So there's some pretty big things to make mention of with this so far. First, why are we assuming that good and honest people are the only ones to enter Sovngard? Pretty sure Sovngard is meant to be exactly the same as Valhalla, in that they aren't looking for good PEOPLE, but good WARRIORS. A strong moral compass isn't really a requirement I'm pretty sure. Second, all those bones at the bottom of a lake and we have NO IDEA where they came from? Are we forgetting that TWO DRAGONS COME OUT OF THAT LAKE? There are ALWAYS loads of corpses around dragons. And since we don't really know how long those bones have been there, there's no guarantee the dragons aren't the cause for them. Though I'm sure the falmer caused a lot of deaths elsewhere, if the dragons were alive while there were snow elves, then no doubt the snow elves died en masse to feed them, if dragons in this series even eat. Edit: I think a bigger mystery is, how the hell did that one dragon get into Blackreach? How did Alduin get down there to resurrect him? And why the hell are those two dragons the only two in the game that are capable of swimming?

  • constipated will

    bro what texture pack do u use?? pleaseeee tell me!!!

  • DovahKrieg

    I think the most unsettling mystery is where i left my followers..Always keep losing them when i need them most

  • Tipsy Bottles

    When the Hero of Kvatch goes to Francois Motierre the video says to "help assassinate a debt collector." This is incorrect. The hero was set there to help Francois escape. In fact, if I remember correctly, you're told to NOT kill the debt collector. Also, the first "mystery" in which the Dragonborn joins DB after being a target, not the first time it's happened. A character in Oblivion was targeted by her father, escaped, killed her father after, and was offered a position by Lucian Lachance. Those are my only issues.

  • Xavier St-Pierre-Trahan

    If Sovengard (i don't know how it is spelled) is similar to the Scandinavian Valhalla, then the moral standards of its denizens in life should NOT matter. Valhalla was the after-life of the ones who had an honorable death (a warrior's death) aka died fighting. You could have been the most benevolent person ever, if you had died of old age (for example) you would be sent to Helheim (or Hell) which is far from being any close to the monotheistic Hell.Also.A Draugr is NOT an evil being. At least, not in ancient Northern standards. Draugr are self-reanimated corpses of warriors than have done so through, literally, sheer willpower. And, they are doing so merely for the purpose of defending their own sepulture or tomb (which is far from being what i could call an evil purpose).

  • Charlie Booker

    Hey, it's how you going here, Nate?

  • Jason Crowell

    The theory that Titus Mede called the hit on himself is the hill I will make my stand on.Mede finds out that some people want him removed, and he uses a spy to help them (Motierre's bodyguard), then when you go to kill him, he asks one favor. He asks you to kill Motierre, this removes a disloyal backstabber. Why?Mede isn't a Septim, he doesn't have the power of the dragonblood like they did. The Empire is falling apart, and the Thalmor are preparing for another round, the Empire, and humanity is effectively finished. Tiber Septim, in his lifetime, was Dragonborn...he is worshipped by the Stormcloaks as Talos, and the dragonblood is proof of Akatosh's favor.Mede has heard that a new Dragonborn has emerged in Skyrim, and so...he helps finance and encourage those calling for his assassination, they perform the ritual and an assassin shows up to kill the Emperor. And once Emperor Titus Mede is out of the way, then the throne is clear for someone who can reunite the rest of the empire and Skyrim against the Thalmor.Someone blessed by both Akatosh and Talos could unite the Empire again, the Dovahkiin could do it.

  • Grigoriy Dubrov

    How often do you see such a strong game lore, where a full book was written based on a game lore and not the opposite?

  • ChickenPepParm

    The biggest mystery is how Nazeem hasn't been murdered to death by some other npc first

  • Xors

    The skeletons in the Forgotten Vale are probably buried remains of one of the battles during the war between the Nords and the Snow ElvesAs for Motierre, he is a member of the Elder Council, and since Titus Mede II has no heirs to the Ruby Throne, according to lore, that would mean that control of the Empires falls upon the Elder Council, so likely Motierre and many members of the Council want supreme power over the EmpireAnd my theory about Stalhrim is that similar to how Ebony is the blood of Lorkhan, I think that Stalhrim is the blood of the Aedra dripping when they tried to escape NirnThe origins of the Sleeping Tree are unknown, but they are living thinking beings that told all the Argonians in the world about the Oblivion Crisis a couple years before it actually happened, which caused Mehrunes motherfuckin Dagon to fail to conquer Black Marsh, today, Argonian priests drink their sap because they are the only species that can actually use it right for combat and wisdom, in fact, it is very likely that during the conquer of Tiber Septim, Argonians used the sap and that is why Talos Himself could not conquer Black Marsh

  • Zhenya Niki


  • XxxdeadeyeXxx

    Nate whats your fav build and i cant figure out what your fav game :D

  • BlueFlaming Wolf

    Why is there a skeleton under the bridge to dragonsreachAlso the olaf mystery could just be that olaf respected the Bard for sticking with his beliefs making him "honest"If the Nords don't like being under the Thalmor control have the Dovahkin teach them bend will, and use the dragons to take control back

  • Jargon Madjin

    To answer the Sovngarde thing regarding One-Eye and that bard, what you do in life doesn't really matter, it's how you die that decides if you get into Sovngarde or not (This is what I've heard, I might be wrong but I'm positive that's how it works) , to get into the Hall itself you would have accomplished something in life, but then again, Tsun isn't fond of you when you mention something like Listener, but he'll still let you in if you beat himEdit: Regarding the Sleeping Tree, I too at first figured that it was a Hist Tree but then I remembered that the sap isn't Hist, my reason for thinking this is because we already know what happens if you consume Hist, play Oblivion's Fighters Guild questline where you go undercover at the Blackwood Company, they secretly consume Hist and you have to consume it yourself, you blackout and end up fighting Goblins at a village, but they don't attack back, when the Hist wears off you find out that the Goblins weren't Goblins, they were people, considering Sleeping Tree Sap just increases your health, I doubt that it's Hist, that might just be a programming thing but still

  • Dovah Derps

    this series if just pointing out plotholes under the guise of mysteries

  • Cryhavoc_

    I'm gonna start calling Black Marsh Argonia :D

  • Quinton Phelan

    My wife’s a drug dealer!?

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