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Skyrim is a vast land rich in stories, people and place. Indeed, The Elder Scrolls 5 certainly has much to do, explore and learn. However, in a place as big and deep as Skyrim, there are bound to be a few unexplained happenings or strange occurrences that leave us scratching our heads. These instances are some of the most fascinating and intriguing parts of Elder Scrolls Lore. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more spooky mysteries you may have missed in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
  • Not a Dog

    The Most Unsettling Mystery: When Will Nate Run Out of Tiny Details.

  • FusRoDah Daily

    Skyrim's top Unsettling Mystery: What was Haelga and her secret lover going to do with that Trout?

  • Justin Y.

    The most unsettling mystery is where the NPCs go when a giant hits then with a club

  • Big Biscuit

    Hey Nate, guys here, and as we all know game is a huge skyrim

  • SaneManiac 741

    Olaf in the thumbnail looks like he's asking "Are you not entertained!?!".

  • Honest M'aiq

    Is Nazeem actually worth killing ?Yes.

  • TheEpicNate315

    Tfw you hold off on publishing a video for an extra fifteen minutes just to give it more time to process and it still comes out in 360p...

  • Demon Slayer

    The skeletons beneath the lake with the word of power, they could have been food for Voslaarum and Naaslaarum. They're the dragons guarding the word wall that pop up when you get close

  • Not a Dog

    The sleeping tree is the seed that fell from the floating city Umbra made. It is essentially a daedric Hist tree. Camelworks has a video on it.

  • Illuminati is Real

    One of the most unsettling mystery of how on earth the horses of skyrim can seemingly defy gravitiy.One day horses.... one day i will unravel your secret...


    One mystery I need to figure out, is how I still enjoy playing this game all the time even after 8 years.

  • bdyd08

    "Skyrim is a land of many things" - perfect, Nate, you can use this from now on

  • Alex Kwiatek

    But are liars excluded from Sovngard? Both were brave and died in true nord way

  • boonski

    I'm a little surprised when you were talking about Hist Trees you didn't mention that there was one in Cyrodiil 200 years before TES5 that was brought from Black Marsh. Your character actually takes some of the sap and has to destroy the tree itself both during the Fighter's Guild Questline.Also I've noticed something in the past few videos... No more "Murdered to death"?

  • Pathfinder Savant

    Its because Sovengard doesn't really discriminate based on ethics/morals. If you accomplished something, were a Nord, and didn't swear your soul to a Daedra, then your memory is preserved there.

  • imdontai's right eye

    Take a shot for every video Nate has used ‘plethora’ in the intro

  • Paddy the Daddy

    Stalhrim is Lorkhans crystallised ball sweat.

  • Joshalynn Hauser-Lieberman

    What's so crazy about a floating island in a game with curved swords? Curved. Swords.

  • Crescendo

    I don’t think that you need to be a good person to go to Sovngarde, you can be an ass and still be honorable. I mean, you can meet Ulfric Stormcloak there.

  • Headless Jim

    Actually the lake has two dragons hiding under the ice... Big fight and stuff... it's just something you may have missed... In elder scrolls 5: Skyrim😉

  • Connor Kenway

    The biggest mystery is the quest that you did for Hermeous Mora to get all these knowledge.

  • Subbot

    Will the Dragonborn be the most powerful draugr someday?

  • Mr. Lord Cat

    did the guard actually get an arrow in the knee?

  • mayfly4000

    "The sleeping tree was grown from a spore that fell off a floating island". That's ridiculous, TREES DON'T GROW FROM SPORES!!!!

  • Benjamin Cooper

    My only mystery is:I just ate 96 cheese wheels, how am I not CHUBBY!!!

  • Kelly Collins

    an almost 20 minute video? the Divines have blessed us on this day

  • Ruth Nield

    If Sovngarde is anything like Valhalla, then the quality of your life doesn't matter, merely the manner of how you died. I'm inclined to believe that Olaf managed to die 'valiantly' enough to deserve crossing the Whalebone Bridge. After all, a mythical hero had to be GREAT, not GOOD. Compare Heracles or Achilles to a modern superhero like Clark Kent.

  • Replicator Fifth

    Omg JUST realized the voice actor for Ancano also voiced Motierre o.o

  • Subbot

    Unsettling mystery: Why do players let Nazeem live?

  • Not a Dog

    TES6: Emperor Motierre’s War.Blame the killing on the Elves and and join with the Redguard to kick the shite out of the Thalmor.

  • MartynPolska

    Hey NateCan you share with us your mod list for skyrim?

  • Drew Forchic

    Another mystery... Why does Olaf One Eye have two eyes?

  • bdyd08

    you've been watching too much VSauce lately... or have you?

  • jū1ïān

    If Nate pins this I will murder myself to deathEdit:ok thx Nate first time being hearted keep up the good work👍👍👍❤❤❤

  • Augusto Pereira Lago Júnior

    ...isnt there dragons that pop up from the bottom of the ice-covered lake near the word wall? Couldnt that be the reason for so many skeletons? Maybe they drag their victims underwater for some reason?

  • Xavier St-Pierre-Trahan

    If Sovengard (i don't know how it is spelled) is similar to the Scandinavian Valhalla, then the moral standards of its denizens in life should NOT matter. Valhalla was the after-life of the ones who had an honorable death (a warrior's death) aka died fighting. You could have been the most benevolent person ever, if you had died of old age (for example) you would be sent to Helheim (or Hell) which is far from being any close to the monotheistic Hell.Also.A Draugr is NOT an evil being. At least, not in ancient Northern standards. Draugr are self-reanimated corpses of warriors than have done so through, literally, sheer willpower. And, they are doing so merely for the purpose of defending their own sepulture or tomb (which is far from being what i could call an evil purpose).

  • Max Hart

    It’s 8017 and Nate is about to upload his final video: Ten more tiny details you may still have missed in the Elder scrolls IV: Skyrim.

  • April Wood

    Thanks to you "murdered to death" is in my regular vocabulary lol. Love your stuff keep up the good work!

  • Samiul Haq

    The bard lied parthunnax personally knew numinex

  • Darth Skarr

    I... Am amazed...An Elder Scrolls YouTuber who actually spoke of Umbrella when mentioning the tree... :D

  • Stephen Bouthot

    Hey Nate. I remember that Camelworks did a video about the Sleeping Tree. It's definitely worth checking out.

  • Mike, from Texas

    That effect when you drink the Sap is always so cool.Also, Sarcophagi*

  • Rickest Rick

    Stalhrim is a ice enchanted by old Magic’s learned by and from the land to preserve the most honorable of the skull warriors and chieftains.

  • Sean Wisniewski

    or maybe stalhrim is a piece of lorkans body AKA the moons that fell from the sky

  • Mr. No no 65

    Was I the only one to run around looking for deathbrand screaming pirate stuff

  • Leto85

    I think there is no war nor hatred in Sovngarde and the Hall of Valor, therefore Olaf One-Eye was able to see Svaknir more objectively. Whatever truely happend during both of their lifetimes stays in their pasts.

  • MrOverCritical1989

    Was Sovngarde ever for necessarily "good" people? I only ever recall it being a place for honored dead and those who died in battle.

  • Derkeethus

    My theory about Olaf is that he really was corrupt, but after years of being in sovngarde, he changed into a better person.

  • Glynn Tarrant

    A spore that fell off a floating island you say?Sul - " VUUUUUUHAAAAAAAN!!! "

  • Lieutenant Rod

    You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people!

  • DovahKrieg

    I think the most unsettling mystery is where i left my followers..Always keep losing them when i need them most

  • Just Jester

    I dont think stalhrim has anything to do with ebony. I think the blacksmith that teaches you to forge it implies that if you know how to forge ebony, you are skilled enough to forge stalhrim.

  • Jesse Hinson

    When I first found Stalhrim, I thought that that's where frost salts came from since they look vaguely similar. I was like definitely wrong, but I thought it was cool back then

  • Dami Fides

    How about this idea?Ebony = Fossilized Blood of Lorkhan Stalhrim = FROZEN Blood of Lorkhan

  • Dave L

    12:30 the weapons do the same base damage so they require the same perk to make, there's your connection.

  • Therocksmasher 94

    The second mystery is just cause of dragons like the two revered ones in the lake

  • LeonSylon

    What's the map you're using?

  • deathalizer82

    I'm gonna start calling Black Marsh Argonia :D

  • Alibey Bal

    I can explain the canonicity of Greg Keyes' books in an easy way. Unless something comes in the main series that contradicts them, they are canon.

  • Leto85

    12:17 Name: Nord, race: Breton.Oké. :P

  • Youngster Joey

    Mystery no 1: How many people will Nate murder to death?

  • Jason H

    Read ‘Lord of Souls’ and you’ll find out where the sleeping tree came from. It’ll also explain the basis of the Meade dynasty and why the Penitus Oculatus exist. The island of Umbriel is a portion of Clavicus Vile’s realm.

  • Razar Campbell

    0:18"phenomenons" is not a word. It has Latin roots, so the singular is "Phenomenon" and the plural form is "Phenomena."

  • Ali Palooza

    These videos are great! Being a busy mom has left Skyrim to collect dust. Keep up the good work!

  • ChickenPepParm

    What in oblivion is that?!A new EpicNate video!!

  • dravinblack

    All of the skeletons at the bottom of the lake are there because the dragons killed them. if you remember correctly there are two dragons in that Lake and all the people would be pilgrims coming to worship because that lake is long the path. Which was the only way to get there in the first place

  • Not Ben

    The Final Detail Uploaded To This ChannelThe word "Skyrim" at the start of the game is actually a reference to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The game you just started a play through of.

  • AChan Games

    In the game elf bones are cleaner as in whiter then human bones in the game so the bones in the lake must have belonged to elves

  • medievaljedi

    You make me love Skyrim 3 times more than before I started watching your channel

  • constipated will

    bro what texture pack do u use?? pleaseeee tell me!!!

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