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☯ Yong - Skyrim Mods Gameplay: Better UI, Visuals, Nude Patch

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, it's Yyyong here, and welcome to my a special Skyrim Gameplay video that shows off some mods! Please rate, comment, and subscribe, and feedback is always welcome!

☯ Mod Links:

- A Quality World Map: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4929

- Better Females by Bella: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2812

- Categorized Favorites Menu: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4862

- Detailed Faces V2: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=26

- Enhanced Night Skyrim: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=85

- Realistic Lighting: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4323

- Midas Magic: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3413

- Improved NPC Clothing: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2674

- Millea Weapon Retexture: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1754

- No More Blocky Faces: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=30

- SkyUI: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3863

- Calientes Female Body Mod: http://skyrimnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2666

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  • Sam Rosenbalm

    Sorry Yong, but you're wrong about it looking pitch black at night. If Skyrim took place in Cyrodil I would agree, but this is Skyrim. When you are a long way up in the Northern Hemisphere it seldom gets dark at all. Just ask the Eskimos, Alaskans, or Canadians.

  • maja96ify

    yes why :D <3 i have now a boody mods but not hentai boody

  • Katherine Weber

    CNHF if you want a true warrior woman and not an anime-sexy-desu woman.

  • Laura E

    -ugh- can't find the video before this one.

  • Neal So So

    which graphic are you playing on?

  • The Satifactory Meat Stick Of Your Very Doom And While You Were Reading This I Stole Your Meats

    Have you heard of the moon........ I'm guessing not

  • itachy4K

    is the graphics set on ultra

  • maja96ify

    and No thanks I will not have a hentai Boody mods in skyrim i love to have a normal boody in skyrim and i will not have that my character lokke like a hentai girl <3 it ok to have a armor mods ! skyrim is nat a sexy sex boody to girls in the game ok And a girl in real world does not look like a hentai boody hmm maybe some person has silicone breasts ok !!!!

  • maja96ify

    Hey im a girl <3 and i love skyrim <33333 i have 5 armor mods <3333 but i have not a boody mods <333333 i have a sexy girl ind Skyrim and i have make her sexy ok and you female lokkes not sexy and you said that the Vanilla female lokkes ugly hmm yes if you make her ugly !!!!! so you lie !!!!

  • Wolfy :3

    i perfer the small pop-up fav menu cuz it doesnt block my screen

  • Dave Michael

    you compare a clouded vanilla night sky to a clear modded aky w/o clouds. and the modded sky is TOO colorful. makes t seem like there is no atmosphere.

  • TheRocketJocky

    He cant, his mom checks the history.

  • Emperorkang

    i was thinking of starting a "lets play" vanilla version of Skyrim....what do you think?

  • Link The Hero Of Time

    23:33 You do realize that this game takes place during the middle ages, and they didn't bathe regularly right?

  • theID2

    i liked this vid in general as it clearly showed the differences .. i take exception to the hypocritical manner in which it was presented. the fact the author practically vomited over the natural look of the woman but then went on to suggest realism was key was so overt it made me laugh out loud. ... another was his insistance that 'real' night was so much better but then tells us that 'multi-colored' night sky was great was also amusing. clearly he likes what he likes but altruistic he isn't.

  • theID2

    are all thes mods compatable with skyrim's high res texture pack?

  • Tiago Batista

    But I totally agree with the face and skin stuff!

  • Tiago Batista

    You can say that that things LOOK better with mods but definitly don't get more realistic, believe me. And I really like mods and ur let's plays.

  • Tiago Batista

    Ur just a pc fanboy. I mean, you like realism but you prefer the modded nights? LOL .. And you think that those modded npc clothes fot in medieval time? Ahahahahah just have fun with those mods, they don't deserve attention. On the other hand, the deadly dragons one is great.

  • Aibo

    Man who likes purple sky and plastic beauty talks about realistic nights... Little bit selective I gues :)))

  • TheSocialPlague

    Immature? Oh, the irony..

  • TheZero Dav

    no mods suck crazy !@#$

  • TheZero Dav

    i know moding looks better for my brother the master of shadow arrow only uses better art mods

  • Jonkyboy

    Would you mind providing a save file for your character? I've tried and tried but can't create anything remotely good looking :P

  • TheOriginalDJarbiter

    Does anyone else hate the inventory mods

  • lolDrHax

    @elitet0kr ... You're the pathetic little shit. You clearly know nothing about how Youtube works.Honestly, you need to grow the fuck up and start reading.

  • IckieStickie

    Lol'in to myself about that elite person... Ohgosh its funny about him raging about computer porn.... Utube Noob

  • Hidde Fraters

    i think itis funny you are bitchin' the whole vid about you like'in it better if it is realistic but at the end you dont like the underwear and that she is dirty but in the midevil ages the didnt shouwer every day and they didnt had uderwear like we have but i like your vid end go on ^^

  • Megajakie123

    @elitet0kr Its so its not flagged as inappropriate probably

  • Brandon Autrey

    The female body mod makes the skin look too smooth. It removes some of the finer details that the original skins have. Such as Aela the Huntress, she actually has freckles on her back. And that mod just completely removes it.

  • LackingExperience

    @elitet0kr i think you mad?

  • melih626

    @TGN thank you so much :p

  • Scarlov87

    Is sad when a good game gives the impression of being incomplete, I mean all that graphic enhances are made by users, and they are awesome and clean, wow god bless the creative and criticism users, seriously they give us a better experience of the game :D thank you

  • Bleeksan

    Wow Yong, deactivating the better females mod is like taking off the beer-goggles the morning after. lol. Keep up the good work Yong.

  • Malicious xi

    your speechless cause your jerking

  • Nick Walther

    does weight affect the nude mod?

  • Chris Mak

    Those mods just makes the game better and the game experience more intense and realistic, for those of you that think mods ruin the game thats just bullsh*t,mods make games better and realistic and you can remove them anytime.

  • Brook Esayas

    elitet0kr don't hate. It's just a video. Why would you go into an all caps rage just cuz there is a sensor? Chill man.

  • wittlemidget

    Due to your constant insults about her appearance, she later committed suicide.

  • le

    @elitet0kr If you want to see what the mod looks like, just follow the link is the description and stop talking shit.

  • Joseph

    @elitet0kr Lol no it doesn't you clearly don't know how Youtube works. by showing a naked body on Youtube they have to warn people so over 18's can only see the video. the fact they Censored the body is to avoid such problems, you must have serious problems if your complaining about censoring it, it really shouldn't affect you at all..


    I really hope Bethesda hold their words by sying that they will port this mods to the "game of the year" version of Skyrim for consoles too.

  • Joseph

    @elitet0kr This is post is lol, why are you fussing over the body being censored? how does it affect you in anyway unless...

  • Dali

    First you complain about light being unrealistic, then you dislike more realistic women. I'm confused :C

  • QuantumRoulette

    I found this hard to masturbate to.

  • AnamorphicBan

    3:22 having a hard time masturbating O.O

  • Guala Nejo

    in ancient time, moon light is brighter than lamp i think

  • void magem

    but them side by side. easyer to see the diffrence

  • Hellish

    Yeah show us all the new modded spells please :)

  • Cody Davison

    Yong. you could easily get a partner with Machinima, heck you could set up a RPG channel and with you at the helm it would be epic!

  • Falagar

    You fucking crack me up when you compared the beautiful face mod LMAO!!!!

  • UofM student

    NPC clothing was the biggest difference.

  • UofM student

    No links, like you said in your video...

  • Darkdream

    do you use any HD texture pack o.O?

  • TheTriggerhappycrew

    those bumps could possible be shoulderblade

  • Nik Haziq

    yong try final fantasi 13 mod...

  • Pizza Receptacle

    lol skyrim needs that female mod with all those manly ass Nord women.

  • xIElianIx

    i gonna miss your skyrim lets play videos :(

  • Merry

    "Ancient times"

  • Daniel Rodriguez

    hey pal , i expected a real side by side , ya know ? so its easier to notice the difference of the mod and no mod game

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