Skyrim - All Rare & Unique One Handed Weapons

In this video I run through ALL unique one handed weapons in Skyrim (daggers, swords, axes, maces).
Let me know if I left any out!

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Peace out and I will see you in the next video!
  • Camelworks

    Bob Marley, please share the names of the items I named. As I can assure you, all these weapons are found in game.

  • TooMany Humans

    This game will be the Mario of 2030

  • Samuel Turnmire

    What's that music playing in the background? Gonna have to pick that up

  • Alex Dariar

    Red Eagle's Bane was said twice :P

  • Julian Rodriguez

    Windshear is broken af. It actually staggers on every hit meaning that whatever youre attacking cant even fight back. Seriously op af

  • Mike Shaver-Miller

    Didn't see it in the top 50 comments, so I will mention it here. The Pale Blade, located I believe somewhere near Morthal, was a unique variant of the Ancient Nordic swords, which you missed. had a sweet enchantment on it, too. Better than almost anything on the list, even.

  • Blue Phoenix

    why did you repeat yourself when talking about red eagle's bane

  • StoneSupreme

    You forgot the fork and the knife

  • MightyPotato

    I 1 hit alduin with Mehrunes razor in my first ever playthtough, i was very dissapointed

  • Camelworks

    As V For Vasili has pointed out I have left out ' The Pale Blade '. When making this video series I confused ' The Pale Blade ' and the ' Blade Of The Pale ' to be the same weapon. I apologies for this mistake.The Pale Blade:Base Damage - 11Enchantment - Targets take 25 points of frost damage. Creatures and people up to level 16 flee from combat for 30 second.Style - Ancient Nord.Type - One-handed Sword.Perk - Steel Smithing ( upgraded with steel ingot ).Thank you all for the comments, they are very important!

  • MemesRhymesWithDreams

    Keening looks like something from fallout 4

  • Colby Waters

    Why isn't my right hand listed in this video.

  • Zach Campbell

    Did I hear that right? He repeated Red Eagles Bane twice?

  • Robin Freestyler

    my Chillrend is gone bcs i gave it to my companion (Lillia) and when i dissmided her she don't spawn in her home and i don't have console command😂 (ps3) if someone know any tips please comment😂

  • Last Dragonborn

    Many people consider Chillrend to be the 'best' One-Handed Sword in Skyrim, and while I do agree with that to some extent, there are a few things you should do before acquiring it:-Get the Whirlwind Sprint Shout-Wait until level 46+-Get both tiers of the 'Augmented Frost' perk-Get the 'Glass Smithing' perk -Get 100 in Smithing-Acquire gear with the 'Fortify Smithing' enchantmentThe reason for these are as follow:-You can glitch yourself into the manor where the sword is held-Level 46+ means the sword will be at its full strength-The Augmented Frost perk increases the strength of its enchantment-The sword is affected by smithing perks-You can upgrade the weapon to 'Legendary'-Your upgrades to it will be significantly strongerIf all of this is done, with 100 in One-Handed and all tiers acquired in the 'Armsman' perk, Chillrend can have a damage of over 100 when fully upgraded at a grindstone.While all of these unique weapons, as with any weapon, can be very powerful in the correct situation, I strongly advise only using weapons where they benefit from Smithing perks so you can improve them twice as much and significantly increase their overall damage.

  • Drum My Base

    You forgot the the Bloodskal Blade! It's a very awesome unique, also quite strong can get it in the Dragonborn DLC! Definitely worth cehcking out! (Edit: Yes I know, I made a mistake Bloodskal Blade is not a One Handed. Please stop commenting)

  • mand0rk

    You kinda bashed Miraaks blade without mentioning that its heavy attack fires out tentacles.

  • Joel

    he said red eagles bane twice

  • Tom Parham

    You missed a unique axe.The axe of whiterun

  • RobotHottdog

    why do you repeat some sword names? why do you repeat some sword names?

  • PsychoticShows

    Where is that golden place? Is it your house?

  • Its_me_aiden

    i think most of us already know how broken windshear really is

  • Eygam1

    Due to a bug, I have two Dawnbreakers. Pretty awesome for quests with undead enemies.


    You're playing Warduna-Helvegen in the background?

  • LuminZz

    I have two dawnbreakers on my thief character :D

  • The Vasto Lorde

    windshear has a broken enchantment that makes it stager enemies on every blow

  • MeanManSlayer

    11:47-11:54 XD woot?! the fails :)

  • JillyWacker

    your pronunciation of alot of these weapons frustrates me.particularly miraak, its pronounced mir - raak not mineck...?

  • CALIKO707

    I have the dawnbreaker. The divine (Or known as a god) Meridia gave it to me on a quest, I actually was being hunted by Imperials and ran into Meridia's Shrine.

  • Marus Goren

    And I hear Wardruna-Helvegen. Nice!

  • Ethan Collins

    I have the chillrend and dawn breaker

  • Camelworks

    Logan Calaway - I can't reply to your comment directly because there is no option to reply. The rusty mace has been left out because it is a quest item that you don't get to keep upon completing the quest.

  • wet socks

    what's with that room it looks badass!

  • la kems

    What is the name of song in the background?????????

  • Aaron W.

    Nordic pickaxe is kinda unique theres only like 3 right?

  • Luna The Doggo

    I had quite a few of these weapons but got rid of them because they sucked although I want to get the nightmare blade and that mace

  • EpicFTW

    can someone explain "base damage" and why its less then what it normally says?

  • Addison Schwab

    you forgot harkons sword, just saying

  • Drew Tessier

    Left out the good old fork and knife!

  • Horkerkiin

    I dont think I appreciate the Horksbane very much...

  • Hexathymia

    How do you get that room in the background, and all the golden chest/statue/etc.. is it modded in or actually vanilla?

  • Ausie Gamer

    that's not actually windshear's enchantment what happens is it staggers every single enemy on every single hit it is the best weapon in the game but sadly you need to go through the dark brotherhood to get it

  • Gizmo Brooch

    Hey man I appreciate how you don't show the locations since I like to find the items on my own with out help.

  • zielaszka

    You forget one sword "The Pale Blade" obtained in quest " The Pale Lady"

  • Lefteris Panagopoulos

    How about the sword you get from the pale lady?

  • nicolasmauser

    What is the chant on background ?

  • Frodo B.

    I like swords the most. Swords for the melee warrior type, and daggers for the sneaky assassin type.

  • The Meta

    How do I get Miraak's Sword and do I need a DLC to get it?

  • The Meta

    How do I get a Dragon Priest dagger?

  • Bogdan Milen

    wish u can see the lvl of enemies in skyrim ........, when u see things like swords does x thing to enemys under lvl y, u just dont know what lvl they are to use said sword !

  • bucky13

    God damn I can't wait for the remaster. Skyrim is my proudest platinum trophy and I'm excited to do it all over again.

  • jake mitchell

    Dawn breaker = infinity blade

  • rhys poole

    I lost my mace of molag bal because of weapon racks

  • RosemarYT from Spirit Halloween

    Spoiler: You use blood of Woe to kill Astrid after she's burned

  • Kris Sable

    my first playthrough i killed alduin with one hit from that mehrunes' razor lol

  • badgerboi i can't get rid of the second name

    the windshear, one of the unique scimitars, doesn't just knock enemies down with bash attacks, it has a 100% chance of staggering an enemy with a successful attack. it is basically paralyzing them if you hit them multiple times. very useful if you just want to get past enemies without troubling yourself with a battle and wasting potions.

  • abdullah zahid

    You forgot the pale lady it is a sword found in the frostmere crypt also a special one handed sword with enchantments


    Blade of woe and Mehrunes razor, my babies. Also never realized I had the two strongest daggers, came here for a new weapon.

  • L S

    I hear Wardruana, very nice

  • Questionable Object

    Guh level scaling is so annoying in Skyrim, you do something too early and a cool-effect item will be shit in no time!So rubbish.

  • Virtorio Scalera

    The Dragon Priest Dagger actually looks cool, right after the Blade of the Woe, ofcourse

  • Mason Cantu

    I’m confused cause it says the damage when you look at it and he’s saying the base damage but should the base damage be the damage it says

  • revurts

    why do you repeat some swords? like red eagles bane

  • Donovan Steinbarge

    You covered Red Eagle's Bane, a quest item, but not Red Eagle's Fury, the reward for that quest? At that rate, why not cover the rusty mace!

  • Riley Cowin

    You forgot the alt for dawn breaker...

  • Xenon Comet

    What is the difference between Base Damage and Damage

  • Caleb Eggers

    Hey camel you forgot kahoveins fang unique Dragon priest dagger

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