Skyrim - All Rare & Unique One Handed Weapons


In this video I run through ALL unique one handed weapons in Skyrim (daggers, swords, axes, maces).
Let me know if I left any out!

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Peace out and I will see you in the next video!
  • Camelworks

    - HUNTER HAZELTINE - Dragonborn DLC. Legendary skill option. Can easily get your character over level 200. Highest I have seen is level 255. Please educate your self on a topic before calling someone a liar.

  • Kronos camron

    you are like me, dont fancy those clunky two handed weapons.

  • MightyPotato

    I 1 hit alduin with Mehrunes razor in my first ever playthtough, i was very dissapointed

  • RobotHottdog

    why do you repeat some sword names? why do you repeat some sword names?

  • Crest Toothpaste

    This game will be the Mario of 2030

  • Camelworks

    As V For Vasili has pointed out I have left out ' The Pale Blade '. When making this video series I confused ' The Pale Blade ' and the ' Blade Of The Pale ' to be the same weapon. I apologies for this mistake.The Pale Blade:Base Damage - 11Enchantment - Targets take 25 points of frost damage. Creatures and people up to level 16 flee from combat for 30 second.Style - Ancient Nord.Type - One-handed Sword.Perk - Steel Smithing ( upgraded with steel ingot ).Thank you all for the comments, they are very important!

  • Tom Parham

    You missed a unique axe.The axe of whiterun

  • mand0rk

    You kinda bashed Miraaks blade without mentioning that its heavy attack fires out tentacles.

  • Colby Waters

    Why isn't my right hand listed in this video.

  • The Vasto Lorde

    windshear has a broken enchantment that makes it stager enemies on every blow


    You're playing Warduna-Helvegen in the background?

  • Blue Phoenix

    why did you repeat yourself when talking about red eagle's bane

  • Verse

    can someone explain "base damage" and why its less then what it normally says?

  • Eli Boussios

    6:03 is the weapons I use.

  • Darkwing_Gaming

    One thing that I found out about Dawnbreaker is that its burn effect will affect you if you are a vampire and you do get the explosion.

  • JillyWacker

    your pronunciation of alot of these weapons frustrates me.particularly miraak, its pronounced mir - raak not mineck...?

  • Seagull

    When I got M's razor I thought it was useless. However i was travelling the land of Skyrim when suddenly a legendary dragon attacks me. I said F*** it lets do this. I forgot that the razor was still equipped. I pulled it out smacked the legendary dragon once and it died. And from that day onward I always smacked my enemies with M's razor(I can't spell his name so he's M)

  • bucky13

    God damn I can't wait for the remaster. Skyrim is my proudest platinum trophy and I'm excited to do it all over again.

  • Mongnfjdjjejwjskskdkdnen

    Where is that golden place? Is it your house?

  • Extra Thic Twix

    Keening looks like something from fallout 4

  • Drum My Base

    You forgot the the Bloodskal Blade! It's a very awesome unique, also quite strong can get it in the Dragonborn DLC! Definitely worth cehcking out! (Edit: Yes I know, I made a mistake Bloodskal Blade is not a One Handed. Please stop commenting)

  • PrimePresents

    Dawnbreaker was one of my favourites, always reminded me of Theoden's sword in LOTR

  • LuminZz

    I have two dawnbreakers on my thief character :D

  • Metal Thunder

    you forgot the rusty mace

  • Ghost Raider

    I remember when I one shot Kastaag with the Mehrunes'Razor.

  • zielaszka

    You forget one sword "The Pale Blade" obtained in quest " The Pale Lady"

  • turkovich530

    Bethesda definitely favored magic blades. Harkons sword is nice if you need to fight as a vampire during the day, but is uses an incredible amount of soul gems. You almost can't have too many.

  • dogr trash

    lol i sold chillrender

  • Vivek Agarwal

    You forgot the pale blade

  • NGS Draku

    Who's here in 2018!!!

  • Camelworks

    Logan Calaway - I can't reply to your comment directly because there is no option to reply. The rusty mace has been left out because it is a quest item that you don't get to keep upon completing the quest.

  • Hunter Hagen

    What's the music playing in the background?

  • Khris Russ

    what room are you in in this video

  • Narose Draconis

    I know you did this 5 years ago, but you forgot the Unique Forsworn War Axe. I forget its name but it's found behind Bards leap, on the table in front of the word wall. It sometimes clips into the ground vanishing from the game, so I can understand why you missed it. but it encant dose extra dmg to Nords making it useful when fighting Bandits, Stormcloaks, Hired Thugs and Bounty Collectors.

  • Obi Wan Kenobi

    How did you get house like that with this vault? Is this a mod?

  • CALIKO707

    I have the dawnbreaker. The divine (Or known as a god) Meridia gave it to me on a quest, I actually was being hunted by Imperials and ran into Meridia's Shrine.

  • Jordan Holleman

    Mehrunes' Dagger (or Mehrunes's Dagger if you want to use English apostrophe rules) has a 1.98% chance to instantly kill.

  • TheLastGarou

    Question: I found a dagger on one of my playthroughs of Skyrim that had both Soultrap and fire damage as a single enchantment. It had the 'steel dagger' skin, but I don't remember if it had a unique name or not. I know I found it in a nordic ruin, because I remember it being either in a chest or on the ground next to a draugr deathlord's throne. I didn't see it on your list, so I was wondering if it was a unique weapon or if that's just a really rare enchantment?

  • Kris Sable

    my first playthrough i killed alduin with one hit from that mehrunes' razor lol

  • catsintexas

    what is that weapon in Skryim for, the one called Kazhanian Fang or something like that. I never could find the quest that that "fang " dagger goes for?

  • SlapNDash

    Shoutout to the Wardruna in the background

  • Shadow Lenahan

    thought you werent gonna do quest itemskeening is a quest item for the College of Winterhold as a side quest for that dude who's the conjuring teacher

  • James Daly

    4:03 Roleplaying as Harry Potter

  • Camelworks

    Bob Marley, please share the names of the items I named. As I can assure you, all these weapons are found in game.

  • Saruto

    Wait are the lunars considered unique because you can disenchant them

  • Austin Seymour

    some one didnt want to do much editing

  • Andy Lawrence

    Dawn breaker is my favourite sword


    A steel danger and a sky forge steel dagger have the exact same skin.. To let u know.

  • Spoonk



    Blade of woe and Mehrunes razor, my babies. Also never realized I had the two strongest daggers, came here for a new weapon.

  • Justin .Y. EET


  • Awmdio

    Blades Sword is not considered unique, is it?

  • Zeke The God

    Dawnbreaker is My Favouritest Malay weapon in the game

  • Emma SpAce

    ghoustblade isn't powerful but it was given to me by my two fave book subjects in the game, I was crying on that quest, I just wish it wouldn't fall off every weapons rack, not useful, but sentimental.

  • StoneSupreme

    You forgot the fork and the knife

  • Marus Goren

    And I hear Wardruna-Helvegen. Nice!

  • Emma SpAce

    dawnbreaker is my favourite sword for draugr, I like explosions, and these don't hurt my followers on accident.

  • Tomatoo

    Windshear + Targe of the Bludgeoned = bleeding fractured skulls

  • Just A Dark-Haired Gamer

    Chillrend and Dawnbreaker are my favs

  • supersannajin

    Blade of Woe..Astrid.. :'(

  • One chill Boi

    Nightingale blade and chillrend are my favorites

  • Heskey Plays

    How do u know the base damage

  • Dinocornosaurus

    A little editing goof at 11:50, probably know this by now but thought I'd say

  • Steinar

    Helvegen by Wardruna in the background <3

  • Horkerkiin

    I dont think I appreciate the Horksbane very much...

  • Luna The Doggo

    I had quite a few of these weapons but got rid of them because they sucked although I want to get the nightmare blade and that mace

  • wet socks

    what's with that room it looks badass!

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