Skyrim The Dragonborn Comes Cinematic Trailer

I made this video for malukah. with her awesome music that wake the warrior that is in us. :D

( And I've used more videos of skyrim this time:P )

game used for the video :

- Skyrim

- Dragon age origins

- Warcraft

- Forsaken world

- Assassin's Creed Revelation

- Warhammer

( i don't own anything, all the credit goes to the owners only )
  • dd07wow

    nice song and voice but the title is misleading. the cinematics are from other games

  • Luke Rodrick

    You have Assassins Creed Revelations in there.

  • Khavi


  • justin morris

    Warcraft 3 and skyrim?Don't fuq with me

  • legendaryspartan798

    Why am I seeing assassins creed, dragon age and world of war craft trailers added into a skyrim trailer

  • Gavin Woodruff

    I like the way the video was organized...great intro audio ;Dmalukah should have been the female bard voice actress...Why do you shun the truth Bethesda!!!

  • Rishabh Malhotra

    wtf is Ezio doing here? 😂

  • Steve Harper

    Sky rim is the shit! I put over 2000 hrs in on it lol still playing it

  • Dragonborn McQueen

    A mismatch of clips and does Malukah know your using her face to further your own agenda? Perhaps I'll inform her on the next livestream she does...

  • Dallas Bartlett

    I saw ezio Auditore from assassins creed revelations, why?

  • Lukáš Paluš

    Assassin creed revelations

  • Swansea Jennings

    Oman she is the Dragonborn

  • Malukah

    Another awesome video!!! Thank you so much, Jimmy!!! (and I'm very sorry it took so long for me to reply!!!)

  • Rhaena Targaryen

    This music would fit the lich king as well with a few changed lyrics.

  • Jo the Animator

    Crappy bards in skyrim: BEEEWARRRRREEE BEWARRREEE FOR THE DRAGONBORN COMES!!!!This girl: Beware, Beware for the dragonborn comes....girl<bards

  • DamienScott Abash

    You shouldn't have added assassin's creed scenes

  • seagull stolemychips

    thank you very much CaptainPeelz !!! yes I thought dragon age was the perfect video for the dragonborn comes. :D

  • seagull stolemychips

    @malufenix haa thank you, I'm so glad you could see it !!!! ( don't worry I understand ) :)

  • Dolphin Dive Productions

    Nice cinematic, I too have also just uploaded a Skyrim Cinematic, love to have your opinion!!

  • Shahkroniid


  • LDN Fufu

    How is World of Warcraft and assassin creed mixed up with Skyrim

  • Bárður Magnussen

    tell ya what. Assassins creed and Dragon age is NOT skyrim

  • Kane Estep

    I wonder if I can name every game you used in this. Tell me if I'm wrong. Skyrim (of course) DragonAge 1 Assassin's Creed: Revelations. Warhammer: Battle March The bell part I have no idea.

  • darkvaderforreall

    pfff ezio devours dragons soul by eating them he dosent need to be dragonborn

  • TheIanlincoln

    no you just should have stuck with skyrim footage

  • Rafe758

    Dragons don't have to have four legs to be true dragons.

  • Dzh' Kroal

    у меня вопрос к долбоебу автору: почему блять тут сцены из других игр и цель этого трэйлера чегото

  • Shadow Gear Audio

    I am surprised people still remembered WC3 considering it is WOW now

  • Cody Arkinstall

    She put in Assassins Creed: Revaluations in and a trailer for WoW: Rise Of The Lich Kink

  • ArrowOfWolves

    You forgot the trailer for Wrath of the Lich King. And the bell part is from Warcraft 3, in which Arthas returns home.

  • Tortle Power

    Ezio is fuckin awesome!!!! And Altair too :D

  • assassin in white

    that would be awesome in assassins creed just be like FUS RO DAH!!!

  • Vasco StarCraft

    This is The Lich King! Not dragonborn!

  • Ruben Baker

    Love her voice epic!!!

  • Macs Channel

    They got ezio's hood, so why not put him in the video, lol

  • Jack O'Regan

    Half of that footage was not even skyrim I mean ezio was an assassin not dragonborn the singing was nice though

  • Sgt. Apalone

    The only part I liked was the singing :/. If you want to make a cinematic animate it yourself please. This only goes to this guy though. Not all great cinematics are animated.

  • Ruffy2504

    pls stop writing cinematic trailer to the title that isnt true...

  • Lord Jaxtonian

    Interesting... in this video there are true dragons (The ones with four legs) and Skyrim dragons. lel. Also Ezio apparently took some time to slay some dragons. Jokes aside, great video, and this human can sing.

  • XDewoX

    integrating in skyrim ... imagine ezio + dragonborn + link = ...

  • XDewoX

    yes bro ... I know .. imagine skyrim in roblox.. wait...I HATE ROBLOX !

  • Fekete Marton

    Okay, not only Arthas but loarderon bells? Seriously?

  • Trunks Soliz

    Admit that everybody is looking for her name right now

  • Fekete Marton

    Wait. What the hell is the lick king doing in this vid?

  • Fuad Azhar

    1:09 its is assassin creed

  • The Donhaile

    Her voice is beautiful..

  • Steve Harper

    She's amazing wow sing more I bet she sold a lot of skyrim games from her signing made me go back n play my skyrim again

  • Dragon Hunter

    Ezio Auditore, Skyrim and Dragon Age pictures... Good remix ajsjas and better song ^^

  • PwnageXD

    Wow this girl's voice is just as beautiful as she is o.o

  • Dartanyan

    Cool around 1:50 a little after looks like Ebony Armour from OBLIVION

  • Adam Rozzon

    ...... Song : Skyrim . Trailer : Assasins creed + Skyrim!!!

  • MiKoreHD

    i don't know why but when she started to sing in the nordic lenguage i started to get chills o.o i don't know why :c btw why is there some wow 3,assassin's creed revelations cutscenes?

  • CaptainPeelz

    I like it a lot!!!!! At 1:52 I like how that fight looks just like the fight in Skyrim.

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