Skyrim: Dragonborn - Kagrumez Resonance Gems

The locations of all 5 Kagrumez Resonance Gems in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim.

NOTE: Despite there being 5 gems, only 4 are required to access the treasure in Kagrumez.

For Visage of Mzund:

Description soon to be updated.
  • AntiSkillshot

    3:57 but he was friendly...


    i found a dwarven sphere that can be your follower i have no mods no joke i was justwalking and i seen this lever so i activated it and then i found the dwarven sphereand it was friendly.

  • Mike Vizioz

    Sux that you didnt' get the option of getting a centurion follower. It's not like a centurion follower would have been to powerful an ally anyways...My character can kill a centurion with one blow and so can any of my other followers. So after the spider and the sphere, they should have added a centurion. Would just have been cool to walk around with that thing :)

  • Lukas Pettersson

    For me the "trials" are bugged. Dwarven spiders & spheres are bugged up on platforms that i can't reach or get up to/on, and to shoot with the bow & arrow takes so long, anyone?

  • Willem Kuhlmann

    What happens if the reaver maurader isn't there

  • Shryce

    I had a real hard time completing the second trials, coz 2 spideys and a construct got stuck on the high ledges in the left top corner well out of sight. It took me about a hundred arrows shot straight across the ledge from the furthest point away from that ledge to be able to knock them out as I couldn't see them. This is a nasty bug.

  • TheCDAGR81

    So I'm playing the remastered edition. and for the ones on Xbox one if you cannot get through to the Aqueduct since you don't have the control cube. AND IF YOU ALREADY COMPLETED THE QUEST, I recommend picking up the blue cubes. The ones that drain the water for some reason worked for me!

  • xX3faze3Xx

    But also if there's 5 than we would we only need 4 gems...I smell a secret!

  • Pro gamer Ali

    friendly dwarven spider glitch randomly happens to me

  • Born2Bnoob

    Why are there 5 gems when you only use up to 4?

  • Nagasaki Draws

    i cant find the guy he is not there any more any ideas where i can find him?

  • Marc Brown

    Were do I find revus sarvani? :/

  • _blue__ eyess_

    Thank you, this was very helpful☺️

  • Projekt 312

    WTF! There was no stone in fahlbtharz.....glitch?

  • Quinton Phelan

    I don't have the cube to open the door any more can I get another some how?

  • Jason Lechette

    When I go to get the last two they arnt on the people's body where are they?

  • Richard Birkett

    They are so small i missed them first time, Kagrumez CLEARED! thanks a bunch man.

  • VenchuurTV

    i think that might be it, I havent found anymore after 7...

  • Bryan Feliciano

    There's one more at the aethirium forge

  • Sikh

    This seems very similar to Orcidea's tutorials.

  • SpooklordNito

    I forgot the cubes in Nchardak and I can't get in. FUCK

  • lilrico21

    I went to that one guy and huz ass aint have a gem wtf :(

  • TheDeathstr1ke

    Filial Bonds is a random encounter.

  • TheDeathstr1ke

    I meant finding his brother -_-

  • greenthunder1000

    If your missing one, you can skip it. You only need 4 gems

  • Kiba Bloodfang

    Somehow, I actually got into Nchardak... dont' worry though, the bow that you get awarded really isn't that great. You're not missing much. If you wanna get in, try reloading and coming back at a later date. It miraculously and randomly opened up for me again when I did that.

  • Kiba Bloodfang

    It won't let me back into Nchardac D: And the guy that's supposed to be with the silt strider is just GONE.

  • Kiba Bloodfang

    You get the quest there, but actually finding the werebear IS a random encounter. There's no guarantee to run into the guy's brother at any set location, you just have to hope you run across him randomly after you get the quest.

  • IUnknown ShadowI

    I really hope I get to keep the dwarven machine companion :)

  • SteevDragon67

    Cool bow, but I made a few insanely powerful ones through alchemy, and making powerful enchanting formulas. 

  • Johnny Morgan

    U make great Videos, pal. keep on with that ;)

  • MoneyShotOh

    I can't return to nchardak

  • Bigpower

    I bought my Kagrumez Resonance Gem from Neloth..

  • SaramonDGX2

    How come the slit strider merchant guy isn't there for me?!

  • Lukas Pettersson

    If you're on PC you can use the console to type in the command " tcl " which is the equivalent to any other games noclip.It allows you to walk anywhere unhindered which will allow you to get up on the ledges where enemies might be stuck.And if you're on console then i'm not really sure

  • Superior Noob

    wow i miss the second gem ty

  • OffhandDelivery

    actually he always spawns at a little spot just to the right of bjold's camp, where the spriggans are. just wait there and he always shows up

  • thesaints147

    i never saw the marauder

  • Demolition990

    you need five not four

  • Berserk Muffin

    seems like a lot of work for only a bow. a set of armor would be nice or something else

  • Sooperbowie

    I actually killed that guy ho sell kagrumez resonance gem

  • BlorgusTheWhale

    Bargain doesn't have the the gem

  • Alex DuRain

    I think my revunis got barbecued by a dragon at some point

  • iciesXYZ123

    No, there are only seven.

  • Kaleb Staton

    thank you a traveled all around raven rock and found nothing

  • TheGamerField

    3:45 this bandit doesnt give a fuck about him getting shot =)

  • laxskateguy

    Thanks for the vid, helped alot.

  • AdrianGK47

    You can also buy one from Neloth

  • Zest Fisher

    AND there is a follower a dwemer sphere I acadently hit him a bit so I belive he dosent regen

  • johnmin93

    your videos seem to have similar style as Orcidea's videos. I'm not saying it's bad, on the contrary I think it is awesome to have someone with NO COMMENTARY and very straightforward style of walkthroughs to cover skyrim. well since Orcidea is too busy with other games anyway

  • Bryan Lotus

    wait wait i think that's not the end coz there was a door at the top of the front of the gems table and i went there by whirlwind shout and it's close

  • Bruh

    Very disappointing outcome after all the work to get the gems

  • Kaleb Howard

    I only found one reaver in that room, with none of the gems

  • Squid Balls

    Just a bow that doesn't work half the time, and can also be resisted by bandits.

  • Norgos

    ICEnJAM got the best walthroughs!

  • Norgos

    I couldn't find that guy who's selling one of the gems...

  • All-Purpose Flour

    Yay I got a dwarven sphere companion!!! O yeah ICEnJAM u forgot to mention that there's dwarven companions or friends.

  • MrWalker8800

    if there are 5 then what is the 5th one for?

  • adamhicks24

    it says there is a link in the description for a full walkthrough

  • adamhicks24

    the visage of mzund video is it....

  • Jman0623

    You also get the option to have either a dwarven spider or a dwarven sphere to fight for you

  • Draevan13

    Be careful when getting the one in Nchardak Aqueduct, during the fight with the Ballista the gem can be knocked off the table and glitch into the floor, making it un-obtainable.

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