Skyrim: Dragonborn - Kagrumez Resonance Gems

The locations of all 5 Kagrumez Resonance Gems in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim.

NOTE: Despite there being 5 gems, only 4 are required to access the treasure in Kagrumez.

For Visage of Mzund:

Description soon to be updated.
  • Alex DuRain

    I think my revunis got barbecued by a dragon at some point

  • Divine Lasso

    The silt strider guy is not showing up for me and there's am ash pile there so he's probably dead

  • Alexander Johannessen

    What wepon did he use and what is the stats?

  • Saint Hunter

    I locked the aquaducts up with the red control thing and now I can't get the other one lol.shit you do when your high.

  • IUnknown ShadowI

    I really hope I get to keep the dwarven machine companion :)

  • _blue__ eyess_

    Thank you, this was very helpful☺️

  • Lucas Sjögren

    what the fuck its not there who took my fUCKING BOW

  • Squid Balls

    Just a bow that doesn't work half the time, and can also be resisted by bandits.

  • super bowie

    I actually killed that guy ho sell kagrumez resonance gem

  • JustCan

    i cant return cause i cant enter the building

  • Amy Dorsey

    I was locked out of the second place. help

  • B.R Productions

    I found two reaper gems

  • Robert Ploessel

    Your walk through helped me alot thanks

  • Marc Brown

    Were do I find revus sarvani? :/

  • pringleboyo

    1:57 slits a guy's throat right in front of his friend"Did you hear something?"

  • Lukas Pettersson

    For me the "trials" are bugged. Dwarven spiders & spheres are bugged up on platforms that i can't reach or get up to/on, and to shoot with the bow & arrow takes so long, anyone?

  • TheCDAGR81

    So I'm playing the remastered edition. and for the ones on Xbox one if you cannot get through to the Aqueduct since you don't have the control cube. AND IF YOU ALREADY COMPLETED THE QUEST, I recommend picking up the blue cubes. The ones that drain the water for some reason worked for me!

  • Dragon slayer

    I've never been able to return to that place

  • ed champagne


  • Born2Bnoob

    Why are there 5 gems when you only use up to 4?

  • White_Bread904

    what if you don't have a control cube?

  • Bobby Bobby

    How do you get the red cube to open the door for the second gem?

  • Omega

    I need help. When I get to Kagrumez, the guy you're supposed to kill for the last 2 gems isn't spawning. Anyone know what todo?

  • Superior Noob

    wow i miss the second gem ty

  • Your friendly neighbourhood Mexican pool cleaner

    Thankyou! This really helped me!

  • Projekt 312

    WTF! There was no stone in fahlbtharz.....glitch?

  • Kobir Miah

    friendly dwarven spider glitch randomly happens to me

  • Kaleb Howard

    I only found one reaver in that room, with none of the gems

  • Pedro Chavez

    How do you get back in Nchardak? Anyone?

  • Milton Gregorski

    When i got into the Nchardak part, the things on the table had spawned on the floor so i had to use telekinesis.


    i found a dwarven sphere that can be your follower i have no mods no joke i was justwalking and i seen this lever so i activated it and then i found the dwarven sphereand it was friendly.

  • josh rooney

    You forgot to mention the friendly dwarven spider and sphere

  • Block Animator 620

    can you get the second one even after completing the main quest ?

  • Richard Birkett

    They are so small i missed them first time, Kagrumez CLEARED! thanks a bunch man.

  • Pive

    Is black bow of fate all there is?

  • BlorgusProduction

    Bargain doesn't have the the gem

  • blonded

    Black bow of fate <3

  • ATLMexiKing1418


  • Mike Vizioz

    Sux that you didnt' get the option of getting a centurion follower. It's not like a centurion follower would have been to powerful an ally anyways...My character can kill a centurion with one blow and so can any of my other followers. So after the spider and the sphere, they should have added a centurion. Would just have been cool to walk around with that thing :)

  • Demon Assassin

    The guy Revus sarvani isn't there for me what do I do

  • Crazy Apes

    GUYS HELP.... when id died at the last one but when i try restarting the ones at the top wont come out..REPLY FAST

  • I'm That Guy

    When I got the now it's power was 22 not 37?



  • matt c

    sary thes made no sins  i raddy have 3 gems  am stuck i nplace woth 7 or 8 or 9 potens  waht one opens the last door mack a vado man you  noob

  • jejeakle

    The second ones the hardest in my opinion (second trial, I mean).

  • Willem Kuhlmann

    What happens if the reaver maurader isn't there

  • Chris Shills

    Thanks!  To the point...

  • xX3faze3Xx

    But also if there's 5 than we would we only need 4 gems...I smell a secret!

  • Imminent shadow

    So is this an actual quest . I'm looking for this now to go with my collection of the unique weapons and armor like the zypher bow and ebony mail , good video , very helpful thanks .

  • Quinton Phelan

    I don't have the cube to open the door any more can I get another some how?

  • Skrewdatt

    The guy with the two gems isn't there for me. What do i do now?

  • Allan Ng

    Where is the 5th room?  I've got all 5 gems already but where is it located? 

  • Nagasaki Draws

    i cant find the guy he is not there any more any ideas where i can find him?

  • Jason Lechette

    When I go to get the last two they arnt on the people's body where are they?

  • Nick Shipman

    At 2:02, when he assasainates the guy whos talking,when he dies if you listen u hear one of them say "Did you hear something?" XD

  • Dylan fisher

    AND there is a follower a dwemer sphere I acadently hit him a bit so I belive he dosent regen

  • Shryce

    I had a real hard time completing the second trials, coz 2 spideys and a construct got stuck on the high ledges in the left top corner well out of sight. It took me about a hundred arrows shot straight across the ledge from the furthest point away from that ledge to be able to knock them out as I couldn't see them. This is a nasty bug.

  • Jovanny Ramirez

    Hi want to be friends on Xbox 360

  • Sique

    This seems very similar to Orcidea's tutorials.

  • Gavin Tholen

    I killed the first guy and looted it from his body

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