Top 5 BEST Skyrim Odd Mods of 2016!

2016 has ended. So it's time to look back at all the shit I churned out on my channel these past few months!

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  • PurpleStudCollecter97

    This extremely small community makes me feel warm and fuzzy, like Adolf watching the train cars roll by

  • Real Human

    You should do weird oblivion mods if you run out of skyrim mods

  • daim ProPlayer

    hey I started a series based on yours ( but in spanish ) thanks for everything and congrats

  • AF

    You just made my day<3

  • Okochaida

    Where are my meaty boners?

  • Jesus Osuna

    After a looong night, I needed this.

  • Locke

    I knew floppy would win!

  • Nixel

    Hey, that was a very bearable video.


    We had some good times.

  • Tommy Vance

    WAHEY YOU'RE STILL ALIVEHope you had a lovely Crimbo <3

  • Kyle Horkley

    New to this channel but really liking the content. Feels very polished. I feel like changing your channel name to something else would make it easier to remember and recommended though. Maybe removing the "v1"? Either way, keep up the good work!

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