Laravel 5.1 Basics - Introduction

In this video series we will be going through the basics of Laravel. This series contains 12 videos which include the following:

1. Composer & Laravel Installer
2. The File Structure
3. Routing
4. Models
5. Relationships
7. Blade Templating
8. Controllers
9. Authentication
10. Middleware
11. Migrations
12. Requests, CSRF, & Wrapping up.

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  • Harshil Gupta

    Thanks, better than most of the paid ones cough laracasts cough.I like how you give a tour of the folder etc. It gives a bit of confidence knowing that you know things inside out and not just functionally. Appreciated, subscribed and looking forward to more!

  • Yusuf Mohamed Salh

    loved the channel from the first video.

  • winnie damayo

    im using windows OS can i follow this tutorial?

  • Januka Dhungel

    One Laravel course that will Revolutionise you as a PHP Developer:

  • Bongo Sinxo

    Brilliant! Is there more?

  • Priyo Garai

    dear sir,how to create multiple route file for laravel 5.01> api route 2> client route 3> admin route

  • Jack Jill

    Hi can you please make a tutorial which shows how to remove the \home in the url once a user login. It really does not look professional

  • Umair

    Can You Send me the link to Download Larave for Mac?

  • Dato Gachechiladze

    name of sublime theme?

  • Samet Aylak

    i'm just curios what theme are you using for Sublime Text ?

  • CodeFaq

    Laravel is at v 5.3 .... there need to be a way to magically upgrade videos on youtube without needing to remake everything again...

  • Arden Latraca

    Hey men, your videos were awesome.Watched this course and helped me a lot.Thank you and keep it up! :)

  • Ignas Christ

    very helpfulllll broo!!hope for the next u can make a lot of video about laravel with advanced tutorial :)

  • Inna Tarasyan

    Great tutorial. Big thanks :) :) Please post more videos...

  • vivek nimkarde

    Can we use laravel with polymer?

  • Jamil Ahmed

    Good video for beginners. See how you can use Redis for queuing In Laravel 5

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