Skyrim: Special Edition - 10 Things To Know When Starting a New Game

Skyrim gets a remaster and with it some first time players. Here are some tips for beginners starting Skyrim for the first time.
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  • Zachary Dini

    You aren’t a true Skyrim player if you don’t take on a giant pre level 10 and get sent to the moon

  • that guy rock

    When you kill your first dragon and think your unbeatable then run into a giant

  • Dusan Mandic

    If you see a sweetroll in a guards inventory. Pickpocket it. Someday he might say something really ironic to you

  • bailien 11

    We all eventually become a super sneaky Archer person

  • The Lit Show

    some new kids are gonna see a giant and learn about the Nord space program

  • DoYouHaveTheBallz

    I have put 4000+ hours into Skyrim. Why did I watch this till the end?

  • SlimeyTheSlime

    Got more tips: kill every chicken in every town, you can one shot a giant at level 1 with a dagger, put ALL skill points into lockpicking and make sure not to get arrows in the knee

  • Briana Inclima

    I just started playing skyrim for the first time, I killed Gerders chicken and she and everyone else attacked me. I was so offended, I just wanted some damn chicken man.

  • SpartiuS94

    That first frost troll. I saved the game just before I started fighting. MF killed me like 10 times.

  • Britt Kelly

    "Don't spend your money on stuff, you should really save up for, like, a house..." Who says video games don't teach life skills?

  • BTM1105

    Took me 3 hours to kill that damn ice troll

  • King Dededinkleberg

    I like fighting in 3rd person, its just how I played and I got used to it.

  • Furos Gaming

    Only me who use my housecarl as a walking chest

  • ThatCitrusFriend

    Honestly I've gotten into the habit of constantly saving from playing Skyrim, and now I do it with all other games I play.Whenever my sister watches me play a game she gets so annoyed at how much I pause to save the game. Then when she's playing games she forgets and gets started back at a point that is really far from where she is now and I try not to laugh but it's kinda funny to me.

  • Miggerz

    R.I.P first time players who fought a giant

  • FrontLineFox 20

    My advice is a bit strange but I found out the hard way: if you want a set of guards armor from a certain town/ city? Make sure when/if you side with the Stormcloaks or the Empire, that you get the armor BEFORE your faction takes the city. Example: i sided with the legion on my first playthrough. When we were gonna tale winterhold, i looked around and was like “damn those winterhold guard outfits look cool!” And like an idiot i decided to take the town first. Well after that, I went into winterhold, and the guards were just Imperials. No more cool winterhold guards! Hope this helps someone.

  • Zachariah

    For new players and those who haven’t picked up on this yet. You can spot and kill draugr before they wake up. Look for the one with armor like apparel. Then use a sneak attack on them. Bow is suggested for those with low sneak skills

  • Lord Tachanka

    I swear you have more than 81 perks, because you can level up infinitely

  • Terang

    I’ve been playing skyrim for 3 years now and I still haven’t touch dark brotherhood, dragonborn, bard’s college and dawnguard quests. Let alone modded quests that I’ve installed for years.

  • FluFFy ToasterZ

    tip for the beginners EXPLORE dont just follow the main quest line EXPLORE EVERYTHING

  • Pokekylepark

    "Don't play a Jack of All Trades."Hehe... Riightttt.... About that..

  • Joshua Neff

    I've had some bad times with that frostroll

  • Nick

    I feel like everyone has played as a stealthy thief archer at least once your not alone

  • Sandy Squirrel

    My friend screwed me over, so I saw a giant (on my first play through) and asked her if it was hard to kill, because she had played the game before. She said yeah... Let's say I experienced the Nord space system...

  • Gabriel Sevilla

    Don't know why I watched this I have over 300 hours on this game.

  • Liam MacKenzie

    "Cause you're a sucker and you love the abuse" Was this a subtle reference to 'Self esteem' by the offspring?

  • thejimm2009

    My best advice? If you are short on gold...hit up that Dawnstar chest a few times.

  • evion223

    I'll disagree, I've been playing 3rd person for a while now and I have good fun doing so , no problems here , and yes i did it while being a warrior 2 handed , mage and archer

  • Street S W A T

    LMAO I can't be the only one that just kept all my shit in the basement of that first dudes house that saved you from the dragon in the beginning!

  • Trash

    Protip: when fighting guards, aim for the knee.

  • Jakob Siegel

    Use the wall-plate glitch on the wardrobe in the tavern in riverwood. (Put a plate against a wall and sprint into it) do that to the dresser/wardrobe and open the back panel and you can get a blades sword, an orchish sword, lots of ingredients and a boat load of gold.

  • Mr Mosty

    You can use any playstyle, equipment and change your looks at anytime with the Face SculptorStart new character cause your name isn’t right

  • shelley Griego

    I just got Skyrim today and I know nothing about it so this video helped a lot


    Third Person for me !!! Thanx 4 Posting 🇵🇹

  • SharkByte

    Cool Tip For Beginners: Kill the town Chicken! Gives great XP and loot!

  • Alianbow

    It's funny how he says the lame guild questlines are better than the story... honestly, the weak main quest somehow beats the even weaker guild questlines, pro tip mod mod mod... or make oblivion stble and play that

  • Don't Subscribe

    Dont take his advice. Play your own game like you want

  • Da Wolf

    Lockpicking is an useless Skill Tree. Just get 100 lockpicks and you will open it eventually. It's not that hard really.

  • Kylar Hunt

    Get the mace of molag bal ASAP! Look it up, it’s fairly simple and it’ll help you out a ton throughout the game especially if you get it early

  • bleach 22

    Pro tip: there is no level cap with dlcs installed

  • ArtisticDork

    That frost troll from the main quest? I avoided it by riding past on a horse

  • creepman25

    i use companions as backpacks

  • ReineDeLaSeine14

    I play on Novice. Fight me.

  • Clorox Bleach

    Don't let any arrows hit your knee, otherwise your character is doomed to be a boring guard

  • OneOfTheMasses *

    Actually, I get Serana, as soon as possible, but, don't take her home, for a long, long time. She remains unkillable, but of course, she won't carry anything for you. But, I can live with that. I grab a strength potion, have Serana following me, yet, tell her to "wait here", (which she follows anyway), then I start a quest with Vilkas, but, don't take him to his quest right away, and this way, I have Serana and Vilkas assisting me through most of my quests, and they are unable to die, at this time. 😉

  • Lisa Catherine

    1. Always kill Nazeem, like just always do it. 2. The chickens are considered holy, and everyone will brutally slaughter you if they catch you killing one of this damn chickens3. Lol, I feel stupid for saying this one, but I will anyways, don’t fall for Brynjolf, that a-hole isn’t an npc u can marry, so srsly, resist his charms. I’m sure there’s several seasoned Skyrim players that’ll agree with me lol4. There’s something wrong with Lydia, u can use her if you’d like, but there’s many other followers out there that are better options lol5. Watch out for those giants, they’re prone to launching you to the stars

  • Nameless Ghost

    I wish my spouse would give me 100 gold a day...

  • Zachariah

    If you trying to work on your sneak skill. Whenever you explore cave, ruins or anything similar. Sneak the whole way through it(Except in combat for obvious reasons). Yeah it takes a bit more time, but combine this and the shadow stone’s blessing,and you’ll quickly improve your sneak skill... p.s. Wearing light armor and using a bow also are major helps

  • Tokkie Met uitkering

    A tip for beginners if you want to farm a lot of experience kill a lot of chickens

  • Dark Void

    Bruh I have Skyrim for Switch so I can't play with mods fml

  • Than os

    5:23 Crazy nord man but also have a GlockI swear I thought you said that the first time lmao

  • Greg Putnam

    I definitely took some tips but some of these were common sense and/ depends on your playstyle.How I always start my game is I help Ralof escape from Helgen, I meet him in Riverwood but stop by the Summoning Stones and equip either Mage or Thief stone whichever I plan on focusing early game, it is mostly Mage. We we get to Riverwood, I detour to complete "A Lovely Letter" questline where I obtain Faendal as a companion. This is a NECESSITY for early game b/c he trains you in Archery up to Level 50. I could focus Archery if I am going Thief build but more importantly it can give you core levels, 6 - 8 to be specific.You dont have to worry about gold b/c every time you level up, his training cost 10 more gold but since he is your companion you can go into Faendal's inventory and take however much gold you paid him so he is essentially training you for free.You need at least 550 gold to get to level 50 in Archery with his training. 550 is a hefty price early game except you can take him on the quest "The Golden Claw" which takes you to Bleakfalls Barrows. You use Faendal to complete the dungeon, use gold their to pay for training (I always complete it before halfway mark) and send him on his way. You get the 6 - 8 level ups real quick, don't pay for them so you keep gold, use the skill points from the 6-8 levels to overpower myself for the dungeon, grab the Dragonstone for Whiterun and Word of Power, give the claw to the shopkeeper getting more gold (buy spellbooks if I am going Mage route) and head to either the Mage's College in Winterhold or Thieve's Guild in Riften. Play their questline, complete main questline up until obtaining the second Unrelenting Shout, do the opposite Guild I did not complete earlier, and then just mess around or do sidequests b/c I hate doing the main quest. By this time I will be about Level 25 and I will be solo b/c companions get in the way whether I am a Thief and I am trying to Sneak around or a mage and they get hit with fire spells and die.

  • Greg Putnam

    Here is the thing with companions: they mess up my playstyles or get in the way. If I am a Thief, they blow my cover when I am snaeking around and I can't interact with them b/c they keep saying, "We can't be here!" On the quests I do. If I am mage, they die to my fire damage which persists even after they yield and kneel down. I do grab one I wait till I am Level 30 and half Dawnbreaker, Spellslinger, and Ebony Mail. Dawnbreaker requires level 12 and is a sword that deals fire damage, sets undead on fire, and sometimes causes undead up to a certain level to flee. Spellslinger requires level 10-13 allows the user to create a ward blocking up to 50 magic damsge every time the shield is raised. Ebony Mail requires level 30 (also known as Armor of Boethiah) allows the user to move stealthily while wearing armor and if enemies get to close, they take 5 points of poison damage every second. I almost always grab Lydia but wait for her to follow me after I have these items. The sword gives her fire and is good for dungeons, the Armor gives her some defense and allows us to sneak if I am doing a Thief focused build, the shield blocks her from enemy magic and my magic, the poison gives her an edge if close combat while I am range. This is perfect for me and has so many benefits, plus by the time I am level 30, I will have already completed the College of Winterhold and the Thieve's Guild questline so there really is no need for specifics. By that level, it would be really easy for me to get overwhelmed playing a ranged character so a companion can help mitigate that

  • Prader Willi Runner

    Great video. Played Skyrim a dozen times. Just reinstalled my Xbox after a repair by Microsoft and can't wait to start playing Skyrim again.

  • SunDust K

    I can't use a companion I keep accidentally killing them....

  • The Real Mr Beard

    Tip number 1 should’ve been every tip on he list. Literally just started the game yesterday and I wish I would’ve known to save 😩

  • RIP Star Wars

    Mod Skyrim is required, even to remove bugs.But for me the Yautja mods are essential.

  • Jay McMullen

    First and foremost rule of Skyrim... don't kill farm animals

  • Black Heart99

    Maybe look for a mud crab and let it hit you for a good bit or maybe until you get to level 10 .

  • Jitendra Sharma

    I love only third person

  • HALO Kittenz

    i don't use beds food mead wine or anything like that

  • Derek Camp

    Everything's for sell my friend, everything! Except the best loot

  • Nikolozi Beraia

    like if you always tried to be stealth

  • Wittletaungy Marchbank

    TIP: Quick save before you do anything you think you might regret

  • Alyssa the awkward skat

    I was level 8 and I ran passed that ice troll I always hated climbing the steps

  • Geralt of Rivia

    The chickens are actually satanic demon spies from Oblivion so just watch yourself.

  • BadgeurM0B

    lovers comfort only applies if you are not a werewolf :)

  • Temparal Flux

    thanks, playing my first time playthrough now...yes...10 years after it was released :D

  • xDog .SoldieRx

    That damn frost troll? I took 5 attempts to slay him. But Lydia bites it every single time :(

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