Skyrim The Kagrumez Secret Treasure Quest (Dragonborn DLC)


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  • Dickcheese143

    Just have 5 or 8 wooden plates in inventory. Use wooden plate exploit against gates with whirlwind or sprint all the way there pick it up and do same to get out....easy as pussy.

  • Evan Wilson

    I killed the first guy so long ago. fuck

  • Sentinel Triston

    I cant disenchant a unique weapon Humph thats never happened before.

  • Daltons Smith

    are there more than 5 gems kagrumez

  • Alan West

    yeah, soo let's not tell people how to actually get into the boiler room, you know the panel with 10 buttons that you need to push the correct one's and the fact that once down there you need to hit the spinner control rods...all before you can actually reach the boiler room...nope cus that's not important...*Duh*

  • Drunk Eggsekutor

    its pronaunsed dwarf-en

  • Chelsea Alba

    It won't let me pass the water is still there with the electricity, my followers keep dying, I killed everything, it won't let me pass, and I loaded and redid it many times, what should I do!

  • Sweet Melody

    A bow.... A BOW?!?! God!!.... I did this for a bow!... Any idea that im one of the cursed ones?!... I cannot use bows for its Arrows goes Down the same second i shoot! like not readying a bow completely, just hitting a button and releasing it, Arrow drops to the floor... why did she get cursed?! Luckily i made her good in magick, and crossbows work! ^_^

  • ThatGuy182545

    I found a couple things with the Chaos Damage enchantment. On Stalrim Axe, on Stalrim Dagger, and something else too. Don't remember what. You can disenchant them too.

  • Jonathan Myers

    what's that like fire engulfing his character.

  • Saul Moses

    Great, I did all that for a bow that I wont even use because my fucking game is screwed up and when I pull my bow fully, and then release, IT GOES LIKE 1 FUCKING METER!!!!!!!!

  • xRusty Crabx

    sick video .. loved it

  • nuclear beast

    Dude you can kill the guy and take the shit of his body

  • Doom Muffinz

    Why would you not pick up a diamond?...

  • Alex Bohn

    If that's aueiels bow why don't you use sunhallowed or blood cursed arrows?

  • desert xXxsnake

    lol when a went into the second dungeon a fell threw the floor

  • charles ryanlee

    Actually, Destruction spells, such as Fireball and Firebolt, work jsut as well as bow and arrow.

  • Supreme

    vlw man ajudo pra carai, +1 inscrito

  • David Lowe

    Fantastic walk through my friend! Love Skyrim, been playing it for years!

  • Lord Zero

    Dwarven spears eh? Gotta love those dwarven spears...

  • iGraffitiArt

    are you Vampire or do them eyes come with the armor?

  • ghostryder0079

    1.Why don't you have a follower???2.Why is your character a chick???3.Why is your chick a vampire???

  • Subaru Rally

    get he aetherial staff then you can summon unlimited spheres and spiders whenever and wherever you are

  • Deus Vult

    Are you expecting steam, steam you know STEAM to hurt MECHANICAL ROBOTS? Ok.....

  • Venomn1

    Great Video Tutorial My Man...unfortunately i am disappointed with the end result payout..a lousy bow,if it were disenchantable then yea,but since its not,the Zepher is better than that bow..not that it is much better,just saying and ps.for all you others who dont know,no ..the Zepher isnt disenchantable either,lol..but back to point,thought there was gonna be major treasure.sadly there isnt

  • George Mad

    where can i find this cool looking aura?

  • Joshua Legitsky

    what is that aura surrounding him looks like he has ears where do you get it

  • Σωτήρης Γιαννιώδης

    the stalhrim mace in the chest ,it's enchantment is same with the Champions Cudgel Warhammer

  • Kioshi Takigawa

    How do you get that armor like aura on your character? That Dragon like aura looks sick

  • alex caviness

    How does your armour glow

  • Wrong Rights

    Why is ur hammer like that every time u use a shout

  • Joe Cleghorn

    To start in the dwemer ruin you only need to kill the centirens and get the centerion dinimo core. Two to be exact. Also a glitch allows you to bypass to the final chamber without them. The dwemer balista have nothing to do with it. Also you just left dadric arrows why? Even if you don't use them they weigh nothing but sell for something. Excuse any spelling errors typeing on a small screen on the fly.

  • fransisco garza

    Do death brand treasure. The first place you learn the quest is at the far East of solisthiem. There's a big island of the coast. Go there. It's called hooker island. And at the coast part of it is an ancient ruin. Go there. Pick the door or you can go to the north of solisthiem and for to the first island of the coast which looks like a slanted c. After you kill the revered pirates go to the x's on the treasure map and claim the death brand key and armor. After that go back to hooker island and mine the stalthrium. There's a locked door behind one. Use the key to unlock it.... claim your prize Than go further into the dungeon and kill deathbrand and his crew. You get a lot of gold, armor, and two swords out of it.

  • Lewis White

    There is a secret door to which you need all 5 gems to unlock

  • brad block

    door on the other side has a big locked door no switch dead end as far as I can tell

  • FloralPlum

    My god good walk threw but Jesus you talk soooooooooooooo much give a couple moments to the viewers to watch the vidI was trying to follow along but your talking was distracting me

  • blackoutking

    he grabbed a empty gyro (facepalm)

  • QorinHalfhand.

    You can disenchant the champions cudgel to get that.Its called chaos damage.

  • Quinn Tiller

    but u can find 5 gems is that to make it easier or to find something else? 

  • yobyoby18

    guys if you don't have lots of money you can get the first crystal by killing the guy

  • BlAcKnIgHt 411

    The bandit marauder didn't show up for me so I only have three from the other places. What could I do

  • Flowtothe Burg

    That mace wasn't fucking there when I did this... Smdh >:/

  • Enrique van Leeuwen

    In the beginning of the video

  • Mystical Killer

    Well where's the boillery?

  • Lightframe910

    that is the #1 BEST BOW in the Whole Game! If you don't like one of the best weapons in the game I don't know what to think.

  • Tammy Miller

    I have it it's the best bow well I think

  • Michael Gonzalez

    8:10 - 8:15 Thats what she said. Seriously tho thanks for the tip. She said that too.

  • Leonix Prime

    It's sphere no spear sigh

  • Oliver Rodriguez

    Has anyone noticed how much he sounds like Nadeshot? It's actually really weird

  • Star Myth

    How are yo glowing tell me

  • TotalViking

    There is not only a bow there is a cuirass of Dhzark and guantlets of kangthmz and i thing there is a helmet and boots to but cant seem to find'em

  • Brütal Kush ∞

    You can disenchant the Champions Cudgel (same enchantment as the item you get in this vid)

  • Drama Queen

    forsworn arrows? Disappointed :D 

  • Lord Burgerus King of the 'Tism

    The Steadfast Dwarven automations are actually stronger than the regular enemies. I started a new character a few days ago, and now I need to go to Solthsteim and do this.

  • brad block

    thanks couldn't find last gem this really helped

  • Zach Click

    I had to redo the waves of enemies because there was this one stubborn Dwarven Ballista that wouldn't show itself and stayed up on a ledge in a corner, so I couldn't kill it, therefore I couldn't continue.

  • MrFishluver

    I did this quest, but didn't get that chaos hammer. I was lvl 28, but I went to hoarker island and found a Nordic sword with the chaos enchanment. Gotta lvl up smithing so I can improve its stats

  • Change_Da_World

    Who gives u this quest

  • Tammy Miller

    Oh they were pets I thought they kill you

  • Kyle Hearnsberger

    The room with the rotating floor that is way up in the air that takes you to a different roomed area, just stand on the platform that moves, and shoot an arrow or bolt at the round resonator thing. while still standing ON it, then it would save you a trip from having to try to catch the rotating platform before it gets too far away from ya, lol. :) Love the game though !!!!

  • Thomas J

    In the room where you had to put the gyros in at Fahlbtharz I found two dwarven centurion masters who had three gyros total, so mabye you didn't have to kill the balista guys. Tha's mabye why one side said you needed to put the centurion dynamo in.

  • TotalViking

    There is not only a bow there is a cuirass of Dhzark and guantlets of kangthmz and i thing there is a helmet and boots to but cant seem to find'em

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