Skyrim The Kagrumez Secret Treasure Quest (Dragonborn DLC)


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  • Lord Zero

    Dwarven spears eh? Gotta love those dwarven spears...

  • FloralPlum

    My god good walk threw but Jesus you talk soooooooooooooo much give a couple moments to the viewers to watch the vidI was trying to follow along but your talking was distracting me

  • Chucks got the Stuff

    You play on master difficulty? Pfftt NOOB 😹

  • Jonathan Myers

    what's that like fire engulfing his character.

  • fransisco garza

    Do death brand treasure. The first place you learn the quest is at the far East of solisthiem. There's a big island of the coast. Go there. It's called hooker island. And at the coast part of it is an ancient ruin. Go there. Pick the door or you can go to the north of solisthiem and for to the first island of the coast which looks like a slanted c. After you kill the revered pirates go to the x's on the treasure map and claim the death brand key and armor. After that go back to hooker island and mine the stalthrium. There's a locked door behind one. Use the key to unlock it.... claim your prize Than go further into the dungeon and kill deathbrand and his crew. You get a lot of gold, armor, and two swords out of it.

  • Kioshi Takigawa

    How do you get that armor like aura on your character? That Dragon like aura looks sick

  • Leonix Prime

    It's sphere no spear sigh

  • Doom Muffinz

    Why would you not pick up a diamond?...

  • Sean Thomas

    On my skyrim when you enter look to the right a secret door is up there

  • Fizhy

    hes wearing an ancient nordic hlmet i think... Thanks 4 the info...

  • Kelvin Lao

    what is that spell you have on your character?

  • JumpinProductions

    no I showed five. The last two was on the dead bandit.

  • Leto85

    I hope you will pick up Skyrim again. It's so cool to see your flash fast dual wielding Nord in action.

  • DweadPiwate

    I finished the second trial, and realized I needed another gem. When I found one, I returned to Kagrumez, but discovered that the second door was closed and because I already triggered the fight, I can't reopen the door... I hope they patch it out, its broken as shit.

  • LBViralStriker

    i dont know if it glitched and gave you a second centurion core but you actually were supposed to kill a second centurion on the right side of the staircase as well for his during that second dwemer ruin. funny how it glitched out for you and gave you a free core :D maybe a little way to dupe and sell cores? they are pretty expensive.

  • robert Jones

    And honestly it's way easier to get all 4 than how you did it

  • robert Jones

    You look like a female dark elf and the treasure is not a secret

  • Michael Canada

    Thankyou this helped me

  • pandajune1991

    Where does the door on the other side lead?

  • Varien

    Question about vampire eyes.. I'm a dunmer with red eyes, will my eyes go like his if I turn into a vampire ?

  • David Lowe

    Fantastic walk through my friend! Love Skyrim, been playing it for years!

  • jideofor ojukwu

    He used a shout to enchant its speed so its just a normal orcish hammer and if he has maximum enchanting it might be a hammer with one enchantment and then he used the shout.

  • Nonarei

    The centurion on the right gave me two cores on the PC version as well.

  • Sullen Sigh

    i never got the glowing helmet at 7:27

  • Alex Bohn

    If that's aueiels bow why don't you use sunhallowed or blood cursed arrows?

  • Michael Gonzalez

    8:10 - 8:15 Thats what she said. Seriously tho thanks for the tip. She said that too.

  • Mate Ka Moris Ukun Rasik An

    what kind of armor do you have?

  • Venomn1

    Great Video Tutorial My Man...unfortunately i am disappointed with the end result payout..a lousy bow,if it were disenchantable then yea,but since its not,the Zepher is better than that bow..not that it is much better,just saying and ps.for all you others who dont know,no ..the Zepher isnt disenchantable either,lol..but back to point,thought there was gonna be major treasure.sadly there isnt

  • Lightframe910

    that is the #1 BEST BOW in the Whole Game! If you don't like one of the best weapons in the game I don't know what to think.

  • WarWithReality

    I can't find the merchant in the start. He's just gone! :o HELP ME PLEASE! D:

  • Loponstorm

    Thats not a glowing helmet, he is wearing the "Visage of Mzund", the glowing you see is the Dragon Aspect Shout, which is unrelated. On another note there are Two centurions in that room and you don't need to get the gyro out of the ballista, if you are quick to click on both the places that need centurion cores, it will place them both before taking the one out of your inventory, which is what happened in the video.

  • Kazimo

    I don't think that treasure is worth going back there for honestly. But then again I have all daedric armor and weapons, plus over 65k in gold. If you have the dragonborn dlc and do the stalthrim amour quest, you end up finding a cave with an entire room filled with gold, a few good weapons, and jewelry.

  • Quentiam

    hes using the dragon aspect shout

  • Aaron Bair

    11:23 - 11:34 had me rolling on the floor I was laughing so hard but thanks for the tips

  • TheWidow94

    What if The guy you buy the gem from isn't there and you can't get the one from the dwarven ruin(not Falbather)?

  • Darrin Smith

    In the intro you look like you stepped out of limbo.

  • Change_Da_World

    Who gives u this quest

  • MrFishluver

    I did this quest, but didn't get that chaos hammer. I was lvl 28, but I went to hoarker island and found a Nordic sword with the chaos enchanment. Gotta lvl up smithing so I can improve its stats

  • Santiago Pacheco

    great vid!. sorry for the spam, but this just appeared in the bioware blog: 3 Kits Unlocked (Drell Assassin, Batarian Slasher, and Volus Protector) All Hazard Maps Available Two new card packs to help fill out your collections They are out!

  • Bianca

    When I did the quest as a tjief. I took the cubes rigjt bedore tje last room thing. wjen notjing happened the wizard turned to me and said, "it appears the steam isnt flowing up tje pipes. Perhaps SOMEBODY took tje cubes needed to unluck the mechanism"I had to ho all tje way nack to put tje cubes back. Upon return he just gave me this face. LOL

  • Tylor Perrine

    The Dwemer wont come out they keep hiding on high spots.

  • Enrique van Leeuwen

    In the beginning of the video

  • Sword

    Ancient Nord Helmet. Yes, it is different on a female.

  • Desperate NutsYT

    Well where's the boillery?

  • IrBchrisjam

    there are two centurians in that room

  • TheHerbert4321

    Does that last forever? I mean he uses it through the entire video.

  • Dajore

    hjow did you get your armor like that?

  • ghostryder0079

    1.Why don't you have a follower???2.Why is your character a chick???3.Why is your chick a vampire???

  • SuperMikeWalls

    the lighting up part is a shout. in dragonborn dlc

  • brad block

    door on the other side has a big locked door no switch dead end as far as I can tell

  • brad block

    thanks couldn't find last gem this really helped

  • Vinnie Manpants

    its the "dragon Aspect" shout...makes you become more badasser

  • Taco Thesis

    Is that the longhammer weapin

  • ThatGuy182545

    I found a couple things with the Chaos Damage enchantment. On Stalrim Axe, on Stalrim Dagger, and something else too. Don't remember what. You can disenchant them too.

  • George Mad

    where can i find this cool looking aura?

  • Avl521

    It's not a spear it's a sphere hahaha. You're funny with spelling Jumpin.

  • Tammy Miller

    I have it it's the best bow well I think

  • Tammy Miller

    Oh they were pets I thought they kill you

  • TotalViking

    There is not only a bow there is a cuirass of Dhzark and guantlets of kangthmz and i thing there is a helmet and boots to but cant seem to find'em

  • TotalViking

    There is not only a bow there is a cuirass of Dhzark and guantlets of kangthmz and i thing there is a helmet and boots to but cant seem to find'em

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