Skyrim - 5 Characters Who are Hiding Something Dark - Elder Scrolls 5 Secrets

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim boasts a colorful cast of characters. But not all of the people of Skyrim are who they seem to be, and some are harboring dark secrets. So here are 5 Characters in TES 5, who aren't who they seem.
  • Earl

    Just a hunch but I'm pretty sure M'aiq is lying about something.

  • Artrysa

    Sybille Stentor sends you to a vampire den. At the end there is the book Incident at Necrom. The book is about a illusion mage that helps people destroy a vampire den. Long story short, she gets attack and injured by a vampire, when they get back to town the 2 others talk about taking all the gold they got for it and skipping town, leaving this mage behind. But little did they know, she was there, invisible, as she was a illusion mage. When you get back to Sybille after clearing the vampire den she teaches you a illusion level, even though she is a destruction teacher. I think she is the illusion mage from the story. She got attack by a vampire while when they were clearing that den, so that's how she became a vampire in the first place.

  • Phillip Lambo

    i have suspicions on Nazeem, he's always talking about the cloud district, could he be dating Jarl Ballin?


    4:47 "Wait, I know you"#DovakiinIsAtownGuard4E401

  • a troeds

    The couple at Half-Moon Mill. Unlike other citizens, they are often asleep during the day. Beside their sawmill there is a shack with human remains and some bloody rags inside. Also, behind their house there is a dead rabbit and an ale on a tree stump. If you ask them how they like living out there the woman says "Other people just make things complex. Out here, me and Hern can get everything we need from the occasional traveler." Vampires much?

  • Jose Graffa

    Anyone remember that "lucky" lorenzo guy? He had a tree fall on him lol.

  • Tristi

    In truth: J'Zargo is the Main Pimp of Skyrim

  • Somber Stricken

    How about the little boy in Morthal who has the Lusty Argonian Maid under his bed. That's pretty dark and weird

  • Kaito .Link

    use detect life in the Blue Palace and you'll notice one particular woman doesn't appear alive :)

  • BATCAVE202

    I'm 95% sure cicero is the adoring fan. I have no evidence, but trust me.

  • Viscotel 26

    Bruh, idk who it was but i walked into markarth and there was a man and a woman screaming at each other and their child asked "why are mama and papa fighting" and "papa" said "we not fighting, mama and i are going to talk later" I was right to be confused right? so i talked to the mother but I forgot i came to markarth wearing the amulet of mara so she asked me if i was interested in her... wtf like I was standing there So i saved and tried to investigate further. I asked her to marry me and then went to riften. HER HUSBAND AND CHILD WERE AT THE FUCKING CEREMONY. BRUH THAT SHADY REDGUARD NEEDS TO FIX HER SHIT BRUH, SHE AINT LOYAL.

  • TribalJester88

    who's that "friend" that keeps sending you letters ? :D

  • JJ Burkhart

    I am vary suspicious of the little girl in one of the towns because if you go up to her and talk to her one of the things she will say is I had a dream of a old gray nice dragon and he was not afraid of anything

  • magnanimous

    I love that almost seven years later there a good videos about skyrim sharing information most don't know

  • RJLbwb

    Who do I my suspicions of? It's obvious; the chickens of Skyrim, notice how the little bastard will report you to the guards is they see you doing a crime. What's about that? That an they are everywhere, watching and waiting.

  • Corona

    Fultheim was mistaken for Fultheim the Fearless in the Dark Brotherhood quest I'd wager. He knew someone was after him, but Astrid messed up and got another Fultheim who'd fit the description.

  • Davos Seaworth

    Fun fact: Sheogorath in Skyrim, is actually the hero of Kvatch from Oblivion... He's lost weight!

  • ThatWeirdGirl

    "If you look behind the counter you'll find a war hammer - implying that the innkeeper himself is weary of some visitor"OR(If you actually bothered to look behind more than one inn's counter) You'd notice that almost all (if not actually all) innkeepers have some sort of weapon behind the counter. They never seem to use it but it's there.

  • ChasmaHyena

    what if m'aiq the liar never lies

  • EgyptianRatscrewBS

    I just completed the taste of death today for the first time and when I found out the meat vendor was there I actually screamed

  • Schwubldub

    Noone talked about the old Lady near Riverwood? Anise was it i think. She is 100% not what she pretends to be :)

  • 820monster

    I think there's something up with Heimskir. In his house he has a bunch of skulls and poisons.

  • Violent Beetle

    I was thinking. What if Rorikstead was original Clavicus Vile quest? Trading lives of women for fertile soil is something he would do and his real quest (After finding the altar) is really lackluster and lacking in favour, as if it was put together in the last minute. What if his original quest involved, say, investigating Rorikstead and running into his altar and be offered his mask for your silence, or something like this? Bethesda would set Rorikstead, but for some reason scrap the quest.

  • Jeff Y

    "The bloodiest beef in the reach."


    9 divines damnit not 8 are you a filhty thalmor or imperial ?

  • Troll Bones

    Sybille Stentor is hot, nuff said

  • kevrulz06

    I don't know who the hell "Morevar" is...I did kill a master vampire outside of Morthal whose name was "Movarth" though....

  • Shadow Sonata

    What about the derranged Iverstead begger Narfi. Complete the quest "The straw that broke" and return Reyda's necklace to him, as part of his reward, you often get either a human heart and/or flesh. Plus the fact that one of the Dark Brotherhood contracts is to kill him. Why would someone take on the expense and risk of performing the Black Sacrament just to take out Narfi unless there was a real reason. More that likely, Narfi not only killed his sister, but fed on her corpse as well, and it was witnessed by one of the residents of Iverstead.

  • Tsarobomba

    These facts are cool and all, but 2:06, that chicken's legs......he is the true master of magic, no, THE CHICKEN NO CLIP GOD!

  • The Man

    I knew about all these except that one guy at nightgate inn.I went and tested that since im high elf character and put on thalmor robes and yep he attacked me lol

  • Tarlo The Boar

    I Really Think Fulthiem is a Blade in Hiding from The Thalmor. I think The Inkeeper is also a Blade

  • TheSuperQuail

    6,666'th viewer Do I win a molag bal?

  • moongirl786

    I'm sorry to be that person, but... it's Movarth, not Morvar, and Volkihar, not Volikar. Still love your videos, and as always your Skyrim is the most gorgeous of all Skyrim channels I watch

  • King In The North

    does anyone else remember there being a quest in skyrim where youre alleged father contacts you and wants to meet with you at an inn? it wasnt in a city though, it was somewhere along the road. if someone else remembers this could you please tell me what it was and how to activate it?

  • Courage ina Can

    Don't you hate when you watch these videos thinking OH! I can go back and find something new.... I knew all this... Damnit! Lol

  • Alex Rune

    All the cannibals at the feast are pretty cool.

  • Sajjad Aly

    thank you my man for shedding light on new Skyrim facts and lore... loving it even after so many years

  • Whiterun Gaurd

    I killed an adventure like you, he had an arrow between his eyes.

  • Matthew Donuk

    i think the bloke who runs "the house of curiosities" has the darkest secret. :)

  • Geert Adriaans Boomgaard

    Maybe not a dark history but very interesting one is the old Imperial Captain in the Riften dungeons. He fought in the Great War. He so forgotten man I get sad about that :(

  • Noah Schlegel

    I wish the Blades were an optional part or were killable. You make me kill my new master, so now you're the enemy.

  • Vexillien

    This is the only channel outro I never skip.

  • Darin Wagner

    Sybille Stentor only looked like a vampire after the Dawnguard DLC was released. Prior to that, she looked like a normal Breton woman.

  • Deryl Lovecraft

    The Buffy joke he made was awesome!!

  • Rowan Mackey

    The one who sounds suspicious is maiq the liar

  • Yui Mekashi

    6:01 omg yas Buffy haha.. my childhood😂👌

  • Nikolaj11

    I wonder what Movarth got up to for all those years. Did he just wait in that cave?

  • Richard Whereat

    Grelod also had a very dark secret.

  • Ron Jeremy

    It's so amazing that these details are still being discovered today.

  • Chris J

    You know everyone thinks being able to dragon shout is impressive, but that's not even close to the dragon borns true ability.He can freeze, and travel back in time.

  • A Very Angry Garden Gnome

    Excellent work, you deserve more subs. Greetings from Finland

  • Ewan W

    More like '5 characters who didn't have their back stories properly fleshed out'... think how cool it could have been to have quests surrounding these characters

  • King Jann Lee Disturbed66

    2;09 the chickens is hiding a dark secret to ,..😇🐔

  • Mad Einsy

    Hey..amazing video it is man, thanks a lot. i watch ur videos and like the way u explain. one small advice, make a PLAYLIST of ur Videos on SKYRIM so that one(including me) can visit ur channel and watch them seperetly... cool

  • McGriggles 603

    I remember Movarth.. Movar though? There were a couple other vampires. Just did this quest recently

  • Allen ishac

    Thx now I'm going to steal that weapon from fulheim

  • Machii

    You know what's funny? You also encounter Fultheim at the starter quest of the Dark Brotherhood, bagged and chained like the other two victims. He is also entitled differently: "Fultheim the Fearless"Ironic.

  • A J

    That Rorikstead theory is pure conjecture. You've made a real leap there. And, Sybil Stentor in the red water journal is just relaxed with the vampire. She is an academic and so is he so they share knowledge. Plus that guy is after a blood source which doesn't require feeding on humans. Hardly a dark secret. And her secret is hardly a secret

  • Neoslayre Beeblebrox

    all innkeepers have a warhammer

  • Nazeem

    4:47 Guard finding someone with a bounty simulator 2018

  • Dragon king

    I dressed in full thalmor robes and he didn't attack me.

  • jerrod lapham

    im actually impressed. i thought it would just be the obvious ones.

  • Prime Aggravator

    fulthiem was sexually harrased by grelod the fondler. dark memories indeed.

  • Mc913

    "You know what I think youtube needs? *list videos*" hahaha great intro dude :D

  • Alexander Stark

    Sibile Stendor is crazy deep. Being a civil vampire is one thing, being mortally connected to the Wolf Mother is entirely separate.

  • Gilhelmi

    Nine Devine's, in the Elder Scrolls there are Nine.Death to the Thalmor.

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