Skyrim: How to Get Full Ebony Armor (No Smithing)

This Guide shows you how to get a Full Set of Ebony Armour +Unique Ebony Mail without smithing it!

How to get Dwarven Armor (at Level 1):

Levelling Guides (All Skills 1-100):

The Best Bow Build:

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  • Scott Yi

    Believe me or not but ebony armor looks slightly cooler than daedric armor

  • nineties

    Do you ever get it, when you either play Skyrim 20 days straight. Or never play it at all for ages?

  • Shawn James

    OMG I waited until level 80 to do it because of my shit stepbrother telling me you had to be level 80

  • brayden

    So there is ebony mail in there but is there any ebony femail in there

  • Logan Zen

    My ebony mail was counted as stolen and the Markarth guards took it from me... but now I have a full set of Daedric armor.

  • NotaVampyre 111

    I think I just found a new job for Cicero.

  • Suvvri

    its not full ebony set since you dont get the helmet

  • Simon Greenaway

    Ebeny Mails sounds like a good name for a courier service company.

  • Liisa Julin

    How do you roll as you sneak? I'm kinda new to Skyrim. :D

  • Andrew Wilson

    i brought sven. he is not needed in this world or any

  • Elijazfraz Elsassafraz

    my husband is Marcurio...

  • Tristan Elsey

    In his newest video he said u have to be lvl 20

  • Jisri van Vliet

    he didn't have the helmet, any idea where i can get one?

  • Mark Callaway

    I got full ebony armor when I hit level 42 and this crazy redguard woman attacked me with fireballs. I sniped her with a bow and she dropped...I just stole the gear off her dead body. Easy

  • Mike Carter

    bow-ee-thie-ahh / day-dra

  • Anthony Perez

    Its not riverwood its riften you find the companion

  • Joey Thomas

    For me the ebony helmet was in the chest he looted earlier

  • Daedric_L0rd

    Anyone else notice he said its east of Winterhold and not Windhelm

  • Cameron H

    How do I get the helmet

  • RIPGlider

    Ebony looks cooler than daedric but ebony looks derpy when your a orc

  • Jack Darling

    also I like the armor but the particles are soooooo annoying😤

  • Twis†ed

    I got Ebony armor when I was level 8 : ( Just power level your smithing like this: If your okay exploiting your game, then use ESOs duplication glitch (you do this by going into a city, dropping something, then telling a follower to pick it up, then quickly fast traveling out of the city, the quickly fast traveling back. the item should be on the ground again) use the glitch on solid dwarven metals and iron ingots until you have about 580 iron ingots and about 200 solid dwarven metals. Get your smithing to 30 some other way before you do this. Smelt the Dwarven metal, and then use the materials to make dwarven bows. Keep making them until your smithing is maxed

  • Equinoxx Foxx

    FacepalmWent to Winterhold... Went East...Looked back on the video...THAT'S F*CKING WINDHELM.

  • pInHeAd JeAns

    Thank you so much now I don't have to smith it again Plus subbed

  • drunk geno sans

    the roll sikkl in sneak or just jump and hit RB button on xbox360

  • Cozyluvjo

    Dude I subbed your vids are extremely helpful

  • Admiral Tuskis

    I want the ebony mail for the fisting build for more dsp

  • Acidman RPGz

    How high pitched was the scream of the mining bandit!?

  • W. P.

    I already finished this quest but only got the Ebony mail? :(

  • CobraStrike

    Do one on how to kill kry stagg

  • BjaZ

    Bow-ee-thee-ah Boethiah

  • Jason Sulham

    i did the main join the emperial army storyline and got some ebony armor from general tulius at level 20 it was a reward for my service and i am an orc warrior.I was surprised to  get that armor that early on in the game

  • Jorge Paredes

    I woneded the ebony chest plate not the mail

  • soul clan

    Why lydia my fav follwer died but for eboy armour hellllll yessss now im happy

  • Vulpes Inculta

    "Bothiess" XD nice vid btw. ^^

  • Apple Trash

    I need to do this quest!"You need to be level 30"was level 30 but loaded game to be level 14

  • ________

    Thx I got it fully thx I did not no about this i Subscribed

  • compewtr

    Your pronunciation of Boethiah is cringy. You say it like "Bo-thi-us", it's literally pronounced how it's spelt "Bo-ee-thee-ah"

  • Dogs are the best

    It doesnt work if ur level 22 I waited for a Week

  • Ian Hill

    Do u have to be dead on 30?

  • Lil Demon

    You my friend just killed the best mage follower

  • Hamish

    I already came here the tunnel to the left was blockedWill it still work

  • Crimson

    The bee and barb is not in riverwood it's in riftin

  • Vince Newnam

    that cave is collapsed for me

  • Colin McPhail

    Bow-ee-thee-ah not Bow-theigh-ah. Otherwise, great video!

  • Shhh I dont exist

    Ok thanks for telling me

  • Gregory

    Actually pronounced 'boo'ee'thee'uh

  • pragmatic goon

    I always used to grind up on ebony ingots and smithing Xp eccept i was trying to get Daedric

  • Ethan Martin

    I'm level 30 how do i get the quest?

  • Dark Pit

    Marcurio is flippin' insane tho.

  • Griffin- -Roblox



    You sound like jack frags

  • Collin Duncan

    worked like a charm! thanks man

  • sam buckley11

    can you do a vid on how mod skyrim

  • Grammar Man

    Thanks so much I'm level thirty two and this help me out a lot You have earned my sub and my respect

  • Jin's Annyeonghaseyo

    Dang it lvl 26 >^<

  • St_Cuthbert

    Your juggernaut build with this armor and spellbreaker was an insane combo ;)

  • Robin Cassel

    ESO you help me all the time on skyrim thank you so much!! :-D

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