Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough (Part 2)

Skyrim Dawnguard Walkthrough (Part 2)
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  • Fentony

    Love the videos. I have played Skyrim and Skyrim Special to the death but your videos have made me want to create a new character

  • Cubey 123

    Dude eso is officially my fav YouTuber and because i play skrim almost everyday

  • I love puppies

    The amount of times ESO says get wrecked son

  • Alex Guglielmini


  • TheSkYr1mM4n

    any one else notice how isran calls serana "it" and not "she" or "her"

  • MysticShadow468

    I used to be a YouTuber like you till I took a hater to the knee

  • Platinum Theater

    Nightingale armor and royal vampire armor is the only armors that has capes in the vanilla game and Dawngaurd DLC.

  • Jared Robinson

    I think vampires are better but it depends on what build type you have mage or warrior

  • Sral

    ESO you could use hevnoraak for dawnguard against diseases only problem its heavy armor and generally for your character Krosis for better lockpicking and archery

  • Phoniex crow

    31:57 "bit of tight gap to fit through" that's what she said!

  • Dannie Tuggle

    Where can you get both dawnguard armors and what are the other weapons besides the hand axe and the crossbow?

  • GG Gamer 21Savage

    Do you know where babies come from.............. LOL

  • JThomas

    I know you might hear this a lot, but how did you make the females in your game hair like, what mod did you use?

  • Grifftrogg

    I can't of been the only person that became a werewolf to avoid constantly been infected by vampirism? It was also cool to tear them all apart as a wolf!

  • Diana S

    you are very helpful and highly entertaining.

  • Charlie Brown

    Serana: There was an "unused" inlet at the northern side of the island, that was "used".

  • Go Away

    I used to have a life like you. Then I took YouTube streams to the knee

  • daNch0o

    Please consider playing oblivion with some mods though, to pretty and fix it up. Witcher 3 as well would be awesome.

  • Slytherin king

    Serena, you can't even read a book?! "That's as bad even by vampire standards."

  • Crescent Wolf

    The three Moon Dials for this puzzle may be a refrence to the Nightinggales, since the phases of the moon are the same as the dials you are able to pick up for the puzzle: Full, Half, and Crescent Moon.

  • XØ Music

    1:24:41 "Oh my god! That's what my bed looks like after instacorse

  • William Jarnigan

    shoot the hawks out of the sky at the vampire castle you can make special jewelry

  • PhrontDoor

    I tuned in late, -- around the time when he was engaging the gargoyles.. Then I stepped out to get a cookie, and when I came back, the stream had ended.. at FIRST, I'd thought ESO had rage-quit. ;)

  • Leonardo OSama

    R.I.P Sniff Sniff Sniff

  • Naithan Melgoza

    hey ESO can you make a video on the vampires

  • Strawberry Swirl

    why did you choose the name eso

  • Logan Duncan

    What's your build in skyrim? I'm a Necromancer warrior and I get an army of followers then summon a bunch of dremoras

  • Chinmay Somvanshi

    How does follower get a horse?

  • BhBraaq

    I tried to use the same follower mod and now they all have the black face bug. Can't fix it unless I uninstall the game. ballz

  • Archer Peters

    my dwarf crossbow has a really powerful chaos enchanent

  • Eli The Gamer

    He said the death hound had mad "doge" skills haha get it

  • R Fr0st

    As soon as you said bae squad i was like 'threesome'

  • Harrison Wall

    58:55 hes got mad "Doge Skillz"

  • KaijuGames

    cat and a dog, I don't think that's a good combination...

  • Random Ginger

    Anyone watch the full stream? When it happened?

  • Joel Heath-Clare

    How do you get Lydia's hair like that

  • Andrew Migliore

    u should live stream oblivion

  • David Gomez

    What mod do you have installed!?

  • Sahem Tell

    ESO why do i keep on turning to a vampire after every single dawnguard mission, isran tells me to go to falion everyday and im sick of it

  • Michael Estelle


  • Josh Piggott

    Instacors do you even English bro 1:21:43

  • thefriendly giantgaming

    ESO you should do walkthroughs on fallout4 please

  • SniperViper Gaming

    has anyone else played through the story while he did

  • hello34817

    Wait I thought that the Dragonborn can read the Elder Scroll?

  • DexterityRed

    What are you drinking man?:)

  • Julianna Perkins

    When I chose dawn-guard and came back there with them I found out that they turned me into a vampire with out me choosing that then he gave me a chance to cure myself and I thought that would happens to him to

  • Victor Cabrera

    Did u guys know Serena was actually given to molag bal so he could rape her? This is why she is a vampire and so she could not marry her because she is mortally afraid of temples because molag bal raped her in a temple.Kinda sad

  • Frank Ff


  • Ida Gonzalez

    See you goodbye what ?

  • Darien Phillips

    I was here during the live stream

  • dragon slayer

    the contacted thing turn you into a vampire and it gets soooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying get a black stone Crystal and fill it with a soul take it to marthal I think that is how you spell it and give it to some guy and he will get rid of your vamperisem

  • jazz ray

    Hey guys new drinking game you have to take a shot everytime eso says "Get rekt son" or "Get rekt mate" goodluck you might die

  • Abdelkader Bennaoum

    Lol anyone stayed until chat closed?

  • bertnelly2003

    Thumbs up if you like this new drinking game ..... Every time ESO says "get wrecked" ..... DRINK.

  • whiterunguard 467349

    I am playing on Nintendo switch

  • Phoenix Gaming

    10:08 is when it starts

  • Whai Ha-Whai-Ee

    people hate nazeem cause he's annoying to them?right?I don't like him but I never killed him. He has a wife.

  • Tyler West

    The hands in the gutter is refrance to it

  • RedRicochet

    khajiit with nightingale armor and a crossbow! That's exactly what I was using on that quest!

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