Resident Evil 4 by JTB in 1:36:28 - SGDQ2018

Runner introduction starts at 0:03. Run starts at 1:08.

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This speedrun was recorded live at Summer Games Done Quick 2018, a weeklong charity speedrun marathon raising money for Doctors Without Borders. Summer Games Done Quick 2018 is just one of the many charity marathons put on by Games Done Quick. For more information on SGDQ2018, find us at:

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  • Games Done Quick

    Runner introduction starts at 0:03. Run starts at 1:08.

  • cbb88christian

    It’s so incredible this game is as old as it is and still fun and awesome to play to this day. Just proves why it’s one of the greatest games of all time

  • Dazar

    RPD orRescuePresident'sDaughter

  • CarBomb

    When JTB says "I think we have about a half hour left or so." (1:08:05), the in game timer reads 1:06:58, and the run ends at 1:36:28. Dude was less than 30 seconds off being exact in his time estimation.

  • Jerah Shem Resser Soriaga

    Ganado : He's here on the village Lord SaddlerSaddler : Release the Gia....Ganado : He entered the Castle!Saddler : Release the Garrado...Ganado : He killed Salazar! and he's going to the islandSaddler : Prepare those gatling...Ganado : He's escaping the island!Saddler : FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  • Yukari MAiG

    Ha ha, they still did the good old "LIKE YOU I'M AMERICAN" gag like last time. I like it.

  • DrChillbrain

    Watch out, this is professional

  • FishyFace

    1:36:42 "hang on sweetheart" *glides in the air while leaving Ashley behind"

  • KrypTanko

    President probably had no idea his daughter was kidnapped “oh ashley was probably just shopping for 2 hours...”

  • YoungTheFish

    The runner and the couch seem like a bunch of good buddies, bouncing off each other's jokes. Such a layback atmosphere.

  • V2

    the re4 community in brazil is huge, everyone here was waiting for this run, and it was very well done congratz!

  • Mimiyo

    14:38 What took me 3 weeks as a child took him 0.5 seconds lamo

  • RizenLink

    "1, 2, 3, 4" That's amazing; I have the same combination on my luggage!

  • Cpapa18

    Just finished my first no death no save run of RE4 and I feel great!I love this game and I love the fact that people are still playing it!RE4 is one of the greatest games of all time, if anyone who is reading this hasn't played it, go buy it and play it now. You won't regret it.P.S: The Novistadors' combo lock-down is truly a terrifying thing :/

  • Dennzyl Vania

    1:18:15 - he's talking about Shezes there.... check out his channel, he's doing out of bounds stuff for all kinds of games and even some sequenz breaking! pretty nice stuff and no i am not related to him nor a good friend who wants to promote his channel, i just feel like he deserves more attention for his awesome content...

  • Colin S

    1:21:42 "Like you, I'm American." 😁

  • A Bear Punching a Shark

    Why does oven man always keep surprising me? I've beaten this game 4 times and watched like ten playthroughs and I never expect oven man

  • Morgan J

    Just noticed the binary clock visualizer behind the clock time. Pretty neat little addition.

  • Kill Biscuit

    I watched only 2 mins and already wanna say the group and the speedrun are fuckin awesome even tho I know everything about this game I still love when speeedruners talk about waht theyre doing Awesome speedruner and speedrun

  • code_dredd

    Leon, are you a bad-enough police dude to rescue the President's daughter?

  • L G

    1:18:20 Think he's talking about Boundary Break. Great series!

  • Haylon Hanner

    Where's everyone going bingo

  • Cameron West

    Why is this game not on the Switch yet?

  • Vellioh

    "We have a fifty dollar donation from FucMiLyfe who says "Long time watcher, first time donator, yesterday everybody I know and love died of cancer so I know this money is going to a good cause! Looking forward to watching you break this game like cancer has broken my will to live.""

  • TwistedLight

    Man, this SGDQ vods rock, no pre-run banter !

  • Akif Efe

    i remember putting more then 10 hours in this game just in area 1 :S

  • 🎭 AudioXVNVX 🎭

    last time i was this early.....nevermind enjoy the run guys

  • Vnix

    Played through and beat this game 13 times, i didnt know you could close the lid at 3:30

  • Papyrus

    "How does a crow even carry that?" Very carefully

  • Jordan Forbes

    the first time i played this game the regenerators scared me so bad i put it down and didn't pick it up for 2 years. 10 years later they still freak me out a lot.

  • Lutyano Alves

    1:36:42Cue "Crazy Frog" by Axel F

  • Nick Sickmore

    It's funny when diehard RE4 fanboi's try to hate on the OG RE games (the REAL RE) yet all they ever talk about is tank controls. 4-6 can't touch 1-3, CV, & REmake! REmake 2 looks great & the OTS view is allowable b/c of the survival horror elements the game has! Which is a perfect unison of old-meets-new gameplay elements fused to perfection... but 4 wasn't RE & should've been a different game. If the RE characters & 10% of the plot which ties the story into RE Universe were removed, RE4 wouldn't be changed or ruined whatsoever... in fact it probably would've been better that way.

  • MischiefMeerkat

    Leon kennedy: runs from bouldersChris Redfield: punches boulders out of the way

  • Russian kid agrees to enter attic during Chernobyl

    Is the donator guy the guy who ran silent hill 4? Forgot his name, but he's a great commentator for runs.EDIT - aneternalenigma or something?

  • thewallofsleep

    It makes me feel old hearing someone refer to RE4 as their favorite "childhood game"...

  • DJreject101

    I would have imagined its easy to figure out why there is a laser corridor in the game. Resi Evil film...

  • Sailor Ceres

    I have that shirt and this is my favorite game!

  • Trevor Gomez

    Merchant: Well excuse me, someones in a rush

  • Nico Morin

    its amazing that he can shoot this well with a controller,shows how much he practiced and how much he knows about enemy placement.

  • Xender

    Oh shit, this guy's good

  • OneTrueBelmont

    Ah, I see Maxy and his amazing hair made an appearance, so I know this will be a good run.

  • Frantz//

    Your thumbnails are way better than they used to be

  • Croz Raven

    sponsored by Bandai Namco while speedrunning RE4 (CAPCOM game) LOL

  • Xender

    1:18:14 I think he's referring to shesez, lol pretty awesome!

  • Sammy Van Dankstein

    hilarious commentary. loved it.

  • Trey Lockwood

    People who say Resident Evil 4 is terrible are obviously lame as hell. Yes, that’s a solid argument.

  • klafei

    Dat cat picture tho, glad to see that Phaero0 made it in spirit!

  • LuigiLonLon

    RIP MikeHe knew a good bar

  • Speedo Sausage

    Wish carci was in the back, great run tho

  • Juan G.

    So does the video get cut a lot for everyone or is it just me?

  • Wilfred Cthulu

    Horse puzzles, Mr.Kennedy!

  • BlasphemyIsMe

    Even when the run is going super well, he can't help but meme

  • Kibbycat

    i play at amateur .____.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    I'm shocked it can be beaten this quickly. Even the second time I played this game on PS3, it took me 24.5 hrs. This is not a short game by any means.

  • snake 4710

    i need help how do i update my game to Patch V.1.0.6 re4

  • Kadin Miller

    "Hardest difficulty in the game" He forgot to mention when he played the hell mod

  • HeyDan1983

    I am the only one that feels kind of anxious because he carries their weapons without re-loading?

  • Easy Mode

    38:36 Technical work starts here. Great job saving the stream xD

  • willyFF7

    How did you skip the first gigante? o_O lol

  • alice margereta

    Amazing run! I’ve played this tons of times on all diffs with separate ways, assignment ada, and countless hours on mercs but it’s always great to come back to!

  • jonathan rua

    So, you did un fifty minutes what a I ve done in 13 hours, awesome 👊👊👊. Greetings from Colombia 👍👍

  • Specter Zero

    I love the time guy for GDQ <3 <3 <3

  • Nekotori

    this run actually made Leon a total badass that he truly is.

  • MyBrosephstalin

    At least everyone gets a voice on Youtube, until they turn off comments on the vods. :^)

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