Song of Skyrim

There's still more to come...


What happened to you gamers?

It seems somewhere along the way

You turned from doing good

And so now evil's holding sway

Rhythm games and fitness games

And even cooking sims!

What else are we to do?

Fight the fight in old Skyrim!

Beyond the frozen tundra

Lies the homeland of the Nords

Where radiant stories bloom

and you can dual wield magic and swords

Use perks just like in Fallout

Defend the family that you've reared

Kill dragons just by shouting

You can even have a beard

The game of life's a drag

It's filled with homework, filled with books

My job is lame and girls make fun

Of my less than stellar looks

Damn it boy why do you heed

To such shallow, mortal whims?

There's a battle that needs your steel my son

In the land of old Skyrim!
  • Stride

    the first thing i tried to do in this game was killing a mammoth and a giant...i learned a valuable lesson that day

  • Donald of the Isles

    Skyrim is still one of the most played games on Steam currently.

  • superfortnitefan69

    Guard might get nervous, gamer approaches with his controller drawn

  • Celeste

    I shot arrows at a giant once, and lead it to this watch tower full of men... Lets just say I sat there for five minutes laughing my ass off at all of those men helplessly flying into the sky.

  • Glass of Water

    To all who disliked this video: You have a committed a crime against Skyrim and her people. What do you have to say for your self?

  • Scarabic Jones

    Man, 3 years later and Skyrim still kicks all kinds of ass

  • AllergicGamer535

    I will continue to have somewhat of a life until the release of Skyrim remastered. Then I will yet again be called Dovahkiin.

  • Masked Crow

    You know a game is good when people are still playing it 5 years after its release.

  • Wahay Manateehee

    I have it for Pc and Xbox 360. I don't love this game, I am obsessed with this game!!!!FUS ROH DAH!!!!!!!

  • Kobe Michilot

    Skyrim still being played today

  • Jack Ashworth

    This actually makes me want to go back to Skyrim. There's a battle there that NEEDS MY STEEL!

  • The Australian Sandman gamer

    4 years later....I'm still playing Skrim, No Regrets

  • Ashley Gillespie-Horne

    I like to think nowadays that nerd - having fully immersed himself in Skyrim for the last five years - is a battle-hardened, battleaxe-wielding, mead-swigging warrior, sat in the Bannered Mare telling tales of how he out-punched a Frost Troll, or how he plunged a Greatsword through a dragon's tail, pinning it into the ground to stop it from flying away whilst he hacked its head off. And the guy who 'recruited' him into Skyrim? Well he took an arrow to the knee. The wound festered and he slowly succumbed to his injuries. His grave can now be found in the Falkreath Graveyard.

  • Ralf Römgens

    I don't understand that people who play games are still depicted as fat dorks in this century

  • Jean-Claude Van Damme

    The thing i hate with Skyrim is that horses are worth too much, you know, you see a stable and think "Oh maybe i can get a horse there!" you go to the only selling horses, 1,000 gold. And then "Oh god i need a horse i gotta gather money" and spend alot of time getting 1,000 gold, and then "Yay i finally got the gold!" You go to the one selling horses, buy one, and ride out the city/village and what happens then? A dragon comes and gets your horse slayed easily before you get to kill that dragon and do you want to get another horse again? I dont think so, the only horse that is good to get which is free, is shadowmere, all default horses suck alot, they die easily, thats why shadowmere is best, he does have a HUUUGE amount of hp, if shadowmere dies, it will return in like 10 days or so, and another thing he does that other horses doesnt do, he fights! i mean, horses are protecting themselves when they are attacked, but shadowmere is helping you to kill enemies, so, Shadowmere is like a companion!

  • Antrix

    I remember when I was so hyped for skyrim and this song got me really pumped for it.Wish it turned out to be what I wanted from a elder scrolls game. 

  • clone12TM

    Fun fact, taking an arrow to the knee means getting married. I've just debased the shittiest meme of 2011/'12.

  • Sword Spirit Hollow Soul Reaper Tensa Zangetsu Who Uses Computers

    "Why are you addicted to videogames?""Well, can you slay dragons and shoot plasma rifles from a T-Rex in real life? Yeah..didnt think so.."

  • L.T. G.

    My 1st ES game was Oblivion and I think that Oblivion has that something that Skyrim doesn`t :(


    Mai'q done is talking...

  • Ethan Morgan

    I didn't have a life for months when skyrim came out

  • Miasimon

    Goddamnit.. guess I'll launch Skyrim again.. maybe I won't see something that defies all laws of Skyrim physics. Giant flying mammoth lands on character before he joins the GSP

  • BosonCollider

    I suggest turning on subtitles for this. The google automated subtitles for this are hilarious.

  • Fraser Crawford

    ok I just 100% skyrim, now what?

  • Youri Duty


  • Gamemas Setiren

    Rant: Skyrim StoryIn preparation for Elder Scrolls Online...

  • SteampunkC0wb0y

    Harry makes me feel more immersed in the ES universe than the ES games themselves :I

  • HalfbreedAndrij

    WHAT's THIS? A comment section woefully underpopulated by DR. BEES references. A large influx of bees ought to put a stop to that.No seriously, I was looking for them.

  • Inked Pen

    hard to believe its been 5 years since this came out, i remember watching it during the week it was published

  • Vyts Vals

    most funny place in this video is that nord in those cold places feels like in hawaii

  • Vintson Knight

    Nice song writing, very creative.

  • srkibble

    What's this? A Nordic land woefully underpopulated by bees? A large influx of bees outta out a stop to that!

  • Creepy Noodles666

    He was loyal when no one else was

  • Serious Protaganist

    A new comment section having nothing to do with bees? My briefcase full of bees should handle this!

  • ThePsychoBear

    Okay who here plays as angry wizard/theif argonians aside from me.

  • ragecage of Sneezing Dragon

    COME HEROES, RAISE YOUR SWORDS! LET US SHOW ULFRIC STORMCLOAK that damn dossier so that he'll see what an idiot he's being.

  • Liberty Prime

    my god I remember when I first saw this time flies

  • Joachim Refshammer

    can't look at the nord without laughing

  • Hjernespreng

    250 hours on this game spent, and I even intentionally avoided some of the long side quest lines.Delicious.

  • The Master Gamer

    Skyrim: A game for xbox. it makes the top 5 best xbox 360 games ever made. its a very good freestyle game with a open world which lets you do whatever you please. outtrun the law or do the time. start a family and live a normal life. fulfill your destiny as the dragonborn and defeat the world eater, alduin. in my opinion skyrim is one of the greatest games I ever played on the xbox.

  • Ithinkflutterawesome

    My solution for solving most things in Skyrim:-Attack it with a sword and try to kill it.-Too tough and it kills you.-Go around it by using the rocks and cliffs to your advantage since the game is ridiculous Interactive in that way.

  • Mega Gamer

    anybody watching in 2016? or am i alone ;-; XD

  • Catronze

    Killgar in the kids bedroom hahah I wish I had a kill gar toy

  • Armoured Rat

    Skyrim's the rpg for people who hate rpgs.

  • Alex Quill

    I admittedly wouldn't mind having an Animal Magnetism perk in Skyrim. Might give us a Khajit romance :D

  • Kiervyn Amparo

    My cousins out there fighting dragons and what do i get? Guard duty.

  • Doctor Doubt

    But there is one they fear... in their tongue he is Bethesdakiin, Fair DLC-born.

  • MultiYournext

    Ha wait till you play dark souls

  • Crazze

    This game isn't goodThis game isn't greatThis game isn't amazingThis game is....MINDBLOWING but....Elderscrolls online messed it up.

  • Greatist_name_of_all_time

    You're so good at singing.

  • Caridor

    I wish I could erase my memory of skyrim.So I could play it for another 200 hours before getting bored.

  • Derp TheUltimateJelly

    who watching this in 2016

  • Acemcbean Piff

    If only it were that easy...

  • Alex V4

    "Stop in the name of the jarl. You have committed crimes against skyrim and it's people. What say you in your defense?"shoots fire balls at guards

  • Mr. Bombastic

    Too bad the game ended up being shit.

  • Swithun

    Dammit now I feel pressured to finish my Morrowind play through faster than I should because of the skyrim special edition

  • Robin1337

    Am I hearing a little bit of Tenacious D's Kickapoo in that song?

  • Cream Supreme

    Watching in honour of TES VI!!!

  • Magnablocker

    The problem with Skyrim is that it makes real life seen worse than it already is.

  • TheKhopesh

    0:21I want a .GIF of that scene, just the nord and that short little 0.2 second hair swoosh looping indefinitely.

  • Nonya Business

    Hello I have come to say this is my favorite video on youtube

  • darren holmes

    I listen to this song while riding around the mountains on the back of a hulk buster suit with my character race as yoda, god I love mods

  • 89BlackGatomon

    Nice animation :) Very nice =D

  • Vegetarian Soylent-Green

    They should just use this as the advert

  • HuffPuff

    I still play skyrim.its the year 2k16.*cough cough* Death to all stormcloaks *cough cough*

  • caleb zitting

    there are two types of gamers; those who hate skyrim, and those who love it so much they study all of the lore for the entire elderscrolls series and basically turn it into their religion

  • Bardh Xhemaili

    who plays skyrim still in 2018

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