Skyrim For Pimps - Stupid Moth Priest (S3E03) Dawnguard Walkthrough

Fun goes on a quest to find the Moth Priest. Along the way she kills a bunch of stuff and finds the remains of the students of Winterhold.

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This video will show you:

How to Play Skyrim
How to Skyrim Dawnguard
How to Prophet (Vampire)

All game content is recorded and edited under fair use rights for reasons of commentary and social satire.

All videogame footage was captured by us, Game Society Films and all games were played by us.


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  • Cameron Camardelle

    All hail Bjorlam! God of the carriage drivers!

  • Scorpionshredder

    "and she's not married!"Yeah, and she's not gonna marry either. :/

  • Derrick Wade

    hey gamesocietypimps. what race is ur character?

  • Mario Longo

    I'm on a Skyrim for Pimps marathon! Honestly the best and funniest youtube series ever. i love the game and you guys take all the boring parts of it and make it hilarious.

  • Mister Nobody

    Accidentally deletes Skyrim character save. Deletes Skyrim off the console. Sells game. Wants it back but too much effort went into the character. Wants Bethesda to make another Skyrim. Sigh.....

  • Blackwolf613

    How are they doing this "multiple character on one save" thing, or are they somehow rearranging the saves to match manually

  • Emmanuel Turner

    Pimps: "So is your daughter available for boning?"Skyrim Guy: "Yes I did."😂😂😂

  • TormundsMember

    God, Laura Bailey has such an attractive voice

  • Emo Nerd

    Also all of the characters have like schizophrenia or multiple personalities disorder as they all have 2 voices in their head talking to each other

  • Larry.3

    I love how all of your characters exist in the same universe at the same time! It's really cool!

  • Kaette Slytherin

    So >.> umm they're going to bang their sister... Think about it! Harkon and Serana have the same blood and you have some of Harkon's blood which is in Serana's blood therefore making them family (same with Aela)

  • Wienerbarf

    "He's gonna go blind if he keeps trying to read!" If only you knew buddy...(And yes, i know that they already have played the rest of Dawnguard. So calm yo titties haters and trolls!)

  • TheCynthiaCT

    it is big but you're even bigger...that's what she said

  • Dalton Campbell

    How do you get both crotch and fun together?

  • Joey Zmigrodski

    You guys are so fuckin hilarious but this needs more views and Pewdiegay has like 16 million subs and you guys have like 20,000

  • Blind Betrayal

    join the companions in skyrim and you can become a werewolf

  • Spikeniz

    HOLD ON? serana is lucina from fire emblem??

  • Casi Paul

    At 9:50 Serana said, "They are big but one is... bigger."

  • Justin Mc Donald

    love the way you guys do this. reminds of someone else I use to follow before they vanished. walkthroughs that are fun and not just someone mindnumbingly playing the game and talking all the time. Awesome stuff!

  • MTDfilms

    Like really really really really clossseeeeee

  • Pierce Keller

    Fün Tits has two personalities. That's why they have two voices

  • Nightmare Kitten

    Is this part of a DLC or something?

  • patrick wall

    I'm genuinely curious as to how two different characters exist in the same universe. Is this a mod or something? I'd love to try it out if it is.

  • Zachary Ramirez

    Wait, so Crotch Guzzler and Fun Tits exist in the same universe? CROSSOVER

  • uni-korn96

    how is the characters worlds the same?

  • Lauren Swain

    I did this on the Dawnguard point of view. I thought it was better as Dawnguard. You can still become a vampire as a Dawnguard near the end of the storyline if you ask Serana. I still have the option and I've completed the full storyline.

  • Alvo Sonata

    Seems like I'm watching Monty Python LOL

  • Isaac Scott

    Is cock and fün the same

  • Bloodrun069

    I like the continuity of this series. I'm guessing you killed everyone off-screen.

  • kokichi ouma

    so incestial vampires lol 0:52

  • Bru Master

    these guys remind me of TheSw1tcher

  • PineappleKing

    Wait.................................are both Fun Tits and The Other Guzzler in the same world?!?!?!?!?!??! 

  • Brenden Ammon

    Actually emre elephants have a very bad memory

  • G3orgianSoldier

    William (B.J) Orlamowicz.

  • Annabelle Mistertoni

    i dont know what i would do with out you guys you guys are my idles 

  • AnimeDood808

    Umm yeah everyone's dead at the college

  • StapleFace Productions

    Ben Medramo, they didn't, they just made it seem so. That's what makes this so clever and even funnier. 

  • GrievousKhan

    You don't read elder scrolls btw, they give you visions. :P

  • GrievousKhan

    He so has this set to novice.

  • MaskedWolfDragoness

    When I first saw the model of the Elder Scroll on the loading screen, I thought it was some weird... S&M suppository.

  • owen moon

    I think that was a dragon not her peeing you can see the shadow

  • Peacemaker224

    You might get lucky:-)

  • Peacemaker224

    It depends on how much she likes you.

  • timthed1n0

    I like her but I hate the vampires. Can I keep her if I'm a werewolf?

  • Dark Gamer

    your a girl or a boy player

  • game1tactics

    Question when does s'oggy balls come into the story never heard or saw him/her

  • Ben Medrano

    How did you guys keep two characters in one save?

  • Poo The second

    I've got a plot twist s'oggy balls gets changed into a nord by jzargo and needs to go on a quest to turn himself back XD

  • Peter Prest

    i love how your two characters stories' are intertwining great work guys!!

  • DefenseHamster

    10 seconds in... subscribed.

  • Peyton Phillips

    Well Fun tits may have problems shooting the sun

  • 1428Jeb

    Regarding Clinton, while I was doing the quest "A daedra's best friend" I picked the lock into his house. Long story short bardas the dog attacked and killed Clinton

  • ezio auditore

    I love all the season 2 references they're making

  • Master Bastard

    when is the moth priest no longer important, because what he does is just oppose as the enemy and not fall into my seduction. i really need to know, he causes a stir around the keep!

  • Zach Lee

    Well in the series technically, but what they've done is made Fun the Arch Mage and killed Brelyna, just like crotch did, so that it looks like they are.

  • OTC Studios

    Serana isn't the one taking a piss, it's the drunk dragon yelling yee ha

  • eeminjr

    It sounds like emre has payed attention to the lore of skyrim a hole fuck load

  • supermelon928

    your two dragonborns are in the same universe, i dont understand

  • supermelon928

    I'm confused, how is everything the way it was when Crotch killed everyone?

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