Top 5 Secret Unmarked Locations Skyrim

These are some of the top 5 secret locations that you can come across in skyrim. They are unmarked locations that hold some fun and treasures within.

I probably will not be doing some top 5 videos for a while and just lore videos as I am honestly not enjoying doing these. I hope you understand and continue to enjoy my lore videos.

I hope I please all who come across my channel. I am grateful for every single view. like and subscriber I have and get for the future(if your reading this in the future).Thank you everyone!I love you like I love my lemonade!

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  • eizhowa

    01:23 "...a ship that was once not sinking, but floating" I love your sense of humor.

  • Ben Leyland

    I love this specific person's Irish accent. Perfect combination of thick yet understandable, and not too harsh. Would be great for voice acting

  • Brandon Gonzales

    the giant crab is for a quest where you kill all these animal "champions" for a necklace named Kyne's token I had to go to the same location to kill a huge mubcrab ghost

  • Stuart McGavin

    This video would be so boring if it wasn't for your A* commentary, love it.

  • Daniel Quan

    "A ship that was once not sinking, but floating"*THE MORE YOU KNOW*

  • EpicDragonHunter

    Like=stormcloakComment=imperialİgnore=who cares about the war

  • Adolf Hitler

    I've been looking for a skyrim hidden locations video and all the videos I've seen are about how to obtain op weapons and such, this is the type of video I was looking for. Just locations with cool Easter eggs

  • Kelly Kozzy

    I Love your humor, the way you over explain stuff with a bunch of synonyms makes me giggle

  • Jo Burton

    Hey man I watched the first 30 seconds for your video and I started laugh,crying because your accent and the well everything man your really funny I loved it and I had only been on your profile for about 1 mins and I have subscribed to it so your doing really good if I subscribe this quick and enjoying your vids being only 30 seconds in so great job and don't stop ok 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Mike Hunt

    First video I've watched of his and I love his personality, I'm subbing

  • Matdrox

    I already knew all of these... What has my life become?

  • Matt Dex


  • StraightUpIrish

    I don't want to make top 5's anymore. For those of you who do enjoy them, I want to solely stick to lore videos, I just enjoy making them more. I will maybe one day come back but for now I would like to do lore. Hope you guys understand :)

  • TrivialRant

    Okay so I'm labelling myself as your #1 fan.

  • Damian Hay

    Wow I'm actually surprised that I knew all of them. Cool video anyway funny af.

  • Tarryn Geevers

    The accent just got me like 😍😂

  • Jan Kaňka

    freezed mammoth... just chillin lol

  • The Entire State of Minnesota

    Okay I actually didn't know that 2 of these existed at all.

  • Doukz

    your commentary is perfect, I love itpfft I found the chickenmancer once, it was hilarious.The only reason I'd seen the sunken boat before I was because I'm a wimp and spawning dragons by a lake seemed like a good guerilla tactics battle. Of course I didn't have a waterbreathing circlet yet but still...

  • Fr. Jacob Boddicker, SJ

    Even though I knew about most of these, the commentary is HILARIOUS. Well done, sir.

  • Memestermemes Euj

    Another unmarked location is the stalhrim source in solstheim although I do believe it becomes a marked location after doing a quest

  • 52262

    i love your bad attempts at reading the locations of these places.

  • S.U.g W

    This guys is funny as shit! Love it 😂

  • Ben Douglas

    Sad part I basically just started and I Never new this stufd

  • Jo Burton

    Again you put so much fuuny stuff in there that's so random that's funny and makes me laugh so much man don't stop

  • fezabae

    Okay i actually pissed myself at the last one 😂

  • Curious Wind

    I guess that necromancer gotten arrested for killing chickens in Riverwood and now thinks the chickens are the 10th divine or something

  • Sithis 0402

    As an Irish citizen i approve of this channel

  • SigmaElement

    "A frozen mammoth.... Jus chillin'..."

  • Danielle Risley

    I literally just discovered your channel and I'm now addicted.

  • Darren Holding

    Just when I thought I'd found them spring the Chickenmancer on me! Nice lol 👍🏼

  • Clovis Rocque

    Do you have the MP3 File of the background music?

  • Eric Cartman

    "ever explored skyrim?" Shows map of tamriel

  • Izzibel09

    Your comments are just the best

  • Attack On Resident Evil


  • Cris Hofer

    1:56 yeah, but frozen mammoth, just chillin'..I died xD !

  • Adhiguna Pradhana

    Okay, the chicken really did surprising. Thanks.

  • Quaz Quizzley

    One Irish guy to another, your videos are really refreshing and genuinely fun to watch. Keep it up my friend

  • Perpetual Peter

    This a good video, have a nice day! (Thanks for the 70c dude)

  • Stephen Burnell

    I just subbed :DI liked that frozen mammoth its pretty cool!

  • Silas Braun

    Suddenly got Irish while watching your vids.

  • Lennchen

    I've played this game for so long and never encoutered the chicken-necromancer once. xD

  • The Totally Friendly Gamer

    All dead stormcloak are magots

  • Roger Wicki

    Did in fact not know 1 & 2. Thx mate

  • Guilherme Rampazzo

    Am I the only one that thinks the giant mudcrab looks like a Mirelurk from Fallout?

  • Hayley Baker

    Didn't know some of those, like the dead crab despite stomping over it (whilst looking for the Excalibur/Lady of the Lake Easter Egg), but the humour, that was brilliantly delivered ramble humour. Loved it.

  • John Smithy

    Do list of toughest dungeons of Skyrim. But first try to get through Liars Retreat at the lowest level possible on legendary difficulty setting.

  • Adam Andrews

    Hey man, actually didn't know about the chicken dude. Good video.

  • Epyon302

    for #2, i think there's at least 6 more like that scattered around Skyrim. something to do with Knights of the Round or something

  • my view

    Chicken mage n woolly mammoth are the 2 i diddn't know about. Cheers

  • Adam Von Königsberg

    I didn't know about the ship.

  • K27R

    Oh I've explored that lake with mods but the ship. Wow. I've found the mammoth I think.

  • Boss Romos

    I love the last one. I remember finding it and being like “wtf is this”

  • Joseph Walsh

    I LOVE YOUR VOICE!! So funny " stuck in its butt... stuff!"

  • B Sellner

    You just broke a record. This is the first YouTuber to say "Don't subscribe"!

  • Tim Price

    I've seen that mammoth embedded in a glacier impaled with dwarven weaponry before it was pretty cool

  • Ron Strowd

    The arrows which struck in mammoth at glacial actually have a level scare.I was there like level 40 and the arrows were daedrick, not dwarven

  • stpftw1

    The funniest part in finding ''secret chests'' are when you open them you find like 100 gold and an iron dagger. So rewarding.

  • Tom Whipp

    I knew the mudcrab, knew the ship, didn't know the mammoth, and actually, I didn;t know the rest either... well done, I am impressed. Glad you didn;t include notch's pickaxe

  • Parker Bowman

    i actually didnt know about the yuge mud crab and ive been playin the game since 2012

  • Rafael De Mattos

    Here's a little question ... Can i, just soultrap that badass mamouth until i reach level 100 and be a monthstrucker cunjurator?

  • Casey Pendergraph

    You're quite funny

  • NeezPrestige

    yh u fight the ghost of that crab its called somthing legendary mudcrab

  • blakeamites gaming

    the mud crab is part of a quest by rift imperial camp

  • Hein Beukes

    LOL!!! Loved the Chickenmancer bit. Never saw that one

  • pudy248

    i just found m'aiq in cyrodiil while playing oblivion i feel accomplished

  • Original_Copy

    iv played skyrim for so long i found all of these randomly, send halp

  • TheRandom TubeTV

    Man, these are some damn good stuffs!

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