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This Video shows you where to find All the Best Rare Unique Daggers!

- Blade of Woe; With a Smithing skill of 100, it is possible for the dagger to reach damage upwards of 60. Combined with the Assassin's Blade perk and Jester's Gloves, sneak attacks can reach 1,800+ damage. With Fortify Smithing, if can reach even higher levels of damage.

- Keening can be acquired during the quest Arniels Endeavor in one of the following radiant locations: (Note if you find it before the Quest, you may not be able to complete it).

Autumnshade Clearing
Broken Helm Hollow
Cragslane Cavern
Cragwallow Slope
Cronvangr Cave
Darklight Tower
Darkwater Pass
Faldar's Tooth
Gallows Rock
Lost Knife Hideout
Mara's Eye Den
Pinepeak Cavern
Redwater Den
Tolvald's Cave
Treva's Watch
Uttering Hills Cave

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  • PaJaMaDa

    I know this is an old video but the Keening dagger doesnt work for me. How do I fix it?

  • Rasmus Nielsen

    Im pretty sure the Blade of Woe is considered a sword, not a dagger. I once tried to use it and get the x30 dmg with it as a sneak attack with daggers would do. But it only did x15.

  • Tendo

    mfw i walked right by the bloodthorn and thought it was just a normal steel dagger. Steel. Dagger.

  • fun with jordan

    what build is the best eso

  • -PunKac3z -

    Subscribe to Me and ill Subscribe back to You 100%

  • Sun Bro

    How can the Blade of Woe reach 1800 + damage?

  • TheSaucyPickle

    for mehrune's razor does the enchantment work on everything?

  • shadowfox159

    Has a walk-through of Tolvald's cave been done? It's a pretty cool place with some fun stories that happened there. Plus it's a lot longer than one would think.

  • Daniel Devin

    How does the Bloodthorn reach 1800+ damage?

  • elijah phillips

    is it possible to disenchant malrunes razor and put the enchantment on a diedric bow and add a frost enchantment as well?

  • Camel


  • Gage Tatum

    You can get a second blade of woe if you pickpocket it from the lady that kidnapped you in the shack for the dark brotherhood quest line

  • Dragon King

    the keening is pretty interesting, does anyone know where I can get the quest for it???

  • Patrick Star

    Does the glitch where you can get 2 valdr's lucky dagger already fixed?

  • andra swag13

    Am i the only one that cannot upgrade the keening?

  • Scott Yi

    Blade of woe has a shitty enchantment with only like 10 charges

  • James Healy

    Why does the Blade of woe swing the same speed as a sword.

  • Gaven Mace

    do you need a dlc to get keening? I have dragonborn.. and I played for 3 years and I never knew about the dagger keening

  • Jeff Marking

    The blade if woe is not a dagger it has the swing of a sword

  • aidan cossin

    01:49 what's that sword called dovakihin

  • Michael Bruner

    I cleared Hag Ends though and the guys corpse didnt have bloodthorn sticking out of it or even in his corpse and I even checked the table. I dont have any dlcs and im on the very first update of skyrim because I dont have xbox live

  • HammerMC

    Keening actually has a pretty cool backstory.

  • Danger Noodle Destroyer of worlds

    how can u get the blade of woe to reach 1,800 damage?

  • frost gaming

    keening dosent work dont do it

  • Chettar

    I'll stick to my Statikk Shiv...But seriously, I think that's Katarina from LoL on the thumbnail.

  • InsertNameHere.

    I have a glitch where I found Finn's Lute before I got the quest, and now it is stuck in my inventory.

  • Teneco

    If you have the level 70 pickpocket perk, you can steal Blade of Woe from Astrid before finishing the quest line and she will give you another one at the end so you can have 2.

  • Chandler Root

    Anyone know how to fix keening to where it dosent do what it says and always pops up in corner saying insufficient charge

  • Tristan Clendenning

    how does blade of woe get over 1800?

  • Engineer

    does this video include dlc daggers

  • Enderlord Alatreon

    Blade of woe can reach 1800+ damage? How?

  • Kenta Horie

    What I did with Valdir's lucky dagger: I killed valdir with it and stored it in his corpse. 

  • Conation.Smithichie

    I used Mehrunes on the final boss in the game Alduin and it insta killed him :)

  • Hoster Nord

    i dont know what to do, every time i give that man an potion, lydia just go and kill him.   LOL

  • Stacie Meier

    I love getting Keening, because it helps solve one of the great mysteries of the game. Well sorta. 

  • Ysabella K

    you keep doing the quest line for the darkbrotherhood

  • Barronater

    For the blade of woe you can kill Astrid, also you will get a quest to kill the entire dark bother hood.reward is gold

  • Yoapple24

    We're do I find the bound dagger

  • Alin Ibrahim

    Is Keening broken? bc it's enchanting wont work and there is no charge butoon, pls help

  • Nick Stelt

    Hags end didn't show up for me on the map, the ruin next to me does when I go to the other ruin that is the only know in the area so I guess my game is glitched 

  • Olive Flute

    how can the blade of woe can reach 1800+ damge?

  • Romeo Curley

    Where do you get the quest Arniel's Endeavor?

  • D Holmes

    Can you upgrade keening ?

  • Xander Chia

    I thought the bloodthorn was just a normal steel dagger and did not take it.(I went there during the house of horrors quest)

  • Zyro De Santo (Tron Vader)

    I rather pick the dagger you told first

  • Lemon Squizy

    John doe its Frist complete the kids contract go to the house where u kill the old lady and sleep 1 hour in the bedif that doesnt work i dont know ;)

  • Gellner Boy

    Sorry brother got mad at a different video and accidentally put it on this

  • Fluttershys Angel

    unfortunately my game has been glitched on the dark brotherhood ever since i downloaded the dragonborn dlc,  basically Astrid never takes you when you sleep after killing greland and reporting to the kid..  sucks balls but never found a way to fix it,  anyone else had this happen?   :/

  • TheJLAMAR23

    Never seen keening before. Looks like it's a stalrim blade

  • TheRune98

    Is Keening a DLC Dagger or is it non DLC?

  • yann lebr

    you can steal the blade of woe from astrid, the first time you meet her in the cabin. you must have pickpocketing 70or 80 and the perks to steal equiped items =P

  • Benjamin Morales

    I cant find hags end I keep going in circles. Help?

  • Nathan Huffman

    I pickpocketed the blade of woe off the lady and at the end of the quest line she gave me a second one :3

  • jethical b15

    Valdrs lucky dagger was my first rare weapon i found in the game


    i thought that blade of woe was a sword that explains why the damage is so low

  • The Not So Stealthy Ninja

    Help can't find "Hags En"d any help?

  • TheAsariGamer

    I looked where Hags End would be but it wasn't there... Help

  • 《 niqo 》

    Blade of woe isn't a dagger.. :/

  • frost gaming

    btw every one u need dawnguard for keening

  • Gellner Boy

    Didn't work SCREW YOU

  • AnimeZForever

    Mehrunes Razor got stuck in a display case how do I get it out? Already have all the others wanted to complete the set. If anybody knows please tell me.

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