Skyrim: Treasure Chest With Lots Of Gold

This video shows you a fun quest you can do to find a treasure Chest With Lots Of Gold in it. Please enjoy if you have anymore cool ideas for some videos please hit me up in a youtube message my goal this month is to make a video a day or more so help me reach that goal. Im not the person who figure this out look below for more deatails on where I got this video from.

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Hey Everyone I want to thank MyPEteacherIsaPedo for telling me about this video below his is channel link

The Person who I think made the first video on this is OfficialDuckFilms his channel link is below

If you want to see his video on this the link is Below
  • Thegreendral

    your PE teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????

  • Skrub Edits

    You incompetent little hick piece of shit. Thanks for wasting 10 minutes of my life. The video title says treasure chest with lots of gold. You then wait until the video is almost over to say it's not worth it.

  • Remy Fockaert

    the paper thing is called a book.

  • Travis Tomestic

    The only thing I'd like you to do is stop saying stuff "looks pimp". It makes you sound like a moron.

  • Jacob Coombe

    Hes not a hacker, its called commands. And its not daedra, he is using nightingale armor with "Ebony mail". Its a special armor that gives off 5 points of poison damage per second to targets. You can get it from a daedric artifact quest. Its the armor of a dead daedric lord.

  • Don Paul

    title was misleading so i hit dislike

  • Itzz Texas


  • Kolovrat

    I was greatly offended. I pressed dislike twice.

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Derp

    This guy repeatedly asks for subs, likes, and views :/

  • Moist_Poptarts

    "Skyrim: Treasure Chest With Lots Of Gold" FUCKING CLICK BAIT! ._____.

  • Kyoto Makoto Info-Chan right arm

    What.The.Fuck?"lots"? ho yeah "lots" my ass, l get more money doing just 2 missions for the dark brotherhood and the thieves guild

  • Vincent Chase

    I subbed cuz im a fellow redneck....yall suk if you dislike....wankers

  • SalahSunat Productions

    your PE teacher plays skyrim?

  • SpartanGames

    "Its not worth it" Me: so your just saying i traveled about 50 miles in skyrim and Then unpaused your Piece of shit video Just For 200 gold coins... *throws computer

  • Stroyed

    He's a hacker. Not that the chest is fake but he's invincible and has deadric armor and super swords and the dragon rend shout all at level 1

  • funnyman338

    Your P.E. teacher sounds cool as fuck

  • Weed Cola

    Hey man great video really enjoyed the ending was so worth the wait and poor editing any way you said you would like ideas for future videos and I found this well glitch I suppose all you have to do is plug a toaster into the mains and take a bath with it please see if this works for you and post poorly edited results

  • Tre Williams

    Make a video on haw to get Daedric Boots mine glitched the first time second time I ask my follower to pick them up but only she can wear them no dlc btw so I can't do the Daedric Black Market help please

  • John Dale

    Here's a suggestion, near the end you say there is nothing much of worth in the chests, then don't label the the video "Treasure Chest With Lots of Gold Inside"

  • Donovan Tibbs

    How come he is a level one and he has unlimited stamina

  • FlawedPerfectionTV

    I took a left at first cause I'm stupid. Nope that's adorable

  • macgregor Lachapelle

    Lol he is a hacker a daedric bow at level 1 that's retarded

  • 《 Umiku Kitsune 》

    This is a perfect example of a YouTube doucebag that all he cares is fame and tries to act cool -_-

  • Delta Saint

    When he said he learnt this from his PE Teacher, i legit thought he learnt it from like, a school teacher hahaha

  • Toni Summerell

    lot of gold my ass..... wait there is lots ....lots and lots of bullshit

  • 2500 m/s Gaming

    u can use a controller on a pc....

  • Caleb Jankowski

    "My PE teacher told me about this"... I thought you were serious

  • logan gaming 56

    yes make more videos that help out alot

  • Teodor Alexandru

    your dremora is calling the dragon a"weak mortal"

  • SpidersplayMC

    Lol hacker. Play the game correctly

  • The Tombo Combo

    wait if you said yourself there is nothing worth having in that chest. why the heck did you show it to us? thanks for wasting 10 minutes of my time- Tom

  • Michael Homer

    Instead of just exploring to find your way out just activate clairvoyance and it will lead you to the closest exit 

  • Rarest Pepe

    hi I'd rather have known there's nothing 'really worth it' at the start.

  • IAmOtaku

    Treasure chest with lots of gold?

  • Casey Jones

    I want to know how you get ur srmor

  • Zizizink

    his P.E. teacher is a master gamer

  • mohamed ali ayedi

    how do you have dragonrend when you are lvl 1 -_- ? :o

  • Luke Mcallister

    Please keep up the good work, love ur vids man 👍😘

  • gentleman wolfi


  • Superkicks 200

    No one give a shit that you're level 56 dumbass

  • Chris Newby

    Where would one find a 'Summon Dragon Priests' spell? I have never seen that one before, and most of my characters are mage-based.

  • Terrarium Core

    What happens when I kill him since that's what I did

  • DehJapaneseAnimeLovah

    did anyone notice hes level 1? ;o

  • Dylan Poandl

    hows he got nightingale armor at level 1?


    Your level 1! You obviously hacked to get that daedric stuff.

  • SilentGamer

    Why couldn't you cut out the loading screens too?, great vid btw! xD

  • Ryan Dawson

    I See Why U Mod. Haha country boy. Saying "that's pretty pimp" then u can't hit the broad side of a barn haha practice man play legit and people won't Hate

  • AshenBanshii

    Here's some irony, his p.e teacher told him about this lol

  • Callum McGregor

    "Loading screen sucks on xbox can't wait till have on pc" Hes hacking if he has that armor and is that level so that should solve your problems!

  • Tigger 07

    howd u get 3k carry weight im lvl 51nand got like 500

  • Jake Westenberger

    did I just hear ODS /ODF

  • Cosmic dark

    Dude I want to know how you have over 1000 lbs of inventory space.

  • KakuKachoO

    You title your video with "lots of gold" to lure someone like me. Then you try to sell yourself by constantly reminding us to like and subscribe throughout the video. I appreciate good content and have no problem with giving likes and support on videos as long as the content stays true. But when I see a 11 minute video to find out "Lots of gold" is just roughly a hundred or so then you're just a waste of time who deserve no support at all and have no right to be even asking for likes. This was my first video from your channel and I will now forever remember you as an attention whore.

  • Lars Stratos

    he said pe teacher hahhahaha

  • Bryce Gooding

    That's another 11 minutes I have wasted of my life. You self advertising piece of shit

  • Johnny Sims

    His P.E. teacher plays Skyrim?

  • Morekai31

    Your P.E. teacher showed you this? You have the best P.E. teacher ever!!

  • Truman Dorn

    "There's nothing worth having in this chest" ..... oh only like 1000 gold worth of stuff......

  • gabe moen

    Hacker how could u have all that stuff at lvl 1 such a hacker

  • YarboDude

    Yo this boi is trickin me...I did that for nothin I was looking for coin gold...fml

  • Gerard Roach

    How do you get into the college of winterhold

  • Lisa Stasny

    Bruh reaally i just did everything you told me to do oh its not wort haveing you could have said that at the start of the vid unsubscribe

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