Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 21: Bows, Arrows, Ragdolls and Animations

Bows, arrows and all things archery.

1. 3rd Person Animation Tweak - Run Forward with Bow (0:23):
2. Casual bow animations (1:36):
3. Proper Length Arrows (2:56) :
4. Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows (4:53) :
5. Arrows Tweaks (5:14) :
6. Arrowsmith - Reupload (7:26) :
7. Realistic Ragdolls and Force (8:06) :

Mods used in taking this video:
1. Immersive HUD - iHUD :

Visual mods used in this video include:
1. DYNAVISION - Dynamic Depth of Field :
2. Realistic Lighting With Customization :
3. WATER - Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux :
4. Skyrim Flora Overhaul :
5. Lush Grass :
6. Lush Trees :
7. Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM :

The music playing is the Sons of Skyrim from the official trailer.

This video is in no way associated or approved by Bethesda and is intended for non commercial educational purposes only.

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  • JackobMan

    As an actual archer I'd probably download the proper length arrow mod but I don't get the whole "faster arrows" obsession so many modders seem to have. Bethesda actually did a really good job of getting that right. Arrows are not bullets, and even from 50 yards it will take about a full second for the arrow to hit.

  • Aphoticon

    I personally love the vanilla ragdoll effects. No they're not realistic, but they're way more fun XD

  • Harry Underhill

    Ref: Proper Length Arrows Mod.  I'm throwing this out there for anyone who might find it interesting but historically in Western European archery the arrowhead would touch the bow hand when drawn back to the correct length.  Roger Aschem wrote about this in his book Toxophilus (published in 1545 - it's where we get the name Toxophilite - a student or lover of archery).  When target archery for sport came in the arrowheads became smooth field points (like a modern bullet) so they could be pulled out of the straw target (rather than having backward facing barbs like hunting and war arrows) and the touching of the arrowhead on the bow hand thus became harder to notice.  Horace Alford Ford popularized the anchor point method (in his book Archery: It's Theory and Practice, published in 1859) of having the hand holding the bowstring drawing back to the face touch the corner of the mouth or under the chin and it was this way that the archer knew they had a uniform draw length every time (the distance the bow string was pulled back). Medieval archers cut their arrows to their correct draw length and then when they draw the arrow back and the pointier arrowhead touched their bow hand they knew they were ready to let go.TL;DR version; The Vanilla "shorter" arrows where the arrowheads touch the bow hand was the way they did things back in the medieval day and having long arrows with three or four inches out in front of your bow is a look that's come about because of a Victorian work around for using target practice heads for sporting competitions.

  • asd

    gopher i watch the ads for you

  • enginesnblades

    The whole "my arrow hit's like a truck" thing is actually my favorite anti immersive thing about the vanilla game. I'm not sure why, but there's something satisfying about it.

  • Sintel Snow

    But... But I like watching people fly through the air when I shoot them...

  • lazorize

    I'm not sure why people mind the bow animations so much,they're hidious,but unless you like aiming in third person,you won't be seeing them a lot.

  • Cygnus2045

    My favourite mod for making Archery more fun is "No Spinning Death Animation" by dDefinder. It removes all death animations for creatures and humanoids, so they just ragdoll like in Oblivion.

  • Iván Valverde Tudela

    As you said the longer arrows do deviate from the crosshair, but actually it ads a bit more of realism because, as any actual profesional archer o historical researcher will tell you, medieval style bows produce what is known as the "archers paradox" which consists of a series of regular bendings of the arrow arround the bow itself caused by the arrows flexibility and the amount of force produced by the bow string working against the arrows resistance to this force (newtons third law) in some sort of snake-like motion that does actually compesante for it's diagonal deviation keeping it straight whilst it is flying

  • Hugh Jones

    gopher, i dont know why, but i like your videos, keep making them:)

  • Random Fun

    well bethesda kinda laughed in the face of the "Arrowsmith" 's creator.They added it as well...

  • Foxx66

    It's so post to touch your hand that why archers put there finger out so it doesn't touch

  • Rodion Pyatovskii

    как ставить моды гайс ебаные . ват ду ю лив? ну в нексусе моды ты понял

  • Alegost1

    well arrowsmith mod is useless now^^

  • MystyrNile

    I would really like a mod that not only speeds up the arrows, but makes them fall at 9.8m/s^2 or at least close to that speed.At 6:10 the arrows were taking so long to hit the target that they should have fallen 2 meters by then! (that's more than 6 feet)

  • MrKuger9

    Hopefully someone makes a standalone mod of the bows by making them shorter (short bow) and allow you to shoot faster with them but make them also weaker than vanilla bows and possibly shoot not as far as vanilla bows.

  • Theory

    i like it when a person goes flying over a edge or wall. It's very entertaining. 

  • cheroxx

    I can tell you're not an archer^^ The arrow on a historic bow points to the side by default because the string and side of the bow are not aligned properly. Only modern bows have a center-cut (past-center) arrow shelf. And the arrow is too long in the long arrow mod^^ Anyways, thanks for the video :) (And funny enough, because of the archers paradox, lenghtening the arrow will make it bend more at the same shaff-stiffness, and will thus make it bend more around the bow, sending it to the right. In other words, the too long arrow mod got it right :P

  • Marcel Morais

    Thx for the video. Im thinking on using the closer quiver and longer arrows, but I dont know if it will be safe in case it doesnt work, cuz the description page (like many mods out there) doesnt say a thing about uninstall procedure. Many of them i just unactivate, save, quit the game and then uninstall, but I think that many mods like these are accumulating errors in my game, because thy dont use only an esp file, they replace meshes and textures and stuff. Do I need to make a backup of those to go back ? What you did in the video to change from one to the other?

  • Frost

    3:42 I think that's normal when it comes to archery. It's called the archers paradox and its a real thing archers deal with. It looks like the arrow will not hit the target but it does, Arrows are not stiff, they bend, therfore they bend around the bow at fly straight towards the target you are aiming at no matter if it seems like the arrow is not pointing at the direction of the target. Iam just saying what I understood but "The Archer's Paradox - Smarter Every Day 136" (Youtube video) does a better job at explaining it than I do. Its explained around 0:57. I know this video is old, however i thought it was very important to point out :)

  • Lex

    I made these ini tweaks and I still can't hit anything over like 50 feet away... it just appears to hit them as if they are a wall and do nothing. I have SkyRE installed, nothing else that interferes with combat...

  • Purple Guy

    Im downloading mods manually and then i install mods with manager... easy

  • Temet Nosce

    Originally the arrow length tells you when the bow is fully drawn, if the arrow is to long you might stress the bow (unless you use modern compund bows). It is supposed to touch your hand isn't that right? - and you put archer gloves on for that reason. Longer arrows where designed back in the days for flaming tips/burning arrows etc,extended length so you wont burn yourself but normal hunting tip/steel penetrating tip arrows are design to be as synced as possible with the max pull distance of the particular bow string to maximize range and effect..Skyrim original arrow length is realistic.Edit. Love your review!! - Definatelly geting the bow animation mods.thanks

  • Nostalgisten

    With Arrow Tweaks, should it work to change the skyrim.ini if my Mod Organizer is on my E: drive, or do I have to move it to my C: drive (alternative desktop) to make it work? No changes to the Skyrim.ini have worked for me. Anyone have a solution?

  • Dr. Barber

    so ragdolls may be fixed but not all the way. one time I shot a forsworn up close but not point blank and I was shooting up hill at them... their ragdoll shot a good 6 feet in the air, Thats a damn fine string tension there

  • Antony Weber

    ´hey guys maybe one of you can help me.I stand the same distance as him at 09.11 away from a wolf but when I shoot the arrow just goes trough him and hits the ground. this happens until i go as close as i possibly can without being detected and my sneak is on 61 >.<i tried applying the [Actor]fVisibleNavmeshMoveDist=12288.0000to the skyrim.ini but it didn't change anything.this happens mostly on wolves.

  • spankthemunkey1

    hey gopher, if you want a realistic arrow flight in slowmo, why don't they put in the archers paradox so when the arrow is in flight it shows the arrow bending and twisting as it is released from the bow. and yes the arrows are too long really, normally they would be about 2 maybe 3 inches in front of the riser at full draw. i am new to all this modding scene, i am addicted to your video's keep up the fantastic work


    Even though I love mods, there is one massive drawback to them. It makes you realise how bad the game actually is since majority of the mods are trying to fix or improve something, meaning it was crap to start with. Also, half the things they are trying to improve is literally nitpicking, things you'd never notice if someone didn't tell you about them. So all in all, the more mods I install, the less enjoyable the game becomes for me :L

  • Foxx66

    When the put there pointer finger out it doesn't even touch the archers finger

  • pieter brouwer

    Do you know a mod which fixes Whiterun again? I think the town became pretty wrecked because of the war storyline. And it kinda looks like Whiterun has no damage anymore in this video. Thanks :)

  • MrGamma195

    as being a sort of archer myself the speed is pretty similar to real life but since i havent used this mod i couldnt really say about in certain conditions like at farther distances it should be slower and the longer arrows is accurate 

  • Scitimar

    The vanilla arrow Impact is off the charts it literally like hitting an enemy with a truck, I've had incidents where NPCs' get killed by an arrow and suddenly leaps into the air 3-4 feet off the floor xD kinda funny to watch them bellyflop or faceplant after coming down.

  • tjakal

    4:00 although entirely by accident I'm sure as bethesdas attention to detail are none, it's actually realistic that the arrow points to the side of your aim, this is the way you would aim an arrow because of the archers paradox.

  • steve seguin

    thanks Gopher, as always you think of others like a father, i appreciate it very much. Peace

  • sergenticus_wafflicus

    Little note here, with the lengthened arrows mod, the arrows should not point dead straight, I am an archer myself, and I can tell you that arrows stick out to the side anyway because when you shoot an arrow, it flexes in flight and this is what makes the arrow fly straight. So yeah, the arrows should stick out to the side a bit anyway :)

  • Joshua Talbot

    Please someone help! The further I move from the target the higher my arrows get.

  • Ryan Metz

    Why were there so many trees in Whiterun? Was it a mod? If so what is it called because i like it.

  • Dustin Moretz

    Faster arrow speed is more realistic,assuming you're no using a bow with a 10 lb draw weight :D

  • Tyco Tyrannus

    Not going to read back 2 years of comments so ill just make mine blind. He says the arrow does not match the crosshair gui. And that its the games fault not the modder. He may be right, but to me the arrow would be spot on to the crosshair if it were shorter. So if you are going to increase the arrow length then they should adjust that so the new arrow head length is appropriate. Edit oh 7 min in there is a different issue and a fix so to be sure I was not talking about that. Glad those line up.

  • SuperBlueboy2010

    The thing about the arrow not meeting the reticle thats how it is irl, arrows bend around the bow.

  • Breno

    The arrows piercing more is so much better. I love seeing my arrows go through someone instead of just having the arrowhead barely sticking in and having them die so easily. In real life, the arrows pierce more. An arrow to the knee is much more deadly!

  • ooer

    you should have the IS compendium realistic bow and arrow sounds.... removes the stupid whistling on arrows and makes bows sound like real life.

  • Andrey Voitishin

    Do you know what happened to Lush Grass and Lush Trees? Link on nexus are dead

  • Eduardo Cunha de Carvalho

    Man how did you got to install the static meshes stuff, the nexus mod manager always gives me the sevenzipsharp bug/error when "preparing" the mod for installation. Please someone help me !!

  • francis magbanua

    I see my readied arrow drop alongside my hand then disappears in mid-air when I cancel it. WHY IS THAT?! not like in your video 2:54

  • avengerofdeadvideos

    is it bad that after his comment on the arrow impact physics i really want a ballista to shoot things with?

  • Marc Razvan

    4:31 let's admit itIt wouldn't be the same playng Skyrim without the arrow to the knee joke :D

  • SomogyiBicskas

    Welcome master, thanks for your awesome work !Have you something for this arrow shaking problem ?Because when you aiming to the target and zooms on it its annoying to see when the arrow is dancing in the bow himself, i need some help can you help me ?( Sorry for my bad english hope you understand, peace ! :)

  • Ansh Upadhyay

    i thought you could already make  arrows

  • wolfie spesso

    didn't you do a cover on craftable arrows near the beginning of skyrim mod sanctuary?

  • Andy Andy

    One time I was heading towards a fort and out of the blue a horse was thrown out from behind the walls lol Ragdolls!

  • sergenticus_wafflicus

    Also the fight speed of the arrow should depend on the bow, a bow with a higher draw weight will make the arrow fly faster, the weight of the arrow also plays a part too, but the difference is normally quite small

  • Bryan Daehling

    I would say that 75% is actually realistic


    i actually like vanilla ragdolls lol it's funny hitting them with a fire spell or something and making there body fly away

  • Will Ericsson

    the ragdoll physics mod medium setting might be more realistic. This is because English longbows found at the time Skyrim probably takes place could at full draw puncture the armor, the leg, the saddle of a horse and then hit the horse. I'm not an archer. Don't quote me.

  • Doctor Fate

    im not hating and i no its like 2 years later but i no u still think skyrims messed up even now but if u aim with the vanilla crosshairs then u can use the small point which is alot more accurate but with the modded one the points just get in the way and the aiming is about 4 times wider so if u wanna do some longshots ur gonna have a hard time

  • dominique Bobbink

    i lose my arrows whit the faster arrow mod :)

  • Tinker

    I have always had the arrows going a bit up at the beginning, I thought that was vanilla! Well, it is. Kinda. And I have grown used to it, been forged by it... I didn't see my arrows hit where the crosshair was until I was already a man.

  • Bartoc

    Is your clock right? You made a video at 3 o´clock? :P I personally like the "slow" vanilla arrows because I can see where I shoot or miss

  • SoundtrackGermany

    Can anybody help me ?After i edited the .ini file, the arrow fly straight ahead whitout affecting the gravitation. (Sry for my bad english :D)

  • Ender Archer

    I'm definitely gonna get arrow tweaks and the arrows so fast and use bend time until I get used to the speed so I can catch them with out slowing time down

  • J Templar

    Are there any for faster draw time?


    Is there any mod that fixes the bow animation on females?

  • Piotr Zajas

    4:33 made my day, thanks Gopher :D

  • Y Devices

    I mean I thought the ragdoll force thing was kind of funny

  • Budliky CZ

    they should do running animation with the bow when he has the right hand instead of lying around be ready at the quiver :)

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