Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 21: Bows, Arrows, Ragdolls and Animations

Bows, arrows and all things archery.

1. 3rd Person Animation Tweak - Run Forward with Bow (0:23):
2. Casual bow animations (1:36):
3. Proper Length Arrows (2:56) :
4. Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows (4:53) :
5. Arrows Tweaks (5:14) :
6. Arrowsmith - Reupload (7:26) :
7. Realistic Ragdolls and Force (8:06) :

Mods used in taking this video:
1. Immersive HUD - iHUD :

Visual mods used in this video include:
1. DYNAVISION - Dynamic Depth of Field :
2. Realistic Lighting With Customization :
3. WATER - Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux :
4. Skyrim Flora Overhaul :
5. Lush Grass :
6. Lush Trees :
7. Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM :

The music playing is the Sons of Skyrim from the official trailer.

This video is in no way associated or approved by Bethesda and is intended for non commercial educational purposes only.

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  • JackobMan

    As an actual archer I'd probably download the proper length arrow mod but I don't get the whole "faster arrows" obsession so many modders seem to have. Bethesda actually did a really good job of getting that right. Arrows are not bullets, and even from 50 yards it will take about a full second for the arrow to hit.

  • Frostshokk

    I personally love the vanilla ragdoll effects. No they're not realistic, but they're way more fun XD

  • asd

    gopher i watch the ads for you

  • Harry Underhill

    Ref: Proper Length Arrows Mod.  I'm throwing this out there for anyone who might find it interesting but historically in Western European archery the arrowhead would touch the bow hand when drawn back to the correct length.  Roger Aschem wrote about this in his book Toxophilus (published in 1545 - it's where we get the name Toxophilite - a student or lover of archery).  When target archery for sport came in the arrowheads became smooth field points (like a modern bullet) so they could be pulled out of the straw target (rather than having backward facing barbs like hunting and war arrows) and the touching of the arrowhead on the bow hand thus became harder to notice.  Horace Alford Ford popularized the anchor point method (in his book Archery: It's Theory and Practice, published in 1859) of having the hand holding the bowstring drawing back to the face touch the corner of the mouth or under the chin and it was this way that the archer knew they had a uniform draw length every time (the distance the bow string was pulled back). Medieval archers cut their arrows to their correct draw length and then when they draw the arrow back and the pointier arrowhead touched their bow hand they knew they were ready to let go.TL;DR version; The Vanilla "shorter" arrows where the arrowheads touch the bow hand was the way they did things back in the medieval day and having long arrows with three or four inches out in front of your bow is a look that's come about because of a Victorian work around for using target practice heads for sporting competitions.

  • Cygnus2045

    My favourite mod for making Archery more fun is "No Spinning Death Animation" by dDefinder. It removes all death animations for creatures and humanoids, so they just ragdoll like in Oblivion.

  • Hugh Jones

    gopher, i dont know why, but i like your videos, keep making them:)

  • Iván Valverde Tudela

    As you said the longer arrows do deviate from the crosshair, but actually it ads a bit more of realism because, as any actual profesional archer o historical researcher will tell you, medieval style bows produce what is known as the "archers paradox" which consists of a series of regular bendings of the arrow arround the bow itself caused by the arrows flexibility and the amount of force produced by the bow string working against the arrows resistance to this force (newtons third law) in some sort of snake-like motion that does actually compesante for it's diagonal deviation keeping it straight whilst it is flying

  • Sintel Snow

    But... But I like watching people fly through the air when I shoot them...

  • Robert

    The whole "my arrow hit's like a truck" thing is actually my favorite anti immersive thing about the vanilla game. I'm not sure why, but there's something satisfying about it.

  • Random Fun

    well bethesda kinda laughed in the face of the "Arrowsmith" 's creator.They added it as well...

  • lazorize

    I'm not sure why people mind the bow animations so much,they're hidious,but unless you like aiming in third person,you won't be seeing them a lot.

  • superratrat

    I actually love the insane rag doll in this game. I find it really amusing haha. The other day while i was playing, I shot a bandit off a tower and he went flying super far into the river below. It was great :D

  • serg1072

    um im sorry i gues but yea im not american if that is what you are thinking but is the draw lenght and the arrow rest serch it in google

  • Never Tell Anyone

    I believe all of the mods he reviews are ones he got from the Nexus (links in description) but I know that a few of them (very few) are also available on the Steam Workshop.

  • Never Tell Anyone

    Can someone rephrase this so that I can understand it? It sounds interesting but I feel as if the person isn't a native English speaker and I can't make heads or tails of it.

  • Drewpy

    I need a steam punk bow!

  • HCR 321

    I used to be a training dummy like you, until I took an arrow in the knee

  • Bobby Ranger

    I noticed that if you hold the bow too long, your arms start to shake. Hold the bow longer than 3 seconds and the aim gets affected. Hold the bow for longer than 10 seconds and good luck predicting where that arrow is going to hit. I haven't really noticed this affect in game. Presumably an experienced archer doesn't suffer from that problem.

  • Bobby Ranger

    Guerrilla warfare for the win. XD

  • CaCSouthPark

    I presume there isn't a mod yet for making side view for Third Person Arrow Shooting ? It just doesn't feel great trying to aim when the camera sits behind you(and its even worse on Horseback since you can't go First Person to aim from there)

  • Stinkus Dinkus

    My good man you get my sub.

  • TheUnamedHero

    I play as an archer allot, this is obviously my favorite video so far ;-) GJ Gopher.

  • Cephalone

    Now I'm a archer in real life and this is very realistic!

  • serg1072

    yes that fucking kajita

  • Mattmnesia Matt.k

    I love when people make bows and arrow mods, I play as a hunter/ Archer 24/7 I sometimes forget what a sword looks like. Only thing I use close to a sword is a dagger. Wish people can Create more mods like this. More bows different arrows. And maybe a mod where it adds archer imperials and storm cloaks, during the war. So instead of wearing the default armor, you can wear an archer uniform.

  • SaiyanHeretic

    3rd Person Animation Tweak is great if you have a belt quiver. It looks like an arrow quick draw posture.

  • Bei Nuan

    just because you said you "arent an expert in archery" i figured i would comment, yes the faster arrow speeds are more realistic... as someone who practices archery... any bow, lets say 50LB draw or more (and you would NEED that or more at least to make a bow capable of peircing armor) you would NOT be able to see the arrows at all almost... So for sake of realism, lets say its a 70 pound bow, so realistic war bow.... yeah you wouldnt be able to see the arrow at all Thanks for the vid bwt!

  • nextgenstatus

    thats how i look at my ex's OOOOOOOOOO...Ohohoh wahahwhahw i dont have any ex's =(

  • OTC Studios

    I hate how people think just Becuase there good archers in skyrim they thi k the rock at archery, I do archery in real life

  • kucharz508

    arrow crafting was added with the dawnguard dlc, you caouldn't craft arrows before that ;p

  • Sovetskiy

    Your videos have always been and will always be fantastic!

  • Steve Hamner

    Your videos are really top drawer, Gopher. In just a few days I've gone from being rather terrified of modding Skyrim to being eager to test new mods and learn more about modding. This one has really brought my archer-assassin to a new level, and I'm really enjoying that character more for the mods you suggested. Cheers.

  • serg1072

    thanks i dont really speak english

  • khantwo2010

    my win 7 does not have these folders he's talking about at 11:02

  • Megaarrowshot

    In case anyone can't understand this paragraph I have translated: "I'm sorry, but the Proper Length Arrow mod isn't accurate because, I know because I am an archer. The length of the arrow must be as long as how far back the string is pulled. The reason it looks dangerous in Skyrim is because there are no rests on bows in Skyrim which IRL exist so that you don't hurt yourself."

  • Alegost1

    well arrowsmith mod is useless now^^

  • Radical Douche

    You're an idiot. The fact something is now added doesn't matter. Pretty sure these mods came out before Skyrim had official Archer updates released for the game.

  • James Smith

    UPDATE - You also need that same INI Tweak for the Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows Mod

  • st33lsimy

    cough every game lets player ever cough

  • CallumGCha

    Sorry but they added the bow length properly already in game and the movement of the arrow when you shoot them are not accurate so you try archery idiot sorry but I now hate you!

  • EddyPerson7

    The arrows in the mod dont have real "size" the longer the harder and with that size they would travel around 500 m. If shot by Arniel Carlson. ( long armed bow instructor )so the game had it good. But why even care about that?

  • Captain B.

    They're fine mate, don't worry about them. You wouldn't have hit 100,000 subscribers if your videos weren't of good quality.

  • loverofmonstergirls

    That maybe so, but yours looks shitloads better than my game :) , unless I want bad slowdown anyway

  • Foxx66

    It's so post to touch your hand that why archers put there finger out so it doesn't touch

  • Max C.

    i know its Max Payne its just that the name is usually taken so i found an alternative.

  • Joe Ramdeen

    It's Max Payne Jeez stop spelling my name wrong

  • Max C.

    depends on the distance

  • MiniMongo7

    Exactly, so my bow will be sheathed. I'm a badass, I take my weapon out until the very last second, not only to look like a badass, but to be granted the title ''Fucking idiot''.

  • MiniMongo7

    I don't like the idle replacer, if you have a weapon out you're going to use it (in reality I mean) and if it's sheathed you're not, so having it so you are relaxed with a bow in your hand seems....illogical.

  • MiniMongo7

    Yeah many people have released 'real arrow' or 'real bow' mods that are totally unrealistic.

  • Alex Dorn

    почему ты бегаешь вокруг ёрваскра

  • Ryan O

    Why bad quality? Just your mic raises the video to the top level videos. My mic sounds like I have an egg in my mouth

  • CadenJacksonGames

    I'm a huge bow user and I love this

  • kortotototoaoaoaoao

    bows in the hood XD I LOVE YOU GOPHER

  • IceHawk115

    I hate to comment months later but arguing about arrow speeds ?? Really guys? Really? If you were to open a new tap you could easily find FPS on different style bows and cross bows also!!! Note!! This is not real! There is magic and super bow things not realistic!!

  • Joakim Paldanius

    it looks like he slaps the bow in his face everytime it passes the head on the casual version

  • MisterGutsy108

    Yeah but they're still better quality than most Skyrim mod videos are now. :)

  • Khryz Mena

    I don't see any use in these mods, no offense but they are pretty useless.

  • serg1072

    other thing is that the arrow on a real bow flys super upward when its start the fligth an then it comes down to hit the target so you must not havechange the crosshair issues another mod idea is the bow sigth to aim more properly

  • serg1072

    that should depend on the bow,an exaple should be that the long bow the arrows must be more slow cuz of the pounds of strengt that this bow should have and oposite for the daedric actualy that will be a good mod the bows with pound jajaja sorry for my english im from mexico greetings

  • Tim Alien

    Thank you for comment. And what can you say about arrow speed mod?

  • serg1072

    im sorry but the proper length arrows mod isnt real because i am an archer and we know that the lengt of the arrow must be as long as the hold almost that the tip is resting on the res on kyrin dosen exist a rest so thats WHY is dangerous

  • Busy Bird

    hes right though dodging arrows is not very realistic at all

  • FazeGamingNetwork

    me too! i barely could read what you skyrim ini said and when you first uploaded it it was crystal clear in hd

  • Tad Dad

    relatively. arrowsm ove fast but not that fast, not with that level of technology. i am not saying anyone could dodge arrows like the flash, but moving should make it harder to be hit.

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