First Footage and Screens from Upcoming Star Wars Games - E3 2016

Here's an overview of all the Star Wars content

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  • Roberto Santiago

    Why cant they just release 1313? A game so near to completion?!?

  • Hunter Burrill

    We need Bethesda to make a Star Wars game

  • Dishonored Hobbit

    Amy Hennig + Star Wars = PERFECTION


    My Star Wars fantasy game would be an open world like game (like Fallout) but you are your own character (and wether u choose to be a Jedi or bounty hunter or even a normal person is up to you) !

  • Maximilian Adang

    All of the developers: "We want to do everything in this video."EA: "Alright guys, you have 3 months, cut out all of the singleplayer, nobody wants that, and all the other stuff that was going to be in the game from the start will be DLC at 30 bucks apiece."Developers: "What? Why? This game is going to be awesome if we have all of the stuff we want to put in it on release"EA: "Well, here's a 10 percent salary increase."Developers: "Ok, sounds good."What we get as consumers: "EA Master golden Han Solo Darth Vader Ion Shock Emote collectors edition," with the best gun unlocked from the start, 4 useless emotes, none of the DLC, and a special edition Darth Vader hero that has Han Solo on the inside of the armor, only $500+your dignity.

  • al112v5

    "I have a bad feeling about this."

  • Craig Davis

    bring back knights of the old republic not that crappy mmo you tried to pawn off on us

  • T.D Gaming

    BIOWARE PLEASE DO MORE STAR WARS GAMES. Thank you EA for making so many Star Wars games possible!

  • Jordini TehGreat

    My worst Star Wars fantasy is when EA releases a lackluster content game with 7 season passes. I'm sure they could easily make that come true.

  • Jedi Mandalore

    So no clone wars! Come on the clone wars Is 100 times better than the civil war era so why not add it? Battlefront is all about the badass battles. Only civil war battle what was badass was the hoth one and compared to the clone wars hoth was a very small battle. Characters in the clone wars are 100% better play as clone captains, commanders, commandos, arc troopers, different legions like the 501th, and 212. Also custom armor for clones better and more weapons to use and unlock. And playing as the CIS u have different droid's badass sith and bounty hunters. Also Captain rex in the republic :-D (anyone who is like "wtf are all thos clone troopers and classes? Arc troopers who are they?") they can return to stormtroopers vs rebels and pls don't pick the new order era over clone wars why... Because the new order would just be a reskin with the armor and weapons. The clone wars on the other hand can be a hole new game with all the new things it can bring. (stormtroopers are not clones did u ever see a clone fight? Stormtroopers cant even aim... And they have better weapons from the clones. So no clones are not stormtroopers in a new hope)

  • Michael P

    starwars open world sandbox, flying between worlds picking what side you want to represent.

  • evilduck1000

    So basically nothing apart from EA employees exclaiming how much they love Star Wars. Thanks EA!

  • Nate

    Ea Head Of Board: "GUYS WE NEED TO FILL IN SOME TIME FOR OUR EA CONFERNECE, ANY IDEAS?"Sees star wars development team masturbatingHead Of Board:" Stop that! pauseWait...YOU GUYS ARE BRILLIANT".Release a 3:25 video of the ea developers stroking their ego

  • StanTheMan

    O jeez. I thought they were gonna show something clone wars when they started playing the prequel soundtrack. No joke my breathing intensified by like 50 I thought they were gonna show like a clone trooper or something.

  • Deon Lawrence

    is anyone not working on a star wars game?

  • Josh C

    Bossk confirmed for battlefront?

  • cody bullis

    i want kotor 3 dammit!

  • Quidz

    first battlefront trailer looked very similar to this trailer.... we all know how battlefront turned out

  • Endra Nuriman

    still waiting on a KOTOR like RPG for star wars

  • MaserOfficial

    Hopefully we get Darth Jar Jar as supreme leader of the dark side.

  • Hunter Moreno

    So Bioware said there are "other Star Wars stories they want to tell. KOTOR 3 anyone?

  • A Al-M

    star wars trilogy is overrated i love star wars but people like to overhype things

  • murasasme

    They showed a lot and nothing at the same time.

  • ScrambleLegs

    When are they going to make a decent Star Wars game that isn't multiplayer?

  • Woltron X


  • YohAquino2

    I'm confused, what game is this exactly?

  • Ryan McGrory

    I just want an open world game pls

  • Michael

    Hopefully we get Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 3. An RPG Star Wars game with up to date graphics and action gameplay.

  • MrJonnydanger

    half way in and im already bored, yawn

  • GrizzlySpitterz

    Star Wars battlefront was aweful

  • 115 Short Films

    03:02 Hell yeah, Ive fantasised about buying half a complete battlefront game for years. Finally my dreams have come true.

  • Imperial One

    Please remaster Star Wars Knights of the old republic

  • UltimateKakashi5

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed comeback?

  • Mectrex

    Visceral games is one to watch for sure

  • Steven Vu

    We need a Clone Wars please.

  • Nathan White

    what does she mean by more eras in battlefront? Could the secret last dlc be Clone Wars? I hope so looooool unless she's silly enough to call the different movies time periods eras then damn

  • nights _

    okay so theres no games being announced here, credit to the studios on the hard work

  • Baraka Obama

    No Bespin trailer??? Wack

  • Jboy G

    Give us force unleashed 3

  • The Son of Suns

    Extremely disappointing. All they showed were little teases. Only new thing was that concept art, and some guy walking out of a building in a new unannounced game. Waited so long for this and we didn't get anything. Same opinion with Mass Effect. They told us absolutely nothing and just waved keys in front of our face.

  • FreshIngredient

    2:09-2:13 is KOTOR3 finally happening?

  • Trevor Hoffman

    So they are doing a single player campaign now?

  • Adcppk

    Can you please do a game that includes the clone wars :|?? I am a bit sick of the original trilogy and the Force Awakens to be in everything they create.. :|

  • Sultan

    First Order Star Destroyer ar 1:00. Guess that confirms that we'll be seeing an ep7 era soon-ish.

  • Anthony Delorme

    "I hope every fan walks away thinking 'Wow I never thought there would be a 60$ season pass among other in game micro transactions in my Star Wars game'..."

  • Dragon's Sky

    A Jedi Knights Academy successor, thanks!If you go Jedi then always go full Jedi!

  • Coconut Head

    Just wasted an hour of my life watching the EA conference. Nothing new asides from BF1 trailer.


    This is cool and all but would it kill them to add the clone wars era in Battlefront? That would make the game atleast a little better

  • Kirk

    What's that game at 2:42

  • Mannylito

    Prequel music came up when the Respawn logo appeared which means they may be working on a prequel era game! :D

  • XxSoulHunter117xX

    You mean "A inside look at all the companies EA will continue to ruin." right?

  • bob jones

    C'mon, stop fussing over Battlefront and make a KOTOR 3 already!

  • TheGavGuy

    "We're going to bring that to Battlefront" with $40 DLC.

  • Dmitriy Shelkov

    Knights of the old republic 3. That's what I need.

  • aaron maxim

    3:25 and was just hoping for mention of some kind of single player idea. Jesus...cmon!!!

  • MexicanAssassin

    Just remake battlefront 2 that's all I care about

  • BOLP

    Just make KoTOR 3 already.

  • Drew P. Baulsach

    I'd like to see Star Wars done in a Shadow of Mordor type of way

  • KevinclarGames


  • Storm Holder

    Half those games will probably be crap but I'm really excited for the ones that aren't.

  • Singularity Bound

    lol they poison everything they touch these days..

  • Jaquan

    wait, did I just see a dude wearing a vr headset while playing:)

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