Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do - The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets (Part 14)

Skyrim is certainly a massive game, with hundreds of hours worth of content to keep players busy. However The Elder Scrolls 5 is turning seven this year, and many finally may be beginning to wonder what’s left to do in Skyrim. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more things you (probably) didn’t know you could do in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

    Is it bad that I've actually never beaten Skyrim, despite putting in hundreds of hours in. I play all the side quests, and get half way through the story and then start a new character.

  • jaspr1999

    I love pickpocketing Astrid in the cabin and getting the Blade of Woe from her so I have two of them by the end of the Dark Brotherhood quest.

  • ReZaHydra

    I’m surprised that one of the details isn’t how you’ve found more and more excuses to say ”Murdered to Death.”

  • Nathaniel David

    In Diplomatic Immunity you can save the Elf who sneaks you in, I don't know if that's a secret or not but you can

  • Scoot Scoot Cow


  • Chris Hope

    Diplomatic Immunity has more choices than the entirety of Skyrim

  • RandyWalrus69

    Not sure if this is still a thing, but one of the first things I found, if you are wearing the boots of waterwalking, then eat a netch jelly, it causes you to fall or float I guess. Then causes a rather humerous swimming/walking animation. Almost as if you're swimming through the air as your toes glide the water.

  • Rue B

    In the first Dark Brotherhood quest in the shack if you use the clairvoyance (I probably spelt that wrong😂) spell it shows you who the right person is. If i remember correctly it's the kahjiit guy who I think is called Vasha. Who you kill doesn't make a difference but I still thought it was cool that there was technically a right answer.

  • ReFallin

    Hey Nate it’s guys here, and we are looking at the fallout scrolls 76.

  • Vincenzo Torizzo


  • Ardys Edric

    I swear, there's no knowledge left for us to learn. He is creating new knowledge. he must be stopped, before he becomes too powe

  • Farsachronical


  • Enzo Lopes

    Someday he is going to start by saying "Hey guys, its Nate here and Skyrim is actually a pretty small game" and that will be the biggest plot twist ever

  • WildStormy

    Hey death it’s murdered here.

  • Bradley Dragon

    TheEpicNate315 has left the gameTheEpicGuys315 has joined the game

  • Yvon Dark

    I always killed all three of the captives. I mean...I was already going to join the Dark Brotherhood. I was going to murder people anyway.

  • T K

    Etienne saying that he’s seen you in the guild is just a part of the immersion of the game. From a real life perspective, there’s no way the Thieves Guild consists solely of the 10 or so members you meet in the Flagon. This applies for every other guild or group you join as well. Who are the random Dark Brotherhood assassins that try to kill you in random encounters? This is also more or less proven when you get the thief random encounter, where after the thief tells you to hand everything over you can respond with “don’t you recognize a fellow guild member?” The thief will then respond with something like, “oh yeah, I’ve seen you around the Flagon” and give you some lockpicks or something. It’s the same story with the civil war quests, where a squad of 20 enemy soldiers can take Whiterun.

  • Destinysday

    He always asks us how we are doing, but we never ask him. That intro was a sign, a message. We, as a community need to be more mindful to leave positive messages and answers when Nate says hi in the intro. It's the right thing to do

  • Keegan Stormblade

    If you equip your waterwalking boots while underwater, you'll immediately appear on the surface no matter how deep you were. Makes for a great shortcut.

  • LKP KoroOcto

    Hey hows it going nate, it's guys here!........NO

  • Xathal

    Another bit of unique dialogue from Astrid that I literally found out about today:If you exit dialogue when Astrid says "Sleep well?" during With Friends Like These... she'll basically give you a tl;dr as to why you're in the shack.

  • Steven Wolf

    Nate, not sure if you've covered this or not....But during the quest "With Friends Like These...", you can ignore the three hooded "contracts" and kill Astrid, in which case she will proclaim "well done" when she dies!That begins the quest "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!"

  • Morgrim DarkHeart

    Thane of every hold? Nope, only Thane of whiterun, and I hold Max bounty in every hold. And using a mod I've killed everything. Every Jarl, child, shopkeeper, bodyguard, everything. Including all the factions. So I pretty sure I have done everything. Or at least killed everything.

  • H0ly Skull 825

    Nazim won't be going to the Cloud District AnyMore

  • Turok3045

    You pronounced the word "escape" properly today.Thumbs up.

  • Bronzytwo05 no last name given

    Hey guys, how's it going it's nate here, and skyrim is certainly a humongous game, full of dragons to slay, city's to save and guilds to master. But after 35 years, people are starting to run out of things to do. Luckily, today we have a few things that YOU may not have known you could do. So we have today's top 5 things you didn't know you could do in the elder scrolls 5 skyrim, part 395

  • Jacob Crumpton

    I recently learned something interesting. I don't know if you've already covered this, but I redid the dawnguard questline recently, and became a vampire before finding serena by contracting the disease. Doing this actually unlocked some previously hidden dialogue with her.

  • Blue Shell

    My friend.EVERYONE killed all the three people in the Abandoned Shack.It's not new, to no one.

  • Yes! No

    I’ve been killing all 3 since my first play through lol

  • Justin Barry

    Fun fact in the quest described at 4:00 where it doesnt matter who you kill, you can actually kill Astrid and get unique dialogue. This also gives you the blade of woe early. However you skip the entire dark brotherhood quest line, which in my opinion is one of the best in the game. From a role-playing perspective, i think it’s cool because Bethesda gave an additional acceptable answer to her riddle. So if youre playing a cunning warrior type character, this is a fun option to pick.

  • william mcintosh

    Nate is a 7 foot tall body builder from Guinea

  • A human

    Fun fact that y’all may have missed; If you have the dragonborn DLC, go to solstheim and swim as far as you can towards the Red Mountain. You can hear the volcano erupting.Also, if you get a mod that disables the borders, you can actually climb Red Mountain, and even jump in the crater.Makes for some pretty cool screenshots.

  • TheRedGriffin

    One thing I definitely know I can do is hit that notification when it comes up every time 😌

  • The Gnostic Truth

    These NPCs have more depth than real life ones.

  • GhostLiliane

    I did killed all three npcs in the brotherhood questline. In the German version astrid sounds more enjoyed and liked the outcome

  • Liam Dirks

    Did you know that when looking for Esbern you don't actually have to talk to Brynolf? If you don't want to join the thieves guild or just don't want to do that pickpocketing scheme you can just ask the innkeeper instead. They'll tell you where Esbern is you don't even need to look at the thieves guild.

  • phantomhurricane666

    I forget where, but on a shelf, there's a goat cheese wheel next to two cloves of garlic. a clear reference to pac-man.

  • Tsubaki Of Melancholy

    Oh please can I get a pin or comment for being early EpicNate?

  • The WaPikmin

    I like how the title say probably rather than everyone else who's like YOU DON'T KNOW THIS

  • Lyle Lilim

    How's it going Thing You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do, Skyrim here.

  • Despacito Spider

    Is he ever going to run out of information?

  • DrShocktopus

    The real question is whether Skyrim will be released for PS5 and Xbox 2 before TES 6

  • MTG Player

    Can I get a like I just got out of urgent care.

  • DrinkGameRepeat

    Etienne is clearly the best thief. He was in the Cistern the entire time; he just has 100 in sneak.

  • SubscribeTo PewDiePie

    I was about to kill myselfBut then Nate uploaded.

  • Andrew Chapman

    Wonder if that Storm Call shout works in Sanguine's place.TIME TO DO SCIENCE!

  • SLuGGLe

    Thousands of items, hundreds of characters, dozens of quests.... And five voice actors :P

  • Myrkr

    In the dark brotherhood questline in oblivion you can encounter amaund montierres ancestor francois montierre when you have to do a quest to stage his death and then "revive him" later in his family tomb

  • Old Snake

    Make fallout new Vegas vids please!It's the best fallout

  • Michelle Wilhelmi

    Back in Oblivion I would combine water walking with fire resistance to traverse the lava in the Oblivion gates. It made getting the Sigil stones a lot quicker.

  • Shawn Berry

    Not sure if it’s a skyrim secret or even an interesting one. It’s a deep cut so bear with me.If you have the elder scrolls 4 oblivion strategy guide and check near the beginning of the book, you’ll notice something strange. After the race stats and abilities, you’ll get naming options for all the races. Some of the name options are actually characters in skyrim. Examples are Elenwen for high elf and Entienne Rarnis for a Breton. I wonder how far in advance these stories are? Thanks for reading this! ✌️ out!

  • Xenomorph 123

    I've got a small theory about where you can use the Storm Call shout. I've noticed that all of the places that you can use the Storm Call shout, are also all places where Dragons can appear. So this leads me to believe that something in the games files ensures that Dragons can only spawn in areas considered to be outside (probably to prevent dragons from spawning in the enclosed space of a dungeon). In turn, any areas where dragons are scripted to appear (such as the Soul Carin in Durnehviir) have to be listed as outside. That is why the Storm Call shout will still work in these areas where it really shouldn't. It's a theory anyway, what do you guys think of this?

  • Fierce Devil

    The earliest I’ve ever been to a video

  • Terra BenLuk

    Use the adjective supercalifragilisticexpialidocious next

  • Osuo


  • Addcond5

    “Murdered to death” for as long as I live, this will forever infuriate me.

  • Nightfire

    I really do like this series, but most of the things in this video are just rehashed and obvious.

  • Jordan Darnell

    I just kill Astrid the whole time I hate her

  • Tyler

    Murdered to death i hope

  • Jason Smith

    Y o u r S k y r i m m o d l i s t p l e a s e ?

  • Verl Humpherys

    What? Doesn’t everybody know about killing all three in the assassins Guild quest?

  • terraincognita69

    I think it might be time to play a new game bud lmao

  • Amelia Capone

    Always the highlight of my day

  • what the f

    Nate remember. 10 days

  • haviz falenzi

    My theory about storm call shout is can be use where dragon is there, it is mean dragon only can fly at outdoor type map and storm call shout too. So you can use storm call shout in blackreach, sovengard, soul cairn and apocrypha.

  • Avgur Danleynskiy

    One more tiny detail! At the begining of the game, during escape from Helgen quest you will have to make a choise! To fight bear before exiting the cave or just go sneak and evade fight. If you escape with imperial legioner Hadvar and decide to fight bear, kill him and escort Harvar to Riverwood after, then blacksmith Alvor will mention this tiny detail. He will say something like this (i have russian version of Skyrim): "Guys, you are looking so bad and dirty! Do you fight the cave bear?"

  • Ka Yu

    Hey, how's it going Death, it's Murdered To here...

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