Skyrim – PC Original vs. Special Edition Remaster Graphics Comparison

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We compare the graphics of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PC Original versus Special Edition Remaster. Both are set to maximum graphics settings, an overview can be foundat the end of the video. The Remaster improves the graphics – it comes with revamped visuals, new effects, volumetric lighting, dynamic depth of field, screen space reflections, new water and snow shader. It contains all DLCs and Mod-Support for console versions. It also supports PS4 Pro with native 4K resolution. We captured at the same ingame time with the same weather conditions.
Wir vergleichen die Grafik von The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim auf dem PC im Original mit dem Special Edition Remaster. Beide Versionen sind auf maximale Grafik-Details gestellt, eine Übersicht über die Optionen gibt es am Ende des Videos. Wir haben alle Szenen zur gleichen Ingame-Zeit aufgenommen und zu gleichen Wetterbedingungen. Das Remaster verbessert die Grafik des Spiels – allgemein wurde die Optik verbessert, es wurden neue Effekte hinzugefügt, volumterische Beleuchtung, dynamische Tiefenunschärfe, Screen Space Reflections, neue Wasser- und Schnee-Shader und vieles mehr. Dazu gibt es alle DLCs und Mod-Unterstützung auf beiden Konsolen. Auf der PS4 Pro läuft Skyrim in nativer 4K-Auflösung.

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Captured with Nvidia ShadowPlay (130 Mbit) / Elgato GameCapture HD 60 Pro

Skyrim OST – Far Horizons
Skyrim OST – Dragonborn

System used in this video:
GameStar-PC Ultra
Hier kaufen:
Intel Core i7 6700K 4.00 GHz
Palit GeForce GTX 980 Ti Super Jetstream 6GB
MSI Z170A PC Mate Mainboard
Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Our second system:
GameStar-PC Titan
Hier kaufen:
Intel Core i7-5820K 6x 3.3 GHz
16GB DDR4 Crucial Dual Channel 2133MHz (2x 8GB)
ZOTAC GeForce GTX 980 Ti Amp! Extreme Edition 6GB
500GB SATA III Samsung 840 EVO SSD
2TB SATA III Western Digital Red WD20EFRX
Windows 10 64bit
  • FunnyMontagesGR

    Actually the original looks better even if its a bit unrealistic!!

  • Daniel Wearing

    So. Basically... more Yellow.

  • Fresh Certified Memes

    Original is better in my opinion. The new one looks really blurry.

  • Guernicaman

    Skyrim : Extra Misty Edition.

  • Shoeib

    original : green Remaster: yellow

  • Avi 1403

    skyrim doesn't need a remaster, what about Oblivion?! :(

  • St Ze

    1,Make a remaster2, add fog3,???4, profit!

  • Ya Boy Kolas

    and the biggest remastered fail goes to

  • serinho

    skyrim original with 5-6 mods looks way better than special edition

  • Tyggzy

    I sometimes feel original has better graphics than the remaster.

  • mitrooper

    Lol, the original PC vanilla 2011 version has better and sharper textures and overall better colors. The remaster is a pathetic joke.

  • DanSparrow

    Wasn't it supposed to look better? :/

  • Tobsen

    Is it just me or are the remaster textures worse than the original ones?

  • XThugniifcent _96

    this game did not need a remaster but you know what game did? Fallout 3

  • Pinkfloyd Lover

    lets add more sunlight and call it remaster ffs

  • Rockman Rossi

    hahaa original is better, better colors and atmosphere

  • sergey eremenko

    original looks better!!!!!!!

  • BeanJohnAlzahrani

    finally im number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda

  • Exo Pesta

    Hey, wtf?! with snow at 6:00? Are you shure this is accurate? I mean the same time the same weather conditions? because somehow I don't believe it....

  • DrearierSpider1

    To no one's surprise, Fraud Howard's idea of a remaster is to downgrade the textures and slap a burry post process piss filter on it. The Special Edition will no doubt be the version to play once modders have had enough time with it (not having the 4GB limitation of the original 32 bit version), but out of the box this is just pitiful.

  • IG88 or thermos

    That's a midrange enb for $40...

  • xGeoThumbs

    I personally like the softer look of the remaster, the lighting gives the environment a more immersive feeling. On the other hand the snow and heat effects on the original are better.I might pick this up on Xbox One for the achievements, can't wait to play around with mods aswell.

  • BatyaLiberator

    I dont't know why, but I compare both on ultra right now and for me, remaster looks better and I'm going to play this game again one more time, but on this video original one is better, wtf

  • Bill fred

    almost can't see the difference

  • Adam

    All I see is better skyboxes, lighting and shadows lol

  • HyperioN

    0 difference bugthesda did shit again :(

  • Chris M

    In some places, the remaster looks amazing and a nice improvement. In other places, the original looks better. Oddly enough, there doesn't seem to be any vast differences. I had hoped that the remaster might be something like the Halo Special Editions -- which greatly altered the look and feel of the game. Unfortunately, that just doesn't seem to be the case here.

  • Mr Zesky

    The original has much much sharper and crisp textures, why does the remaster make the textures look worse.

  • DarthShadow25

    Wow, the aliasing is so much better. Volumetic effects are nicer, slightly more saturated which I love, ambient occlusion is better. Global illumination is wonderful, especially with those nice god rays, and the bloom is much better, although maybe a tad bit heavy.

  • germ4Nn

    Thank you for this Candyland, but you must say that youtube downgrades the quality with its bitrate limit in every video you upload.I have both versions and the remaster one looks actually very more better than the original, but in the videos you won't see the difference because Youtube downgrades the bitrate of the video to have a fast loading, making it less heavy.If you really want to see the power of the remaster, then play it by yourself. This video doesn't prove anything.

  • Schmidteren

    Not that big of an upgrade. YELLOW TINT!! xD Actually looks more washed out more, because of that yellow tint. To hide the aging but still pretty good textures. Lol. Yellow tint to hide aged textures = new game?? xD

  • Johannes

    worst remaster ever... It's like the original, just with a little better textures and ambient occlusion

  • Shigaru

    Okey.. - During the day the Remaster Version looks better, because it's a little bit brighter and I love the sunsets now even more, but during the night it looks worse, because I don't like the blue shine.- Some textures are worse than in the original Skyrim, for example in the beginning scene, the chains on the armor, but also some texture are better. - The trees and bushes looking better now.- Somehow in some scenes I like the new light & shadows, but in other scenese the original looks better, or there isn't any changes- it snows less than in the original skyrim- The Remaster looks slightly blurry in some places, but in other places sharper than the original..- the same old animation.. They could have changed the animattion as well, at least a little bitt..So, somehow the Remaster Version is better, but somehow it's not. Well, i think I waiz for all the mods. :D

  • Ivan Demendoza

    So is it free on Pc to ppl who have it

  • Perkele Itse

    Hardly any difference. It's like the original with some sweetFX and a lot of haze.

  • Moniumus

    I mean , its kinda obvious that the remaster looks better

  • John Oswald

    So the remaster is like looking at the PC original through a foggy window?

  • Casey Hardman

    I might be the only one, but I think there's something beautiful about the original vanilla Skyrim. Even though mods make this game look incredible, there's just something special about the vanilla version that pulls me in when playing.

  • Fluff

    I like the remaster more, mainly because it has better shadows. Original is so pixely. I thought this was going to be free after release too. Like if you owned Skyrim + DLC, you get this for free included. Had no idea it was going to cost $40.

  • vividimaginer

    that awkward moment where you say "yeahhh, i guess that does look a bit better" and then realize you're looking at the original.

  • Jugolbrazowy

    Why does the original looks better? :O I think ONLY long distance landscapes look a bit more detailed in the remastered version, the rest looks better in original... or is it just me?

  • MrCrypt

    play original with high resolution textures. trust me

  • surfingsuicune

    Water looks better in the remaster, but everything else is a downgrade. Classic Bugthesda cash grab. :^)

  • joshuaha12

    0:43 anyone notice the face in the mountains.

  • Alvare Gomez

    There's a spider on your screen.

  • LandOwl

    I now see why PC users got it for free...Because if it wasnt noone would buy it

  • Texas Rangers

    Why is the remaster all washed out? It looks worse and has no better detail.

  • Loney

    3:26 it's a lot better in original. It has spooky, dusky climate and in remaster version is just meh.. :/

  • h1

    Remastered looks alot better, but mods can do an even better job.

  • Jerry DarkShadow

    Skyrim Original vs Brightness +2 version

  • MMHB

    So they basically changed nothing

  • Sevgi

    It's just Skyrim but with a ENB and sky texture modwoah

  • Saauso

    original seems more beautiful than remastered in my opinion...

  • Kumiko Shy

    Still better then downgrades from ubisoft.

  • Maxim

    The Music is soooo... BEAUTIFUL!!! <3 Love it so much! And the game is just awesome!!!!!!

  • :::::P'egofryatshir :::::

    а мне оригинал больше нравится.

  • Sol Di

    I like nights in remaster better.

  • Burnt Lettuce

    It just made things a bit brighter!!!

  • CarreraGT

    Idk how or why people are saying the original is better lol, remaster looks much better, smh people are never happy

  • Loc Nguyen

    what is the background music ? SOOOO GOOD!!!

  • Ellis Dee

    is it just me or does anyone else think 2:44 original pic looks better?

  • Bob Spence

    my story with these games ill make quick. 11/11/11 first owned ps3 skyrim.. everyone dissed it for the xbox 360 version which i got a week later. i liked the ps3 game slightly better despite the obvious flaws.. it just felt better suited for me.. and i find the same situation now with the original PC skyrim feeling more xbox 360 but special edition seems to me to be like the ultimate ps3 skyrim for pc lol.. maybe that doesnt make a lot of sense oh well it rings true to me (for now at least). also remember your system monitors etc will make a huge diff just depending on what works better. my first rig couldnt run special edition being an 8th gen game i guess but ran original skyrim pc great.. on my new rig (brand new dell inspiron with some upgrades) they both run well but despite the MASSIVE detail in orig skyrim pc it has this funny screen door feedback effect sometimes.. the problem i have with special edition is motion blurring (both on same monitor etc..) thats my experience thus far with the games in skyrim the special edition overall is very cinematic the orig has better graphics overall.


    Original is clearly better and this is from a console player. Remaster is just blurred with a warmer contrast. Such a shame Bethesda were so lazy on this. They have become very lazy recently leaving all the work for modders to finish.

  • Jakub Hejna

    Still waiting for SMIM to come out, I am repusled by the vanilla meshes they still didn't improve

  • MercilessHobo

    The graphics could've stayed the same for all I care, I'm just excited for the 64-bit DX11 engine.

  • Robot Raptor

    i hate to say this, i dont wanna be "that guy" (one of those people that comments on remasters saying how the remaster isnt better than the original when it clearly is) and i normally wouldnt make this kind of comment... but i dont think the remaster looks as good. there may be graphical improvements but artistically the visuals dont look as sharp. it looks like somebody just turned the brightness up and added a blurry overlay. everything looks like its got a sheet of matt transparency paper on top of it. the original has higher contrasts between light and dark tones, the shadows stand out more. in my opinion having darker and lighter tones, slightly exaggerated against one another creates a more polished look. the water just looks dull, the darker tones of the original highlight all the ripples and splashes. i really struggled to find enhancements here. even the light distortion effect from the fire @3.50 seems to be gone, and look at the beam on the right, how the original fire effect creates a flickering shadow on the beam and the remaster is just blank. the candlelight at 4.20 does look better in the remaster. but i really do think the superior contrast of the original makes it look much sharper. the remaster just looks washed out and blurry in my opinion.

  • jeitxinho brasileiro

    Basically more Saturation on the new version

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