Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV - Sneak Peek

Aaron Paul, Lena Headey and Sean Bean take us behind the scenes.

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  • CheekySchnoodle

    I wonder how long it'll take for Sean Bean to die?

  • Dana Red

    Final Game Of Thrones XV?

  • omnoproxy leet

    Sean Bean isn't dying in this scene DING

  • Tien Tran

    want a final fantasy? let's cook some meth

  • Jacqui Penar

    We all know what will happen to all of Sean Bean's characters right?

  • Dynaman21

    Sean Bean - King So Dying before the third act.

  • Ryan.Hops

    WOW They just spoiled a big plot point. King Regis is guaranteed to die since he's being played by Sean Bean. Damn it guys.

  • GBG

    Final Thrones Of Breaking Fantasy 🔥

  • Dude-Tuber 10,000

    this is how Warcraft should have looked like

  • ShadowShinobi364

    Square Enix is doing so much for FF XV... Hope they get their money's worth...

  • Meaters

    Kingsglaive FFXVIt has METHIt has incestIt has Shaun Bean dying

  • Fox Walker

    This is why FFXV and KH3 took 10 years to make

  • Hαfυ Nᴏʀɪᴋᴏ

    Now if Blizzard could have done this with their movie and not cgi/live action

  • TheShadowHunter

    THIS is what I want from E3!!

  • Koenma Sir

    damn that looks expensive to make lol

  • NCXV Gaming

    Spoilers: Sean Bean Dies! I cannot wait for for this!

  • Welmosca

    Could swear it was Kingslave.

  • pieonmymind

    Breaking bad x game of thrones. Ff15

  • Eder Lopez

    They should have just named it, "Breaking Thrones: Final Fantasy XV"

  • MightyManotaur22

    "World of Final Fantasy"?There have been like 10 different worlds shown in Final Fantasy games.

  • josemalbino12

    That looks incredible 😦

  • Jezdamayel Caster

    Sean Bean.. OH NOES!! His character will not last long. Jokes aside.. Awesome!

  • TheCycloneable

    it should've been called Final Fantasy: Kingsguard or Final Fantasy: Hand of the King

  • MisterBull *

    got this with my FFXV Special Edition preorder... cant wait to see it! :D

  • suburbannegro411

    Sean Beans the voice actor?? King Regis Death Confirmed.

  • Christian Vincent Literatus

    It's hard not to get excited of this companion movie for #FFXV especially with the inclusion of Ned & Cersei's voice.

  • conquerstrife

    Aaron Paul is a bonafide hype man... and it worked. I'm pumped.

  • Moggleberries

    Woah, I got goosebumps..

  • Alex Stewart

    "I choose violence"

  • Qui ingreditur viam prudentiae

    FFXV : Sasuke's Extreme Road Trip in the Batmobile.

  • VoltageElekid

    This game will be goty. i don't care what anyone says

  • No Commentary Gameplay

    1:11go to settings, Speed and turn it to 0.25WTF?!It is not stop motion and it happens automatically???

  • Masterxl MVs

    Man. Just in case you were under ANY illusion that the King may survive this game, they decided to cast Sean fricking Bean to play him.Noctis: "Sorry, Dad. Nothing I can do at this point."

  • martin macflay

    IGN a game soul reaver remake on ps4 and Xbox one dude?

  • Letícia Gabriela

    CARALHO pode vir quente que eu to fervendo(quem é noct mano a coisa agora é nyx e luna)

  • zinki120

    love Aaron Paul's commentary.

  • Robert Magkalas

    I would be blown away if the movie is in 60fps... well its a film so it'll be something like 24fps. but regardless of fps it will be an awesome movie like FF7AC.

  • ycl260779

    One does not simply let sean bean voice act a character that doesn't die.

  • mikeyFREAKINGv

    not sure if Game of Thrones... or Final Fantasy :|

  • elisatalvi

    Oh my God, so amazing 😱

  • Somnus

    I got my special edition pre ordered can't wait to watch this!

  • JMobster9

    King Reigis is played by Sean Bean? Well, considering all of Sean Bean's roles,they might as well have a neon sign over Reigis' head with the words "DEAD MAN WALKING."

  • Dahem Ghamdi

    Release it in cinemas outside Japan!!

  • BigKevSexyMan

    "The crystal will not serve you" I don't know why they gave us that line with no context. It's sounds really silly.

  • Douglas Ferreira

    Just one thing I want, gilgamesh back

  • Ady

    Sean Bean is voice acting the King... Therefore we know the King will be killed off 😭😭

  • Maurice

    Better story than the main FF XV.

  • Chewiiiiiie

    game of thrones + breaking bad = final fantasy......... yup sounds bout right

  • Why

    Aaron Paul casts Demi!

  • Cooks

    This is like Game of Thrones Season XV

  • whizzblue

    Ooh ooh I recognize these people! Sold!

  • Leonardo DaFishy


  • BlackDoge

    if lena headley is wearing that torned shirt its hot, if I'm wearing it I'll look like a hobo

  • rob19ny

    More exciting than the game.

  • Sean McPhilemy

    The crystal won't serve you

  • Swavey

    I never played a Final Fantasy game but this movie looks sick!!!!!

  • shawn zylla

    this make be one of the reasons i pre-order the game.

  • Dante Legacy

    Looking forward to watching this😃👍

  • Von The Stampede

    you know these actors aint played one final fantasy game

  • tekkai235

    Thought this was GOT for a second.

  • Voice Nerd

    Breaking Thrones or Game of Bad?

  • Puneet Kapoor

    sean bean, we all know what will happen to his character....

  • Misery

    wtf Stark supposed to kill Lannister

  • KrazyBean14

    Man I hope the film is good...or at least decent.

  • Tony Lawliet

    This looks sick af 😀you got Ned Stark, Cersei Lannister and Jesse Pinkman i am sold 😂

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