Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV - Sneak Peek

Aaron Paul, Lena Headey and Sean Bean take us behind the scenes.

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  • CheekySchnoodle

    I wonder how long it'll take for Sean Bean to die?

  • Ryan.Hops

    WOW They just spoiled a big plot point. King Regis is guaranteed to die since he's being played by Sean Bean. Damn it guys.

  • Tien Tran

    want a final fantasy? let's cook some meth

  • omnoproxy leet

    Sean Bean isn't dying in this scene DING

  • ShadowShinobi364

    Square Enix is doing so much for FF XV... Hope they get their money's worth...

  • Loek Gerrits

    Kingsglaive FFXVIt has METHIt has incestIt has Shaun Bean dying

  • Jacqui Penar

    We all know what will happen to all of Sean Bean's characters right?

  • Dynaman21

    Sean Bean - King So Dying before the third act.

  • Dana Red

    Final Game Of Thrones XV?

  • GBG

    Final Thrones Of Breaking Fantasy 🔥


    this is how Warcraft should have looked like

  • TheShadowHunter

    THIS is what I want from E3!!

  • Fox Walker

    This is why FFXV and KH3 took 10 years to make

  • Isabella Toledo

    Gonna be better than the shitty Warcraft movie

  • Koenma Sir

    damn that looks expensive to make lol

  • Qui ingreditur viam prudentiae

    FFXV : Sasuke's Extreme Road Trip in the Batmobile.

  • Hαfυ Nᴏʀɪᴋᴏ

    Now if Blizzard could have done this with their movie and not cgi/live action

  • VoltageElekid

    This game will be goty. i don't care what anyone says

  • Tullzter

    Spoiler alert: Sean Bean is already dead

  • ycl260779

    One does not simply let sean bean voice act a character that doesn't die.

  • saboteneko

    insert overly-used, generic comment about Sasuke...

  • Sin D

    RIP Sean Bean's character

  • Welmosca

    Could swear it was Kingslave.

  • KrazyBean14

    Man I hope the film is good...or at least decent.

  • Grandmaster Bushido Brown

    Breaking Bad meets GOT in Final Fantasy. Mind is blown 💥

  • Cometmoon448

    I like the look of this film, but it's just a shame that it inevitably makes the actual game look a lot worse in comparison, visually.

  • Bahamuttiamat


  • Ivan Nechaev

    Кидаю деньги в экран но ничего не происходит

  • stuart3006

    this has always troubled me with Final Fantasy settings we get Modern styled society along with old traditional ways yet in a lot of instances its always flawed in design as something completely broken and only after such has been released you start to see all the instances where such and such could've done this and that I have High hopes for this anyway.

  • Chewiiiiiie

    game of thrones + breaking bad = final fantasy......... yup sounds bout right

  • Verithiell

    I am not familiar with the world of final fantasy. I do not like modern asian culture alot, and so far most of the FF games did not really cater to people like me. I am gald to see the shift though. I might play FFXV some day.

  • travis bowden

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd...... I'm watching it in Japanese now.

  • JMobster9

    King Reigis is played by Sean Bean? Well, considering all of Sean Bean's roles,they might as well have a neon sign over Reigis' head with the words "DEAD MAN WALKING."

  • Christian Vincent Literatus

    It's hard not to get excited of this companion movie for #FFXV especially with the inclusion of Ned & Cersei's voice.

  • Tabby Scientia

    I don't want the king to die..! But Sean Bean.... :(

  • SolidTree Videography

    Breaking Thrones------------------------------Sean Bean Dies

  • CrystalLaserVids

    No matter what the reception of FFXV and its anime and movie get, I am so happy Lena Headey and Sean Bean have become a part of the Final Fantasy culture. You guys rock.

  • lawlerzwtf

    Wow they got legit Hollywood actors to do the voice acting? How much budget does this thing have? Good job Square Enix, and too bad Funimation lol.

  • Von The Stampede

    you know these actors aint played one final fantasy game

  • demoh2o

    Its funny to think that when Sean Bean dies in real life, there will be a meme about it

  • Swavey

    I never played a Final Fantasy game but this movie looks sick!!!!!

  • Raniie Lee

    This movie better come out in Ultra HD. Would be a waste of detail fidelity watching it in 1080P.

  • Brad Weaver

    Ned stark is Alive!! I knew it! who'd of thought it, making meth with Cersei and Jesse.

  • Witalo Felipe

    Muito bom muito bom mesmo vou compra esse jogo com certeza

  • Cole.Finnegan

    I hope it good and of course it looks beautiful advent children still looks amazing to this day.

  • Robert Magkalas

    I would be blown away if the movie is in 60fps... well its a film so it'll be something like 24fps. but regardless of fps it will be an awesome movie like FF7AC.

  • Blondie

    final fantasy loves breaking bad and GoT

  • daviddaaannggg

    It slightly bothers me their voices will not be in the game but only the movie. But it REALLY bothers me how different Luna looks compared to the game. Dafuq why

  • BlackDoge

    if lena headley is wearing that torned shirt its hot, if I'm wearing it I'll look like a hobo

  • Ady

    Sean Bean is voice acting the King... Therefore we know the King will be killed off 😭😭

  • suburbannegro411

    Sean Beans the voice actor?? King Regis Death Confirmed.

  • Letícia Gabriela

    CARALHO pode vir quente que eu to fervendo(quem é noct mano a coisa agora é nyx e luna)

  • Puneet Kapoor

    sean bean, we all know what will happen to his character....

  • Dan

    These kinda of movies are more inmersive in japanese with subs

  • David Curry

    Sean Bean the walking spoiler alert

  • Soji SideQuest

    Sean Bean dies at the end...

  • Tanawat Wattanachinda

    look like SE will sell a new watch when the movie coming out

  • Infinity MASK

    I got a good and bad feeling about this? Could this movie be the first to achieve the audience? Or just another Movie based on VG flops?

  • Aniq Ahmad

    Movie of the year dammit with Game of Thrones cast surely this can't go wrong.

  • s s

    it screens on July 9 in Japan in THEATRES !

  • BigKevSexyMan

    "The crystal will not serve you" I don't know why they gave us that line with no context. It's sounds really silly.

  • mikeyFREAKINGv

    not sure if Game of Thrones... or Final Fantasy :|


    Well I can bet that there are a lot of people who never heard about Final Fantasy.

  • Animeonline100

    What sasuke isn't going to be in the movie

  • pyrophobia133

    Sean Bean isn't dying in this scene

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