Skyrim - 5 Useless Spells


In our latest Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim video we list the 5 most useless spells in the game.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an open world action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the fifth main installment in The Elder Scrolls series, following The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and was released worldwide for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 11, 2011.

The game's main story revolves around the player character and their quest to defeat Alduin the World-Eater, a dragon who is prophesied to destroy the world. The videogame is set two hundred years after the events of Oblivion, and takes place in the fictional province of Skyrim. Over the course of the game, the player completes quests and develops the character by improving skills. The game continues the open world tradition of its predecessors by allowing the player to travel anywhere in the game world at any time, and to ignore or postpone the main storyline indefinitely.

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  • TripKangaroo

    Honestly Clairvoyance is more useful out in the field, where the marker is pointing over a mountain and you can't find the stupid path leading up.

  • Connor Creighton

    me crying in bed at 12 amCLAIRVOYANCE ISNT USELESS YOU ARE

  • KingOfServants

    " You hardly ever need a light source in skyrim"...... ummm are we playing the same game?

  • Rose O.

    I'd agree with most of these, but you don't understand how useless some of us are with direction! I'll be standing in a tunnel and use clairvoyance cos I forgot which way I was going 😁

  • Aaron Kugel

    Does no one else find Skyrim dark? I feel like i'm always carrying a torch inside dungeons and caves.

  • András Fogarasi

    Telekinesis is excellent for alteration grinding.Vision of The 10th Eye is good for that quest.Magelight is good for cheap low-level alteration grinding.Wards are... annoying when used by enemies.Clarivoyance is a life-saver when you need to scale a mountain without a horse.

  • Madwizard145

    I mean clairyvoyance was pretty useful on my VERY first playthrough when skyrim first came out, granted I was much younger then. My real qualm is with telekenisis being here. There are a lot of items you simply cannot reach without it that were added for ascetic purposes, and more importantly, and yes this is serious, I need it for my serial killer lumberjack build. We've all rped in skyrim before, and sometimes we get a little creative. So I built an orc who had 2 tools, his ax, and his bear traps. Now obviously you cant carry them, but you can use telekinesis to pick them up, bring them to you, open them mid air, then fire them at opponents for instant massive damage + stagger. If you play it right its so much fun, so brutal, and really hits the psychopath nail on the head

  • Rafael C.

    I'm literally CONSTANTLY casting clairvoyance and candlelight, but found that magelight migh be usefull too, specially when you wish to see what you'll be walking over a few steps ahead in a dungeon. YOU FORGOT SUMMON UNBOUND DREMORA, THOUGH.

  • Onesoot

    Clarivoyance can be useful if you lost your way in a cave or something and the marker obviously wont show you the path to get where ever you need to goI literally would die if i had no Clarivoyance magic in the game so to me it is definitely necessary

  • Mike Jordan

    WARDS! (HUH! Good god, y'all.) What are they good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHIN'! Say it again!

  • Dim

    You know Muppet, not all of us sitting in a dark room when playing Skyrim. I can be sitting in my room playing Skyrim and the sun is shining outside. The window is right in front of me so if I'm in a dark room or if it's night time it gets a bit difficult to see. Then night vision and what not is useful.

  • Arman Hammer

    Magelight is useful for marking evasive enemies and drawing attention towards a tanking allies.Edit: It can be used on creatures, not just surfaces.

  • Obstinate Prime

    I don't know...I always found ward spells to be useful against dragon breath.

  • Jared Kun

    I actually thought Clairvoyance was super helpful. Like, I for one spend tons of time in new areas and dungeons, just going to every single room and corner and I loot. I always used to see videos and stuff of people finding things that I would have found if I had just spent a little more time searching, so I do it constantly now, and I tend to get lost. Yeah the quest marker might be in one specific direction, but guess what's also in that direction? LIKE 4 FUCKING AREAS. And sometimes you follow a marker and hit a wall and have to navigate around, which is why Clairvoyance is so helpful. Especially if you have mods that make everything darker and more difficult to navigate. And don't even fucking get me started on dwemer ruins and Hermaeus Mora's realm in the Dragonborn dlc. Quest markers are pretty much useless in there.

  • ChillinDylan 02

    I personally enjoy the Magelight Spell.

  • Juniora Huang

    I'm sad... I use clairvoyance all the time... and not just for climbing mountains... I literally use clairvoyance every 5 seconds... and I DO need a trail of blue light in the direction of the quest marker... this spell is so important to me that it keeps me from riding horses... (you can't cast spells on a horse)


    Clairvoyance??? useless?? hahahahahah thats one of the more usefull spells there are!! xD try to find a path to your objective in the mountains takes a lot of time if you dont know the area

  • Plank Tonn

    Playing Skyrim in VR the compass is annoying and blocking my vision and breaking the immersion. I now use clairvoyance to help me get around, which i would say it's one of the most useful spells.

  • PlaguedByEarth

    Wards block Unrelenting Force shouts from Draugr Deathlords and Paralyze from Ebony Warrior. They are huge.

  • HadesObsidian

    Mage light is useful. You can cast it in black reach it lights a trail on its path and you can see things you might not be able to see when you're heading in that direction. Since enemies react to the caster rather than the spell effect, when it sticks it draws no attention. Certain caves and burrow's can be dark too and you cast it upwards and get an artificial sun going. Candle light will make you visible to everyone as it follows you and it has this effect of making everything around you very bright, while creating a shadow effect beyond the light radius, effectly reducing your visibility. Has to do with how light is rendered. And there is no way to cancel it, except to wait. However, I set my monitor with proper brightness and gamma. Most people never even run the color calibration on their computer when they get a new monitor. And in game I set the gamma accordingly. So if you just turn up the brightness, then yeah, fuck it.

  • Jason Barber

    I would add elemental runes. The cost is just too high for them and by the time you are able to cast them regularly you can cast better destruction spells for less magika. They do look cool, however. I hope they bring them back and re do them in the next one.

  • Wolf Ancap

    Greater Ward is extremely useful.Think about the situation you are in a long hallway and a draugr deathlord pops up on the otherside and takes a deep breath.Fus Ro Dah!!!!Mage dragonborn is 1 shotted even with ebonyflesh.

  • Gabriel the Red Lion

    Telekinesis would be nice if you can grab NPC's and throw them at big distances.If Wards would be like Shalidor's Mirror, which was a ward capable of reflecting offensive spells back at the caster it would be nice.

  • that girl

    I often use Clairvoyance when I head in a straight line to the next marker (while on the world map, I'm not going to try heading in a straight line to the marker indoors or in dungeons) and come to a cliff or large building that either can't be scaled at all, or would just be easier to go around rather than over. It tells me which direction around the large obstacle should be fastest. The extremely rare case this doesn't work is when the path tries telling me that there's a path going through an obstacle that was added by a mod with poor navmeshing.

  • Lil Durk

    Telekinesis makes me mad. The potential was definitely there but I understand that the animations probably didn’t look right, nor did the scaling.

  • Doom Muffinz

    Hey! Clairvoyance helped me when I was a noob once or twice 😝

  • WitchyLad

    My newest play through is a blind dunmer so clairvoyance is great for* inhale *immersion

  • david s

    Magelight is actually pretty useful. I'd use it on other characters. It attaches to them and floats around with them, which makes it easier to keep track of enemies or allies in darker dungeons, or over long distances. It catches the attention of enemies, but it makes a poor man's "throw voice" and it can help build your stealth to be semi-detected at range.

  • DrCognitive

    I've used clairvoyance all the time in those maze like dungeons

  • TheGMQuickSkop

    I actually use candlelight or magelight some times. Becouse there ARE some dark areas

  • Daisy W

    I use clairvoyance whem im lost in a winding cave, ita actually saved me many times

  • Jude

    I find wards are incredibly useful. I play (mostly) vanilla on master difficulty, as a Breton spellsword. This means I usually have no armour, instead using archmage robes and flesh spells. When fighting a difficult dragon, one full breath of fire/ice from the dragon can take me all the way down to between 0-15% health. I have a large pool of magica, so casting ward spells isn't very difficult. When the dragon lands, I cast my ward spell and wait for the dragon to breath. Once finished, I switch to bound sword/bow/destruction spells, and either charge and attack, or keep my distance and fire arrows/destruction spells. This keeps my health on max, and I still have enough magica to attack afterwards (especially if I'm using bound sword, as I then don't need to cast any new spells as I already have the sword bound in my right hand, and a ward spell in my left hand).

  • Amy Carter

    I've never used Clairvoyance. I don't use warding spells, but Magelight is useful, especially in the very dark ruins and other places where lighting is next to non-existent (and there are plenty of places in Skyrim where that is the case). FTR, when you're underwater, such a spell will light up the area very well. That's useful.

  • Eliza

    Why is Clairvoyance an illusion spell and not an alteration spell? Because it working is an illusion.

  • Lynton Fleming

    1: Telekenesis. Once you lower the cost, it's good for a mage run (no shield) as you can hold up a body to soak up arrows as you close the distance/make your retreat, or with good enough timing, you can catch arrows in mid-air.3: Mage Light. Any enemy with invisibility can be 100% countered by Mage Light. It sticks to any surface. Any. Including people. You can also throw it in a Dragon's face, so when they take off again at night, you have a target to aim for instead of just blindly shooting at pitch black skies.5: Clairvoyance. Some people don't use quest markers. I, myself, am doing a no HUD run, and lemmie tell ya. Clairvoyance has saved my ass more times that I care to admit.

  • StarManOfAtmora

    Clairvoyance is actually pretty usefull in places like the Soul Cairn where there’s no map. It’s also pretty neat if you find yourself lost in a dungeon.

  • 55shadowsonic

    First time I played Skyrim I used Clairvoyance. It's good when learning. But now I'm on like my 10th playthrough and like yeah I don't need it 😂😂😂

  • Anne Foreigner

    Skyrim gets hella dark in caves if you’re playing handheld on the switch 😅😂

  • HaunterHax23 TM

    Clairvoyance actually pretty good and telekinesis

  • Younger Prince Lothric

    Clairvoyance Has Riddikulus Illusion Increase.

  • Thesaurus Rex

    The worst part about wards is that the shield Spellbreaker creates a ward for no magicka, and is also an actual shield, so it blocks physical damage much more effectively.

  • CZ

    Man, I hope they make magic not suck in the new Elder Scrolls. I'm making a general statement here because a lot of magic feels very low impact when compared to other skills

  • Grey Son

    Wards are a staple for all my builds. They don’t just block magic, they block SHOUTS and dragon breath attacks.Tired of high level draugr knocking you across tombs, hot key a ward. Drain vitality shout slowing you down? Hot key a ward.The rest of this list I agree with, but wards?? If you think they are useless, you are using them wrong.

  • Bennie Saying Things

    Clairvoyance is a great and useful spell...On your first play through.Once you ‘get’ Skyrim it’s useless.

  • slickboi 76

    Clairvoyance can be used in the soul caren

  • zombiemanjosh

    You could use Clairvoyance while exploring to determine which path is plot and which path is loot, that way you can loot everything first. Not really necessary or important, but something.

  • MCFinalNinja FTW

    I actually like Clairvoyance and actually need it from time to time. I know, I know. QUESTMARKERS!But sometimes those quest markers get me lost. So I use Clairvoyance. Hate me all you want, but honestly, I ain't give a shit.

  • Kristóf Kovács

    The weakest ward can make you invincible in dragon fights...

  • little Guido

    People ask why I am School destruction because to me the school destruction is really only useful don't get me wrong spells like Fury or fear are fun nothing beats being Palpatine and just straight-up disintegrating your enemies

  • Salty is on hiatus

    I've actually gotten lost in that Ustengrav place multiple times

  • Mister Taz

    How to fix the ward problem. Get Spellbreaker. :3

  • Hoosmhasm

    How does the best alteration training spell make it on this list?

  • Bare foot Lorrie

    I find turning off the HUD makes gameplay much more interesting and realistic.

  • Zach Starke

    The main reason I use clairvoyance is too level up my illusion skill

  • MysteriousGamerLegend

    What you don't know about Magelight - it sticks to things, then follows them like Candlelight.Try sticking it to a moving NPC, enemies, etc

  • sebastian mccullough

    I disagree with clairvoyance. Its a good spell for new players. My friend was getting overwhelmed with Skyrim but then i showed him that spell and he uses it quite often

  • PianoDisneygal10

    I use clairvoyance all the time. I constantly get lost, so it's a necessity for me.

  • Nun yer Busyness

    I have to defend the clairvoyance spell. Since it was last on your list, I assume you added it because you needed a fifth spell to hate on.I’ve used clairvoyance many times to get out of maze-like caves or dungeons. Seriously, some of those caves you can spend hours running around in circles looking for the way out.

  • Paul Snelling

    I Can Easily Say: I Find All Of The Lesser Spells Useless.(Even If The Lesser Ward Spell, Is Effective Against Some Forms Of Damage)

  • Sophia Vechnyak

    I use clairvoyance an embarrassing amount

  • Lola Bunny

    "Light in Skyrim is abundant as the sun on the beach on Australia."Me: Uuuuhh. . . are you sure you're playing the right game?

  • Gaston Boucher

    Wards are very useful. Mage light can be useful if it's very dark. If you use mods that make the game more difficult and darker they are very useful. Stop playing on easy mode.

  • Keemstar Platinum

    "Wards are useless"Not surprised. This is FudgeMuppet's video. He thought BL2 Gunzerker should be a kind guy and help Minutemen :D

  • Gariq Is Gaming

    Your defiantly crazy " it doesn't let dark" yea we arent playing the same game

  • Lucas Adams

    "You never need clairvoyance"Go play The Grey Cowl of Nocturnal mod and then come back to me. There is a section where you have to use it in order to survive.

  • Not Razor

    I wish there was a spell to silence Nazeem

  • wwgtg12

    I have to say without clairvoyance I would get lost in the dungeons. Particularly when the way forward isn't clear because of darkness. Besides, flicking to the map over and over again feels like cheating.

  • Anthony Coraspe

    With my fortify restoration potion of +120%, lesser ward is in my left hand all the time with my Vampire build on Legendary, so no, they are useful. Also, a lesser ward can negate breath attacks of legendary dragons on Legendary difficulty so...

  • Edgy_kid_who_questions_his_edginess

    Whoa I often find clairvoyance useful

  • chinaboyhere

    The last one actually helped me in the BEGGINING of the game cause I couldn’t find a way in to solitude

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