Failout 4 - Episode 1 - What Have I Done?!

It's finally here! The 100% perfect Game of the Year that's so amazing it has 25% of fans (on Steam) raving "Why does Bethesda hate us?" and left me asking "Is Killing Floor 2 done yet?" I only kid! Somewhat. Anyway, I totally plan on taking this game seriously, as you can clearly tell! Every stupid, shameful, grand adventure has to start somewhere. Hope you enjoy Episode 1!
  • Cynical Ryan

    I love how you intuitively call the baby Samuel.

  • Redfoo

    Ebola: "I got Shawn!"Lard Fatsberry: "I got the miniguns!"11/10 Family.

  • Ykskolme

    2:06 And I was SO sure you were just gonna spawn some werewolves deathclaws

  • doesitreallymatter?12345

    His wife would have been the Kharjo of this game if she didn't die

  • blop301

    I get the feeling that this Fallout 4 series will be... unique to say the least.

  • DanzQueen

    You had me at "my beautiful wife Ebola."

  • Patrick Mc Caul

    starts game: tries to give a baby a minigun

  • Haydn Malyon

    Scats... Scats never changes.

  • Raptor Jesus

    Scats I am surprised you didn't notice that you trusted a robot , kept in the air by a rocket engine with a buzzsaw arm to look after your baby

  • P K

    Wow, this SkyrimMods is really fancy.

  • Dude

    And thats how samuel ended in the orphanage...

  • Preston garvey

    Please make a Death Claw as Big as Godzilla

  • TheScatsbury

    I hope this gets your week off to a somewhat acceptable start! Just to be clear, I'm not planning on doing a play-through of this game. Eventually this series will become more of a "funny moments compilation" series, like you normally see from me.Also, I was going to upload a 2nd video regarding my 100,000 subscriber special, but decided to just post a little update on my channel's Discussion page instead. Thanks, everyone! Episode 2 will be up this weekend!

  • Samuel Edwords

    I now know it wasn't wonky skyrim that made you funny it was you all along lmao keep it up

  • Hirosuke Arisato

    I knew it. I JUST knew it.This Fallout Series will NOT be normal.If it's played by you, that is.

  • ScorchingPhoenix

    wow... it took 1 man to kill ebola.... that's amazing

  • SodaGC

    His wife looks like michael jackson

  • Domi Kat

    THE WOMAN WITH THE DRESS. OMG. That made my day.

  • Bitchface McGee

    your character looks like mr.bean

  • Walrus Medic

    I really thought you were gonna name yourself Lord Fapsbury.

  • Leon GunSteel

    instead of spawning werewolves spawn deathclaws.

  • CMDRDovahkiin

    Episode 1: Kills wife and son.Lesson Learned: Lard Fatsberry is a role model family man.

  • aaa aaa

    Mmmmmmmm.Fallout 4 shenanigans.With a wonderful comedian.REJOICE! FOR ATOM REVEALS HIMSELF!

  • DaSracasticFish

    I lost it when Lord Fatsberry spoke 😂

  • John Skinner

    Scats Is Love Scats is Life.I was only 9 years old I loved Scats so much, I had all the merchandise and moviesI pray to Scats every night before bed thanking him for the life I've been given.Scats is love I say, Scats is lifeMy dad overhears me and calls me a faggotI knew he was just jealous of my devotion for ScatsI called him a cuntHe slaps me and sends me to go to sleepIm crying now, and my face hurtsI lay in bed and its really coldA warm presence is moving towards me.I feel something touch meIts ScatsI am so happyHe whispers in my ear "Kharjo sends his regards"He grabs me with his powerful Daedric god hands and puts me on my hands and kneesI'm readyI spread my ass cheeks for ScatsHe penetrates my buttholeIt hurts so much but I do it for ScatsI can feel my butt tearing as my eyes start to waterI push against his forceI want to please ScatsHe roars a mighty roar as he fills my butt with his loveMy dad walks inScats looks him straight in the eye and says "No, no, no this is so wrong"Scats leaves through my windowScats is love, Scats is life

  • Azrajin

    Let the mod mayhem for this game begin. Yes there are more for this game Scats

  • Prince of destruction

    I love when you said meh... eh...

  • Sam Greig

    Oh God my sides hurt from laughing... THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS

  • Savannah Tuttle

    I have two brothers. And their names are Sean and Samuel I'm not kidding 😂

  • BloodRose Reaper

    Skyrim: LordScatsbury the first... Fallout 4: LordScatsbury the four billionth.

  • Risky Wizard

    I just wanted to give my baby a minigun - TheScatsbury 2015

  • Quevler

    What a hoot! Thanks for uploading this! HAHAHAHAHAH! Oh, you slay me, Scats!

  • Neoryn

    Yes, just yes.Meh.....ehThat killed me but what really gets me is the fact thatEven though this was just ten minutes long it was quality and perfect in every way cough not counting ebola's face cough

  • Psycho Tic

    Such a riveting familial relationship going on, you can just tell how much the storyline cares to him when he says "Well, I hate both of you, and none of this matters to me."Such a perfect family.

  • Kiyoshi Kuroba

    I can't wait for episode 2! I love ya Scats xD fucking hilarious man.

  • heetagan

    I think... I think this might he the best play through (if you can even call it a play through) of fallout 4 EAVER

  • sadboymarc

    I'm just here in garage...Just bought this new dedicated Ebolagini...

  • Red Semen

    Theres some giantess fetish over here!

  • John Stamos

    Ah, my beautiful wife Ebola!

  • Bexi Muzy

    You are gonna break this game too aren't you Scats?

  • Indracrow

    NOOO EBOLA SAMUEL NOOO that killed me.

  • Knightengale

    His wife looks like my 8th grad science teacher with brown hair instead of blond

  • cameron vigil

    I've been hyping up for this game by playing new vegas.

  • panic!atmychemicalblackveilfalløutpiercethempire

    I'm the 666th comment... How reassuring.

  • manyfails

    That charakter looks so happy / satisfactet like nothing goes wrong

  • Freak Fitness

    You sound like mayor west from family guy

  • Jaden Pearson

    This is the start of something beautiful!

  • Aaron Paul

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME MINI GUNS DO YOU KNOW HOW DANGEROUS THOSE ARE TO BABIESS????!!!!! you need a hand grenade those are more dangerous...

  • TheLegendaryNinufa

    That was glorious wipes away tears Such a good way to start the day

  • Notan Interestingperson

    "Here's my character!"cuts to Rowan Atkinson"I could've made him so much worse."Well, Mr Bean was a good start

  • Karma Reaper

    YOU SAID SAMUAL AT THE END! ITS SHAWN/SEAN!!! xD why.. your too funny

  • xSilentArtistx

    Yes! Lard Fatsberry has uploaded a video for my crappy Monday

  • TheMaidHatter

    All of the gamers I'm subscribed to are posting playthroughs of this. I have only deigned to watch this one.


    it wouldn't be scats without console commands

  • Tar vyn

    oh god, i'm crying! xD was she still so huge when you arrived in the vault?

  • Chief ROBERTZ

    let's see if this ends as the "scats kills literally everything" series

  • Xerdar36

    Damn you I'm going to have to send you my laundry bill because I pissed my pants it was so funny.

  • Steve Mill

    Nice XD I love to see more of Lard Fatsberry and his beautiful Family :P

  • ShadowEevee128

    I love how your character is constantly smiling.

  • elliusagi

    Thank you Scats! You really saved my day. (Or actually night, it's 2am here in Finland..)

  • Nordfidra

    Seeing Scats character's face of pure evil for the first time"This is going to be a good series"

  • Chaosdestille

    omg pls moar of this XD

  • inaseparatesky

    I was honestly expecting the Attack on Titan opening song to play when he was running to the vault. Lol

  • Wandy

    XD Ebola and Samuel. best names ever 10/10 IGN

  • Kiroker

    Lard Fetsberry will be a man remembered for being a true legend. i can feel it

  • KatEternity 2

    I cracked up when you looked up that mans crotch after you made him a giant. LOL!

  • TheVicious5150

    "you're cleared for entrance" lmfao

  • Rosmae Porthon

    Hail to the overlard!!! ;-)

  • dracofirex

    stroke of genius. Or maybe just a strokeMe: Oh, you say that too?

  • The Australian Sandman gamer

    "173.5 degrees ferheinhight"Ah, that makes me a might homesick. #Australian

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