Rick and Morty - 50 Jokes & References You Missed

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Rick and Morty Jokes & References from the first two seasons and the Rick and Morty Season 3 first episode. Erik Voss explains the more subtle Rick and Morty jokes that you might have missed the first time watching, like references to Gravity Falls and cameos by Mr. Meeseeks. What are the dirtiest Rick and Morty jokes? Who actually tracked in the parasite in Total Rickall? How did the series foreshadow the chair, phone, and pizza universe in Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind? Rick and Morty Funniest Jokes!

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    My addblock blocked this whole video

  • Septimius

    50 Jokes & References: #10 "Rick's eyes move to follow another person".Great find, there.

  • ExopMan

    90% were not subtle or secrets in any way.

  • Tanel Murd

    11:07 its not a little bus, that is clearly a garbage truck..... get ur eyes serviced m8

  • bigfriki

    Ok ok, about 30% of these nobody missed them.But come on guys the rest was pretty awesome, specially that Breaking Bad reference XD

  • Rodrigo Vinicius

    É nessas horas que eu queria saber inglês 🤤😭😭

  • bro fist

    whos here cause adulr swin just dropped rick and morty season 4

  • Jared Jacobson

    Around the 8 minute mark, when talking about the cronenburg Rick and Morty. Just so there's no confusion, they are from a universe where their world was turned from Cronenburgs to humans so they sought sanctuary in C-137.

  • Cheese Boy

    11:52 summer says 3rd dimension because they are a 2 dimensional cartoon

  • Chase Szafnicki

    To skip the Quidd sponsered content in the middle of the video, the video resumes at 10:38.

  • v0d3r

    14:10 It's Blitz and Chitz. Not Chips.

  • Thegamejumper

    I feel like some of these are a bit of a stretch

  • Cami Morillo

    The name Snowball in Animal Farm wasn't actually the one whose evil it was actually Napoleon

  • Deimos Cain

    13. The word you're looking for is Smote !

  • Freddie Simmons

    How would anyone miss the "he made me a girl"? Not subtle

  • REVMr SubG3N3

    You good, boss! lol The Hemingway reference - win!

  • Giovanni Pasinetti

    Who, what an accurate research. Can you explain us how to boil water next time?

  • Dennis Barahona

    "Explaining R&M to Children... or if you only watched it while going to bed and missed all these obvious punchlines."

  • thedavecorp

    "You pass butter.""...omg.""Yeah welcome to the party pal."

  • Gen M

    The extremely long commercial in the middle of the video really overstayed its welcome. I've seen in-podcast and in-video commercials before, but never anything as long as this one. Smack dab in the middle of the video, too. Terrible execution.

  • Crazy Funny Cats

    Free apps have a cost...your personal info.Read all the privacy agreement Great 👍 vid thanks

  • Alex Ballesta

    The evil boss pig is napoleon if you think snowball is the bad one, you didn't get anything...Plus the snowball in the novel is a reference to Leon Trotsky meaning that the reference in Rick and Morty intended to reference snuffles as a revolutionary figure and not a Stalin-like dictator wich in the novel is referenced as Napoleon.

  • wil oollogy

    I don't think anyone missed the majority of these jokes...

  • Steve RGR

    In the Episode „Ricksy Business“ the accidentally port the whole house in a different dimension, leaving a crater in the dimension C137 where that house used to be. Now in ever following scene where you can see the driveway, wozu clearly see a crack that is exactly in line with the crater that now is refilled with the house being teleported back.I’m sure you noticed it already but maybe it’s fitting in your follow up video.Cheers mate

  • Not Magic Ok

    rick potion no.9 the title is a reference to a 50s song called “Love Potion no. 9”

  • Korvin Maklaud

    Oh, I remember 2017... Young Russell Crowe mansplaining jokes from Rick and Morty and stuff like that. Happy times.

  • Freestila F.

    Quidd? An app to collect virtual stickers???????Ok bye, i will unnstall the internet...

  • Scizzor HonZ

    25k parents in their 40s stumbled upon this video... -30 yr old parent

  • A. Aalto

    This is one long commercial with extra steps

  • JoeysSecretLover

    Rick and Morty 137(whatever the number is) escapes the Cronenburg dimension so that’s a different R&M

  • courtney osborne

    I don’t know if it’s been mentioned or not but in Rickchurian Candidate when the President forms the “portal” it’s a nod to the portals in Minecraft when he lights it with the lighter!!

  • FlyingPanCakes

    Glip Glop is also a reference to the episode of Community called Intro to Recycle Cinema

  • Andrew Kent

    googled it... sis semper calumian in Latin in english constant oppression

  • Cam D

    Now I'll get to the funny joke in a minute but first I'd like to thank Quidd for sponsoring this comment

  • Nathanael Walton

    I'm going to mansplain... but first... use this thing on messages that literally NO ONE uses.. Then... And only then... will I mansplain these references... Carry on.

  • Ramone Russell

    Did you notice that the kid on the right next to morty has bart simpson on his shirt! Your welcome 😂😂 12:34

  • Alireza Haghparast

    What do u mean by "Bokake".I only know God,Mom,Dad And Bible

  • Painbow

    This Quidd commercial was ruined by Rick and Morty references.

  • Some random Channel

    The burping was an accident. One time one of the creation (forgot his name) burped while recording. So then they liked that and decided to continue

  • James Leonard

    Wow you are really amazing.Mr.Obvious

  • Anton Chernyshev


  • UniquelySamuel

    omg quidd humping went on way too long.

  • John Pfluger


  • Tru King

    what about the 2 futurama characters in the Judge Morty episode?

  • Łøw Łifę

    You’ll need a Jan Michael Vincent at quadrant 16 to review season 4

  • wesley n

    Eric: "...surfing through different porn websites and getting off"screen shows a bunch of elderly women covered in grease

  • Denis Botnaru

    The evil boss pig was called napoleon. Snowball was actually good

  • Rock Forehead

    "Raising Gazorpazorp" also had a pretty blatant Zardoz reference.

  • lord hobo

    If there's South Park stickers on quidd, I'm signing up

  • Allen Froehlich

    Omg its like watching jerry explain Lincler.

  • iVlogs_Dis

    The Dr from Interdimentional TV was called Dr Glib Glob

  • Jimmy Dean

    so much filler... so little valuable content. plus a forced built in ad.

  • GettoBigBrid

    Honestly good job you got me on 16,24,37,40,45 so yea good job. but a tad disappointed with interstellar 1 and 2 cable. There are a TON of hidden references to classic 70's and 80's tv shows.

  • eva stengel

    2:47 why does he look like brendon urie

  • Creamy Burger

    7:41 did u SEE the nazi sign🤣🤣

  • The Giveaway God

    Oiiii. Snowball wasn’t the evil boss pig that was napoleon

  • Atlas WalkedAway

    Sorry, I couldn't make it through the sticker nonsense.

  • Victor S

    The doors 6:27 remind you... of, anything?

  • Watson Hane

    And now with the Remake of RE2 the X gonna give it to ya scene now just reminds me of Mr. Thicc (Mr. X)

  • Hussain Al-Janaby

    You literally pointed out the jokes that were put there to be immediately noticed. There were probably less than 10 that people actually missed

  • Dean Tosevski

    Also in "Get Schwifty", one of the guys with water T is the letter J made out of coal, hence J.Cole.

  • DaShiba InuCaramelBoi

    Go to 10:57 and pause, the red phone is holding a Morty wearing a red T-shirt! ((With really big bulging eyes XPP))

  • godwantsplastic

    It’s absolutely amaze balls how many jerries have an obsession with rick.

  • David

    The word you're looking for is smote.

  • alex k

    Raising gazorpazorp has many references to the 1974 Irish-American science fantasy Zardoz staring john connery

  • Tree McTreeface

    "I'm gonna skip over the more obvious stuff"points out literally every main joke/reference

  • jhninkin

    Approximately 2 of these were actually subtle or hard to notice

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