Skyrim Mod: Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim

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Part 2 - Life as a Vampire Lord

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  • VendaSoul

    Which innocent soul would I drain to... NAZIM!

  • Sam Hayes

    "What person in skyrim deserves to die such a horrific death?"Is it a coincidence you had Nazeem up there?

  • Gray Maven

    Blood magic?!? You know it's been forbidden by the Chantry! Are you TRYING to become an apostate?!

  • John Thomas

    I'm a man of simple tastes. I see you killing Nazeen, I hit the like button.

  • p4p #1 casual mma fan/mcgregor army general

    I never understood vampires in the elder scrolls. Shouldn't they get stronger the more they feed instead of weaker?

  • Daniel Castro

    By the Gods, I have lived through righteousness all my lives, As a Champion of Cyrodill I served with honour and purged the foul daedra from the glorious empire. As the Dragonborn I made battle with the World Eater and his army of undead followers.But Enai's utterly awesome powers of creation now tempt me into a path of foulness and blood sucking ventures. What force drives thee Siaion?!!, What force?!!

  • osculim

    Ok that was funny. I wonder if someone else caught the joke. "who deserves to die more in skyrim than anyone" While draining poor Nazeem. We all hate that guy

  • Intrepidus

    I'm so glad you continue to make these videos for our community. Skyrim's life seems to show no sign of dimming.

  • Jacob whydoesmylastnamematter

    Armor mod in video is the Volkihar Knight Armor by Yamanotaka.Comes in three variants:Royal Guard - Reflect 20% damage back at attacker when wearing a full set of Volkihar Knight Armor.Abysswalker - Muffles footsteps and allows vampires to regenerate in the sunlight when wearing full set.Assassin - Casts invisibility while sneaking when wearing a full set.Armor is Ebony tier, and can be crafted with the Ebony smithing perk. Dungeon to receive armor without smithing is in the works.(On Nexus Mods.)

  • Ayelice

    I tried the "Better Vampires" and it was very cool, but this one sounds even better

  • Icằŗūs Kūŗøı

    Hello and Welcome to Bro Jewel

  • ironside31

    I dont know if it exists but I wish there was a mod to give Vampire Lords wings that dont like like atrophied limbs. Real bat wings

  • Esheal Lorwin

    3:56 Braith, the answer is Braith.

  • The Tzar

    "A morally good vampire" You should be a comedian.

  • Susan Slaphappy

    the blood magic looks amazing.

  • Ayylien

    damn last time I was this early Castro and Harambe was alive

  • Zuko

    5:37 poor dancing Serana

  • Myles S.

    omg i'm so torn now between better vampires and this mod >_<! I have always used better vampires, but now this looks tempting. like I love the powers given in this mod, but I really really really love the sneak feeding feature in better vampires. and some of the other powers it offers.

  • Marcus marangoni

    This is like being dio in skyrim"do you think it was the dragon born but it was i DIO"

  • TheGameGuy

    Oh shit, didn't see this coming. Why does everything Enai make have to be pure gold?

  • Domo Von Imperium

    >you can even stop timeza warldo?

  • Mystery Man

    the decapitation animation at 1:33 looks a bit comical with their heads just popping off.aside from that it looks like an awesome mod and i'll 100% give it a try

  • sour grapes

    so you're a time stopping vampire? hmm....

  • Axel Tyson

    Is there a way to reverse the way it works ? I mean the more you feed the stronger you become ? because to me being a starving vampire just makes you weaker

  • Templarkiller

    It would be cool if it was compatible with better vampires or at least took the reverse progression system from it, because I would prefer feeding to gain strength as a vampire

  • Rell

    Oh man this guy did ordinator as well why is he not working for some big game developer he's amazing

  • invark

    LOL Serana in the end XD

  • Sintel Snow

    I've never liked that in order to become more powerful you have to NOT feed. I feel like the more you feed the more powerful you should become. That's why I like Belua Sanguinare so much.

  • Surprised Synth

    I just want to thank you for this spotlights!

  • Ctrl Alt Defeat

    Video has been out for a minute, video is 6 minutes long. And it already has 51 likes.

  • Psychotic Ninja

    I don't care what it means for Vampire Lord, already installing

  • Basic

    This makes wanna beco e a vampire😂😈

  • Degraded flame

    brodual what armor mod are you wearing at 5:19 ?

  • Charles LATAPY

    1:52 What is that armor mod?

  • Kev Gunner

    Is there a mod that lets you have a lantern on your belt ? Like in SKyrim ?

  • droPeZone

    what armor were you using in the video?

  • Flithy Nobeard

    Awesome. I've always been thoroughly disappointed with vampires in Oblivion and Skyrim. They're always described as apex predators, but the opposite of that is reflected through gameplay. This mod brings them closer to what I would like to see vampires be in the Elder Scrolls series.

  • Red-Rook

    Todd Howard: So...Are there any mods out that you would like to be part of the main game?Me: ...Yeah, Todd. Actually, there is... sexlab

  • francisofthelamb

    12th like and brodual uploading a skyrim mod video!??! is this real life?!

  • Randy Dean

    What armor is Brodual using in the video?

  • Thomas Murphy

    I really want that badass armour you were wearing

  • laurens bakker

    More Skyrim SE mod spotligts, love them

  • Enai Siaion

    There seems to be a staggering number of people who ask:1) "Is this compatible with Better Vampires?". This is like asking for compatibility between two mods called Bears Are Green and Bears Are Red. This question seems to be an euphemism for "I am already using Better Vampires and have no interest in thinking about this so please go away".2) "This should have reverse feeding like Better Vampires". It does, but no one reads anything, and now that Brodual apparently indicated that there is no reverse feeding, it's over. Apparently losing some powers, gaining others, and having all your abilities weakened translates into "you become stronger". oO This then seems to be an euphemism for "Do it exactly like Better Vampires because I don't want to spend any time".3) "Can you make a werewolf overhaul?". Given 1) and 2), no.

  • E Tan483114

    people who are commenting right now haven't even watched the video

  • Traolach McScotty

    I'll stick to Better Vampires but some of these features are neat

  • Derp Deruping

    Does this mod work with Better Vampires?

  • texteel

    I never understood the basic of skyrim vampirism. Why would it increase your powers if you starve? Isnt the whole point of vampirism the more you do it the stronger you become? It flips this on its head, the more severe the withdrawal, the stronger you are? I dont get it. Peak power levels are things that should be actively kept up, as in keep feeding. Not passively in the do nothing and you get stronger way. I makes no sense neither thematically nor gameplay wise.

  • Balveric

    Always vampire ! There are mod, to make powerfull lykan ? Real powerfull.

  • Mitch Roberts

    They should make vampires like that in the original game, like yeah their good in vanilla but they have more bad then good like I always pictured the vampires of skyrim of what they say in the books you read in the game, like how their beyond the most powerful undead in the world but it just doesn't feel like it, like I feel like they should have super strength, and major keen senses, super hearing, run faster then normal people like that kind of stuff overall their pretty good but they are also a big let down :(

  • Grega Meglic

    Quite honestly, i never understood the notion on bethesda games that you grow more powerfull as you ger hungrier. Looking at it logically, you should grow weaker, because you know hunger.

  • Andrew Markus

    I still think Better Vampires is better, it has more interesting abilities.

  • Koro Plays

    I want to be a vampire but I don't want my character to be ugly..

  • CentrifugalFacewear

    you cant even be healed by undead-healing spells from dawnguard? that seems like a waste.

  • Matthew Cartner

    Who deserves to die such a horrific death- Nazeem

  • Johann

    I prefer Vampiric Thirst than this but this is more updated but Vampiric thrist is more immersive and hardcore.......this is dificult.Soo vampiric thrist or this?

  • Ashbee Gaming

    YES I was hoping you would cover this

  • Gandalf Odinson

    Will this be available for PS4?

  • BloodShank

    This will be good for my Dio Brando inspired character. MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!!!

  • John Doe

    A bandit deserves death, and they sleep too XD. Not a very difficult choice

  • James Benedict

    Y r there no play throughs of this mod I looked and nobody is using this mod which it kinda sad 😭, if anyone finds someone who is using the mod just reply I guess

  • papagorgio23

    "Who would you pick? what person in skyrim deserves to die?"*Shows clip of draining Nazeen

  • James Glen

    Better vampires for life

  • Project Scrolls


  • Ryan McCalla

    4:03 Nazeem 100% would be ok if I did that to him

  • Jacob whydoesmylastnamematter

    I'd like to point out that Sacrosanct COMPLETELY blocks regeneration in sunlight.None of your regen (health/magicka/stamina) enchantments will work when in sunlight.

  • The Aristocat

    now what about mods for realistic werewolves, like add lunar cycles that force a werewolf to transform, is there a mod for that?

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